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Drawn to Life Cheats for NDS
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Drawn to Life NDS Cheats

Rating: 3.4/5 VOTE
Drawn to Life Cheats

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Drawn to Life

Rating: 3.4/5 VOTE

Extra Lives 98%
Go to the fountain in the main town. Donate the following amount of coins for the desired amount of extra lives.
2 Lives200 Coins
5 Lives500 Coins
10 Lives6,000 Coins
20 Lives8,000 Coins
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Beating Frostwind 98%
Fire your snowshooter Frostwind falls down and flees. When you reach the 2nd room (with the caged hostage), shoot the Frostwind's head when it appears.
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Music Tracks 98%
Go the fountain in the main town. Donate the following amount of coins for the desired music track to become unlocked.
Alt7,000 Coins
City Funk3,000 Coins
Special1,000 Coins
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Coin Farming 96%
How to: Head through the Snow Gate to Icy Lake. Enter the invincibility cheat (hold down "L" button and enter A X B B Y) then find a snow man and make him angry. Stand close enough so he stays angry and stand far enough back so that he doesnt swipe at you. He will throw little snowmen at you repeatedly and when the little snowmen run into you they will instantly die, dropping a silver coin. You can now just leave your DS and accumulate coins automatically (make sure you leave it plugged into a power source). Happy spending!
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Developer's Grove 96%
Go to the fountain in the game's main town. If you donate 10,000 Coins, you can unlock a secret town called the Developer's Grove.
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Easy Frostwind Battle 96%
The 5th level in the town's Snow Gate is the Frostwind Boss Battle. This seems hard at first, but I have discovered an easy way to defeat him.
When you start, Frostwind pops out of a hole. Blast him with your Snowball Cannon and he will go back in. The screen will start moving to the right. Jump over the hole so you do not fall, and progress right. STAY RIGHT THOUGH, because Frostwind will appear on the left.
Keep close to the right, but not too far. You need to see where you are going. After dodging his bites, he will fly across the top of the screen and do a headfirst dive into a hole. Repeat this process untill you switch to an alternate area.
NOW Frostwind will have a health bar. Above is a captured Rappo in a dark cage above. Then the battle starts. Frostwind will fly into one of the holes. He will come out and fly overhead to the other hole, shooting ice spikes along the way. Stay in front of the center rock and you will be safe.
After he flies into the opposite hole, he will pop out once again. DO NOT SHOOT HIM, because that will not damage him. After coming out he will shoot a single ice spike. Dodge it, and he will go back in. Stay a short distance past the middle rock, and Frostwind will come out and try to bite you.
After you have dodged that, shoot him quickly. If you timed it right, Frostwind will fall forward. Quicly Ground-Smash his head and it will take about 1/4 of his health away.
After doing so, He will fly overhead like the previous time. Repeat this process, and he will die. The Rappo will be freed and this means you have won.
Note that when Frostwind is pursuing you from the left in Area 1, do not shoot snowballs at him, for Frostwind does not have a health bar yet. So no atacks will hurt him. Also, in Area 1, Ground-Smash on any Snow Pile you see and keep them in a good number (25+ will do fine).
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5 Lives 96%
Pause the game, hold L1 and press X,Y,B,A,A for 5 lives.
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Tons of Coins 95%
Description: Gain tons of coins in a short period of time
How to: Gp to the game's very 1st level and at the end of the level, you make a sled, ride it to the bottom of a hill, and then go through a door to end the level. Going down the hill gives you about 40 coins. Do this over and over again to slowly (but surely) accumulate as many coins as you need.
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Cheat List 94%
When in Draw Mode, the cheat codes below can be entered for the desired effect. Make sure to hold down the L button when inserting the button sequences; otherwise, none of the codes will work.
Health RecoveryY, X, Y, X, Y, X, A
InvincibilityA, X, B, B, Y
Unlock all Alien TemplatesX, Y, B, A, A
Unlock all Animal TemplatesB, B, A, A, X
Unlock all Robot TemplatesY, X, Y, X, A
Unlock all Sports TemplatesY, A, B, A, X
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Super helpful cheals 88%
Pause, and then enter these cheats while holding L

Invincibility: AXBBY (Repeat for every level)
Full Health:YXYXA
5 Lives:XYBAA (Does not add 5 lives, but brings your life total to 5)

Hope they help!XD
By: Redas master(8)
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30 ammunition 76%
Pause the game during gameplay, hold L, and put in this: B, B, A, A, X. WARNING: IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN 30 AMMUNITION DO NOT PUT THIS CODE IN! IF YOU DO, YOUR AMMO WILL RETURN TO 30! I did that once when I had 60 ammo. Be careful.
By: Sh4d0wKn1ght(90)
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Secret Door Boss : How To Defeat It 75%
Pause da game and hold L and press: a ,x ,b ,b ,y that gives you invincibility then wait for some clouds to appear go up them and attack Wilfre with da sword then da scorpion gets knocked out do hard jump on him before he regains consciousness do it 3 times then he dies you now have to defeat Wilre just keep on jumping below him wile attacking in air his health goes down slowly so keep on doing it eventually he will die !
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Boss Defeating 72%
Heres how to defeat each boss:

Frostwind: First, when it comes out of a hole, shoot it. Then youll be in a chase. beware. even with the invincible cheat on, you can still die from it. Now, once you get to the end, youll see heather in a SD (shadow goo) cage. now frostwind will glide over the stage. dodge her icicles. then itll come up abit. shoot it, and shell crash down. ground bounce her. repeat 4 times.
Deadwood: First find the acorns and shoot them down. he'll shake when an acorns destroyed, aswell as about every 7 secs. then youll enter its mouth when hes ded. youll see Samuel in an SD cage, then youll have to vs a wierd shadow goo guy. if youve played metroid prime 3 on wii, youll reconize these other things. DONT touch them. shoot the guy 4 times, but hes fast.
Angler King:God, I hate the chases! after it, he'll shoot out 3 shadow fish. kill em, and hell charge. notice the bubbles. shoot him continuasly, or let the starzooka do play follow the leader. eventually hell shoot 3 more S fish. and eventually youll kill him!
Scorpion+Wilfre: for the scorp, use your sword and protect urself. then hell shoot some...gas! dodge it, and the second time, your platforms will appear. at the second platform, ground bounce him. for wilfre, hell shoot your trident. only swipe him wen he crosses sides.
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How to beat Dead Wood! 71%
For all you people who have trouble beating-or finding out how to beat Dead Wood, I have some helpful facts:

-To get inside Dead Wood, you have to shoot all his Acorns with your Acornlaunch.
-Some helpful hints to hit Dead Wood's Acrorns are to jump and shoot, or use the control
pad to aim.
-Inside Dead Wood, there is a Raposa, and he does something to help you I think. To
totally beat Dead Wood, you have to beat the Shadow Lizard clinging to the walls and
-Some helpful hints to beat the 'Inside Dead Wood Level' is to stay in the middle of the
room, then watch for the Shadow Lizard to jump on to one of the walls or jump onto one
of the many floors, then kill him and get the Raposa.

Hope this helps you pass Dead Wood!
By: CheatMasta(437)
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Invincibility 68%
In a level press start then hold L while pressing these letters in the order they ar axbby. when you enter a new level you have 2 do this again.
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5 lives 65%
Pause the game during gameplay, hold L, and put in this code: X, Y, B, A, A. DO NOT PUT THIS CODE IN IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN 5 LIVES. I did it when I had 10 lives once.
By: Sh4d0wKn1ght(90)
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Invincibility (but holes) drawn to life 61%
Go in to into the menu wile on a level and hold L then type in A X B B Y let go of L and a nose that you here is when you shut it when the game is going (aah-a-aaahhhhhh) get out of the main menu and every thing you touch is dead so the only way to die is holes (bosses don't die when you touch them.
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Unlock directors grove 60%
Put at least 13333 coins in the well.Tap it.You can then talk to the makers!
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Secret love shrine 50%
BORED with your village and how it never has a single secret? Well, go behind the observatory and sqeeze through some trees to find a clearing filled with mushrooms. You will see in the center of the fungi there are two names and a heart! Hear that, lovebirds? I've revealed your secret! GWAH HA HA HA HA HA GAhoorg... I think I swallowed a bug...
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Punching 43%
When you're in world 4 you press up on the control pad and press the b button.
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Good hint 36%
If your on gear works  on the switch level click the lever until its on red,blue or green.
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How to get out of a stiky sich 35%
Close your ds and then you will have 1 sec to move do again until you get out
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30 snow shooters when your at frostwind 20%
When battling frostwind do somthing crasy until you die then you start again with 30 snow shooters, how cool is that. :-)
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