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Medal of Honor Heroes 2 Cheats for PSP
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Medal of Honor Heroes 2 PSP Cheats

Rating: 4.4/5 VOTE
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Medal of Honor Heroes 2

Rating: 4.4/5 VOTE

Medals to Get 73%
Combat BasicKill 100 enemies
Combat MasterKill 500 enemies
Combat SeniorKill 250 enemies
EnduranceComplete any mission without suffering critical injuries
Green SurvivorComplete any mission on Green difficulty without dying
Grenade CombatKill 25 enemies with grenades
Hero SurvivorComplete any mission on Hero difficulty without dying
HeroismComplete Campaign Mode on Hero difficulty
LMG CombatKill 150 enemies with light machineguns
Machine Gun CombatKill 50 enemies with the MG42
MarksmanshipComplete any mission with 75% shooting accuracy
ParticipantComplete Campaign Mode on Green difficulty
Pistol CombatKill 50 enemies with a pistol
Rifle CombatKill 50 enemies with a rifle
Rocket CombatKill 25 enemies with a rocket launcher
SharpshooterKill 100 enemies via headshot
Shotgun CombatKill 50 enemies with a shotgun
SMG CombatKill 250 enemies with a sub-machinegun
Sniper CombatKill 50 enemies with a sniper rifle
VeteranComplete Campaign Mode on Veteran difficulty
Veteran SurvivorComplete any mission on Veteran difficulty without dying
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Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Level 7: Base Demolition 49%
If you're in part II of level 7: Base Demolition, you have 5 minutes to get out.
You just kill everyone en then you activate the next gate, and the next.
When you're in front of the last gate, kill everyone, and then wait.

Then you must activate the panel, and kill everyone who attacks you in the back and the side ( so not in the front! ), when they're all killed, wait.

When the timer shows 20 sec., you run to the gate. You don't shoot at any Germans! Just run and hope for the best. When you're lucky, you're alive at the other side of the gate.

And that's the best way to win the last part!
By: regdar(142)
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Elusive moving 48%
What you do is on level 3, when you get assaulted by all the nazis from all different directions near the anti-aircraft gun, you have to pick them all off first and then use the gun, therefor not getting killed while in the gun.
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How to survive the sabotage of the generator-sewers 46%
It's simple, set the charge wait in the room before you go into the place were a whole lot of enemies come, wait until the charge goes off then go into the door way shoot the guys on the walkway then wait until the guys go down the stairs to your right, kill them until no more guys come down then go up the stairs, there will be a guy there cause he wont go down the stairs shoot him and go through the door
By: jaconsolo(548)
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Easy kills 41%
Get a sniper rifle or a rocket launcher
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Invincible 34%
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Ulimmited guns 34%
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Mohh2 cheats 33%
Wut you do to fly is to do press x b left right down left press select
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Infinite healte notice(it may not work) 28%
U pause and go admin type infinite you will be disconneted and go to another game it may work
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Cheats 27%
There are R! L1 R1 R1 L1
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Unlimited ammunition 24%
By: kran40(95)
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Fly 22%
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Jobdone 19%
Current mission completed
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Medal of Honor Heroes 2 917969I dont have this game yet but is there online right now in 2012?if there isnt is there still computers (BOTS) Answers: 0
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