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Lost Odyssey Cheats for XBOX 360
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Lost Odyssey XBOX 360 Cheats

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Lost Odyssey Cheats

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Lost Odyssey

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

HP/MP Recovery 100%
Description: Quickly recover your party's HP and MP automatically
How to: Head to a save point and save your game. Now, shut your game off and reload the save file. Your entire party should have full HP and MP.

To heal your party quickly, all you have to do is head to the world map. This works anywhere in the game, as long as you have access to the world map at any given time.
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New Game+ 100%
To unlock a new game ("New Game+") after the main game, win the game, save your game after the ending is over, and start over again.
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SPOILER-FREE FAQ / Walkthrough Guide 98%
SPOILER-FREE Lost Odyssey Walkthrough! - Hello! I am Damir Kolar and I welcome you to my new project. I've had XBOX 360 for a while now and have played a fair share of games it – after trying out a few of available RPGs this console has to offer I’ve started thinking about making a guide for this one – Lost Odyssey. Enjoy!

Read the Guide --> SPOILER-FREE FAQ / Walkthrough [Guide]
By: CheatMaster(5963)
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Late Game Leveling 96%
At the start of the game's 4th disc, head to Urha after gaining the Nautilus Boat following your party's reunion. Using Tolten, you can break the Urhan Seal in the Gongora Mansion's courtyard. This will gain you access to a secret dungeon.
The enemies you encounter there are called Experimental Number 42 plus you will fight them continuously during your time there. These are ratheer tough foes, they pack a heafty punch and can petrify your party easily. If you are above level 35, you will be in good shape to hold your own. The key is to have some anti-petrify skills or gear equipped to combat their deadly attack.
The SP these enemies give up when killed is staggering, and will allow you to level up quickly. There are no level caps here like there is elsewhere in the game, so that makes leveling up in this location over a long period of time up many, many levels a possibility if you have the patience to do so. Just remember to leave the dungeon every so often to heal and save so you don't lose all of that leveling progress!
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Breaze through Disk four: including the boss monsters) 80%
So if you like to level your charactors up to make the game, " more interesting", than your Group should all be adleast lvl 40 or better. Also you should have just finished finding the magic stone in the Eastern Tribe Temple.

With all that done this next step will help you breeze through the Arthosaurus. Before you do anything else in the game, get back to your ship and go to Kaim and Sarah's mansion.

I know you've been here before but now there is a boss monster where Sarah was when you found her before in the game.

The boss is tough, having two counters one for each face. switch between phisical attacks and magic, while keeping your health up and you will eventually get through.
At the end you recieve SARAH"s NOTEBOOK.

This is what you came here for.
It gives you the Ability absorb fire and It just so happens that almost every boss henceforth and alot of the monstes you'll face before them use fire magic.

So have all your immortals learn to absorb fire and if you have a mortal in your party, ( I use Janson) equip it to them.

Next enjoy disk 4.
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Walkthrough Video Playlists
Lost Odyssey video Lost Odyssey (X360) Video Walkthrough
   by: TehNevs
   Videos: 149 Length:
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42 Achievements
Lost Odyssey - Survived Survived
Complete Disc 1.
Lost Odyssey - Out to Sea Out to Sea
Complete Disc 2.
Lost Odyssey - Surfacing Surfacing
Complete Disc 3.
Lost Odyssey - The End The End
Complete Disc 4.
Lost Odyssey - Skill Linker Skill Linker
Make an immortal learn a skill from a mortal using Skill Link.
Lost Odyssey - Skill Master Kaim Skill Master Kaim
Master all of Kaim's skills.
Lost Odyssey - The Dreamer Wakes The Dreamer Wakes
Unlock the first episode from A Thousand Years of Dreams.
Lost Odyssey - Big Dreamer Big Dreamer
View all the episodes from A Thousand Years of Dreams.
Lost Odyssey - Treasure Trove Treasure Trove
Obtain all Treasure Box items in the field. The items you missed may be available at auction houses.
Lost Odyssey - Perfect Three Perfect Three
Achieve Perfect three consecutive times in battle.
Lost Odyssey - No One's This Perfect No One's This Perfect
Achieve Perfect a total of 500 times in battle.
Lost Odyssey - Thanks a Million Thanks a Million
Inflict a total of more than 1,000,000 damage points.
Lost Odyssey - True Warrior True Warrior
Defeat 1000 enemies in battle.
Lost Odyssey - Well Travelled Well Travelled
Visit all the fields in the world.
Lost Odyssey - Light Class Master Light Class Master
Meet the secret requirement of the Backyard Light Class battle set and win.
Lost Odyssey - Reached Conference Area 5B Reached Conference Area 5B
Go to Conference Area 5B in Professor K's Dungeon.
Lost Odyssey - Skill Master Seth Skill Master Seth
Seth mastered all skills.
Lost Odyssey - Skill Master Ming Skill Master Ming
Ming mastered all skills.
Lost Odyssey - Skill Master Sarah Skill Master Sarah
Sarah mastered all skills.
Lost Odyssey - Skill Master Jansen Skill Master Jansen
Jansen mastered all available skills.
Lost Odyssey - Skill Master Cooke Skill Master Cooke
Cooke mastered all available skills.
Lost Odyssey - Skill Master Mack Skill Master Mack
Mack mastered all available skills.
Lost Odyssey - Skill Master Tolten Skill Master Tolten
Tolten mastered all available skills.
Lost Odyssey - Skill Master Sed Skill Master Sed
Sed mastered all available skills.
Lost Odyssey - Spell Collector Spell Collector
All spells have been obtained.
Lost Odyssey - Defeated Cave Worm Defeated Cave Worm
You defeated Cave Worm at the Forgotten Cave.
Lost Odyssey - Defeated Persona Defeated Persona
You defeated Persona at the Old Sorceress' Mansion.
Lost Odyssey - Defeated Holy Beast Defeated Holy Beast
You defeated Holy Beast at Numara Atoll.
Lost Odyssey - Defeated Blue Dragon Defeated Blue Dragon
You defeated Blue Dragon at the Snowfields of the Northernmost Land.
Lost Odyssey - Defeated King Kelolon Defeated King Kelolon
You defeated King Kelolon at Kelolon Village
Lost Odyssey - Defeated Ghost of Eastern Ruins Defeated Ghost of Eastern Ruins
You defeated the Ancient Spirit Magician Fu at the Temple of Enlightenment.
Lost Odyssey - Defeated Golden Knight Defeated Golden Knight
Deactivated all Royal Seals and defeated Golden Knight.
Lost Odyssey - Ring Assembler Ring Assembler
Assembled a ring using Ring Assembly.
Lost Odyssey - Middle Class Master Middle Class Master
Met the secret requirement of the Backyard Middle Class battle set and won.
Lost Odyssey - Heavy Class Master Heavy Class Master
Met the secret requirement of the Backyard Heavy Class battle set and won.
Lost Odyssey - Super Heavy Class Master Super Heavy Class Master
Met the secret requirement of the Backyard Super Heavy Class battle set and won.
Lost Odyssey - Champion Champion
Met the secret requirement of the Backyard last challenger and won.
Lost Odyssey - Reached Conference Area 10B Reached Conference Area 10B
Reached Conference Area 10B in Professor K's Dungeon.
Lost Odyssey - Reached Conference Area 15B Reached Conference Area 15B
Reached Conference Area 15B in Professor K's Dungeon.
Lost Odyssey - Reached Conference Area 20B Reached Conference Area 20B
Reached Conference Area 20B in Professor K's Dungeon.
Lost Odyssey - Reached Conference Area 25B Reached Conference Area 25B
Reached Conference Area 25B in Professor K's Dungeon.
Lost Odyssey - Defeated Killalon Defeated Killalon
Defeated Killalon in Professor K's Dungeon.

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Lost Odyssey 232955How do I get off the snow fields of the Northern Lands? I have already beat the Dragon? Can't get off here and I need help.... Answers: 2
Lost Odyssey 227478On the first disc Mack gets possessed by the forest and you have to find a way to get past him without hurting him. How is this done? I'm completely stuck. Answers: 3
Lost Odyssey 262617I cannot find the last bowl in the masion to unlock the garden maze. I have the one upstairs and the one in garden. Can anyone help? Answers: 2
Lost Odyssey 277639When in the dungeon shrine how do you open the big stone door to get to mack I have done every thing I am stuck Answers: 1
Lost Odyssey 288451How do I get out of snowflelds? Answers: 2
Lost Odyssey 256923How do you get past the ancient fiend? Answers: 1
Lost Odyssey 252974Who is the girl with orange hair and glasses Answers: 4
Lost Odyssey 280943Celestial plate in old mansion Answers: 1
Lost Odyssey 283332How do I get out of the snowfields? Answers: 1
Lost Odyssey 299939When in a battle, and you attack, this circle with a timer apears. It always says bad. How do I make it say good? Answers: 2
Lost Odyssey 300272I forgot how I find the plates in the old mansion and I am lost its very confusing because I haven't play it for a month and then went back and play. I very lost about finding the four plates I to know how to get the celestial plates? help... Answers: 1
Lost Odyssey 331264I can not beat the second worm monster in the great staff Answers: 3
Lost Odyssey 331265Is ther god mod for lost odessy help Answers: 1
Lost Odyssey 361318On the 1st disk you find a man talk to him and he ask for help how do you help him plz help Answers: 1
Lost Odyssey 448696How can I find the entrance to the Tower of Mirrors? Answers: 2
Lost Odyssey 508163On disc 2 how do I find the keycard from the experimental staff I cant find the stairs and ladder to get to the last guard Answers: 2
Lost Odyssey 521048I downloaded the Dungeon Pack: Seeker of the Deep off XBox Live. How do you access this dungeon? Right now I'm on disc 4 and I want to go and battle in this dungeon. Answers: 1
Lost Odyssey 530453Do the immortal characters have a limitation to the skills they can learn through skill link? Answers: 2
Lost Odyssey 597705What is the pass code on the train Answers: 2
Lost Odyssey 653841Where is the *cupeic music 6* location Answers: 0
Lost Odyssey 653838What is *magic capsule* doing in valuables items Answers: 0
Lost Odyssey 730624Ok I'm on the third disk in the refuge camp I would like to know is there anyway to get magic crystals? If not what drops it? Or where else can I buy it? I need this for making a lvl 2 magic killer Answers: 0
Lost Odyssey 748493How do you get past the prism part Answers: 0
Lost Odyssey 813515Disc 1 light tourches with macc Answers: 1
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