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Mega Man Zero 3 Cheats for GBA
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Mega Man Zero 3 GBA Cheats

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Mega Man Zero 3 Cheats

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Mega Man Zero 3

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Hard Mode 100%
How to unlock: You need to win the game on the normal mode. Hold the L Button and select New Game to activate Hard Mode.
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Unlockable List 98%
How to unlock: Win the game to unlock Zeros mini-game. A Mini-games menu should appear at the Title Screen and you can select it from there.

Finish all missions with 100 points: Fefnir Mini-game
Use Zet Zaber for the whole game and win the game with S rank: Harpuia Mini-game
Finish every mission with 100 points: Leviathan Mini-game
Use the buster shot for the whole game and beat it with an S rank: Phantom Mini-game
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Fight phantom and get the ultima foot chip 83%
At intermission 1 (the stage before the final stage on where you will fight the elves the 2nd time)

enter cyberspace via the blue rectangle door thingy (on where your screen turns green)

look for a sealed door somewhere on the upper left corner of the moving platforms

inside is a teleporter press up when your in the teleporter then it will teleport you to phantom

phantom is quite hard so just dodge his attacks and hit him with a charged Z saber to deal a lot of damage
By: bitoy666(1349)
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Defeating phantom 83%
His Attacks :

~Shuriken ride : Phantom will throw a shuriken (he'll throw it like your S boomerang) then when it returns to him he will get on it and fly above you while dropping some kunai.Dodge by shadow dashing.

~Multi-Shuriken : he'll throw his shuriken above you then it will stop splitting in to three then drops from above you.Dodge by getting away from your location.

~Illusions : Phantom will summon illusions(don't worry they won't attack) to confuse you . Hit the real phantom to cancel him and if you hit the wrong one he'll teleport above you and throw some kunai. Hit the real phantom.

Armaments :
Head Chip : auto charge
Body Chip : normal or the no recoil armor(grey)
Foot Chip : Shadow Dash
Main Weapon : Z saber
Sub Weapon : Buster
Skills : you decide if you want to use skills. I prefer gemini laser only (Copy X's EX skill)
By: bitoy666(1349)
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Megman zero 3 59%
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Megaman zero 3 59%
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Ifinite z-buster 52%
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Megaman zero 3 46%
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