Wednesday, 10 February 2016
Top Spin Cheats for Xbox
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Top Spin Xbox Cheats

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Top Spin

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

More Taunts 98%
Press the Left Thumbstick Up, Down, Left, or Right and press Black or White to open up more random varieties of taunts.
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Drop Return 98%
Just before your opponent hits the ball when serving, press the "drop" button, and your serve return will touch the net and drop down on your opponents side.
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100% Chance of risk shot! 50%
When serving, if your ITZ meter is flashing and full, you just tap the right trigger and you will automatically get a complete risk shot.
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Glitch! 50%
When you or your opponent(s) score a point watch the replay. Your current score will be displayed on the scoreboard in the background, when you are supposed to be watching the play before the pount was actually made. For example, your score coulld be 30-40 before the play, and 40-40 when you make the point. In the replay, the scoreboard will read 40-40.
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Hidden characters 50%
If you want to use different characters in arcade mode then use the random feature. Just keep hitting A and B to select different characters. You could choose amazing players such as Raquel Mello, Candy Spoon, Karen Archer, and many others.
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