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Rock Band Cheats for PS2
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Rock Band PS2 Cheats

Rating: 3.6/5 VOTE
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EA SPORTS FIFA 14 | Save and Score More Penalties
FIFA 14 | Squad Formations | EA SPORTS
EA SPORTS FIFA 14 | Custom Tactics
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EA SPORTS FIFA 14 | Passing Skills
FIFA 14 | Score Goals From New Angles
FIFA 14 | Defend Corners
EA SPORTS FIFA 14 Tips | The Art Of Defending
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The Boot Room : FIFA 13 Tactical Tips | Celebratory Goal Moves
FIFA 13 Tactical Tips | Defending Against Opponents

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Rock Band

Rating: 3.6/5 VOTE

Silver Fender Stratocaster 100%
How to unlock: Complete the Bonus Tour option on Solo Tour with the guitar.
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Gold Microphone 100%
How to unlock: You need to score a million points or more in Solo Tour.
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Gold Instruments 98%
Description: unlock a golden form of any of the 4 instruments (guitar, bass, drums, and mic),

How to: Beat Solo Mode on any difficulty you choose. You must also use the instrument you intend on unlocking in beating Solo Mode, so that if, for example , you wanted to unlock the Golden Drums, you should use the Drums in Solo Mode.
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Transparent Instruments 98%
Description: Unlock the "transparent" series of instruments (which gives you a transparent bass, guitar, drum kit and microphone)
How to unlock: Enter the Hall of Fame on that instrument. So, if you want the transparent bass, enter the Hall of Fame as a bassist.
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Silver Instruments 98%
Description: unlock a silver form of any of the 4 instruments (guitar, bass, drums, and mic),

How to: Beat Bonus Tour Mode on any difficulty you choose. You must also use the instrument you intend on unlocking in beating Bonus Tour Mode, so that if, for example, you wanted to unlock the Silver Drums, you should use the drums in Bonus Tour Mode.
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Gold Fender Stratocaster 98%
How to unlock: Complete Solo Tour mode with the guitar.
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All Songs 94%
Wwant to unlock every song in the game (which disables the ability to save)?
How to unlock: Go to the game's Title Screen and insert the following code on any instrument:
Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue
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Singing in the mic with out saying the words!!!!!! 69%
When you are singing and dont know the words you can say either anywords you want or you can humm it but as long as you stay in tune with the notes!
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Play guitar without strumming!!!!!!! 54%
When you play the giutar do bass then go to hard or expert. then when theres a lot of orange you play like medium with your left hand but you use your right hand to do orange! tip: you have to use the lower frett buttons)

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Do u whant to unlock every song? then type the following on any instrument! ok?!?!?!?!? 53%
By: mattytucka(18)
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Nlock all 50%
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Guitar hero guitar in rock band 44%
Just plug in the GH guitar and it should work you can use it as the bass or guitar
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Talky Parts (Microphone) 41%
If you can't hit all of the talky part words, just blow into the mic. It works, I've tried it!
By: mia12(201)
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All songs ,cannot save, enter at start screen 40%
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Change your player 38%
Yellow yellow blue green blue green red red red
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Black insterments 37%
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Super insane mode 28%
123to fast dude
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Unlock everything 27%
Green, blue, orange, red, yellow, blue, blue
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All song cheat 24%
Beat the game on easy,medium,hard, and expert
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Hyperspeed 23%
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Never fail a song 22%
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Never fail mode 18%
At the press start button screen press Red, Blue, Orange, Red, Red Yellow
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Rock band 15%
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