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Zoids: Legacy Cheats for GBA
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Zoids: Legacy GBA Cheats

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Zoids: Legacy Cheats


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Zoids: Legacy

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Extra Zoids 96%
You need to win the game, then go to the Title Screen and enter: L, L, R, R, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, LEFT, LEFT, R, R, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, UP, START. You must enter the entire sequence before the demo starts. If you input the code correctly, you will hear a sound. This will unlock Diablo Tiger, Cyclopes Type One, Cyclopes Type Twos zi data and core.
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More Zoids 92%
You must finish the game, then go to the Title Screen and enter: R, R, L, L, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, RIGHT, RIGHT, L, L, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, START. You must enter the entire sequence before the demo starts. If you input the code correctly, you will hear a sound. This will unlock Gilvader and King Gojula Zi data and core.
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Infinite Experience Points 75%
8203EBBE 05F5
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How to get out of seas town 71%
1st: you need to go to the bar and a short cut scene will take if you talk to the bandit
2nd:actually you cant get out of the town so go to the judgebot thingy
and try to help zan but you are forced to get out. now do your thing put all the pilots out of your team except zan then talk to the judgebot thingy and you will battle a fierce zoid the lightning saix its just a normal battle not a hard one I guess
3rd:talk to mister I know everything the one in front of the exit and you will get another command F. dragon gattai and you are on your own.

sent by,
By: zoidsaddict101(116)
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Get an XL Zoid 64%
The zoid I am talking about is a bloody demon go to the cave where you got blitz tiger and the floor where it was given to you search there it is very slow but has lethal attacks so watch out!but I have taken it out before it attacks or it will kill my zoids just use the deck command ''data gatherer''

if you have problems in zoids legacy just ask me send me a private message to zoidsaddict101 here

By: zoidsaddict101(116)
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How to defeat death meteor last battle 63%
First buy shields any shields I mean
and when you battle it use this team
blitz tiger,blade liger ab,geno trooper but you need perfect pilots
you need lvl23 zeru,lvl21van and lvl 20 zan

use this strategy use organoid pulse and zeke so it will power up the 2 zoids use geno trooper as for healing only make sure you equipped the shields use the lightning attack once and the fang attack of the bltz tiger any times you like but if you reached 28 mp again use the lightning attack again just do it over and over again . Iforgot the move so I called it fang attack now for the blade liger AB use its ab cannon and use the fang attack again and again.
By: zoidsaddict101(116)
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Zoids Legacy Cheats 60%
Master Code
000075F0 000A
10092604 0007

Max Gold:
820282E8 E0FF
820282EA 05F5

Have All Database Entries
42021798 FFFF
0000002E 0002

All Zoid Data:
42021858 FFFF
00000009 0002
3202186A 00FF

All Zoid Parts:
42021826 6363
00000011 0002
32021825 0063

All Items:
420217F6 6363
00000004 0002

All Weapons:
42028219 6363
0000002B 0002

All Commands:
420282DF FFFF
00000004 0002

All Zoid Cores:
420217FE 6363
0000000E 0002
3202181A 0063

Infinite Experience Gained:
8203EBBE 05F5

One Hit Win:
42035ED2 0000
00000006 0270
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Zos+2 organiod 58%
After you beat the game go toros farms and talk to Dr.T and he will give you zos+2
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Quick Healing 56%
When your zoids are damaged, go to the institute and talk to the researcher and exit.When you check your zoids, theyare healed.
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Rocks 55%
Normally you cant get on the rocks but if you go out and take the hover cargo and go west of where the light once was then go down and go on the right side into the rock but you will not be able to go far out.
(where you find a wild blitz tiger)
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Not to battle zoids cheat in fields only not capable on caves 53%
To not battle zoids in fields you need a whale king cargo
By: zoidsaddict101(116)
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Type A-46 Module Tiger X Mode 41%
Play Arcade mode and start with the Zoid " Hurion Tiger ", fight Sulika in the second match instead of gasly and while your fighting him, look around for a dwarf and once you see it, pause the game and press.

Left, Left, select, up, down

Then you'll be able to switch modes
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1hit 28%
1 hit
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