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Crash Nitro Kart Cheats for GBA
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Crash Nitro Kart GBA Cheats

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Crash Nitro Kart

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Characters 100%
How to unlock: the following characters, fulfill the specified criteria:

Geary Beat Geary at Teknee
Krunk Beat Krunk at Terra
N. Tropy Win the game with all Team Cortex characters
Nash Beat Nash at Barin
Norm Beat Norm at Fenomena
Spyro Win the game with all Team Bandicoot characters
Velo Win the game
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Mini-Game 100%
When turning on the game, tap L and R together repeatedly until the minigame loads up. If you did it correctly, you will see the Title Screen for the mini-game, Crash Party USA.
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Unlock Spyro, Oxide, and N. Trophy in a GLITCH METHOD 71%
If your using a crash super pack (A 2in1 game with CNK+Spyro 2 Season of flame), try and get Fake crash in out of time. Then, in menu, play out of time with fake crash, then after the game started, you can race a little but make sure you don't get to lap 2. Then reset your game. Spyro should be already there. But the controls are a little bit screw up. Just set them to default. Now, this really works for me. In out of time, I played a little in the place out of the map in out of time(you know, the place where you got Fake crash). But I got serious the next time. I restarted my race(you do that too... I mean do not restart your GBA, only the race). Remember how to unlock pura and fake crash in Ps2? I did the same method by doing 50 boosts or so. But, I did it in out of in lap one, I think I got longer time than 1:30 in lap two and three, I think it was 1:03-1:04.
Just then after the race, my records of high score, got a glitch. It has a record of Velo and Norm in 2nd and 3rd place with 59:59. With a name, TY. Then I checked out my characters, oxide, and N. Trophy was there (with no boss character, of course it's a new game mode ya' know). Do the same as mine, maybe it will work without having team bandicoot unlock spyro(i'm not sure of method for oxide and trophy but i'm sure of spyro cause it happened to me). You can just finish it with team evil.
Ooooh, I almost forgot, do not go to "High Score" in menu because your game will Freeze.
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Crash Nitro Kart GBA Free limited Mask(Uka2 or Aku2 Mask) in Arcade 60%
You can have a free mask if you want. Just Do the following step:

1. Make sure you're on a track where you can possibly fall:
I Recommend:
Deep Sea Driving
Thunder Struck
Electron Avenue
Android Alley
Velo's Track
(also works in adventure mode in Nash, and Velo Race).

2. Choose any character then go to any of the Track Listed Above.

3. Hit one of the Blue Crystal in the track (the crystal that traps you in a cube-shape ice.

4. Fall.

5. You will notice that you spin after Aku2 or Uka2 drops you in the floor.

6. Do not Fall. Just carry on going towards the Track.

7. You will notice that the mask around you is not going anywhere. Just like a Bunggaja that you got from a mystery crate, it is limited and it will disappeared. To bad, even after you fall with 10 wumpa fruits, you will lose 1-2 wumpa, so the mask is limited shortly.

And, there you go. This works if you're 2nd-8th.
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Crash Nitro Kart Glitch and Missing Feature 50%
Did you know? That Velo's Track (The New Track that you unlock after defeating Velo in Adventure Mode) is the only track that don't leave a ghost to every character. If you go to Time-trial in Velo's Track, after doing the Time-Trial, there will be no ghost in the second race at Velo's Track. Also, for the missing feature, in N-Gage, Ps2, Xbox, and Gamecube, if you go to Time-trial Mode, you can unlock N. Tropy and Velo's Ghost, well, not in GBA version. Even How many times you defeat and got a high score in Time-Trial, you will never unlock N.Tropy and Velo's Ghost.
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Unlock Fake Crash (on arcade or time trials) 50%
First, go to the map called out of time on ARCADE.
Then keep racing by yourself until you get to the bottom right hand corner. Then you should find a flower instead of a rock, run over and you'll be in a desert. then you go towards the starting line and go up. then you'll find a patch of sand with a fire and fake crash. go over to him and he'll give a little speech and when he's done talking you have him unlocked!

fake crash' stats: full speed
full accelerate
nearly full turn

he rocks!
By: legoboy(77)
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Unlock all adventure areas 36%
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How to unlock Fake Crash Easy! 30%
Go to the level "time's up" or some level with the word time in it and keep going until you reach the bottom right hand corner on the map, stay on the left side with flowers and rocks behind them keep going until you see a pinkish red flower with no rock behind it, go past that flower and you will see a ginormous amount of what looks like a desert and you will see a small bed of light on the ground and a large bed of light on the ground, go to the large bed of light and you will find Fake Crash stranded with a campfire walk up to him and he'll tell you all about how glad he was to see you and him being rescued and all that! Go back to the character select (NOT IN ADVENTURE MODE) And he will be there!
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