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The Witcher Cheats for PC
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The Witcher PC Cheats

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The Witcher Cheats

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The Witcher

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Infinite Skill Points 90%
After meditating near a fireplace in order to allocate your skill points, head back to your skill tree and right click on skills currently allocated. A ringing sound should be heard. After closing the skill tree, go to the fireplace and meditate again. The skill will be allocated from the previous spent point(s), but the point(s) will also be ready to be spent again! This gives you infinite skill points to spend at your leisure, but remember -- if this isn't done quickly, the points won't be given back to you to spend a 2nd time (or more).
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Steel sword buff glitch (unpatched game) 46%
When I met the hellhound in battle I applied the oil to make my witcher's steel sword more powerful against monsters. after winning the fight I immediately entered the city i.e. got arrested, killed sewer monster, etc, and returned to reclaim my gear. when I reclaimed my sword the buff had over 71 thousand hours left to run...
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The golem 42%
After I had already used the talent points cheat as much as I could I went to fight the golem, after I defeated the golem he fell on top of my character, while he was on top of my character I picked up his heart and the quest item form his body, then went to save shortly after and noticed I had 4 billion gold, thats right 4 BILLION Gold, I had aso rested at the nearest fireplace too (i dont know if that matters). I think the amount of time you sepnt with the golem on top of you determines how much gold you get, cause I had 166 than I had a obscure number like 4729614385, thanks
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The Witcher 508650Hi Silly question but I'm just trying to get started How do I "activate the winch" in the first scene obviously I'm going to need this action again and when I point I still have the sword showing Thanks Answers: 1
The Witcher 508680Sorry for such a stupid one but I'm trying to get started and I can't "activate" opening the gate in the opening sequence the curser doesn't alter where ever I place it I suppose I will need this when I get into the game so please help Thanks Answers: 0
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The Witcher 306821How do you kill the kikimore queen toward the end of level 3 ( I am in the cave, have blocked the tunnel but can't kill the queen & it is very frustrating. do I need a potion ? ) thanks for helping. Answers: 1
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The Witcher 816730Lighting a torch Answers: 1
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