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Mega Man Zero 2 Cheats for GBA
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Mega Man Zero 2 GBA Cheats

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Mega Man Zero 2 Cheats

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Mega Man Zero 2

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Proto Form 100%
How to unlock: Win the game to unlock the proto form. Its attack power is high but its defensive power is low.
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Getting High Scores 100%
If you want to get a higher score in a stage, finish the stage in a very short time, have as much life left as you can when you reach the end, and kill as many enemies as possible. If you do not like your score, reset and try again. The bonus moves and armor you unlock depend on your high scores when you complete the 8 stages.
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Fewer Enemies 98%
At the start of the game, when you have the 1st 4 missions to complete, try the Pheonix mission. If you finish the Phoenix mission there will be fewer enemies in the other 3 missions.
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Hidden Elfs and Secret Areas 98%
Hidden area #1
Enter the Phoenixs stage and continue until you see a blue ceiling and a pink ledge to walk on, right after hopping across 4 lava pits and the floating explosives. Equip your chain rod and get a mine to position itself between you and the ceiling. Shoot the chain rod upward and if you hit the right spot you will reveal a hidden area.
Hidden area #2
Enter Phoenixs stage and continue until you encounter floating mines with spiked walls and more lava pits. Use the mines to wipe out the spikes and hop to the next ledge. Jump over the ladder and stop at the corner of that ledge. Wait for a mine to appear and use your saber to hit the mine and blow up the blue side wall.
Secret area #3
*Follow #2
You will be out of the maze when you are on a pipe with a blue block underneath. 2 things:
1. You went too far. Use a mine to hit a pipe on the floor. Slide down the wall to find another hidden Cyber-Elf.
2. Look for a gap under the pipe, blow up the pipe over the gap and plummet down. Equip the lightning chip. If you are on hard mode use your shield. Charge your weapon and attack the mechaniloid. Continue right to find another hidden area!
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Charging Weapons on Hard Mode 98%
Normally,you can not charge any weapons other than the boomerang, but here is a way to do it. First, equip the boomerang as your secondary weapon. Next, charge your saber. Now, equip the element you want. You should be able to charge it now!
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Hard Mode 98%
How to unlock: First, win the game. Now hold L when selecting a new game to play on hard mode.
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Gallery 98%
How to unlock: First, win the game on hard. Now highlight "NEW GAME" and hold L + A + SELECT and press START.
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Forms 96%
Defense Form Kill 20 enemies with the Shield Boomerang
Active Form Kill 20 enemies with the Z-Saber while dashing
Energy Form Obtain 25 Life Capsules
Erase Form Ricochet 30 shots with Shield Boomerang
Power Form Pull something 30 times with Chain Rod
Rise Form Kill 10 enemies with Z-Saber
Ultimate Form Use Every Cyber Elf
X Form Kill 50 enemies with Buster Gun
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