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Harvest Moon Cheats for WII
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Harvest Moon WII Cheats

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Harvest Moon

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Super Axe 100%
Description: Get the Super Axe in the 2nd year
How to unlock: Go up to the mountain top. Go up the 1st level then go over to the left to the small pond. Use the axe on the pond and a lady will appear. Tell her it is not your axe and she will give it to you.
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Power Apples 100%
Description: There are 3 ways to get a power apple
1) During the day, chat to the guy next to the pond. Tell him you want to fish then fish until you catch something but do not eat it! Instead, throw it back in the pond and a man will appear and give you a power apple.

2) Take the hammer and smash the chicken statue.

3) Get the full moon flower on the 12 of autumn and throw it in the pot at the Harvest Festival.
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Super Sickle 100%
Search your farm for a cut down tree when a man comes and says he heard an awful sound. Enter the tree and chat to the elf. Tell the elf that the sickle is working good and he'll make it better.
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Full Power 98%
How to: To restore full power, go to the mountain and jump in the springs several times.
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Easy $$$ Money by Gathering Fruit 96%
Head to the mountains and get a fruit. If Sunday, go to the peddler to sell it. If another day then Sunday, then you can use the shipping box but you will get $50 less.
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Girls Love Faster 96%
Description: Get girls to love you faster! ( if only this easy in real life!)
How to: First you must wait for the season when they ask you a question, such as Nina says "Do you like Flowers" and answer them the way you think they would like to hear. Then run in and out the nearest door and ask/answer correctly again, and again,and again. If you do this efficiently for an entire day the girl will be ready for marriage the next day, with her incident!
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Chickens for dummies 96%
You have to buy your 1st chicken. You must feed it hay every day and it will lay an egg. If you miss a day, it will not lay an egg for 3 days! To get more chickens instead of buying them you can put an egg on the thing incubator in the bottom right-hand corner. Come back in 3 days and it will be a baby chicken. A week later it will be big enough to lay eggs. If you put baby chickens in house so you do not have to feed them wait a week and they will be big enough to lay eggs.
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Instant Ending 96%
Description: To get the ending without going through 31/2 years

How to: Just go through a normal day and when you are going to write in your diary say YES to write in it - then imediately press and hold L, R, Select and start. But there are a couple of different endings to go through!
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Super Plow 96%
One day you will see an elf lying in front of your house. After talking with him, give him some food and he'll improve your plow.
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Planting: Time Saving 96%
At the end of spring or summer, about 1 or 2 days before the next season, buy your bags of seed for the next summer or spring. This way you do not have to go to the florist the next time you have to plant any seeds.
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Super Hammer 96%
When the carpenter asks to borrow your hammer, let him. When he returns it it will be able to destroy wood in a single swing.
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Double dealers 96%
Description: You need a full grown cow and a full grown chicken. Take one of each and put them in the shipping area for livestock. Now head down to the livestock dealer. Tell the dealer you want to sell a cow and a chicken. Head back to your ranch. You will have 2 livestock dealers, one in front of the other. One of them will buy 1 of the 2 animals while the other one stands there doing nothing.
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Power Apples 2 96%
1. Sell a chicken and a peddler may appear and exchange it for a power apple.
2. After the earthquake in winter the boulder blocking the passage to the area in the mountains is gone. Go there and destroy the top stump and go in the hole. You will land on the platform that has a apple on it in the cave.
3. Plow your fields enough to get one.
4. Plow some more to get another one.
5. Chop enough stumps and a apple will appear underneath one.
6. Buy the seed of snow flower at the flower festival for 2000 gold pieces and plant it at the summit in winter. A flower will bloom and a fairy will thank you for letting it bloom and give you a power apple.
7. You can get a power apple or a special egg that stops hurricanes from happening. It's much better to get the egg in the 1st year and the power apple in the 2nd year.
8. Win the egg festival and you will get either one.
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Money 95%
If you use the hoe on the ground you will eventually find money, either a coin($10) or a bag($50). You can only get one of these a day. When you get the gold plow you will find the money even faster. You can search the same place over and over and it will still work.
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Magic Beanstalk 95%
Description: When you sell your 1st milk producing cow, a peddler will come. He will ask if you will trade the cow for a magic bean. Go ahead and do it. Now in the Spring, take the magic bean to the mountain peak and throw it ( it should disappear from the item box). Come back the next day to climb the beanstalk. Chat to the golden chicken and tell the truth. He will give himself to you to sell to the peddler.
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Full Power 94%
Description: Restore full power
How to: Go to the mountain and jump in the springs several times.
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Invisible Chickens Glitch 94%
*** You will need the super sickle for this.
Use the super sickle next to a sleeping chicken and press A. The sickle will disappear and your hands will go up like you are holding something. Throw it down and go to bed. You will have a chicken on your head. The next morning check your notes to discover that it says you have the same number of chickens as before. Go to your chicken coop and you will appear to have one less chicken - feed the empty space and your new invisible chicken will still lay eggs!
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How to get a char (fish) 78%
You fish in the waterfall and sooner you will catch a char
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Ok if your running around like a headless chicken trying to get a note
(this is for the WII not sure if work's on the GC.) get your dog 3 heart's and get the Bow-oww note or something. Hope I gotcha 1 note closer! Róisín
By: Roisin(12)
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Gwen harvest moon magical melody 57%
Gwen wants moonstones and blueberrys she is the hardest person to marry
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How to get a present 50%
Go to the beach look around and there will be a present. follow the instructions and you get another one
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Max money 22%
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Max love 22%
Gives everyone and animals all hearts : AABZZCAAAABBBBCZ
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Harvest moon magical melody 22%
There is a tree by the moonlight cave chop it down and money comes out
(you think im serious ) no there are no cheats for harvest moon so stop lokking
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Get £100,000 18%
Say hi to everyone then hit everyone then you will get a £100,000
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Harvest Moon 286330When you get a barn you get a pig, but the guy who gave you the pig ( the creepy clown faced dude) says that it can find rare do you get your pig to find them. thanx p.s, I got 50 notes and it was really easy but the credits take forever. Answers: 2
Harvest Moon 291746Does any1 know how 2 get a bigger rucksack I have the one that holds 10 items but the bigger 1 isnt at the junkshop yet do I have to befriend any1 Answers: 3
Harvest Moon 299012How do you befriend farm animals and peope? Answers: 1
Harvest Moon 330157With riding the horse, i've only got 1 heart on it and I need 1 more heart 2 beable to ride it. how can I get another heart Answers: 2
Harvest Moon 580422I have a level 3 house 10 hearts and 30 notes but I cant seem to get a double bed does anyone know where to get one and how ? Answers: 4
Harvest Moon 302621I got a pig from that clown faced guy and I take it out with my dog every day and a ? will appear and then he runs of is a direction. What is he doing? Answers: 1
Harvest Moon 306144Hi. Well I was just wondering, but what do you get at the lake at the bottom of the caves? xx Curious, Guest Bonnie xx Answers: 4
Harvest Moon 312401What sort of food do I need 2 give to a animal to make it have more hearts food like turnip,corn e.c.t.? Answers: 1
Harvest Moon 319494How can you make your animals have hearts which food do you feed it? Answers: 1
Harvest Moon 327870How to ride the horse ive two hearts Answers: 1
Harvest Moon 338765How do animals grow bigger? Answers: 1
Harvest Moon 344543Theres a big boulder thats blocking my way into the animal ranch, how do I get rid of it? Answers: 1
Harvest Moon 349303Where can you find the second present in harvest moon on the Wii, I know its past the big rock but where is it in there? Answers: 2
Harvest Moon 359217I want to know how you get money without making crops, Answers: 2
Harvest Moon 359688How do I get a horses and an barn Answers: 1
Harvest Moon 364323On the Harvest Moon game (Tree of Tranqulity) how do you get the windmill to work for the Brownie Ranch? Thanks. :) Answers: 1
Harvest Moon 375188I have what I nead to get married the dubble bed the blue feather and 9 harts but I don't know what the notes are can anyon explain Answers: 1
Harvest Moon 382517If im the girl on harvest moon for the wii and im married can I have a baby? Answers: 2
Harvest Moon 383741My horse has 2 hearts but how do you ride it please help ? Answers: 1
Harvest Moon 394300In harvest moon wii how do you marry Answers: 1
Harvest Moon 411213How do you get etenity lives? Answers: 0
Harvest Moon 424558Where is my barn? Answers: 2
Harvest Moon 413689How do you catch a wood fish? Answers: 1
Harvest Moon 419752Is there a way to go home and go to bed without walking home? Answers: 1
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