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Eragon GBA Cheats

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Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Ally Magic Effects 93%
GarjzlaRemoves one negative statistic
Weakspot Disadvantages enemy so the next hit on it will be double damage
Heil Heals one target. Preferably on your side
Lifes energy Heals entire party except caster
Skolir Increase one allys defence skill
Steel skin Negates one melee attack on recipient
Mind wall Negates one magical attack on recipient
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Magic Spell Effects 90%
Enemy Magic Effects:

Brisingr Fire attack which strikes one target
Combustion A stronger fire attack striking one target
Aduna A water attack striking one target
Flood A strong water attack striking all targets
Haina Poisons an enemy to 100 percent
Blinded Blinds enemy to 100 percent
Hjarta De-Buff targets attack by one
Black curseBurns and stones one enemy to 100 percent
Infection Poison and stuns all targets to 100 percent
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Arya Upgrade. 85%
After getting the weapon from Murtagh (Yes I wrote that), go to the Hadarac desert. Head northwest into the forest and you'll come across a little cave thingy. Go in there and you will arrive at Du Weldenvarden, which is the forest you started at at the start of the whole game. Arya prevents you from going into those two caves but go to the place where you fought the Shade. You'll see these two shiny blue things on the ground. Press A on one and Arya will tell you how she was ambushed. Then you will be allowed into the caves. You have to save Faolin and Glenwigs bodies from the Urgals in each cave. After doing that, you will get some equipment usable by Arya and her attack will increase to 5.
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Dras-Leonas Escape 85%
When you are in Dras-Leonas and escaping from the church, do not do any battles until the one in the end. Those fights drain your HP.

When you are battling, use a bow (preferablly the Tall Bow) and knock out everyone in the back. They do the most damage to you.
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Ultimate Weapon for Murtagh 83%
After defeating the Ra'zac and Murtagh joins your party, instead of heading straight to Gil'ead, go to Teirm. At the docks, you will see this new guy wearing green. Talk to him and he will tell you a story about the Battle of the Ashen Sky. He won't finish the story, but will tell you that the next part of the story can be told by a guy in the Spine near Carvahall. While at the docks, you may as well talk the the girl weeping on the shore. Talk a while and she will give you the Torment String and Kantele usable by Murtagh. Then exit Teirm and head north towards Carvahall which instantly becomes accesible after Brom dies. Go through the village, the forest and then the Spine. Head to the most western part of the spine and you will find another guy dressed in green. Talk to him about some inconsequential things such as the setting sun and then he will tell you to walk with him. Do that and you will reach a secret part of the Spine. Go up north as far as you can and then talk to him. He will tell you a bit more of the story but still doesn't finish. He tells you that the last guy who can tell them the story is awaiting execution in Gil'ead dungeons. Follow the storyline and head to Gil'ead. The third and final storyteller is in the dungeon next to Arya's. He will tell you the final part of the story and that the sword Sorrows Edge is located directly north of Gil'ead in a ruin. Go through Gil'ead's castle and escape. After escaping, do not go to the Hadarac Desert but instead go around the river and lake into the forest in the northern part of Alageasia. North of the lake, there should be a ruin. You will have to fight two Kull so be prepared. After beating them, you will get stuff but you will also get the best weapon Murtagh can get the Sorrows Edge! As an added bonus, Murtaghs attack grows to 5 afterwards.
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The Ra'zacs 79%
There's a trick here for Murtagh, and it will make it a
whole lot easier for you to get over this part of the game. When you're
prompted to the main menu, assign the focus points on Murtagh. Save
your game then fight the enemies. Turn off your GameBoy when you're
about to fight and load your game. You should have a reset focus points
to reassign. Repeat the process until you're satisfied. I had him
reach level 140 with 75 Weapon and 60 Endurance.
By: JirachiGirl(116)
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Best Training Spot EVER! 76%
In Eastern Alagaesia, you'll see a network of rivers on the eastern side. Cross the bridge there and follow the main river south. Follow the river south as far as you can and you'll see a funny looking mountain across the river which you can't reach yet. Walk around the area you've reached and every battle there should be with two 'Captains'. Every battle you win against these guys will net each of your heroes 1000 exp meaning they automatically level up after each battle. Good luck :)
By: CrazyGuy396847(91)
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Good weapon apart from Zar'roc for Eragon 75%
When you first reach Teirm, after chasing that kid around, you'll see a witch wearing green standing in front of the entrance (I'm not talking about Angela). She'll tell you a legend about a sword you can find if you walk along the coast north of Teirm. Do that and you'll get a sword called the Solid Starlight. It has Stun in-built. If you've attempted to get every item you can, you should be able to give that sword poison and fire modifications. Then train your Weapon focus until you've learned the combo called Riders Strength which deals 1.5x damage to all enemies. Combine this with the upgraded Solid Starlight and every time you use Riders Strength all your enemies will be stunned, poisoned and burned. I did this and I almost never got hit ever again. Once you get Zar'roc, do the same by upgrading it to poison and fire, and it will be even better.
By: CrazyGuy396847(91)
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The varden under attack 55%
When you first get to the varden the twins will challenge you. Don't use any magic or any health regain you don't have to beat them.Also when the urgals attack the more urgals you kill at the gates the stronger the others become.So battle with your weakest to your strongest characters.Make sure you have plenty of health3 or health4 you will need them.
By: eragon26(18)
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Ayra 48%
When you find Ayra use all the points on magic and you can defeat a lot of people and read magic books.
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A sword better than Solid Starlight 42%
Before going to find yelmwood for angela find a man just standing to the right of a ramp. He will say if you find him white silk he will make a sword for Eragon. After you have gotten the yelmwood exit the smaller cave and walk along the left edge of the cave to find it. Then bring it back to the man and he will make a sword out of it. I found that its better than Solid Starlight even if you out lots of expensive oils on Solid Starlight. hope this helps
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Destroy 30%
Upgrade on berserkers and dune spellcrafters before going to dras-leona I was level 71 when I was there I deafed the game at level 95.
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Fast level up 21%
If you have full heakth save your game in the dres leonas
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Stregnth 20%
You need to be very strong at the varden to verse durza and at Gilead
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Something that i found out!!! whooo who 19%
Go to your menu and go to SIPHIRAS! ability menu and look up the winged storm attack.(trust me it is useful.)
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Eragon 709001I am in western algaesia ..i tried to practice and level up..but during fights sumbody caused me to bleed.. but after battles and in every battles my health is shows that I am bleeding... but there is no way I can think how to remove bleeding.. since evry battle and evry round I am bleeding... even if I try to use all type of cure..i am cured for a 1st round but after I attct ..i start bleeding again.. Answers: 4
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