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Assassin's Creed Cheats for XBOX 360
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Assassin's Creed XBOX 360 Cheats

Rating: 3.1/5 VOTE
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Assassin's Creed

Rating: 3.1/5 VOTE

Easy fights 98%
*** Only attempt this technique if they are fluent in the Rank 2 skill "Counter" and they have enough synchronization bars (a.k.a., life bars). One and a half rows of bars will do. When in battle, equip your hidden blade. With this equipped, all of your counters will score an instant kill. You can even instantly kill tougher ranked guards (for example, the Teutonic guards in Acre when hunting Sebrand). Also, most of the time using the hidden blade in battle will scare the last one or two (even three if you are lucky) guards, causing them to run away. However because you do not have a weapon that is sufficient enough to block a full sized enemy blade, all incoming attacks will hurt you.

When in battle, if you see a guard you are fighting physically emote in any way (for example, taunting you or cowering in fear), press [Low Profile Assassinate] while facing them to score an instant kill without having to counter.

The best weapon for more than four guards or thugs is the Short Blade.

Sometimes the guards will beat up on you and it would seem as if your timing is off using the counter attack. To create a little breathing room, tap [Action/Use Your Weapon/Attack] twice, then "grab and push" the guard. Disregard the guard you grabbed and pushed, and attack the others using the same technique. There are two ways you can finish them. The first is, after you "grabbed and pushed" all of them, use a strong attack. They will fall quickly. The 2nd method is to "grab and push" them again. They will not get up again.
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Dr. Vidic's computer 98%
To access Dr. Vidic's computer and emails, before starting Memory Block 5, walk up behind him and press any button to steal his pen.
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Maximize efforts for each city 98%
Description: To lower the time needed to complete the game and to decrease the difficulty of each major assassination, do the following in order (with the exception of Masyaf).

Visit the Assassin's Guild.
Scan the city by first climbing all of the view points.
Rescue all the citizens from the thugs. You will need the help after a major assassination.
Complete all of the informant's missions (to get all the valuable information you can).
Pickpocket the shysters in all of the pickpocket missions (for information to the Guild).
When all of these are completed, go back to the Assassin's Guild and get ready for the major assassination mission.
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Easy citizen missions 98%
How to: When helping a citizen, do not just attack the guards. Hold the LT and press X with the dagger ready. This will eliminate one of the guards and give you a better chance. Sometimes you can assassinate two guards before they notice you.
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Assassinations 98%
Loud assassinationHold LB + RB and press X. You can do this while running up to a guard and it almost always works from any angle. However it is noisy and causes civilians to run for guards
Silent assassinationHold LB and press X. It has less of a chance of working, and works best when used behind guards so no one hears you
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Eagle's Flight Achievement 98%
Description: In Memory Block 1, after Al Mualim sends you to defend the fortress against the Templar attack, wait at the intersection/fork that is about 135 feet from the destination, just after the hill/path that leads to the Creed building. Guards will continuously respawn down the right fork. You can simply stand still and kill 25 guards, as your status will never leave "exposed", until you go to the destination.

Go to the entrance of Acre, but go through Kingdom. There is a base of soldiers. Start killing them but do not finish all of them. Start running to gather more. Kill a few and run again. Do this until you get the achievement. If you take long you may also unlock the "Eagle's Flight" achievement.
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Eagle's Dive achievement 98%
Description: In Masyaf, go to the castle. Enter the training arena and choose the option for combo kill. When you succeed three times the match will end. Select it again and continue until the achievement is unlocked.
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Eagle's Flight achievement 98%
Description: When you first reach Damascus and must save the citizen, kill two of the three guards. Back yourself into a stall or a corner that you cannot be pushed out of then hold RT to guard. In ten minutes you will have the achievement. You can also put a rubber band around your controller and LT and allow the game to idle.
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Gifted Escapist achievement 98%
Description: Go into any of the main cities. It is probably easiest to go to Damascus, Poor District. Find a merchant stand and start hopping through it. If you can find two that are next to each other it saves time. Keep jumping through the merchant stand(s) until you get the achievement.

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March Of The Pious achievement 98%
This achievement is probably easiest to unlock in Damascus. Save the citizen in front of the main gates if you have not already done so. If you have already done that, go to the scholars. Blend in with them. As they get past the main array of guards, start pressing [Deblend] continuously. You should be going in and out of blend mode continuously. After a short time you should get the achievement.

When you first reach Damascus after saving the citizen you will learn how to blend with scholars. Enter this blend and exit it twenty times very quickly to unlock the achievement.

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Puzzle in Animus Room [Easter Egg] 96%
After beating the game, go to the Animus room entrance door and activate Eagle Vision. Read the puzzle from right bottom to the left:
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Vision Of The Future Achievement 96%
How to: After you complete the game, walk to your bedroom and use Eagle Vision on the wall behind your bed. Scan it from left and right the credits will start. After they end you will get the achievement.
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Al Mualim 96%
Description: When you first engage in combat mode against him (after fighting the duplicates of Al Mualim) lock on to him by pressing LT or L2. Quickly equip the hidden blade before attacking. Wait for a counter and you will defeat him with the first blow you hit him. *** This is after you fight Al Mualim when he makes about six duplicates of himself.
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William of Montferrat in Acre 96%
Description: After the guards (or most of them) leave William, drop down from the castle and slay William. Afterward, "de-target" or deselect, and run up into the castle buildings and battlement to get away. This is the fastest way of completing the mission.
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Escaping from guards 96%
Go to a high roof when chased. Kill the guards that appear. After a few kills they will either run or give up.

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Hidden Blade counter 96%
You can fight with your Hidden Blade out to counter. It cannot block. However, if you counter your enemy will die instantly.
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Unlocking doors 96%
1)When you go to bed after Memory Block 3, you will notice your closet door is open. Hit any button to get a piece of paper Desmond notes . The code will unlock your bedroom door which will allow you to be able to go out as often as you like after you are put to bed, as well as to open the meeting room area. You can also pick up various items to unlock Lucy's password.

2)Complete the game and allow the credits to end. You will be given the access code for the computer attached to the Animus. Hack the computer to access an inbox, outbox, and deleted message. Look at the inbox and choose the email about the conference room. You can go to the conference room and access it via the keypad.
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Accessing the Conference Room 95%
After the credits roll at the end of the game you will get an access code for the computer attached to the Animus. Once you hack the computer, you will see an inbox, outbox and deleted message. Look at the inbox and choose the entry regarding the conference room. Now you can go to the conference room and access it via the keypad.
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Vidic's Access Pen 94%
Before beginning Memory Block 3, walk up behind Dr.
Vidic and press any button to steal his pen. This will grant you access to his computer and emails.
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Completion bonuses 94%
Description: Complete the game. When the Memory Blocks are played again in Story mode you can kill anyone without penalties. Additionally, you will be able to use Eagle Vision at any time regardless of Synchronization levels inside of the Animus.
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the Master 94%
Description: When fighting the Master he will take away your ability to use radar and make it difficult to see. This also allows him to hit you once and kill you. Lock on to him and use a throwing knife against him. This will take away his power to blind you and make him easier to kill.

The first part is simple. Take your sword out, as you will be fighting all your previous assassination targets. They are fairly easy to kill. Only one counter is required to kill each of them. For the 2nd part, as soon as Al Mualim releases you, use your Eagle Vision. The real Al Mualim is the one in yellow. Focus your attacks on him. In the 3rd part, Al Mualim takes away your synchronization bar and radar, allowing him to kill you in one hit. Take out your throwing knives. Look for the Piece of Eden in his hand. Once you see him, throw a knife at him. Thenm just counterattack/grab break him. Keep repeating this until he says, "Damn you Altair!" Finish him off with your hidden blade, or keep attacking him with your sword until he is dead.

When Al Mualim gets ready for the final part of the battle immediately after his 3rd speech, lock on to him and equip your hidden blade. Move closer to him and when he is ready to attack, counter him to score an instant kill. He will fall to the ground and you can easily assassinate him without chasing him all over the courtyard. However, only do this if you have mastered the use of your counter attacks.
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Frenzy attack 94%
In order to do a frenzy attack, equip either the short blade or the sword. Once equipped, if you are facing a large number of guards, just keep attacking them, bouncing one attack to one enemy then attacking the next. If one of the enemies tries to attack you, while attacking another guard quickly press R1 then Square or RB then X . This will allow you to attack while quickly countering enemies. Another way is when the enemy dodges your attack then follows-up another attack. Do the same thing, but make sure your timing is good enough to allow you to survive even if there are six or more guards.
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Lucy's computer 94%
One item you can pick up after being able to unlock your bedroom door is Lucy's password. You can then investigate her e-mails, which entail a short secondary story line. After you complete the last Memory Block, go back outside your room. Go to Lucy's computer. In "Deleted Items" is an e-mail which entails her talking to someone about a rescue, then the last reply comes back as:

WondEr Why It is everyone Laughs at you?
i'll Let you guess.
let's just say she's proBably gEtTing it bigger and better from someone else tHat isn't you.
how can you hope to compEte?
REst asSured there are sOme gOod ways.
click the liNk to see!

Removing the capital letters out of the message decodes the message as

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Killing Without Penalty 93%
How to unlock: You can kill anyone inside the Animus at any time, without losing health (Synchronization) after beating the game..
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Unlimited Eagle Vision 93%
How to unlock: You can use Eagle Vision inside the Animus at any time, regardless of your health level (Synchronization) after beating the game.
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Disappearing graphics 93%
How to: After completing the story and obtaining the Eagle Vision, have Desmond look at any hidden message in the lab. Tap X, A, Y, or B, then quickly tap Y to turn the Eagle Vision back on. Nothing appears to be there. By exiting and going back to the Eagle Vision, everything should be there again.
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Pass through wall [Glitch] 91%
How to: When beside one of the blue walls that say "Subject cannot access memory at this time". Fight a guard in front of the wall and combo kill him. When he dies you will appear in the forbidden side of the wall. You can take a quick peek, but after a few seconds you will be teleported to your last checkpoint (as if you died).

Extra: If there is a viewpoint nearby the blue wall facing it with a hay bale on the other side of the wall, you can do the Leap Of Faith into the hay bale.
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Change clothes 88%
Lb rt b x y a rt lb
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Hidden Messages 69%
O.K. I see a lot of people asking this on a lot of sites, so here it is. There are three hidden messages that I will reveal. One is in a computer, the other are on the floor next to the Animus. The one on the computer is an e-mail that has been deleted which reads:
"WondEr Why It is everyone Laughs at you?
ill Let you guess.
lets just say she's proBably gEtTing it bigger and better
from someone else tHat isn't you.
REst asSured there are sOme gOod ways.
click the liNk to see!"

If you remove all the lower case letters and read straight across the upper-case letters, it will say:

(I imitated this to the best of my ability)The one on the floor closer to the main door looks like this:


Start reading from the bottom right-hand corner,starting with "a" and ending with "s", it will spell out a message which reads

The very last message that I will reveal is the pyramid shaped one, I will not even try to imitate that, but it reads

This one I think is the most creepy, but their all pretty weird. Well now that you know these, try and decrypt the meaning of them because I can't seem to find it out.
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Templar in rich district acre 65%
In the third assassination in acre or the second near the docks there's a cathedral once you get on top of the cathedral there are 5 guards 4 are archers and one Templar
By: junkdude118(118)
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The final assassination 63%
As you kill the templar leader you think you've beaten the game but you have to kill the creed's leader.there are many parts to this assassination. first you have to fight your own men, this is very simple just kill them as you plead. now you have to fight all 9 targets that you had to assassinate.simple. after that you have to fight about nine or ten of the creed's leader. after that here comes the big bad battle. I used the short sword(you must attack first or else he will kill you in one hit)after chasing him around like 4 or 5 times you enter the final battle. when you have the chance throw him and use your hidden blade to kill him and there you go you have 100 achievement points added to your gamer score!
By: dizzy326(51)
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Easy throwing knife`s 58%
In the city you see strange guy`s were you can lock on to! then just pres B if your close enough (pick pocket) then you get 5 knife`s :)
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Kill without losing life 49%
Playing on Story Mode after beating the game, you can kill anyone you want without losing life.
By: TheSorrow(1522)
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Kill move 43%
Press x and when your sword touches another ones blade press x again to do a kill move
By: christiani(67)
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Infinate life 33%
Lb rt y x b
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Slow motion 31%
Press downn down y x RT RB LT and you will be in slow motion
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Quick and easy way to kill targets 30%
More of a hint or strategy than a cheat, use this against the main targets that you must assassinate. Use a counter attack/parry against them, then when they fall to the ground switch to assassin blade, run up and kill them. That simple
By: luckykills(14)
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Complete game 29%
A x y b rb b rt lb
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Invisibility 28%
For invinsibility press Lb,rt,y,x and b
By: junkdude118(118)
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Eagle vison out of anubis 27%
Beat game
By: ninja14(15)
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