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Mega Man Zero Cheats for GBA
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Mega Man Zero GBA Cheats

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Mega Man Zero Cheats

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Mega Man Zero

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Hard Mode 100%
How to unlock: Beat Mega Man Zero and hold the left shoulder button while begining a new game.
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Earn A Ranking 100%
Sand Wilderness: Kill the enemies that follow you in the beginning, to your left. Now proceed using mainly Buster shots.

Forest of Dysis: Train your Z Saber to triple slash. When in the mission, use Busters mainly, except for against the club and shield enemy. Use the chain rod to take the shield, and shoot it at a distance. When at the boss, attack with Z Saber, but keep at a distance when in 1st attack.

Computer Zone 1: In the beginning, try to get on the ice and use Z Saber to attack any enemies when they jump. When in the big robot, use the shield boomerang to hit it and use Z Saber to attack the ice missles. At the boss, use the shield boomerang to attack it.
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Saber Level 100%
Level 6 is the rolling air slash, you must do many normal air slashes after level 5 to get to level 6. After you are level 6, you must do many Dash slashes to become max.
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All of amour and weapons 11%
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