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LifeSigns: Surgical Unit Cheats for NDS
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LifeSigns: Surgical Unit NDS Cheats

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LifeSigns: Surgical Unit Cheats

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LifeSigns: Surgical Unit

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

All Operations 96%
Description: Play any part of the game over again,
How to : Beat the title and save your game after the credits have rolled. You'll then be able to access all previously played operations and more.
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LifeSigns: Surgical Unit 352673When the 10 year old Ran Kagsi(The child who Koichi hit with a motor bike),i cant seem to find the last place on her body when you check her out I cant find where it is?please help me? Answers: 2
LifeSigns: Surgical Unit 380741I'm stuck on the part where that little 10 year old girl was hit by that guy on the motor bike and I have to examine her when she first comes in. I found out that her left hand is weak, her head has a scrape on it and her right thigh has been damaged but what's the other one? Answers: 1
LifeSigns: Surgical Unit 472921What are the things that we need to find in the Examination of Yamazaki, can anyone tell me the whole things? thankyou Answers: 1
LifeSigns: Surgical Unit 732305I'm on chapter 3 and when i'm done exmation Yamazaki my game will freeze Answers: 0
LifeSigns: Surgical Unit 742109I got up to the bit where im diagnosing kouichi but I cant find out the last thing on the list. ive tried pulpating, using the eye thing and the breathing thing, but I dont know how to get it. Answers: 0
LifeSigns: Surgical Unit 759566When the ten yr. old Ran gets hurt what is the second to the last diagnose? Answers: 0
LifeSigns: Surgical Unit 765156I get all the way through Ran's operation, and then I can't figure out why putting the cranial bone back never works - it keeps saying 'keep your hands on the bone' but I do this and even when I place the bone right into the socket it fails, help!? Answers: 0
LifeSigns: Surgical Unit 968827How do I have to massage the heart of professor Sawai? Answers: 0
LifeSigns: Surgical Unit 244779How are you supposed to convince Heikichi-san? I just cannot figure it out! Answers: 2
LifeSigns: Surgical Unit 430115Regarding the operation of the 10 year old Ran Kagsi: I can't find out how to remove the skull bone flap. The procedure is called "craniotomy." A hand appears but I don't know what to do with it. Can someone help me? Answers: 1
LifeSigns: Surgical Unit 402132During kouchi's exam after youexamine the little girl what is the last thing to find to move on? Answers: 2
LifeSigns: Surgical Unit 632452I'm stuck on the part where kouichi :( (( the one how drive his motercaycle )) and I Found out that his { facial plaeness } and { his neck pulse is raprd } and {pain in the upper abdcrren } but I want to found out the last pain :( pllz I need somone help mee Answers: 1
LifeSigns: Surgical Unit 239284Kouichi's examination Answers: 2
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