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WWE Raw Cheats for PC
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WWE Raw PC Cheats

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WWE Raw Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Trainer by: Anonymous Nov 11,2002
Trainer/Savegame by: Anonymous Oct 18,2002

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Rating: 4/5 VOTE

To escape from pin 73%
Press action + attack button rapidly plus the arrow mark in which side the pin is been put. then you can escape from the pinfall.
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Unlockable List 65%
Fred Durst Win all championship belts
Shane McMahon Win the Hardcore title
Stephanie McMahon Win the Womans title
Vince McMahon Win the WWF Heavyweight title
Attack Bubba Ray Dudley during his entrance Bubba Ray Dudleys glasses
Attack Christian during his entrance Christians glasses
During his entrance attack Crash Crash Hollys hat
During his entrance, attack D-Von D-Von Dudleys glasses
During his entrance attack Fred Durst Fred Dursts hat
During his entrance, attack K-Kwik K-Kwiks mic
While fighting Kurt Angle steal his medals and hit him with them sixty 4 times Kurt Angles gold medals
During his entrance attack Perry or fight him in a one-on-one hardcore match Perry Saturns moppy
During his entrance, attack Spike Spike Dudleys glasses
During his entrance attack Tazz Tazzs glasses
During his entrance attack Edge The Edges glasses
During his entrance attack Undertaker The Undertakers glasses
During his entrance attack Triple H Triple Hs water bottle
During his entrance attack X-Pac X-Pacs bandana
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WWE raw total edition 64%
If you want undertaker to come with his hat? yes . ok then means follow my steps go to your game go to 1VS1 match and select under taker as your enemy when under taker is comming in the entrence press C and see the trick?
by : E>Jayanth
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How to put finishers in wwe raw ultimate impact 2012 62%
Press action+grapple in general for some other super star example Shamus you have to run first then press action+grapple to finisher move (note your players bar(the bar below 1p/2p) must be blinking.
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God 52%
Type this cheat in museum option
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How to escae from pin fall in wwe raw ultimate impact 2012 51%
Assume you are having a red bar and opponent's is blue if your momentum (big red bar when you start)is too low you cant escape but if your bar is near to half then press grapple attack and up,right(movement keys)to escape from pin fall.
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Wwe raw total edition/wwe raw punjab 44%
Hey!In this you have to take shawn m. and then just normal fight after 5 min. wait for the other player comes and then press A (which pins) okay your health bar will bink then rapidly press grapple and pin button at same time then it will hit a kick your other player power will get very down then climb at the poles and press grapple and pin button it will jump and your other player will get power very down do this for two times not more if you will do more your power will get down........and do not forget the style button GOOD LUCK
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Jackhammer thru a table 40%
Use a created player for this.
you should set his apron attack to jackhammer first
bring a table and place it just outside the ring
step onto the apron and grapple the opponent
the jackhammer is not delivered on the table
it means that your table was not placed in such a way that the jack hammer would reach it
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