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Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Cheats for PC
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Tom Clancys Splinter Cell PC Cheats

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Tom Clancys Splinter Cell

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Keypad Codes 100%
Description: Below is a list of keypad codes sorted by applicable mission, so you do not have to figure them out yourself.

Mission 1 - Police Station
Keypad #1 - 091772
Keypad #2 - 5929

Mission 4 - CIA HQ
Keypad #1 - 7687
Keypad #2 - 110598
Keypad #3 - 2019
Keypad #4 - 110700
Keypad #5 - 0614

Mission 5 - Kalinatek
Keypad #1 - 97531
Keypad #2 - 33575
Keypad #3 - 1250

Mission 8 - Chinese Embassy, Part II
Keypad #1 - 1436
Keypad #2 - 9753
Keypad #3 - 1456
Keypad #4 - 1834
Keypad #5 - 7921

Mission 9 - Presidential Palace
Keypad #1 - 2126
Keypad #2 - 70021
Keypad #3 - 66768
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Items 100%
Description: Press F2 and enter these cheats to receive item:

Med Kit echeloningredient.emedkit
Airfoil Round echeloningredient.eringairfoilround
Camera Jam echeloningredient.ecamerajammer
Chemical Flare echeloningredient.echemflare
Disposable Pick echeloningredient.edisposablepick
Diversion Camera echeloningredient.ediversioncamera
F2000 echeloningredient.ef2000
Flare echeloningredient.eflare
FN7 echeloningredient.efn7
Laser Mic echeloningredient.elasermic
Lock Pick echeloningredient.elockpick
Smoke Grenade echeloningredient.esmokegrenade
Sticky Camera echeloningredient.estickycamera
Sticky Shocker echeloningredient.estickyshocker
Thermal Goggles echeloningredient.ethermalgoggle
Thermal Mine echeloningredient.ethermalmine
Wall Mine echeloningredient.ewallmine
Rappelling Object echeloningredient.erappellingobject
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Cheats List 100%
Description: While in the game hit tab to enter codes, in Version 1.1 hit F2 to enter codes:

FLY to float around
AMMO more ammo
HEALTH more health
INVISIBLE 1 be inviisible
INVISIBLE 0 turn off invisibility
WALK Disable no clipping
GHOST No Clipping
PLAYERSONLY Freeze Enemies
PLAYERSONLY 0 Unfreeze enemies
MISSION WIN Instantly Win Level
PREFERENCES Change settings
STEALTH Change Stealth Stats
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Video Resolution Fix 100%
The game makers elected to reduce the resolution of all 32-bit video cards to display a maximum resolution of 640 X 480. If you want a higher resolution, find the SplinterCellUser.ini file in the :splinter cellsystem directory and open it with a text editor. Find the line, "Resolution=640X480" and change it to whatever resolution value your video card (and monitor) can handle. *** We take no responsibiility for changes you make to your hardware, software, drivers, or Operating System. Do at your own risk!
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Weapon & Stat Modification 100%
Description: You can modify the stats of either the FN7 (Sam's pistol), the SC20K, and even Sam Fisher's outer appearance. Type one of the following codes at the console window:

ea class=esam (for Sam's stats)
ea class=efn7 (for the FN7'S stats)
ea class=ef2000 (for the SC20K'S stats)

Your regular mouse pointer should appear. Press the Right Mouse Button to resume the game, then press [Alt] + [Enter] to minimize your window. If your desktop resolution is higher than what is being played in the game, the game will become a smaller window. However, if your desktop resolution is smaller, then it should overlap some of your screen. The class editor should be to the left of your screen after you minimize. If you want to edit stats on weapons (FN7, SC20K), then scroll down to the section named "None". This contains the accuracy and damage boxes with numbers beside them. Change "Accuracy" and everything else marked "accuracybase" or "desiredaccuracy" to .0001 to be perfectly accurate. If you want to change "Damage", find the box and type in "9000" instead of "100". If you want to change Sam's outer appearance, then type in the EA class things, minimize your window, and look for a section called "Display". Under that, find a box marked "Static Mesh". If it reads "SamAMesh" or something similar, this indicates it is Sam's regular appearance (full body covered except for the head). You can change this to either SamBMesh (full suit, everything covered) or SamCMesh (arms not covered). An easy
way to do this is to find the letter in the "Static Mesh" box and change it from A to B, A to C, B to A, C to B, etc.
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Avoiding Detection 100%
Description: Always try to stay in shadows or bushes; crouch when walking around; try to take someone hostage before shooting them; always try to use your night vision/thermo goggles just to check to see if there is anything to get around you; and drag bodies into dark corners.
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Retrieving Sticky Camera 100%
Description: To retrieve a Sticky Camera that is too high to reach, shoot it with the sniper rifle or the handgun. It will fall to the ground.
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Knockouts with Sticky Cameras 100%
Description: Use the following trick to have essentially unlimited ammunition for knocking out enemies. This does not work until after you have found the SC-20K and have Sticky Cameras. If you are close to an enemy and want to knock him out, shoot him in the head with a Sticky Camera. It will knock out your enemy, and you can then pick the camera up off of the ground. For a convenient attack on a guard or character without being noticed, fire a Sticky Camera (not a Diversion Camera) at your targets' head. Due to gravity, aim slightly higher, near the top
of the head or above it. This saves bullets, eliminates the risk of being seen, and you can pick up the cameras and use them again.
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Knockouts with Ring Airfoil Projectiles 100%
Description: When you shoot the Ring Airfoil Projectile at someone and you do not hit the head, when his head is spinning and he is almost knocked out, it is a good idea to try to run up to him then either whack him or put him in a headlock, rather than just shooting another at him.
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Flares 100%
Description: If you are pinned down by a turret, throw a flare across it. The turret will be distracted for a moment, which may be long enough for you to sneak behind it and disable it.
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Hiding 100%
Description: You cannot be seen when hiding in dark places. Shoot the lights to make it dark, but make sure that there are no guards around. Do not stay in the light too long.
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Thermal Goggle Keypad Readings 100%
Description: To read the heat signature on a keypad, you can either walk up to the keypad and look at it with the heat goggles on, use sniper mode at a distance with the heat goggles on, or activate the keypad and turn on your heat goggles there. The order of the buttons will be as follows, based on color: Deep Blue, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Light Green, Yellow, Orange, Red. For example, if you had a Deep Blue button at 1, a Light Green button at 3, a Light Blue button at 4, and a Orange-Ish Red button at 6, the code would be 1-4-3-6. This trick where you use your thermal goggles to read the code punched in by a guard is extremely useful, but only available in the 2nd Chinese Embassy mission as the current temperature in the Embassy is low enough for you to notice a difference on the buttons that were pressed by the guard. The buttons go from a deep red color to a deep blue color. Look for the button that is slightly different from most of the other buttons. Now, look for a lighter blue button and so on. following green, yellow, orange and finally red.
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Dropping Down from High Locations Silently 100%
Description: If jumping at a place that is a long way down, you will probably die or get hurt. If there is a guard nearby, try to jump down on him so that he takes the damage. *** You can
go into the silent drop while hitting him, so nobody will hear him scream. If there are no guards nearby, go into the silent drop, and when you touch the ground, quickly hold [Jump].
If done correctly, you will only get about 25% of the damage that you would normally receive by such a drop. You can land quieter by crouching immediately before you hit the ground.
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Blocking Doors 100%
Description: If you have someone chasing you, run out a door, and when it closes, stand in front of the door for awhile. The guard will sometimes try to open it before he gives up. *** The door must open towards you, and not towards the enemy. The game can crash sometimes when you do this. If the guard starts shooting at the door, you must open it quickly. Otherwise, the game will
glitch and you will be invisible to the enemy and no event triggers will start.
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Shooting Lights Accurately 100%
How to: When you want to shoot out a light and need make it accurate, turn on your heat vision. You should be able to knock out the light faster and easier.
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Disabling Wall Mines 100%
How to: Slowly go up to a Wall Mine. It will flash red and green at an even pace. To disable this, you have to press [Action] when it flashes green. If it becomes red the instant before you press [Action], it will explode. The way to always do this safely is to hold [Action] button when the "Disable Wall Mine" selection appears. Now, if it is green, release the button. If it is red on the screen, move the selection up to "Back To Game" and try again.
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Cheat Codes! 100%
Description: Press [F2] to display the console window, then type one of the listed codes and press [Enter] to activate the specified cheat function. *** Press [Tab] instead of [F2] in the demo version of the game.

Effect Code
Enable God modeinvincible 1 or god
Disable God modeinvincible 0
Full healthhealth
Invisibilityinvisible 1
Disable invisibilityinvisible 0 or invisible 2
Full ammunitionammo
Flight modefly
No clipping modeghost
Disable flight and no clipping modeswalk
View stealth amountstealth
Freeze enemiesplayersonly 1
Unfreeze enemiesplayersonly 0
No enemieskillpawns
Kill all guardskill
Modify settings, including key bindingpreferences
Complete current missionmission win
Spawn listed itemsummon <item name>
Quickly quit gamequit
By: gamerguy618(93)
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Item cheat codes 100%
Press F2 and enter the following codes to unlock the items.

•Med Kit: echeloningredient.emedkit
•Airfoil Round: echeloningredient.eringairfoilround
•Camera Jam: echeloningredient.ecamerajammer
•Chemical Flare: echeloningredient.echemflare
•Disposable Pick: echeloningredient.edisposablepick
•Diversion Camera: echeloningredient.ediversioncamera
•F2000: echeloningredient.ef2000
•Flare: echeloningredient.eflare
•FN7: echeloningredient.efn7
•Laser Mic: echeloningredient.elasermic
•Lock Pick: echeloningredient.elockpick
•Smoke Grenade: echeloningredient.esmokegrenade
•Sticky Camera: echeloningredient.estickycamera
•Sticky Shocker: echeloningredient.estickyshocker
•Thermal Goggles: echeloningredient.ethermalgoggle
•Thermal Mine echeloningredient.ethermalmine
•Wall Mine: echeloningredient.ewallmine
•Rappelling Object: echeloningredient.erappellingobject
By: gamerguy618(93)
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