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Madden NFL 08 Cheats for Xbox
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Madden NFL 08 Xbox Cheats

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Madden NFL 08

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Draft Pick Franchise Building 94%
Description: Here is a technique if you are wanting to build a dynasty longterm over many seasons. It works best with "great" teams (like the Patriots, Colts and Chargers) and "good" teams (like the Jaguars, Broncos, and Cowboys). Theoretically, though, it can work with any team.
After finishing up your pre-season games, don't advance to the regular season. Instead, head to the trading block. Offer up your 1st round pick and ask for a first, 2nd and fourth round pick in return. If your team is decent enough you will receive offers from all of the bottom teams (like Buffalo, Houston, Detroit, or whoever happens to be bad that season).
So, with the bad team's first, 2nd and fourth picks (for instance), you can offer your own second, 3rd and fourth picks. Ask for a first, 3rd and fourth pick in return. You have to be flexible though, because you won't always be able to get what you want in return.
If the above works, however, you will have 2 1st round picks, a 2nd round pick, a 3rd round pick, and 2 fourth round picks (or something similar). This is absolutely amazing when you are building a franchise. Better yet, you can do this every year, as your franchise gets stronger and stronger with young, talented players.
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Performance Institute Exploit 92%
To increase your chosen characters statistics faster, thus making him a superstar more rapidly, try this. On gameday,Sunday, enter the Performance Institute and complete the exercise. After exiting, head over to your teams schedule and enter. Now, exit back out to the city. The Performance Institute exercise will appear again for you to use. You can do this over and over again if you want.
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Hall of Fame Teams 91%
If you want to unlock the AFC/NFC Hall of Fame teams (like the Glaciers, Dummies, et cetera), you must finish the in-game Fantasy Challenge. To unlock these teams so you can play as them, you must beat them in Supreme League mode; otherwise, you will only get to play them, not as them.
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Automatic 99 overall QB (Applies for other positions) 78%
To Get 99 overall with a QB on superstar mode here is what you do.
1. Make a QB.
2. when you go to put in his stats take away all of his awareness points (put them were you chose)
3. Skip to the IQ test and let the time run out.(answer no questions)
4.Get drafted.
5.Check the Overall board your QB should start and have automatic 99. Even though you took all his awareness points off he will automatically have 99.
By: Aztecs77(60)
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99 overall superstar in anything i.e.(HB,WR,QB,OLINE,DLINE,DB ect.) 74%
To become 99 on any position on a superstar create your person and then when it comes time to put on the attributes you take of all of your awareness points and put them on anything you chose. Then, go forward and build your guys body and move forward. When it comes time to take your I.Q. test enter and don't answer a question and let the time run out. After you get done waiting 1:30 seconds finish you last practice and go ahead and get drafted and after you get drafted go to the (web) go to practice results and you should be 99, and have Awarness 99 if you did it right.
By: superstar QB(37)
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To chose which team to be drafted by on your superstar 60%
To chose which team you want to drafted by go to your home page and chose the team you want to get drafted by. Then, go and create your superstar. When it comes time for you to get drafted on Draft day the game should ask if you want to be drafted by your favorite team and say yes.
By: superstar QB(37)
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Easy wins Quick 60%
If you like madden but dont want to play 5 min quarters or whatever swich the time limit to one. then if you dont want the other team doing anything ( Gaining Yards ETC.) just in game pause go to settings and go to ai set your bars full and theres empty
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1st Overall Pick 54%
On Franchise Mode if your tired of getting your first round pick at 20 or higher there is a way to get a first overall pick even if you win the superbowl. At the end of the season before the playoffs trade your first round pick to the team with the worst record for their first round pick. They will trade with everytime and now you can get the best players in the draft.
By: Seven92(22)
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Earn more $ PER GAME! get a huge attendance boost. 50%
If you play a home game, (not a monday night) go into the set prices screen and max all advertising. go play your game. before continuing to play out the week, go back and remove the advertising budget. you will get max attendance, and not have to spend any money. go back finish your week. do for all home games !
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How to unlock the super bowl arena 42%
First do alot of games like my team titans go to madden cards and it might have a trophy do watever it says and it will be unlocked simple...
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How to create a garenteed hall of famer from a rookie(xbox 360) 41%
Go to the hall of fame and say for example you want a coterback the go to joe montana and relese him (keep in minde you might want to save your orignal roster ahead of time!) then edit him and change his name to say clint walker and then edit his ratings to what ever you would like then go to create a team and do a fantisy team draft select your player or clint walker and then you cand do a franchise fantisy draft or play regular and you will have a qb fresh that has 100% on boath pass accuracy and awareness and when his career is over he will be a garonteed a spot in your teams hall of fame!
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Become a superstar more faster 35%
IF you want to become a superstar more faster go to the city map and choose performance institute and do that then when done go to scheduale then exit the game and go back to the insititue and keep doing that if you want
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Td 32%
99overall get 50 tds in 1 season
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Hint 31%
A good strategy to win franchise is to just create a whole new team or put the game on easy play
By: stevenm2(106)
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1st Round Draft Pick 29%
On Franchise Mode if you want the 1st overall draft pick all you have to do is wait till week 17. Then trade your 1st round draft pick to the team with the worst record for their 1st round draft pick. They will trade you every time. You can do this also with picks 2-7.
By: Seven92(22)
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Run 23%
Run the ball with x you go a lot faster
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Draft picks 23%
If you get bad teams such as (buffalo,giants,jets,)and so on you will most likely get a pick below 10th draft pick chose wisely.
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Runatouchdowneasyle 18%
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To unlock madden codes 16%
All of the teams type (exactly what's after this) EvRy NFL Haal OOf FAME TEEM Madddden 2008 & UnLOCKaBlES $H!T
By: superstar QB(37)
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Easy HOF player 14%
Ok go to features, Rosters, then find a team that has a rookie at the position you play (exp. if you want a halfback go to Adrian Peterson from the Viks or QB Trent Edwards from the bills) edit their name to what you want it to be,weight, and then you can edit Attributes
P.S. If you dont like the teams they are own release them and assign them from free agency to another team

any other questions contact me at
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