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Sonic Battle Cheats for GBA
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Sonic Battle GBA Cheats

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Sonic Battle Cheats


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Sonic Battle

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Cheat List 93%
Enter the passcode in Emerls story to unlock the respective card.

alogK Amy Combo Card
EkiTa Chaos Combo Card
ZAhan Cream Combo Card
tSueT E-102 Combo Card
yU3Da Knuckles Combo Card
AhnVo Rouge Combo Card
75619 Sonic Combo Card
ArmIa Shadow Combo Card (uppercase "i" after the "m")(submitted by Shadow_devourer)
OTrOI Tails Combo Card (submitted by Shadow)
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Earn Skill Points 93%
You can earn five (5) skill points if you dont get hit during a battle. Get hit once and you will earn 2 (2) skill points. Get knocked out and you will earn just one (1) point, and if youre knocked out entirely you will get nothing!
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Geralds Journal 93%
How to unlock: You must win the game in Story Mode and replay all of the episodes with each character.
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Chaos 91%
How to unlock: Defeat Chaos at the crater in Emerls story.
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E-102r 90%
How to unlock: Defeat E-102r in Sonics story.
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Where to Enter the Codes 68%
You may have seen the codes to enter in Emerl's story above.  As for where to enter them, go to Central City. Look for the white circle that says "Sonic Team" when you hover your cursor/arrow above it and press A.
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GameShark Codes 64%
1E Enable Code (Must Be On)
00004CFC 000A
100201A2 0007

1 Infinite HP
33001CFF 0064

2 Max Power Bar
33001CD3 0048

3 Hold A To Float Upwards
73001D08 0001
83001C70 0060

Character Modifier Codes

4 Press Select To Turn Into Sonic
73001D08 0004
33001D04 0000

5 Press Select+B To Turn Into Tails
73001D08 0006
33001D04 0001

6 Press Select+A To Turn Into Knuckles
73001D08 0005
33001D04 0002

7 Press Select+A+B To Turn Into Shadow
73001D08 0007
33001D04 0003

8 Press Select+R To Turn Into Rouge
73001D08 0104
33001D04 0004

9 Press Select+L To Turn Into Amy
73001D08 0204
33001D04 0005

10 Press Select+A+L To Turn Into Cream
73001D08 0205
33001D04 0006

11 Press Select+A+R To Turn Into Robot
73001D08 0105
33001D04 0007

12 Press Select+B+L To Turn Into Chaos
73001D08 0206
33001D04 0008

13 Press Select+B+R To Turn Into Emerl
73001D08 0106
33001D04 0009

14 Press Select+L+R To Turn Into Super-powered Emerl!
73001D08 0304
33001D04 000A

15 Press Select+start To Turn Into Dr. Eggman 73001D08 000C
33001D04 0013

16 All Levels Cleared In Story Mode
830025A0 01FF

17 All Extras Unlocked
83002188 FFFF

18 All Power Cards
43002230 0909
000001FF 0001

19 Press Select To Win Instantly (Survival Battles) [Note 1]
73001D08 0004
33001626 0000
73001D08 0004
33001DFB 0000
73001D08 0004
33001EF7 0000
73001D08 0004
33001FF3 0000

20 Win 1 Battle To End Virtual Training
820001DA 0063
By: Lord Patamon(78)
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2 running emrels 63%
In Holy Summit go to knuckles house at the side on left down halfway put your mouse down at the left there will be two running emrels
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Super sonic and super shadow 50%
If you get all the cards (including the rare one's), super shadow and super sonic stories will be unlocked in story mode.
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Moves 49%
Infinite Health
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Having some problems in rouge story at night babylon? 48%
All you have to do is to is press R button and edit Elmer`s attacks!but I,ll give you a hint,Use Shadows jump and next use his run it`s speed is to FAST!
By: martinlego(20)
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Glitch:mid air 47%
While you are fighting chaos in the crater on emerls story mode and use sonic combo move the split second you are about to fall into the pit and you will end up doing a combo in mid air(glitch)sonic combo:75619 enter this at soin team in central city(emerls story mode)
By: seelkadoom(17)
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25cdb731 43%
Master cheat
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Sonic battle 31%
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How to get dark super sonic 29%
First go to battle mode and then choose sonic as lead and tails as partner after you choose them play for 5 seconds and pause the game choose quit then hold the A button go in story mode and ta da! your dark sonic you can only use him in story mode
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Danish Najmi 19%
Gameshark codes
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