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Mario Party DS Cheats for NDS
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Mario Party DS NDS Cheats

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Mario Party DS Cheats

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Mario Party DS

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Badge List 89%
Description: Below is a list of the badges in the game and how you can earn them.

Bob-omb RivalEarn 15,000 Mario Party points
Boo RivalEarn 7,000 Mario Party points
Bowser Jr. RivalEarn 35,000 Mario Party points
Bowser RivalEarn 37,000 Mario Party points
Cheep Cheep RivalEarn 5,000 Mario Party points
Daisy MasterComplete Story Mode with Daisy
Diddy Kong FriendComplete Story Mode with 21,000 Mario Party points
Donkey Kong FriendEarn 33,000 Mario Party points
Dry Bones RivalEarn 29,000 Mario Party points
Goomba RivalEarn 1,000 Mario Party points
Hammer Bro. RivalEarn 27,000 Mario Party points
Kamek RivalEarn 31,000 Mario Party points
Koopa FriendEarn 23,000 Mario Party points
Luigi MasterComplete Story Mode with Luigi
Mario MasterComplete Story Mode with Mario
Mario Party DS BeginnerYou start with it
Mario Party DS MasterEarn 50,000 Mario Party points
Mario Party DS StarEarn 39,000 Mario Party points
Monty Mole RivalEarn 13,000 Mario Party points
Peach MasterComplete Story Mode with Peach
Pirana Plant RivalEarn 25,000 Mario Party points
Scuttlebug RivalEarn 3,000 Mario Party points
Shy Guy RivalEarn 9,000 Mario Party points
Toad MasterComplete Story Mode with Toad
Toadette FriendEarn 19,000 Mario Party points
Waluigi MasterComplete Story Mode with Waluigi
Wario MasterComplete Story Mode with Wario
Whomp RivalEarn 11,000 Mario Party points
Wiggler FriendEarn 17,000 Mario Party points
Yoshi MasterComplete Story Mode with Yoshi
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Bosses and how to beat them. 89%
For WIGGLER'S GARDEN, you have to fight Petey Pirhana. Wait till he sucks the bomb seeds, then when he spits them back out, catch one by pressing B, then when he starts to suck again, drop the seed in his mouth. do this three times and you get a sky Crystal. For TOADETTE'S MUSIC ROOM, You will have to fight a Hammer Bro. He will play notes on his Bongos, then repeat the notes that he played and you will send a golden note right back at him (do not take your sweet old time picking the notes cause hammer bro is sending a black note at you and you only have a short amount of time to repeat the process. As you proceed, the 2nd time he will play four notes, but faster, repeat the notes, send a golden note at him. The final time, he will play 5 notes, but faster than last time. Repeat the notes, send a golden note at him one last time. Once that happens, you get a sky crystal. For DK'S STONE STATUE, you have to fight Dry Bones. The first time he will let out a screech and there will be a flame that will mark one of the magic circles(at random) on the top screen. Go to that magic circle and ground pound on it, and you will send a spell at Drybones. Second time, the flames will mark two magic circles, ground pound both of them. Final time, flames will mark 3 magic circles, ground pound all of them and your reward is a sky crystal. for KAMEK'S LIBRARY, you will have to fight Kamek. BUt first, you will have to fight through a hallway of flying books and moving bookshelves do not get hit a lot cause you have to save your lives for kamek. When you get to him, he will fire a spell at you, dodge it and start shooting ink blobs at his FACE until his face is covered, then he goes on a rampage and sends a barrage of books at you, then a big book knocks him one on the head. Next, he will start firing two spells at you, dodge it and fire ink blobs at his face until it is covered. He will again go on a rampage and send a barrage of books at you, and the book will give him another bonk on the head. The final he will fire 3 spells at you, then he will send 2 big books to smush you, dodge all of that, and shoot ink blobs at his face until covered. He will go on a rampage and a bigger book will give one last knock on the head and you will get a sky crystal as a reward. for BOWSER'S PINBALL MACHINE, he used a Megamorph Belt to turn inro Blockhead Bowser. His first form, wait until the final spin and he will fall, punch or kick the golden brick 5 times. THen, he will change into the cube form. It will start to flip and fireballs will come out of the red cubes. Wait till after that and punch or kick the golden brick five times. The final form is a snake. Wait till after he circles the arena, then he will start to go towards the center and fire fireballs twice, wait till after the 2nd time, and punch or kick the golden brick five times and you will get the final sky crystal.
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Minigames 87%
Description: Unlock the minigames listed below, fulfill the requirements listed.
Battle CupUnlock five minigames
Boss BashComplete Bowser’s Party Block in Story Mode
Free PlayUnlock one minigame
Rocket RascalsUnlock Chips and Dips, Short Fuse Soccer Survival, Study Fall and Trash Landing
Score ScuffleUnlock Domino Effect Cherry-Go-Round, Get the Lead Out, Hanger Management, Hedge Honcho, Pedal Pushers, Raft Riot, Rail Riders, Study Fall, and Whomp-A-Thon
Step It UpUnlock 4 minigames
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Boss Trophies 87%
Description: Unlock the Boss Trophies below, fulfill the specified requirement.

Dry BonesDefeat Dry Bones five times
Electromagnet GeneratorDefeat Bowser twice
Hammer BrotherDefeat Hammer Brother five times
KamekDefeat Kamek five times
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Harder Minigames 83%
How to unlock: Complete Story Mode in its entirety to unlock harder versions of all of the minigames.
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2 Hard Board Features Made Easier 83%
To get the toad fountain a little easier all you have to do is play a 30 turn game as toad and to get over 50 stars for an cool board feature goto dk's stone statue 30 turn game and try hard to get ALOT of coins get a star pipe then wait till the final frenzy and keep resetting till you get STARS FOR 5 COINS then if you have enough coins voila! 50+ stars :D! hope this helps!
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Jumping Characters [Easter Egg] 81%
After you complete Story Mode, the characters will appear during the ending in order of their rank. If you touch any character on the touch screen when they appear with your stylus, they will jump.
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Beating Bowser 67%
When you get to the Bowser minigame (Bowser's Block Party), First, wait for him to slow down and tip over then get to the golden block and kick it 5 times. Then he'll be in the cube mode wait for the block to get on the bottom and kick it 5 times. He will transform into the snake mode (I found it easy to press the x button and switch the camera to the top view, so you can see the whole field) Then wait for him to slow down and stop shooting fire and finally, hit him 5 more times and he will be destroyed. Congratulations on beating Story Mode!
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Whomp hint 67%
In the mini game Whomp-a-thon go in the corner with no shadow. it makes a 81% chance you will win
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Dress for Success 64%
When you see the card, you just have to pause the minigame and keep track of where the right card is, so it matches with the right body.
By: liliziyue(413)
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Boss trophies 59%
Trophy How to unlock
Beaten Dry Bones Beat Dry Bones 5 times
Beaten Hammer Bro Beat Hammer Bro 5 times
Beaten Kamek Beat Kamek 5 Times
Beaten Piranha Plant Beat Piranha Plant 4 times
Bomb Seed Beat Piranha Plant 3 times
Bowser´s MegaMorph Belt Beat Bowser once
Delicious Durian Beat Dry Bones twice
Dry Bones´s Bone Beat Dry Bones 4 times
Electromagnetic Generator Beat Bowser twice
Enchanted Bookcase Beat Kamek twice
Hammer Bro´s Hammer Beat Hammer Bro 4 times
Jagged Leaf Beat Piranha Plant once
Kamek´s Blue Dictionary Beat Kamek 4 times
Kamek´s Brown Book Beat Kamek 3 times
Magic Switch Beat Dry Bones 3 times
Toadette´s Chair Beat Hammer Bro once
Toadette´s Piano Beat Hammer Bro twice
Toadette´s Timpano Beat Hammer Bro 3 times
Winner´s Ballon Beat Piranha Plant twice
Winner´s Pen Beat Kamek once
Yummy Lychee Beat Dry Bones once
By: ninja5300(27)
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Rail riders 50%
Turn the ds upside down and slide the stylis torward you
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Extra coins 42%
Ok. well, first try to get a double or triple dice block. with a double dice block try to get the same numbers. if you do you'll get 10 coins. If you get double 7s you get 30 coins. Do the same for triple. (there's only a 1/30 chance you'll get it.)
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Well you want a person to just loose coins well you can on PIRANNA PLANTS board you have to make sure there on the fire place and they didnt loose coins tap PIRANNA PLANT rapidly this may not always work PIRANNA PLANT FIRE
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Get stars 41%
Go 2 party mode,then wen you by setings handicap and 3 stars will come wen you play
By: villa909(12)
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BossTrophies 39%
If you want jagged leaf,winners ballon,bomb seed,beaten piranha plant. beat the piranha plant 4 times.

If you want toadettes chair,piano,timpano,hammer bros hammer,beaten hammer bro. beat hammer bro 5 times
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Defeat piranha plant 36%
First press A. When he tries to suck you in, keep pressing A . When fires bomb seeds at you press B and grab it. When he tries to suck you in again release it by pressing B again. Keep doing this until he's beaten.
By: Kittyfan1(34)
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Cheats 31%
(L)+ (R) you got 99 big stars
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Rival badges 28%
Keep earning mp points to earn more rival badges
By: MADDEVIL1(2160)
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DS 27%
L+A GET 10000000000 COINS
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Master badge 27%
To get this ultimate badge you must get 87 000 party points from party mode.
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Last leval bowser 26%
Wait on the last leval and hit the red faces
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Extra help 25%
If you are in last place dont worry by the miidle bowser will come to give you a hand he will spin a wheel what it lands on u keep u can get a star or 100 stars to help u out
By: MADDEVIL1(2160)
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100 or 300 stars 25%
O.K., first you need to do absolutely rubbish, untill the final 5 frenzy. Make sure your last, and then let bowser spin the wheel. sometimes you can get 100, or 300 stars. but there's a
1% chance u'll get them.
By: Saltpot(1120)
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Bowser's Pinball machine in party mode 25%
All you have to do is beat story mode and when you play party mode, you can choose to play on it!
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Marie 18%
Always get 1000.0cm in rail riders,always get 300.0cm in cherry-go-round and always get 90.0cm in get the lead out.
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