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Need for Speed ProStreet Cheats for WII
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Need for Speed ProStreet WII Cheats

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Need for Speed ProStreet

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Best grip car for amatuer 100%
Dodge viper code to get one for free worldlongestlongestlasting
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The zonda for free 100%
This might not work but try it in one of the last battle machine races win first then dominate pick the middle marker witch gives you a free car marker then go to the car lot and pick the zonda then pick marker
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Make Money 86%
Description: Want to make lots of money easily? Try the following steps technique. Keep in mind that this can be repeated over and over again for as much money as you want.
1.) Start up the game and load your career profile.
2.) Head to the in-game cheats menu, and insert the UNLOCKALLTHINGS cheat.
3.) With the bonus unlocked, go ahead and save your career.
4.) Reload your career and head to the garage. The code should have unlocked several new, expensive cars.
5.) Sell the bonus cars you received for a quick $90,000+.
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Cheat List 85%
Insert the following cheat codes into the in-game codes menu for the desired cheat.
1MA9X99Receive $2,000
1MI9K7E1Receive $10,000
CASHMONEYReceive $10,000
CASTROLSYNTECUnlock Castrol Syntec Vinyl
COKEZEROUnlock Coke Zero Golf GTI
ENERGIZERLITHIUMUnlock bonus vinyls
HORSEPOWERUnlock Chevelle SS
L1IS97A1Receive $8,000
LEIPZIGUnlock Progressive Bonus Vinyl
MITSUBISHIGOFARUnlock Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
REGGAMEReceive $10,000
SAFETYNETReceive five Repair Tokens
UNLOCKALLTHINGSUnlock Nissan 240 SX, Pontiac GTO, Chevy Cobalt SS, and Dodge Viper SRT 10
W2IOLL01Receive $4,000
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Recommended Cars. 65%
Drift Car=Mazda RX-7.
Grip Car=2006 Pagani Zonda F.
Dragster=1998 Toyota Supra.(If Tuned Properly you can finish a 1/4 Mile track in less than 7 Seconds.)
Speed=Ford GT.
That is all I know there are better cars than this,but I still recommend you using the Maza RX-7 to Beat the Drift King,The Pagani Zonda F to Beat RYO and Grip King,The Supra for Drag Queen(Shes a girl okay.)
For the Speed I don't know Maybe you could use the Lamborghini or the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X.
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Really Easy Money. 62%
Follow the Instructions.
2.If the code has been accepted go to the menu then reload your Career.
3.You Should have 4-5 New Expensive Cars SELL ALL OF THEM, You will get $90,000.
4.Enter the Code LEIZPIG,Then go to Menu,Reload your Career.
5.Then the things that we're unlocked should be locked again,Enter the Code UNLOCKALLTHINGS Again,Then Follow Step 1 again.(You Can Repeat this process anytime you want.)

If this didn't work Follow the steps below.
2.If the code has been accepted go to the menu then reload your Career.
5.Exit the game.
6.Play the game.
7.Load your Career.
8.The thing's that we're unlocked should be LOCKED again,Repeat anytime you want.
This Process May break your Wii so do this at your own risk.
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5 repair marks 60%
Choose code entry,enter SAFETYNET
By: bambam1234(83)
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Best cars 54%
For grip-lamborgini mercialago
for drift- dodge viper
for speed-lamborgini mercialago
for drag-ford shelby gt 500
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Best cars ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 43%
If you want a better car than you can make than keep all of the kings cars! That's right! but, you know how you can have three blueprints, well start a new blueprint on ether of the free ones, because what I found out is that if you do the game thinks that you own all stag 4 parts for that car already. WARNING DO NOT GET RID OF BLUEPRINT THAT THE KING MADE FOR THE CAR OR THE GAME WILL GET RID OF ALL THE STAGE 4 PARTS FOR THE CAR AND GIVE YOU ONLY STAGE 1 PARTS. Trust me!
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How to win wheelie competitions easy 42%
Wait for the other guy to go. Then do the wheelie and hit nos.
By: s4man(25)
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How to defat Ryo Wantabee 40%
Car Pegani Zonda F
By: fran98m(29)
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Different Color Cars 35%
Its not really cool but if you go through the cars in the car lot and stop on the viper and then go straight to the Lamborghini it will have changed from orange to blue and sometimes you can change it to yellow. I thought it was pretty cool but its not to great since you can just change it in your garage.
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All cars 19%
At cheat menu put cars are cool
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