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Bubble Bobble Cheats for WII
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Bubble Bobble WII Cheats

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Bubble Bobble

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Password List (Super) 100%
Insert the following cheat code passwords into the in-game cheats menu.
Level 1BBAJI
Level 2BAAJI
Level 3BABCI
Level 4BIIEB
Level 5BIAJJ
Level 6BFAJJ
Level 7BFBCJ
Level 8BJGFI
Level 9BJEIB
Level 10BCEIB
Level 11BCGFB
Level 12BGJAI
Level 13BGCBJ
Level 14BECBJ
Level 15BEJAJ
Level 16AAAJI
Level 17AABCI
Level 18ABBCI
Level 19ABFGG
Level 20AFAJJ
Level 21AFBCJ
Level 22AIBCJ
Level 23AIAJG
Level 24ACEIB
Level 25ACGFB
Level 26AJGBF
Level 27AJEIG
Level 28AECBJ
Level 29AEJAJ
Level 30AGJAJ
Level 31AGCBG
Level 32IIIEB
Level 33IIAJJ
Level 34IFAJJ
Level 35IFBCJ
Level 36IBIEG
Level 37IBFGJ
Level 38IAFGJ
Level 39IAIEJ
Level 40IGJAI
Level 41IGCBJ
Level 42IECBJ
Level 43IEJAJ
Level 44IJGFG
Level 45IJEIJ
Level 46ICEIJ
Level 47ICGFJ
Level 48FFAJJ
Level 49FFBCJ
Level 50FIBCJ
Level 51FIAJG
Level 52FAFGJ
Level 53FAIEJ
Level 54FBIEJ
Level 55FBFGI
Level 56FECBJ
Level 57FEJAJ
Level 58FGJAJ
Level 59FGCBG
Level 60FCEIJ
Level 61FCGFJ
Level 62FJGFJ
Level 63FJAJJ
Level 64JJGFI
Level 65JJEIB
Level 66JCEIB
Level 67JCGFB
Level 68JGJAI
Level 69JGCBJ
Level 70JECBJ
Level 71JEJAJ
Level 72JBIEI
Level 73JBFGB
Level 74JAFGB
Level 75JAIEB
Level 76JIBCI
Level 77JIEII
Level 78JFEII
Level 79JFGFI
Level 80CCEIB
Level 81CCGFB
Level 82CJGFB
Level 83CJEIG
Level 84CECBJ
Level 85CEJAJ
Level 86CGJAJ
Level 87CGCBG
Level 88CAFGB
Level 89CAIEB
Level 90CBIEB
Level 91CBCBB
Level 92CFEII
Level 93CFGFI
Level 94CIGFI
Level 95CIEIB
Level 96GGJAI
Level 97GGCBJ
Level 98GECBJ
Level 99GEJAJ
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Steal A Life 100%
*** This cheat is for 2-player Bubble Bobble.
*** This will not work while warping to the next level.
If either player is out of lives, press Start then Select, and the dead player will steal a life from the living player.
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Password List 100%
Insert the following passwords into the in-game cheats menu .
Level 1BBAAB
Level 2BAAAB
Level 3BABBI
Level 4BIIIB
Level 5BIFFB
Level 6BFFFB
Level 7BFIIG
Level 8BJJJB
Level 9BJCCB
Level 10BCCCB
Level 11BCJJI
Level 12BGGGB
Level 13BGEEB
Level 14BEEEB
Level 15BEJJJ
Level 16AAAAB
Level 17AABBI
Level 18ABBBI
Level 19ABAAI
Level 20AFFFB
Level 21AFIIG
Level 22AIIIG
Level 23AIFFG
Level 24ACCCB
Level 25ACJJI
Level 26AJJJI
Level 27AJCCI
Level 28AEEEB
Level 29AEJJJ
Level 30AGJJJ
Level 31AGCCJ
Level 32IIIIB
Level 33IIFFB
Level 34IFFFB
Level 35IFIIG
Level 36IBBBJ
Level 37IBAAJ
Level 38IAAAJ
Level 39IABBG
Level 40IGGGB
Level 41IGEEB
Level 42IEEEB
Level 43IEJJJ
Level 44IJGGG
Level 45IJEEG
Level 46ICEEG
Level 47ICGGJ
Level 48FFFFB
Level 49FFIIG
Level 50FFIFG
Level 51FIIIG
Level 52FAAAJ
Level 53FABBG
Level 54FBBBG
Level 55FBAAG
Level 56FEEEB
Level 57FEJJJ
Level 58FGJJJ
Level 59FGCCJ
Level 60FCEEG
Level 61FCGGJ
Level 62FJGGJ
Level 63FJEEJ
Level 64JJJJB
Level 65JJCCB
Level 66JCCCB
Level 67JCJJI
Level 68JGGGB
Level 69JGEEB
Level 70JEEEB
Level 71JEJJJ
Level 72JBIII
Level 73JBFFI
Level 74JAFFI
Level 75JAIIB
Level 76JIBBI
Level 77JIAAI
Level 78JFAAI
Level 79JFBBJ
Level 80CCCCB
Level 81CCJJI
Level 82CJJJI
Level 83CJCCI
Level 84CEEEB
Level 85CEJJJ
Level 86CGJJJ
Level 87CGCCJ
Level 88CAFFI
Level 89CAJFI
Level 90CBIIB
Level 91CBFFB
Level 92CFAAI
Level 93CJBBJ
Level 94CIBBJ
Level 95CIAAJ
Level 96GGJBI
Level 97GGEEB
Level 98GEEEB
Level 99GEJJJ
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Stage Select 100%
Description: Start on any level
How to: Enter the cheat-password "DDFFI". Move the cursor to one-player or two-player continue, then press B to change your begining level.
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Sound Test 100%
Description: Access the sound test
How to: Defeat Super Bubble Bobble mode and get a happy ending.
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Best Ending 98%
1) In Room 99, take the Crystal to Room A0.
2) In Room B3, fire at the final enemy until it's covered with a bubble.
3) Press Start to bring in the 2nd player.
4) Pop the bubble and you will get the happy ending.
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