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HellGate London Cheats for PC
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HellGate London PC Cheats

Rating: 3/5 VOTE
HellGate London Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Trainer 1.18074.70.4256 (32B DX9) by: Caliber Jun 3,2008
Trainer 1.18074.70.4256 (32B DX9) SP1 by: Caliber Jun 3,2008
Trainer 1.18074.70.4256 (32 DX10) SP1 by: Caliber Jun 3,2008
Trainer (32BIT DX10) SP1 by: Caliber Apr 8,2008
Trainer (32-BIT DX10) by: Caliber Jan 22,2008
Trainer (32-BIT DX9) by: Caliber Jan 22,2008
Trainer (32-BIT DX9) by: Caliber Dec 18,2007
Trainer (32-BIT DX10) by: Caliber Dec 18,2007
Trainer (32-BIT DX9) V2 by: Caliber Dec 11,2007
Trainer (32-BIT DX10) by: Caliber Dec 11,2007
Trainer (32-BIT DX9) by: Caliber Dec 4,2007
Trainer (32-BIT DX10) by: Caliber Dec 4,2007
DEMO Trainer by: Caliber Oct 30,2007

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HellGate London

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Achievements List 84%
Here is a list of currently known achievements:
Character Progress :
Name Description AP Note
Quester Complete 20 quests 10
Master Quester Complete 10 story quests 15 Count in the notes shows 12 quests, not 10
Baby, You're a Rich Man Collect 35,000 palladium 20
I Know of Which I Speak Get any skill to level 10 100
I'll Be Up in a Minute Reach level 10 in 4 hours 100
No Time to Waste Reach level 20 in 14 hours 200 Actually bugged, Impossible to achieve
Just: One: More: Learn all class skills 200

Combat Achievements:
NameDescriptionAP Note
Imp Menace Kill 1,000 Imps 10
Orbile Menace Kill 1.000 Orbiles 10
Ravager Menace Kill 1,000 Ravagers 10
Stalker Menace Kill 1,000 Stalkers 10
Zombie Slayer Kill 1,000 Zombies 10
Batsman Kill 1,000 Monsters with a Cricket Bat 15 Can only be completed by a Templar with a non-magical Cricket Bat.
Bugmaster Kill 1,000 Monsters with an Assassin Bug Hive 15 Can only be completed by a Cabalist
Sniper Kill 1,000 Monsters with a Sniper Rifle 15 Can only be completed by a Hunter with a "Poseidon" sniper rifle.
Pugilist Kill 100 Monsters with your bare hands 20
Beast Menace Kill 3,000 Beasts 20
Spectral Menace Kill 3,000 Spectrals 20
Undead Menace Kill 3,000 Necros 20
Ultimate Imp Annihilation Kill 10,000 Imps 50
Ultimate Zombie Destruction Kill 10,000 Zombies 50
Ultimate Beast Bash Kill 20,000 Beasts 100
Ultimate Undead Undoing Kill 20,000 Necros 100
Ultimate Spectral Scourging Kill 20,000 Spectrals 100
Demon Menace Kill 25,000 Demons 120
Ultimate Demon Destructor Kill 100,000 Demons 500
Time to Die Kill 50 enemies in 30 seconds 50
Sachin Swinger Kill Sydonai with a Cricket Bat 100 Can only be completed by a Templar.
The Claw King Kill Shulgoth 100 times 500
King of the Hill Kill Sydonai 100 times 500

Item Related:
Name Description AP Note
How Much Can You Take? Completely fill your inventory and stash 10 Subscriber's extended stash not included
Tab A and Slot B Mod 20 items 10 Must be 20 separate items
I Hate Crates Destroy 1,000 breakables 20
I Am the Destroyer Dismantle 1,000 items 25
Wuss Use 300 Health Injectors 30
There's No Place Like It Use 100 Personal Relocation Devices 30
A Big Improvement Upgrade 10 items 35
If I had a Hammer: Craft 10 items 40 Includes crafting mods and crafts from blueprints
You Found a What? Identify 2,000 items 100
Fashion Bug Equip 8 Legendary Items 120

Name Description AP Notes
Slots of Fun Win the Mini-game 20 times 150
Not a Fit Night Out Find the Blood Moon 200 Rare, random environmental trait
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Mini-Game Tips 84%
Description: There are 3 small icons on the lower right of the main game interface. These indictes your objectives that you must fulfill in order to "win" the mini-game and to gain reward(s). Each symbols will each have a number on them, indicating the number of times you must perform the specified action. If there is no number, then there is only one. Each time you complete an action, the number on that symbol will decrease by one. When each individual action has been completed enough times, the symbol will become solid and colored, instead of wire-frame. The table below explains what you must do to complete the 3 random objectives. Once you do fulfil a mini-game, for example, several objects will appear and most are at least enhanced. So it is worth doing the mini-game.

There is an achievement requiring completion of the mini-game 20 times for 150 APs, but other effects remain uncertain. Flagship has hinted that there might be more to the mini-game than this, but that is yet to be seen!

Monsters to kill Damage to deal or receive Items to find
Icon Description Icon Description Icon Description
Icon-mini-game.beast.jpg Kill Beast-type enemies Icon-mini-game.critical.jpg Deal critical damage Icon-mini-game.enhanceditem.jpg find an enhanced item
Image:Icon-mini-game.demon.jpg Kill Primus-type enemies Deal or receive fire damage Image:Icon-mini-game.mod.jpg find a mod
Image:Icon-mini-game.spectralenemy.jpg Kill Spectral-type enemies Image:Icon-mini-game.electric.jpg Deal or receive electrical damage Image:Icon-mini-game.ranged.jpg find a ranged weapon
Image:Icon-mini-game.necro.jpg Kill Necro-type enemies Image:Icon-mini-game.spectraldamage.jpg Deal or receive spectral damage Image:Icon-mini-game.melee.jpg find a melee weapon
Icon Description
Image:Icon-mini-game.toxic.jpg Deal or receive toxic damage Image:Icon-mini-game.armor.jpg find a piece of armor Complete a quest Image:Icon-mini-game.physical.jpg Deal or receive physical damage

Tricks and Tips
1: Buying and trading items do not satisfy requirements.

2: Upon completion of a mini-game, it is best to wait for the new mini-game to load up before you pickup the rewards from the last game. This way you maybe be able to satisfy finding objectives immediately.

3: Add mods of different damage type on either your main weapon or an alternative weapon used solely for the mini-game. Doing this will allow every kill to satisfy all elemental objectives at the same time, since you only need to deal damage of a certain type before killing it, not necessarily the killing blow.

4: Weapons with faster fire/swing rates generate more chances to critically hit targets, decreasing the time it takes to fulfil that requirement. Add Critical Chance mods to a weapon to improve your odds further!

5: For you pet lovers, pet damage does count toward damage type requirements, although it is not clear if a pet crit would do the same.

6: The Hunter skill Tactical Stance is a good way to score critical hits as that faction.

7: When a Blademaster is using dual swords, right hand sword will make the 1st hit. If 1st hit kills the monster, left hand sword will not hit, thus does not satisfy "damage of type" criteria.

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Toggle Framerate Display 74%
Description: To bring up the in-game cheats console, press the tilde key (~) during gameplay. You can then insert /FPS to toggle your framerate display.
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Easy Legendary Equipement And Money 57%
Ok First Of All The First Boss You Face Is Shulgoth Right So Kill Him Got To A Different Area Then Go Back The The HellPortal And Keep Killing Shulgoth You Must Go To A Different Area First Though Or Else He Wont Spawn.

Hope This Helped!
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Luck 56%
Some equipment has a luck attribute. This seems to affect the chance of finding better items. So try and get your luck high to get legendary or better objects.
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Finding Legenday Monsters 55%
If you want to find some Legenday Monsters, the easiest way is to NOT complete a mission on purpose but clear all the creatures and leave the area. When you come back, there is a much higher chance for Legenday Monsters to be there.
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Augmentrex 3000 Cheat 54%
Did you save up a lot of money to buy an upgrade and it ended up being a crappy upgrade? I will give you a cheat how to get around this.
You have to go to the Augmentrex 3000 like you normally do and purchase the upgrade. If you do get something you do not want then the cheat is to not save your changes. If you exit the game , then your upgrade will be saved. What you need to do is hit ALT-TAB to change to another Windows application. Got to your Task Manager ( right-click on the Start menu bar and select it.) Now go to Processes and find Hellgate. Highlight it and then select the option to END PROCESS. This will close the game with out a save of your character.
Now you can load the game again and try for a better upgrade. If you have patience, you can repeat this cheat until you have a great upgrade.
By: CheatMaster(6055)
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Oxford Station 52%
Do not skip the Oxford station! There is no quest to take you there but there are several extra quests started from NPCs there for the Death City area. *** This is the area where your getting the different pieces of the Oracle.
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Unidentified quest rewards. 52%
You can use analyzers on unidentified quest reward items before picking one. So if you have a few un-IDed items to choose from, you can see which is better. Ya think this was intentional or actually a glitch?

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Easy Experience and $$$ Money 40%
An easy way to gain extra experience is to just repeat an area. The demons will re-spawn but also the boxes and such will as well for some easy loot. You have to go to new areas before an area you just played will re-spawn. But some levels re-spawn while your in them if they are large.

Plus look for portals to hell, Treasure Passageways, or Elite Passage ways when revisiting an area. These are extra areas to explore and are random. They are easy ways to get some extra items and experience. The Treasure Passageways are full of money laying around everywhere for the taking.
By: CheatMaster(6055)
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Hellgate london 38%
Quester Complete 20 quests 10
Master Quester Complete 10 story quests 15 Count in the notes shows 12 quests, not 10
Baby, You're a Rich Man Collect 35,000 palladium 20
I Know of Which I Speak Get any skill to level 10 100
I'll Be Up in a Minute Reach level 10 in 4 hours 100
No Time to Waste Reach level 20 in 14 hours 200 Actually bugged, Impossible to achieve
Just... One... More... Learn all class skills 200
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Engineer 32%
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Givemethemoney 30%
you get 50,000palladiums and a lengendary item
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HellGate London 444488I'm in "The Hellgate", have killed the 5 and everything else twice now and nothing more is happening. There is one spectral stuck in a rock that just an image. Is this a glitch? Answers: 2
HellGate London 458376What is the next level in monunom station Answers: 0
HellGate London 479871How to win 5 ills in the gates of hell Answers: 0
HellGate London 484688How can I download the patches for this game in the u.s. is it possible, please explain where and how I can get 1.5. The flagship studio website no longer exists. Answers: 1
HellGate London 956965How to create three power sources Answers: 0
HellGate London 352707In the game, there is a one inch margin on the side of my screen. HOW DO I FIX IT!? Answers: 2
HellGate London 353440Can ne one tell can I use this Fawkes Device once I hv reached the hellrift at British museum? I hv been into inventory and clicked on the device but nothin happened. Answers: 4
HellGate London 368056What does ap note mean? (cheats) :S Answers: 1
HellGate London 380079Help..what will I do to activate the cheats?kindly tell me the steps?do I need to install a trainer?thanks! Answers: 3
HellGate London 412005I was asked for tech tools to upgrade weapones, where can I find these devices or tools? Answers: 1
HellGate London 456932Hi I cant kill those little "Sharp skimers" becouse when it attacks me it dies how can I kill it this is in "monunom station" Answers: 1
HellGate London 514531Hey peeps, was just wondering. In the game as I go through some of the levels, I see question marks painted on some walls along with other symbols. Do they actually do something or mark someplace of interest? or are they just graffiti? Answers: 1
HellGate London 536717How do you activate the trainers it says how and I do that but they wont work! WHY?!?!?!? Answers: 1
HellGate London 589279In the achievements is there one for not dieing? Answers: 0
HellGate London 683613I need help whit discovering the true properties of a item. I am the same level of the item that is required and still I cent discover it pls help. Answers: 1
HellGate London 685505What happens when your finish nightmare mode Answers: 0
HellGate London 701293I have killed abaddon , but the quest won't complete . then I abandon the quest , and go over it again . but SAME RESULT ! i always have this problem when it comes to kill any boss quest , without any proof taken . I wonder , is it because I always use molotov assault so the boss dies too quickly ? lol . (i'm lvl 22 engineer, Normal). I usually abandon the quest then face the boss again , without molotov assault . is this a bug that requires patch ? please anyone inform me if there is a patch to fix this annoying bug ... Answers: 0
HellGate London 711832I'm on the "light" quest whrer you have to clear away the boils but I am having trouble killing the Imp troopers as they respawn faster than I can kill them,any help'suggestions appreciated Answers: 0
HellGate London 713997Hi!listen...does anyove have a saved game at templars station?plzzzzzzzzz help! Answers: 0
HellGate London 774596In "The big gundown" I try to access the turret but It won't let me do anything with it...I tried talking to the guy and exiting out of the game and then re entering. Answers: 0
HellGate London 794759How I mapping hotkey for example alt ' ctrl ' shift ' right and laft button mouse. just hotkey buttons not exist the game. Answers: 0
HellGate London 830874Hellrift revealer Answers: 0
HellGate London 844484The game asking me to go to this room or that ((travel to chocolate park)) did not find it. I belong Help Answers: 0
HellGate London 892119What do you know of a blue "strange box", can you confirm what I suspected Answers: 1
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