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Robotech: Battlecry Cheats for Xbox
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Robotech: Battlecry Xbox Cheats

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Robotech: Battlecry Cheats

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Robotech: Battlecry

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Master Cheat List 100%
To enter cheat codes, highlight OPTIONS, hold L + R then press LEFT, UP, DOWN, A, RIGHT, B, and START.

Invincibility SUPERMECH
Unlock all awards WHERESMAX
Unlock all stages WEWILLWIN
Unlock multi-player stages MULTIMAYHEM
Faster gun cooling SPACEFOLD
Faster missile restock MARSBASE
Faster gun & missile refills MIRIYA
One hit deaths BACKSTABBER
One hit death (sniper) SNIPER
Unlock all paint schemes MISSMACROSS
Inverted view mode FLIPSIDE
Disable all cheats CLEAR
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Invincibility Glitch 100%
Step 1 Enter Training Mode
Step 2 Select Fighter Training
Step 3 After shooting down the 1st 2 targets, immediately pause and quit Training Mode
Step 4 Now begin story mode
Step 5 You should now be indestructable
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FAST Pack Glitch 100%
Start a space mission and with the Super Veritech. When you win the space mission and select "Continue" you will start the next mission with a Super Veritech even if the next mission does not allow FAST Packs to be used.
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The homing missle 100%
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Awards and Bonuses 98%
Meritorious Service (Clear Force of Arms) Unlocks Izzy Paint Scheme
Distinguished Service (Clear Enemy Within) Unlocks Rick Paint Scheme
Master Airman (Kill 100 Fighter Pods)
R.D.F. Flying Ace (Complete Master Airman Set) Unlocks Debris Field Versus Map and Max Paint Scheme
R.D.F. Starburst (Clear All Boss Missions Twice) Unlocks Flood City Versus Map
Titanium Medal of Valor (Clear Knifes Edge) Unlocks VF-1J in Story and Versus Mode
Bronze Cross(Kill 50 Battle Pods)
Silver Cross (Kill 75 Battle Pods and Complete Bronze Cross Set)
Gold Cross (Kill 100 Battle Pods and Complete Silver Cross Set)
Southern Cross (Complete Gold Cross Set) Unlocks Factory Versus Map and Armoured Valkerie in Versus Mode
Silver Shield (Clear Graveyard using VF-1A) Unlocks Graveyard Versus Map and Miriya Paint Scheme
Superior Defence (Clear Attrition) Unlocks Graystone Versus Map Gold Nova (Clear Vengeance 3 times)
R.D.F. Supernova (Complete Gold Nova Set) Unlocks City in Space Versus Map and Patriot Paint Scheme
Robotech Marksman (Kill 50 Nousjadel-Ger in Sniper Mode) Unlocks Stealth Paint Scheme
Wolf Leader (Clear To the Death) Unlocks Wolf Paint Scheme and VF-1R in Story and Versus Mode
Tuna Head (Kill 50 Del Regults) Unlocks Queadluun-Rau for Versus Mode
Jolly Roger (Clear Party Crashers 3 times) Unlocks Skull Leader Paint Scheme
Unlocking Chapter 4 unlocks the VF-1S
Unlocking Chapter 5 unlocks FAST Packs (Super Veritechs) for Story and Versus Modes
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Heat seeker missles 80%
Hold L+R then type in heat seesker. these missles can go for a long distance and can really do some damage
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Mechs assemble 67%
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Invisable 57%
Hold L+R then type in secret
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