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Resident Evil 2 64 Cheats for N64
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Resident Evil 2 64 N64 Cheats

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Resident Evil 2 64

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Invincibility 100%
At the load game screen, press Down, Down, Down, Down, Left, Left, Left, Left, L, R, R, L, C-Up, C-Down.
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Extreme Battle Mode 100%
You must beat both characters A and B senerios to achive the extreme battle mode. Then after you win the 1st level in it Ada becomes the next character that you can choose.
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New suit & gun 100%
You have to make it to the police station with out picking up anything. Enter the police station and pick up the bullets on the desk then head back outside go down the stairs and there will be a zombie down there. He is hard to kill but when you do search him you will find a key go back in and when you get tothe dark room their will be a locker and you can open it and find a new suit and gun...
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Infinite ammunition 100%
At the load game screen, press Up, Up, Up, Up, Right, Right, Right, Right, L, R, L, R, C-Right, C-Left.
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Blow up Alligator 100%
At the aligator with leon or claire there is a yellow butten on the wall if you push it a gas canastor will fall out of the wall the alligator will grab it in its mouth and you shot at the canastor with your handgun and the alligator will blow to bits.
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Picture of The S.T.A.R.S Team 100%
In the room on the 2nd floor in the racoon police department there is a desk on the far end of the room. The desk is by a bunce of badges. Over where the bookshelf is, there is a little portrait. Click on the picture and you will see the whole S.T.A.R.S team.
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Code g expriment 100%
Go to the policestation door (u cando this later on the game too) go on leon"s right ehen you do there will be zombies there so take them out after you done so dont go to double doors do to the single door at the end if you have the right key you can unlock the green door there a footage at that near table so get that if you go to the dark room you can make the footage and get a note about the expriment.
By: leonx3(71)
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Kill william the 2nd time 100%
What you must do is fire and then avoid him when he comes if you have the magnum fire 5 or 6 bullets at him keep firing at him with you'r shotgun if you run out of ammo go use the magnum to kill him keep doing that untill he's dead (note you may not run out of ammo)
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