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NBA Live 08 Cheats for PS2
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NBA Live 08 PS2 Cheats

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NBA Live 08

Rating: 2/5 VOTE

Sneakers 90%
Description: unlock the following Adidas sneakers, insert the cheat codes into the in-game extras menu.
23DN1PPOG4Gil Zero All-Star
ADGILLIT0B8TS Lightswitch (Away)
ADGILLIT2BATS Lightswitch (Home)
FE454DFJCCDuncan All-Star
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How to get a 50 rated dunk 60%
Hold R1 and L1 from about the three point line press O then O time the second O right..
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Go to game mode.then go to the slam dunk press L1 & L2 then X.

A big cheater.
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How to get 50 rated dunks 50%
Hold R1+ Square + Triangle you will get a 50 rated dunk.

By:Dixon Serial Killer
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Adjust Gameplay settings 48%
-go to options
-go to gameplay settings
-go to user sliders
-adjust everything from 1 up to 100 if you like
-for example if you want shaq to shoot 3-points, even if he's not a shooter, adjust the long range shooting ability, promise, it works!
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Easy way to blow out cpu 40%
Since you can't steal on this game when the cpu inbounds the ball get your tallest guy in the inbounder's face, then the ball will hit against you and grab the ball and slam it down.
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I figured out how to unlock MJ 38%
All you have to do is go to Quick Play, and select Bulls vs. Cavaliers. Of course you must be the Bulls and win but you must win on the difficulty level of superstar. Once you have done this, you have unlockes Michael Jordan. Have fun with this unstopable superstar....
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Time out 36%
When you play ,when you have the ball you press the select button it will be a time out
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Putting 6 players in one game 35%
As the game starts do not pause the game and click the ff.
L, R, right, square, select, select and then the game will have 6 players each.
By: Redredpogi
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Unlock everything in the NBA store 32%
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Unlock mj 31%
Legend 23
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Get A 100 In 2 Dunks!!!!!!!!!! 25%
1st Dunk: go to half court then throw an alley-oop, just before the foul line hit X, then for your trick, X again (works best when practiced in slam dunk scool first!)

2nd Dunk: from about a 45 degree angle, just after the 3-point line hit X, then hit X again for your trick (WILL NOT ALWAYS GET 50)
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NBA Live 08 470431What are the shoes in the NBA store for? And the Tattoos? Answers: 2
NBA Live 08 353218In dynasty mode how do you edit player rating other that workin with the assistant coack somebody help? Answers: 0
NBA Live 08 321906How do you make computer say your players name you have created Answers: 2
NBA Live 08 350005How do you do all the slam dunks for the contest, I know how to do the cartwheel one, but im comfused on all the others Answers: 1
NBA Live 08 372399How do you place european players on the nba teams they play for. Answers: 1
NBA Live 08 488574How to do a juke step Answers: 1
NBA Live 08 517743How do you put jason terry in a six man rotation shawn marion in the starting line up. Every time I do a trade it always go bak to jason terry in the starting line up. Answers: 1
NBA Live 08 642278How do players earn hot spots? How can you develop players faster? Answers: 0
NBA Live 08 650539How do you work dansty mode I went on it but it said this then that the this then that Answers: 0
NBA Live 08 797466How do you do a spin shoot? Answers: 0
NBA Live 08 798935How do you put a player on the USA team? Answers: 0
NBA Live 08 913878Can you put players in all stars team Answers: 1
NBA Live 08 917537How can I finish the dynasty mode,what will happen if you finish the game Answers: 1
NBA Live 08 919673How do you change the starting line up in dynasty mode Answers: 1
NBA Live 08 943592Hey can anyone leave there best fantasy draft team here because I need a good one Answers: 0
NBA Live 08 971327How to get salary cap space bigger? I want to trade players in dynasty mode, but I can't because other team is saying that I don't have salary cap space! Answers: 0
NBA Live 08 274763How do you unlock hall of famers? Answers: 1
NBA Live 08 279450How do I get the updated roster with new players Answers: 0
NBA Live 08 234315Why does 08 suck?! I use to love this game! In dynasty mode every team shoots 30 -40 3's a game and makes at least 50%. How unrealistic is that! No rebounds, no steals, and no blocks for the cpu, but any player on a cpu team can drop 40-50pts in a game. If anyone can help me get a more realistic game on dynasty mode, it would be greatly needed. Thanks! Answers: 4
NBA Live 08 252560How do you do 50 rated dunks on this STUPID game ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Answers: 4
NBA Live 08 238750Why cant you recorder your rosters in dynasty mode Answers: 3
NBA Live 08 277469How do you unlock Bobcats secondary jerseys Answers: 1
NBA Live 08 280950Do anybody have a cheat code for nba live 08 Answers: 0
NBA Live 08 405976How do you unlock all the jordans in nba live 08 ? Answers: 1
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