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Medal of Honor Heroes 2 Cheats for WII
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Medal of Honor Heroes 2 WII Cheats

Rating: 3.8/5 VOTE
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Medal of Honor Heroes 2

Rating: 3.8/5 VOTE

Medal List 90%
Combat BasicKill 100 enemies
Combat MasterKill 500 enemies
Combat SeniorKill 250 enemies
EnduranceComplete any mission without suffering critical injuries
Green SurvivorComplete any mission on Green difficulty without dying
Grenade CombatKill 25 enemies with grenades
Hero SurvivorComplete any mission on Hero difficulty without dying
HeroismComplete Campaign Mode on Hero difficulty
LMG CombatKill 150 enemies with light machineguns
Machine Gun CombatKill 50 enemies with the MG42
MarksmanshipComplete any mission with 75% shooting accuracy
ParticipantComplete Campaign Mode on Green difficulty
Pistol CombatKill 50 enemies with a pistol
Rifle CombatKill 50 enemies with a rifle
Rocket CombatKill 25 enemies with a rocket launcher
SharpshooterKill 100 enemies via headshot
Shotgun CombatKill 50 enemies with a shotgun
SMG CombatKill 250 enemies with a sub-machinegun
Sniper CombatKill 50 enemies with a sniper rifle
VeteranComplete Campaign Mode on Veteran difficulty
Veteran SurvivorComplete any mission on Veteran difficulty without dying
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The best way to deal with the Germans on the first blast door 80%
When you press the button to activate the firsr blast door stay on that railing and shot from there!
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In monestary there is a pole right by a wall, next to the chaple. all you have to do is walk pushing against the pole, and throw a Grenade under u. KEEP walking and dont stop until your walking up the pole! if you aim right you'll end up inside the walls! but beware! if you walk to far out of bounds you'll fall into the Abiss. dont worry though cause you'll respawn but it wont count as a death !
By: Slymarky(974)
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Use heavy machine guns!!! 63%
If there is a heavy machine gun stachined somewere use it to kill all enemys and when you do you are likely to complete a secondery objective
By Declan
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How to become a number 1 sniper! 58%
For great practice all you have to do is play infiltration on the map 'sewers'. then in the place where you respawn is a great place to work your way to become a number one sniper! ok here are 3 steps to work your way up on these stats.....

1.) you DO NOT jump from that platform where you respawn.

2.) you aim all the way across the map into where the enemy team is respawning.

3.) when the start to jump off of their platform you snipe them in the head!

ITS REALLY EASY but its hard to master but when you get it down you'll be a hard target to kill 8)

hope I helped!
By: Slymarky(974)
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An easier way to deal with the Krauts at the first blast door (Wii) 58%
You are at the blast door checkpoint, standing in front of the button to actuate the first blast door. Do NOT press the button. Instead, run across the bridge and down the stairs. Go out a few steps, move right until you are up against the blast door, back up and crouch down. You should now be hiding behind some crates. This will trigger three waves of Krauts coming out of the bunker to your left. Taking them out before you actuate the blast door takes a little bit of the heat off and gives you a few more seconds to deal with the remaining bad guys... load up with ammo and go open the first blast door.

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Ever seen some float? You can, in the port by running down the stairs agaist the railing by the sub. It takes practice to do it every time. You can float to a box in drop in it. Know can see you in it and you can shoot people put of it. You can even get into the water by floating.
By: Northpole991(57)
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Medel of honer heroes2 never die cheat 57%
First join a game it only works with ctf and teamdeathmach find out if the game as autobalenc swich teams as fast as you can until youer score is -8 and then leav the game as fast as you have 3 secuns to join the same game ther you go to make shur it works hold a grnade by pressing a
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Get a better gun 56%
The germans have better guns than you start off with so when you start try and pick up a german weapon as soon as you can, swap the machine gun you have the german machine gun and volia. Way better gun
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Fly online 54%
Go on yes a melons war room if hes online look at the gas tanks in sewers and throw grenade and face away from your grenade it lanches you up and you can walk high up right at the ceiling and you can still see people and shoot them! I am the best at it add me I am yes a melon.
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Online 54%
Okay there is a hop threw a window cheat when you see people sniping on the edge. How to do that is by getting into one of the houses and dashing up the stairs. Press the run button run up the stairs then turn a tiny bit to the right and when you fly up(or hit the roof) you'll land into the window. Now I suggest that when you do this start right in front of the stairs not from the wall. Also don't do it when some ones right there or else they will do it and spread it or the will come out side an shoot your if its an enemy. you can walk out a tiny like 1-2inches and step on the edge but once you step on the edge you must fall off to get back in.its a good strategy to do when there's an annoying sniper just go (ditch hopping as I call it) when you run threw the middle but hide in the ditches then run in do the trick point and aim down at the sniper at the head(preferbly so theres a KO). Try to blend your self in with dark colors so people can't see you well.O yeah after you kill them you might wanna get off or else they might come back to kill you. people can see you on the ledge so there is a possible chance to get sniped. You can walk on other ledges too but be careful its a good chance you will fall off. Try and try on the trick it does work if you do it right.
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Beat beach 100%Gold 54%
First you have to do your first objective which is throw the grenade in the ammo cache.Then you will see two doors,one leads you outside,another one leads into a room,you will see another room with a table go close and you will get the papers.When you go back outside you have to kill the Germans and you will go up one floor.Then you keep going and you will see a room with beds.You will also see a safe shoot it until it breaks.It contains documents that you need to get Gold100%.That is it.

P.S. You might need to aim good and kill a lot of people.
By: Poke55(122)
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Easy Kills 53%
When you come up to an enemy, crouch and shoot your gun to their head. This works better with automatic weapons. (Thomposon, MP40, BAR, STG44,Pistols etc.)
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This one is a piece of cake! all you have to do is aim, tilt, and walk against the wall at the same time.. oh and this is for the tower that has STAIRS. later I will explain how to fly in port!

By: Slymarky(974)
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Medel of honor heroes 2 36%
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When your in the sewers 35%
In the sewers when your being ambushed just stay at the edge of t/ doorway & shoot from there.
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Can,t be killed 33%
Up right down up left
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Invincible 29%
Invincible at the main menu press up,up,down,down,left and rigth
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Die die ddddddiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee 28%
If you a good shooter on the first level make one trop shoot a german in the belly hewil fall backwords then shoot him his hat spins in the air
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Cant be killed 24%
Up right down up left
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Loo 4%
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