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Transformers: Decepticons Cheats for NDS
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Transformers: Decepticons NDS Cheats

Rating: 4.6/5 VOTE
Transformers: Decepticons Cheats

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Transformers: Decepticons

Rating: 4.6/5 VOTE

How t drive with r!!! 100%
Ok first you need to be in a car anyone no helis or chopters ok now use all your boost keep holding in r and press the up button on the left right up down thing and let go of the up button then you hold in r and steer with the left and right keys on the dpad
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Health Refilled & No Wanted Level 89%
How to: While playing in Free Play mode, press the start button, go to Vehicle Form, and hit select to confirm your choice. Now press B to go back to the game. Your health will be automatically refilled, and any wanted level you may have will disappear.
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Health Regeneration 87%
After any given character reaches level 20, that character will begin to automatically regenerate his health as needed.
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Vehicles (and more!) 77%
Unlock the following vehicles (and other cheats) by fulfilling the specified requirement.
Cheat Psycho Cars - Earn 500 WiFi Tokens
Funky Bus - Connect to the All-Spark Wars Server
G1 Starscream - Get the Transformers DS trailer from Target stores
Infinite Health - Earn 1,000 WiFi Tokens
Love Cruiser - Earn 250 WiFi Tokens
Stunt - Earn 750 WiFi Tokens
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Jazz timing 70%
When you get to the part where you have to fight jazz the annoying badass. go to one of the hills and climb up there, hint_do this when your health is low, you will find rocks with health and energy. dont fret you wil be able to do this. jazz can not jump that high. after you restore your health go back and kick his ass.
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SWAT Van 69%
Go behind the police station in tranquility and there will be the SWAT Van
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Walk through walls glitch 67%
Go to vehicles.pick any heli.then go to a slanted slope in any location.then transform into the heli and keep going down until you cant go down any further.transform if there is no crack in the ground when you transform uve done it keep pressing a until you get to the slope keep pressing a and you will go into the slope.
do not try
to move
when ure
in a slope
ulll get stuck
By: dmao99(15)
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How to get News Copter (Helicopter) 67%
Go to free play Casino Strip and start off at the fountain.Go just past the fountain and turn left go to the end and you will see another fountain drive into the water and transform into robot and climb up the building infront of you. Climb to the top and then fall down onto a ledge there will be a pool and the News Copter. Scan the News Copter and then press start, then veichle form thenNews Copter and then you can fly around.
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Destroying Bumblebee 67%
Its simple Throw items at him (as many as possible)
Stand on top of buildings by jumping
While your on the roof shoot him in close combat
This does work but it takes 10 Minutes
Watch out for missile barrages
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Invisible box (must have flying vehicle) 61%
Ok this box is very iratating but cool. you cant get out unles you quit and it is like you are falling . this is what you do you fly up over the water in tranquility and go up till you cant go any higher than stop moving and transform. and you will be traped in wat I ccall the falling box that never falls. you can turn but not walk and you can shoot out to.
By: threeamigops(205)
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Beat Starscreams Betrayal 61%
When you chase bumblebee try to go ahead of him but not lose him and follow the yellow light above him and when you come out of the shipping yards speed up on the bridge because when he says'He Breaks left, he breaks rigght will he make it to the endzone?'he speeds up and when you reach the mall destroy him and blackout comes along and tells Starscream to drop the Allspark Starscreams shoots him and barricade cones along then you have to destroy him buty when he says'Im bringing you in for treason!'he transforms and drives around, when he does jump and transform till you here him transform and when you destroy him Starscream transforms and flies off and your character comes and sees barricade dying and Barricade says'Now you see what it is to be a Decepticon......' and then its mission completed.

I hope it works!
By: Colindog(18)
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COOL GLITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 59%
If you have beaten the game all you have to do is choose the character you want to be and then exit free play mode and go to the diversion and you will be that character.
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Easy hold out points. 58%
This works every ware exept hoverdam. all you do is fly up into a corner and stay there and when you die it atomaticly transforms you wile the clock is still running. that give s you 3 second more .

thanks for reading and play
By: threeamigops(205)
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How to deafet Ironhide 58%
When the fight starts, transform into a tank and run from him when he tries to ground pound you and then transform into robot mode and hit him three times (or six just in case) and then keep on doing the same thing until you deafet him.
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Easy way to kill jazz 58%
Go to the level where you have to kill jazz. after you destroy all the turrets, you will get to the part where you kill jazz. after the clip ends, automaticly switch to vehicle form. make sure you move up and down or side to side because turrets will fire at you. you will soon find a hole somewhere in the a small building somewhere near hoover dam. keep on flying down through it(make sure you stay in jet form!), and without doing any damage at a certain part the clip where jazz die will start(this cheat does not work all the time, so be careful).enjoy the cheat! =)
By: CoolDude999(15)
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How to beat Jazz 58%
Go into the sector 7 base nearby and stay in there and stay away from jazz and his health will automatically go down
By: tcookie(8)
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Get attack and stealth copter 57%
Go to hoover dam to get one othem get four autobot sighns and then tanks and copters will come and scan the copter.The other one start at the hoover dam in the NW Strip then follow the road down until you see a square gap in the mountain then go into it you should see another copter and a few jets scan the copter. Note: If you try to scan the jet it wont work.
By: sk8r(29)
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Defeat jazz without toching him 56%
Ok so when you fight jazz he is a real pain so go inside the door that you see and wait his life will go down automatically.
by patricio
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New car 55%
Go to tranquity if you have beaten qitar desert (or if you have the news copter) go to the place where all the crates are stacked on top of eachother in a circle there is a car in the circle
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How to beat any autobot 55%
Go to the water (anwair) jump in the water the autobot will follow you and he will die
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Easy exp. 55%
I am on lvl 20 from this and it only took me a day(not a full day) ok go to any drone mini game and play it but dont move when you start just hold down Y and L or R so you are spining and shooting . every time you kill a drone you get XP and when you are done you get more xp so just hold both down and you dont even have to pay ation and after awile you have alot of xp
By: threeamigops(205)
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Defeat Barricade (in level- Starscream's Betrayal) 55%
As soon as the objective appears to defeat Barricade, transform and attack him from the air. I succeeded in this way only.
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Where to find a safari truck 54%
At the hover dam bridge gap to the left
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How to get attack copter 53%
Go to quatar desert reach the threat level to 4 quickly scan it before it shoots you.{another way is to do the mission black out at quatar when you get to the part were you have to scan the buildings go to the edge of the base behind a building and scan it .
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HOW TO GET THE JET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 52%
All you have to do is play the wifi alot and when you get 4000 wifi tokens you get it and when you get it it goes to all your files not just the one you have 4000 in. and it goes fast like ricky bobby.
By: threeamigops(205)
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Easy way defeating Starscream and completing the level Ambush 46%
Follow Starscream and keep shooting him when he flys,

When Starscream transforms stay as jet and keep blasting him with your missiles.

2. Ambush

To defeat Jazz first keep shooting Jazz and then TRANSFORM and fly over the water.
I call it Jazz cometing sueside.
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Glitch 44%
You need to be a car go to the baseball area beside the police station.Go under the cage thing jump you will go underground you cannot move
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Very easy way to kill jazz 44%
When you are at the second part of Ambush, an easy way to kill jazz is by throwing rocks at him, it will do a lot of damage and will kill him quickly, remember when your health is low always melee or shoot rocks for health :D

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Hyper bouncy car 41%
Note:you must be a car (not a plane or a copter) and have unlocked speed boost to get this trick to work.
go to the casino and then go to the fountain. you will see steps, go to the bottom of them and go into vehichle form. press r and your car will be hopping up and down extemely fast.
By: ghreg(524)
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Easiest Way to Beat Street Brawl 41%
All you really need to do is listen to what Ironhide has to say.

Kiss your chrome goodbye!: Punch him

I'm putting you in permanent neutral!: Another punch

Prepare to get recycled!: Ground pound

I'm sending you to the scrapheap!: Another ground pound

You're messing with the wrong Autobot!: Missile barrage

Do that, and you'll send him to the scrapheap in no time!
By: Sh4d0wKn1ght(90)
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H l m 39%
Done all levels missions and veicles press title down down up up down and press start game
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Kill people(objects,policecars ect.) in 1 hit 36%
Get in trouble off the cops so they bring in the blue'n'white copters make sure you have enough health and scan 1 cos they shoot 4 missles at a time I got past "torching the welcome wagon" easily with it.

p.s. 2 shoot missles you need 2 get 2 lvl 7 I think I cant remember cos im lvl 12.
By: Bunearykid900(43)
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Floating car 25%
Go on the bridge in tranquility (must be suv or notchback) and find the 2 smokestacks go to either 1 and go to the open view. transform into the vehicle and hit nitro ( r button ) and you'll be floating in the air! by leo
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Weird glitch!!!!!!!! 22%
Go to anything that you can jump up and touch your head on by jumping. then get under and jump and you will float for a short while before falling.
By: threeamigops(205)
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Drive with out the sound 19%
Hit B or L and hold down R and let go and no sound!
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How to be Bonekrusher 18%
Press a,x,l,r,y,b,r,Select
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No police 16%
92172a94 00000000
b0000004 0000000b
d2000000 00000000
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Cheats 8%
97877760322289455572311010888up left1366698534877753616
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