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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Cheats for WII
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Super Smash Bros. Brawl WII Cheats

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Cheats

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Rating: 4.7/5 VOTE

1000 And 5000 Coin Challenge 97%
I see people who still haven't got this challenge completed, so I offer my tips to help you save a golden hammer or two.
Build a stage with platforms directly spikes, set a coin match up for maybe 10 minutes or so, then drop the characters down onto the spikes so they keep bouncing straight up and down between the spikes and platforms.
I managed to get roughly 22,000 coins in 15 minutes using 2 Sheiks because she seemed to fall faster than Marth.
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Single Player Events 96%
Description: Unlock the following single player events, fulfill the requirement listed.

Events #1-#10Automatically unlocked
Events #11-#20Beat at least 7 events
Events #21-#28Clear eighteen events and unlock Captain Falcon, Lucario, Luigi, Marth, Ness and R.O.B
Events #29-#40Unlock all thirty-five characters and clear twenty events
Event #41Beat all forty previous events
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Multi-Player Events 96%
Description: Unlock the following multi-player events, fulfill the requirement listed.

Events #1-#8Automatically unlocked
Events #9-#13Unlock Captain Falcon, Lucario, Luigi, Marth, Ness and R.O.B
Events #14-#20Unlock all characters and beat any 10 multi-player events
Event #21Beat all twenty previous multi-player events
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CD and Sticker Farming 95%
You can turn off all items except the Homerun Contest Sandbag (Punching Bag w/ eyes) and use a custom stage with a conveyor belt and solid block to constantly spawn stickers and CDs (Brawl Mode).
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Music 95%
Description: Below are a list of musical tracks that can be unlocked in the game. On the left, you will find the name of the song in question, while to the right of each title, the method in which songs are unlocked is listed.

3D Hot Rally TitleComplete Target Level 5
Ai no UtaGet a combined distance of 37,500 in Home Run Contest
Clu Clu LandHit a home run of at least 1,200 feet during a Home Run Contest
Dream ChaserPlay 10 VS. matches on Port Town
Excite TruckComplete Target Level 2 in under nineteen seconds
Fire FieldComplete Event Match #24
Frozen HillsidePlay 10 VS. matches on Halberd
Great TempleComplete Event Match #33 on difficult difficulty
HIS WORLDPlay 10 VS. matches on Green Hill Zone
Icicle MountainComplete Classic Mode on normal difficulty
Ike's ThemeFind Ike in the Subspace Emissary
King Dedede's ThemeComplete Event Match #15
Legendary Air Rider MachineComplete Event Match #13
Mach RiderDefeat fifty enemies in Endless Multi-Man Brawl
Menu 2Unlock all thirty-five characters
Metroid EndingPlay 10 VS. matches on Norfair
Metroid Prime 2Play 10 VS. matches on Frigate Orpheon
Mountain ForestComplete Event Match #18 on difficult
Multi Man MeleeBeat a 100-person brawl in 4 minutes
Gather at least 5,000 Coins during Coin Matches
Pokémon CenterAcquire 200 different stickers
Power-Hungry FoolPlay 10 VS. matches on Castle Siege
Princess' CastleUnlock all stages from SSB Melee
Road to Viridian CityComplete Event Match #8
Snake EaterPlay fifteen VS. matches on Shadow Moses Island
Song of StormsComplete Event Match #37
Staff CreditsComplete Classic Mode on hard difficulty
Star Fox Assault ThemeComplete Event Match #38 on hard difficulty
Star WolfComplete Event Match #38
Super Mario 64 ThemePlay VS. mode for fifty hours
Super Mario UnderwaterPlay 10 VS. matches on Mario Bros
Tal Tal HeightsComplete All-Star Mode on easy difficulty
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Sound Test Additions 95%
Description: Add the following sound effects to the in-game sound test:
Assist Trophies 3Collect each Assist Trophy
CharactersUnlock characters
FanfareUnlock every character
Kirby's Copy AbilitiesUnlock every character
NarrationUnlock All-Star Mode and Boss Battle Mode
StagesUnlock stages
Subspace Enemies and BossesComplete the Subspace Emissary
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Alternate Mushroomy Kingdom Stage 94%
Description: There is a stage in the game known as Mushroomy Kingdom. However, there is an alternate version of the stage that will appear at random.
How to unlock: If you want to force the game to choose the alternate version of the stage, hold down the R button (on the GameCube or Classic controllers) or the B button (on the Wii remote) while selecting Mushroomy Kingdom. After the match begins, you can release the button. If done properly, you will find yourself not in Mushroomy Kingdom, but in an entirely different stage.
Additionally, if you want the "1-1" version of the stage (the original version), hold down X or Y on the GameCube controller to force the game to choose it.
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Snake Codecs 94%
This video shows all of snakes codecs. See the video: Cheat Video
Super Smash Bros. Brawl cheat video Cheat Video
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All-Star Mode 94%
Description: Unlock All-Star Mode
How to: You must have all thirty-five characters unlocked on your roster.
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Assist Trophies 94%
Description: List of the assist trophies in the game and how they are unlocked.
BarbaraUnlock 25 songs
Custom RoboFight in 100 Brawls
Gray FoxUnlock Snake
Infantry & TanksFight in 300 Brawls
IssacFight in 200 Brawls
Shadow the HedgehogUnlock Sonic
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Move Set Swapping Part 2 94%
This is part 2 of the Move Set swapping video 2 See the video: Cheat Video
Super Smash Bros. Brawl cheat video Cheat Video
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Dodging Final smashes 94%
Mario: You can either shield, dodge, jump over it, or get behind Mario.

Luigi: Don't walk inside the Negative Zone. If you end up in it, the effects aren't as bad in the air.

Peach: Peach's final smash will affect only the ones on the ground. Stay in the air to not take any damage and stay awake.

Bowser: You'll have to shield, dodge, and run away.

DK: Get out of his blast radius.

Diddy Kong: Same as Bowser.

Yoshi: Yoshi will follow you around, so dodge and grab onto ledges as much as possible. Shield if you can't dodge it correctly.

Wario: Wario will go super fast. If you dodge earlier than normal, Wario Man could run right by you. Aerial escape won't help, as Wario Man's aerial moves (besides down a) will make him fly.

Link: Dodge the line that appears out of his hand, or get behind him. Same for Toon Link.

Zelda/Sheik: Jump at the right time to dodge the light arrow.

Ganondorf: Ganondorf is very hard to avoid. Height could help. If he preforms it in the middle of the stage, Get behind him.

Samus: THIS is a very hard one. You MUST have good aerial abilities, as Samus can bend the beam's path.

Zero Suit Samus: Get out of her blast radius.

Pit: Avoid the Centurions by dodging or shielding.

Ice Climbers: You can't actually avoid the Iceberg. To minimize the damage, stay off of the ground and avoid contact with the Iceberg.

R.O.B.: Just stay away from R.O.B. Dodge and shield if necessary. R.O.B. can also attack while the beam is going, complicating things.

Kirby: Sidestep at the right time to avoid falling into the pot.

Meta Knight: Avoid his cape by dodging or not becoming his target. If Meta Knight has a target, the others will get slashed as well, but not as hard.

King Dedede: Just dodge and shield. The Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos, and Gordo's will fly around much faster.

Olimar: The first part will get you, but just make sure you don't get caught in the explosion of his ship.

Fox, Falco, and Wolf: You CAN'T dodge the Landmaster but it can't fire or barrel roll in the air.

Captain Falcon: Just dodge the Blue Falcon when it comes.

Pikachu: Pikachu has HORRIBLE traction, making it difficult. I suggest you RUN!

Pokemon Trainer: If you can, get behind the Pokemon. If you can't, stay in the air or below the beam.

Lucario: Lucario turns slowly, so take the time to run while you can.

Jigglypuff: It all depends on the stage. If its small, you're toast. If it's big, run from Jigglypuff.

Marth: Avoid him height wise.

Ike: Avoid his first swing.

Ness and Lucas: Sidestep, dodge, and shield through the starstorm.

Mr Game and Watch: It's tough, I tell you. The tentacles to the back of the Octopus don't deal as much damage, so go behind him to avoid full damage from it.

Snake: Once he aims, run away from the target shown on the screen.

Sonic: Super Sonic goes extremely fast. If you dodge early enough, he'll fly past you.
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Rare Trophies 93%
Description: Unlock the rarer trophies [listed below in table]:
Ancient MinisterComplete the Subspace Emissary
ApplesClear Target Smash Level One
Ashley RobbinsPlay one hundred hours of Brawl
AshnardClear Target Smash Level Three with 10 characters
Baby PeachAcquire any five-hundred trophies
Ballyhoo & Big TopUnlock any seventy-five songs
Banana PeelGet 10 max combos in Training Mode
BirdoClear All-Star Mode on Hard difficulty
Blast BoxClear Target Smash Level Two with every character
Blue AlloyClear the 100-Man Brawl with every character
BumperHit 15,000 total feet in Home Run Contest Mode
Cardboard BoxClear Target Smash Level Four in under thirty-two seconds
Combo CannonClear Target Smash Level Five un under thirty seconds
Cracker LauncherGet 1,000 KOs in Brawl
Creeping ChrysanthemumCollect every character's trophy
Crazy HandClear Classic Mode on Intense difficulty
Dark CannonClear Boss Battle Mode on Hard difficulty
Dr. EggmanCollect any five hundred different stickers
Dyna BladeClear All-Star Mode on Very Hard difficulty
ExcitebikesCollect every masterpiece demo
Franklin BadgeFind Ness in Subspace Emissary
Galleom (Tank Form)Clearr Boss Battle Mode on Intense difficulty
GekkoClear All-Star Mode with any 10 characters
Golden HammerHit 45,000 total feet in Home Run Contest Mode
Gray FoxClear Target Smash Level Five with every character
Green AlloySurvive a fifteen minute Brawl
GulliverGet 2,000 KOs in Brawl
HalberdClear Event #3
Hocotate ShipFind in Subspace Emissary stage Outer Ancient Ruins
Home-Run BatHit at least 1,500 feet in Home Run Contest Mode
JykClear Boss Battle Mode with any twenty characters
K.K. SliderCollect every song
Kapp'nReach 300 feet of swimming distance with all characters
King K. RoolClear Target Smash Level Four with every character
Kyle HydeClear All-Star Mode with every character
Master HandClear Classic Mode with any twenty characters
MewtwoClear All-Star Mode on Intense difficulty
Musketeer DaltaniaClear Target Smash Level Four with any 10 characters
OuendanGet 4 hundred combined max combos with every character in Training Mode
Outset LinkClear Target Smash Level Five with any 10 characters
PalutenaClear Event #4
Palutena's BowClear Target Smash Level One in under fifteen seconds
Paper MarioClear Classic Mode with every character
Party BallPlay five hundred hours of Brawl
Peanut PopgunClear Target Smash Level Two
PelletsClear Target Smash Level Two with 10 characters
PichuClear All-Star Mode without using continues
PitfallClear the 100-Man Brawl
Plusle & MinunCollect every character's final smash trophy
Porky StatueClear Boss Battle Mode on Very Hard difficulty
Ray MK IIIClear Target Smash Level Three in under twenty seconds
Red AlloyDefeat five enemies in Cruel Brawl Mode
Red PikminClear Event #14
Rocketbarrel PackClear Target Smash Level Four
SandbagUse every character in Home Run Contest Mode
Shadow BugsClear Boss Battle Mode on Normal difficulty
Shy GuyHit 30,000 total feet in Home Run Contest Mode
SilverClear Target Smash Level Three with every character
Smash CoinsPlay 10 Coin Matches
StafyClear Target Smash Level One with any 10 characters
StickersCollect every sticker
Striker MarioDefeat Classic Mode on Very Hard difficulty
Subspace BombClear Boss Battle Mode on Easy difficulty
Subspace GunshipClear Boss Battle Mode with any 10 characters
Super ScopeClear Target Smash Level One with every character
Tabuu (Wings)Clear Boss Battle Mode with every character
TailsReach 30,000 feet of walking with all characters
TimerPlay thirty hours of Brawl
Tom NookCollect 1,000 coins in Coin Matches
WalkyUnlock any fifty songs
Wario BikeClear Target Smash Level Three
XananabHit 24,000 total feet in Home Run Contest Mode
Yellow AlloyDefeat one-hundred enemies in Endless Brawl Mode
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Stages UPDATE 93%
Description: Unlock the stages below, fulfill the requirement listed.

75mPlay as DK 20 times
Big Blue (Melee)Play as Captain Falcon 10 times
Flat Zone 2Unlock Mr. Game & Watch
Green Greens (Melee)Play as Kirby 20 times
Green Hill ZoneUnlock Sonic
HanenbowComplete Event Match #28
Jungle Japes (Melee)Fight in VS. Mode 10 times
Luigi's MansionFight with Luigi in VS. Mode 3 times
Mario Bros.Complete Event Match #19
Pirate ShipUnlock Toon Link
Pokémon Stadium (Melee)Fight in Pokémon Stadium 2 10 times in VS. Mode
Spear PillarComplete Event Match #25
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CDs and More Music 93%
Description: The list below shows all of the songs in the game and how they are found.
25m BGMUnlock the 75m stage
2:00AMUnlocked via CD
Aboveground Theme 2 (SMB)Unlocked via CD
Airship Theme (SMB)Unlock the Luigi Mansion's stage
All-Star Rest AreaClear All-Star Mode
Angel Island ZoneUnlock the Green Hill Zone stage
Area 6 Ver. 2Unlocked via CD
Battle Scene/Final BossUnlocked via CD
Battle Theme (Melee)Unlock the Pokémon Stadium stage
Big Blue (Melee)Unlock the Big Blue stage
Boss Battle Song 2Clear the Subspace Emissary
Boss BattlesClear Classic Mode, All-Star Mode, and the Subspace Emissary
Bramble BlastUnlocked via CD
Break Through the IceUnlocked via CD
Brinstar Depths (Melee)Unlocked via CD
Calling to the NightUnlocked via CD
Car SelectUnlocked via CD
Castle/Boss Fortress (SMB)Unlock the Luigi Mansion stage
Charge! (Wii Play)Unlocked via CD
Chill (Dr. Mario)Unlock the Flat Zone 2 stage
CorneriaUnlocked via CD
CreditsClear the Subspace Emissary
Dialga/Palkia Battle at Spear Pillar!Unlock the Spear Pillar stage
Donkey KongUnlock the 75m stage
DouchuumenUnlock the Mario Bros. stage
Dragon Roost IslandUnlock the Pirate Ship stage
Emerald Hill ZoneUnlock the Green Hill Zone stage
Famicom MedleyUnlock the Mario Bros. stage
Final Destination (Melee)Unlocked via CD
Flat Zone (Melee)Unlock the Flat Zone 2 stage
Flat Zone 2Unlock the Flat Zone 2 stage
Flower FieldUnlocked via CD
Fountain of Dreams (Melee)Unlock the Green Greens stage
Gerudo ValleyUnlock the Pirate Ship stage
Giga Bowser (Melee)Unlocked via CD
Golden Forest (1080)Unlocked via CD
Green Greens (Melee)Unlock the Green Greens stage
Green Hill ZoneUnlock the Green Hill Zone stage
GyromiteUnlock the Mario Bros. stage
Jungle Japes (Melee)Unlock the Jungle Japes stage
Kong Jungle (Melee)Unlock the Jungle Japes stage
Lip's ThemeUnlocked via CD
Live & LearnUnlock the Green Hill Zone stage
Luigi's Mansion ThemeUnlock the Luigi's Mansion stage
Main Theme (SMB)Unlocked via CD
Mario Bros.Unlock the Mario Bros. stage
Menu (Melee)Unlocked via CD
Midna's LamentUnlocked via CD
Mii ChannelUnlocked via CD
Mike's SongUnlocked via CD
Mike's Song (Japanese)Unlocked via CD
Molgera BattleUnlock the Pirate Ship stage
Mother 2 (Melee)Unlocked via CD
Mother 3 Love ThemeUnlocked via CD
Mute City (Melee)Unlock the Big Blue stage
NorfairUnlocked via CD
Open Your HeartUnlock the Green Hill Zone stage
Opening (Donkey Kong)Unlock the 75m stage
Opening (Melee)Unlocked via CD
Planet ColorsUnlocked via CD
Poké Floats (Melee)Unlock the Green Greens stage
Pokémon Stadium (Melee)Unlock the Pokémon Stadium stage
Power-Up MusicUnlock the Mario Bros. stage
Rainbow RoadUnlocked via CD
Ricco HarborUnlocked via CD
Right There, Ride OnUnlock the Green Hill Zone stage
Route 209Unlock the Spear Pillar stage
Scrap Brain ZoneUnlock the Green Hill Zone stage
Seven Rings in HandUnlock the Green Hill Zone stage
Shaberu! DS Cooking NaviUnlocked via CD
Shadow Dragon MedleyUnlocked via CD
SnowmanUnlocked via CD
Sonic BoomUnlock the Green Hill Zone stage
Sonic HeroesUnlock the Green Hill Zone stage
Squeak Squad ThemeUnlocked via CD
Step: SubspaceClear the Subspace Emissary
Step: Subspace Ver. 2Clear the Subspace Emissary
Step: Subspace Ver. 3Clear the Subspace Emissary
Super Mario Bros. 3 (Melee)Unlocked via CD
Super Sonic RacingUnlock the Green Hill Zone stage
Tane no UtaUnlocked via CD
Team Galactic Battle!Unlock the Spear Pillar stage
Termina FieldUnlock the Pirate Ship stage
Tetris: Type AUnlock the Luigi Mansion's stage
Tetris: Type BUnlock the Luigi's Mansion stage
The Great SeaUnlock the Pirate Ship stage
The Hidden VillageUnlocked via CD
Theme of Solid SnakeUnlocked via CD
Title (Kid Icarus)Unlocked via CD
Title (LoZ)Unlocked via CD
Tunnel SceneUnlocked via CD
Underground Theme (SMB)Unlocked via CD
Venom (Melee)Unlocked via CD
Victory is NearUnlocked via CD
Victory RoadUnlock the Spear Pillare stage
Village of the Blue MaidenUnlock the Pirate Ship stage
VS. MarxUnlocked via CD
VS. Parasite QueenUnlocked via CD
Wii Shop ChannelUnlocked via CD
Wild Pokémon Battle! (P:D/P)Unlock the Spear Pillar stage
Winning Road Roy's HopeUnlocked via CD
You Call This a Utopia?!Unlocked via CD
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Ness 93%
Description: There are 3 methods to unlock Ness.
1) You can play 5 multiplayer matches
2) Rreflect 10 projectiles while playing
3) You can acquire Ness in The Subspace Emissary quest.

For the last 2 options, you must fight Ness and defeat him after fulfilling the initial requirement.
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Marth 93%
Description: There are 3 methods to unlock Marth.
1) Play 10 multiplayer matches
2) Finish Classic Mode on any difficulty level
3) You can acquire Marth in The Subspace Emissary quest.

For the last 2 options, you must fight Marth and defeat him after fulfilling the initial requirement.
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[Easter Egg] Snake's Codec 93%
Description: Here is a interesting feature to the game that can only be executed by Snake while playing on his stage, Shadow Moses Island.
How to: If you have your taunts set to the d-pad on either the Gamecube controller or the Wii controller, press down on the d-pad repeatedly. This must be done extremely fast.
If executed properly, Snake will take a knee and get on his Codec, where he'll speak with familiar characters from the Metal Gear Solid series, including Otacon, Colonel Campbell, and the like. You will have a completely unique, often humorous conversation with the person on the other end of the Codec depending on who you are fighting. That is right -- there are completely unique conversations for each character, including character variants (Shiek, Zero Suit Samus, the various Pokémon). Give it a try!
Additionally, if Snake is killed when using the Codec, another interesting sequence occurs.
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Move set swapping part 1 93%
This is part 1 of a video showing off move set swapping See the video: Cheat Video
Super Smash Bros. Brawl cheat video Cheat Video
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Stage Builder Parts 93%
Description: Build your own stages in the game
How to: You must 1st unlock the parts necessary to build these stages. They come in 3 droves, and can be unlocked via the methods listed below.
Edit Parts APlay 10 times on stages you built
Edit Parts BBuild at least five stages
Edit Parts CBuild at least fifteen stages
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Football 93%
This video shows SSBB Football See the video: Cheat Video
Super Smash Bros. Brawl cheat video Cheat Video
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Target Tests 93%
Description: You can unlock the following Target Tests by completing Target Smash!! challenges on the levels listed while playing Classic Mode.

Hard DifficultyLevel 3
Intense DifficultyLevel 5
Medium DifficultyLevel 2
Very Hard DifficultyLevel 4
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Smoke ball glitch 93%
If snake holds an ACTIVE smoke ball or one is attached to him and then uses his final smash, the ENTIRE screen will be covered in smoke, blocking everyone's view. by LOCAL LEGEND.
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Chats 92%
To perform Solid Snake, Fox, Falco, and Wolf's Smash Taunt, do the following. For Snake, go to the Shadow Moses Island stage, and quickly and repeatedly tap D-pad Down. Snake should crouch down and put his hand to his ear, occasionally nodding and seeming to speak to someone. He will then stand up and a beeping noise will be heard. Then, Snake and one of three characters (Colonel Roy Campbell, Mei Ling, or Otacon) will talk to Snake about the character you are fighting. For Fox, Falco, or Wolf, go to the Lylat Cruise stage, and quickly and repeatedly tap D-pad Down. Fox, Falco, or Wolf will bend down and start to rapidly shake his fist. After a brief period of time, Fox, Falco, or Wolf will stand up and salute someone off-screen. However, nothing will happen until you pass through the warp. Afterwards, Fox, Falco, or Wolf's team will start talking about the fight. What all the characters will say depends on where you are, leading to a total of five different conversations for all three characters. Note: This can also be done with Fox and Falco on the Corneria Melee stage.

Play on the Shadow Moses Island stage as Snake in Training mode and select Falco your CPU opponent. Quickly and repeatedly tap D-pad Down. When Snake kneels down, instead of Colonel Roy Campbell, Mei Ling, or Otacon calling him, Slippy from Star Fox will call him.
By: PikaComet(1333)
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Rare Pokémon Appearances 92%
Description: There are 3 rare Pokémon in the game that will appear out of Poké Balls in battle once in every 493 throws (0.2% of the time). They are Celebi, Jirachi, and Mew.
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Shadow of the Collosal Jigglypuff 92%
How to: To perform this entertaining glitch, play Bridge of Eldin as Jigglypuff. When the bridge is destroyed, grab the Smash Ball and wait for the portal and the black stuff to appear (a few seconds). When it does, hop in the gap in the bridge and activate the Jiggly's Final Smash. If executed correctly, he'll balloon up as usualy but get caught in the re-spawning bridge gap and remain huge. *** If you move right or left after you are increase in stature you will die. You may jump or attack at will.

This glitch works for other characters as well, just pull off a final smash in the gap and you will get the following results:

Fox, Falco, Wolf, KirbyCamera stays zoomed in, Kirby glows like a Smash Ball
R.O.BBeam keeps going, but no damage is done
LuigiLuigi skips the dance
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Subspace Emissary 100% Cleared Stage 92%
Want to know if a stage in Subspace Emissary is completely looted/cleared/explored? Check the little green flag on the stage. If there is a green flag on the stage, that means you have not completely explored it for 100%.
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Easy Character Unlocking 92%
Here's a great way to unlock all of the characters in the game rather effortlessly. It should only take around 2 hours. Since all of the hidden characters can be unlocked in some way via Brawling (versus mode), you can slant the mode in your favor to do rack up Brawls quickly and effortlessly.
Start by selecting the Special Match mode. Set it to Stamina and Flower modes, and on the character selection screen give the CPU 1 health and your character anything over that amount. (Make sure it is on 1 Life Stock mode). Set the map, at least until you unlock Snake, to Shadow Moses Island. Play with these rules for about 2 hours and you will rack up 500 matches in Brawl, more than enough needed to unlock all of the characters. Just remember -- you have to win the character you are trying to unlock!
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Zero Suit Samus 92%
Description: There are 2 methods to acquiring Zero Suit Samus.

1) Hold down the R button (on the GameCube or Classic controllers) or the B button (on the Wiimote) from the stage select screen. Hold down R, select Samus, select your stage, and then release the R button. You should start the battle not as "armored" Samus, but Zero Suit Samus.

2) You decide to start the battle as regular Samus. You can switch to Zero Suit Samus by quickly pressing up and down repeatedly extremely fast on the d-pad. This is prettt hard to do, and can not be done on the Wiimote (since the A button only provides one taunt, and there is no other equivalent). If you do this, keep in mind that you can not switch back during the battle to regular "armored" Samus.
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Character Selection 92%
After choosing your character on the character select screen, you can mess around with the characters, which most people know. You can select varying colors for each character and the like. However, there are 2 characters who have more important character selection options -- Princess Zelda and Pokémon Trainer. For these 2 characters, you can do more than just select colors. For Zelda, you can choose to start as Zelda or Shiek (simply press one or the other). For Pokémon Trainer, you can select which of his 3 Pokémon he'll start the battle with.
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[Easter Egg] Star Fox Conversations 92%
If you are playing on Lylat Cruise with 2 of the 3 characters from the Star Fox series (Fox, Falco, or Wolf), you can have a conversation between characters. Press down repeatedly on the d-pad (so long as your taunts are mapped to the d-pad) during the battle, and the conversation should occur. This can only happen on the Lylat Cruise stage, and only with 2 of the 3 characters from the Star Fox series on that stage at one time.
EDIT: The Star Fox conversations can also occur on the old Melee stage Corneria. p>
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Stages 92%
Description: Unlock the stages
75mPlay as DK 20 times
Big Blue (old)Play as Falcon 10 times
ElectroplanktonComplete Event Match #28
Flat Zone 2Unlock Mr. Game & Watch
Frozen HillsideFight on the Halberd Stage 10 times
Great SeaUnlock Toon Link
Green GreensPlay as Kirby 20 times (VS. Mode)
Green Hill ZoneUnlock Sonic
Jungle JapesFight in VS. Mode 10 times
Luigi's MansionComplete Classic Mode on Easy
Mushroomy KingdomComplete Event Match #19
Pokémon StadiumFight in Pokémon Stadium 2 10 times (VS. Mode)
Port TownPlay as Falcon 10 times (VS. Mode)
Spear PillarComplete Event Match #25
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Rare Stickers 92%
Description: List of the rarer stickers in the game and how they are unlocked.
BooHit a homerun of at least 900 feet in Home-Run Contest
Liquid SnakeDefeat 10 enemies in Cruel Brawl
PhyllisClear All-Star Mode on Normal Difficulty
Running Chibi-RoboClear Classic Mode on Easy Difficulty
Ryuta IppongiClear 100 Man Brawl in under 210 seconds
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Trials 92%
Description: Unlock trials of old classic Nintendo games:
Donkey KongPlay SSBB for 10 hours
F-ZeroComplete the Subspace Emissary
Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA)Win with Peach in VS. mode five times
Super Mario WorldPlay on Yoshi's Island's stage 3 times
The Legend of ZeldaPlay as Toon Link 10 times
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More Rules 92%
Once you have managed to get 200 KO's in Brawl, you will unlock "More Rules" for the game, which can be found at the bottom of the rules screen.
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Ninja Warrior 91%
What happens when Ninja Warrior meets SSBB See the video: Cheat Video
Super Smash Bros. Brawl cheat video Cheat Video
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Glitch Undead Giga Bowser 91%
This glitch will give you a whole new bowser See the video: Cheat Video
Super Smash Bros. Brawl cheat video Cheat Video
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Boss Battle Mode 91%
Description: Unlock Boss Battle Mode
How to unlock: Complete The Subspace Emissary (known also as Adventure Mode).
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Football 2 91%
This is part 2 of the SSBB Football video See the video: Cheat Video
Super Smash Bros. Brawl cheat video Cheat Video
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Move Set swapping Part 3 91%
This is part 3 of the move set swapping video See the video: Cheat Video
Super Smash Bros. Brawl cheat video Cheat Video
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Beating Tabu 90%
On the final level of Subspace you face Tabu. Here is an easy way to defeat him. Choose Samus, and Pokemon Trainer as two of your six choices. Since Tabu usually floats above you, use Ivysaur and use Bullet Seed (B button on Wii Remote with Nunchuck). Or do the same with Samus's screw attack (up and B). This worked for me.
By: Primal Arceus(63)
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Snake Codecs 90%
This video shows all the unique Snake Codecs in Super Smash Brothers Brawl
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Random Stage Exclusion 90%
After you have managed to unlock each and every stage in the game (there are forty), you gain the ability to exclude stages from the random stage selector that you do not want to play on.
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Tips and Strategies Part 1 90%
This video has some tips for Super Smash Bros. Brawl
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Tips and Strategies Part 2 90%
This video is part 2 of tips and strategies.
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Old fashioned games 100%
If you go on the vault and click MASTERPIECES you can play all the old games the characters you use in the game on their own game, but the developers did not put the full version on there since you only have a limited time, on the legend of Zelda game, you might come to a 4 way turn area, but every turn you make you just go back to the same area... it sort of scares me, but anyways, there are a few games you have to use a certain controller on like METROID, or StarFox, all the first page ones are used on the wii remote [NOTE: you don't use the wii nunchuck on those games, you take the main remote and turn it] so on the games I said you have to use a different controller on, you have to either use a gamecube controller or a Nintendo entertainment system controller. and those are the ONLY ones you can use.
By: crappyman2(123)
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Co-op event 21 EASY BEAT 89%
This is an Easy way to beat Co-op event 21. Both People need to be Picachu. when the event starts, Both get under the Center Platform. (be close by each-other, but about the space of a Goey-Bomb) Start Doing your Down>B move and don't stop. You'll beat the event having 0% Damage, and not using 1 item.
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Easy Character Unlocking (2) 89%
If you are in a hurry to just get all the characters out and about, use this method:
1. Special Brawl
2. Stamina to lowest percentage
3. Flower on head
4. Keep pressing start whilst sitting at computer.
You will have 500 matches in no time and should unlock everyone on the character roster. As a rough indication on how long it takes, I got everyone in less than hour using this method. So for anybody with an hour to spare, this is a great way to do it. Alternatively, you could play the mediocre Subspace Emissary, but it is up to you.
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MetaKnight Ledge Techniques and Strategies 88%
This video shows different ledge techniques for MetaKnight
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Hidden Characters 87%
Description: Unlock the characters listed below, just fulfill the requirement listed. If there is a number in parenthesis next to a character, such as (160), this signifies that you can also unlock by playing that many matches in VS. mode. All characters can be unlocked by meeting them in the Subspace Emissary, as well. Keep in mind that you must defeat the unlocked character in a battle to retain him on the roster permanently.

Captain FalconComplete Classic Mode in twelve minutes or less. (70)
FalcoComplete 100-Man Brawl. (50)
GanondorfComplete Classic Mode on Hard difficulty using either Zelda or Link. (200)
JigglypuffComplete Classic Mode or complete Event Match #20. (350)
LucarioUsing Meta Knight, defeat Lucario in Adventure Mode. Or, complete five Target Tests. (100)
LuigiComplete Classic Mode using no continues. (22)
MarthComplete Classic Mode. (10)
Mr. Game & WatchComplete Target Smash with 30 different characters. (250)
NessReflect 10 projectiles in battle. (5)
R.O.B.Get 250 different trophies. (160)
SnakePlay fifteen matches on Shadow Moses Island. (130)
SonicComplete Classic Mode with 10 different characters or brawl for 10 total hours. (300)
Toon LinkClear Subspace Emissary and then clear classic mode with anyone. (400)
WolfClear Supspace Emissary, and then complete Boss Battle Mode using Fox or Falco. (450)
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Jigglypuff glitch 86%
There is a level that is nothing but a stone bridge, and every so often a person will ride by and drop a bomb that blows it up. Jigglypuff must have te final smash for this part. When the bridge begins to fix itsef, jigglypuff needs to jump in between the bridge before it is fully repaired. Now use yor final smash. You will grow like normal, but you won't shrink!
By: mediumaster(1053)
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Easy Cruel Brawl 86%
An easy way to defeat many alloys in Cruel Brawl is to select PIT or JIGGLYPUFF. At the beginning of the brawl,(1) jump off the edge and fall a little bit. (2) Start jumping (when the alloys start to follow you) under the platform to the other edge. (3) Grab onto the edge and go out toward the edge of the screen (dont jump when you go toward the edge) once you are out there then the alloys will start to follow you. Repeat Step 3 and so on. This is very affective cuz most of the alloys fall when they chase you off the edges. One of the best parts of this is that you dont recieve any damage if you do this right.

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Snake 86%
To unlock Snake, you to either play 15 matches of Brawl on Shadow Moses Island, play 130 matches in Brawl, or have him join your team in the Subspace Emissary.
By: CheatMasta(437)
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Hacks 86%
This video shows various hacks from SSBB See the video: Cheat Video
Super Smash Bros. Brawl cheat video Cheat Video
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Sheik 86%
Description: Unlocking Sheik
How to: To play as Sheik, select Zelda at the character select screen while holding A. Don't let go of A until the match begins, and Zelda will automatically transform into Sheik. COOL!
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How to be bigger than jigglypuff's puff-up! 86%
First get a smash ball, let the bridge blow up, when the bridge to repairs itself use puff-up and you will be big. (can only be done on the bridge of Elden.) Then let yoshi turn jigglypuff into an egg and jigglypuff will grow bigger than what she was before.(can be used multiple times.) From Local Legend.
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MetaKnight's Suoer Up Throw 85%
This video shows MetaKnights Super up throw.
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How to get the time play achivements 83%
If you want to get the 30,50 and 100 hours do a stock match with 4 player (but don't kill yourself) let your Wii open,and for 1hour you will have a 4 hours playing so for 25 hours you will have the 100 hours achivements,think about it,you save 65 hours playing
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KK Concert 83%
If you play any kind of Brawl on the "Smashville" Animal Crossing stage when your Wii's internal clock is set to a Saturday between the hours of 8:00 PM and midnight, K.K. "Totakeke" Slider will appear in the background of the stage and serenade your brawl.
By: PikaComet(1333)
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Dragoon fail 83%
MUST BE IKE. Have a enemy get the dragoon. If he locks on you, use aether. It will hit, but he will be IMMOBILE! He will still take damage. He won't be launched!
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How to make a hot head VERY big!!!!!!!!! 83%
Go to training and choose samus the become zero suit samus once you are zero suit samus press the pause button and in the item select choose the smash ball unpause then smash it then go back to your item select and choose the hothead then unpause stand in front of the hothead with your super smash and press b the hothead will groww very big!
By: anonomous11(33)
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Kirbyciding and Bowserciding 83%
For Kirbyciding you go to the end of a stage when the other player comes suck them up then jump off the stage, you can suck them up then spit them out under the stage or die with them.

For Bowserciding go to the edge of the stage wait for the player do your side-b (Grab Move) tilt the Wii Nunchuck towards the other way of the stage. You are going to flip in the air and fall off the stage if you don't get this go to youtube and look this up:

Bowserciding Online Super Smash Bros Brawl Adventures 1

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Hint in ssbb 82%
If you are playing stock battle and it is one live vs one live left in the battle use either kirbys grab or bowsers grab right next to the edge so when you pull him off the egge (includen you) your opponet will die first, leaving you the winner
By: noah159(200)
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Simple Unlocking 81%
1. Go to special Brawl
2. Do Stamina and Flower
3.Where you pick your characters and change colors, click the thing where it says 150.
4.Make the CPU's health from 150 to one. Keep your health at 150.
5.Choose random stage selection.
6.Press start for instant win.
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Easy trophys and sticks 80%
You have to do about 20% of subspace mode and then go to vault at the main screen and then go to coin lancher by then you should have around 300 coins then lanuch at the trophys its the same with the sticks good luck

by matt03
By: matty03(788)
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Shiek's chain 80%
If you hold down the button for shieks chain and whirl the nunchuk stick then it becomes more powerful if you whip it after a while
By: shiek528(32)
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Fox's quick atak failure 80%
This is very helpful for fooling friends. you simply hit left or right b and than hit b when he's about 2 move. if done right, fox won't go as far. if done right in air, which is more likely 2 happen, fox will go down left or right. ps you can do this in melle but I forget how. and sadly, falco and wolf cannot do it.
By: knucklesfan731(332)
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Talk to starfox 80%
Its just like in melee but different (since wolf is in brawl and you have 3 taunts). have some1 be fox or falco and someone else be wolf.go in a starfox stage (any). than have fox or falco taunt a number of times without gettin hit. than fox or falco will do the same position as in melee and than boom. you did it. ps if you r doing multiplayer tell the person who is wolf to stay where he or she is and do nothin.
By: knucklesfan731(332)
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How to create your very own ninja warrior stages 80%
These "Ninja Warrior" stages are easily recognized by players seeing a character (mostly Mario) go trough an obstacle course. A lot of examples can be seen on youtube or the Ninja Warrior video on this page. Not a lot of "Ninja Warrior" stage have all of the obstacles in one stage, so choose wisely! Here are the obstacles:

unparalleled bars (slanted bars going upwards. Usually consists of three slanted bars. Usually requires two jumps per bar)
body prop (this is where it gets tricky with the character selection. There are 2 rows each containing 3 to 5 boxes with a space in the middle. It can only be cleared by using continuous wall jumps from inside that gap.)
mystery boxes (just those falling boxes. Needs to have a target. Most of them just stay in one place, but try using a MOVING platform sometime to make it harder)
death clinger (a common obstacle. You will need a spiked platform and a brick or ice block above. Your goal is to go between the two WITHOUT receiving damage.)
Ultimate death clinger (works best as the ending obstacle blocking you from the finish. There will be 2 spiked platforms. Your goal is to go UNDER them towards your target. Just as noted in the title, this is harder than doing the normal death clinger.)
leap of faith (It's basically a big jump that requires precise timing.
The start (it's usually a brick, but try a falling box to heat up the start)
The finish (the finish is usually a structure piece or a floor piece. structures are the more commonly used then floors for the finish, but try a tiny floor piece sometime to add up the tension. )

As noted above, the character selection is hard if you have a body prop, so here are the characters who can wall jump (this is required to clear the body props):

Toon Link
Captain Falcon
Diddy Kong
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CD Collecting Trick 80%
If you're new to the game, each stage (except Hanenbow) has soundtrack. Some of the tracks, however, must be unlocked via CDs. They will appear at random, but I have some tricks for you to get more CDs:

1: Make a match with sandbags on high and an infinite amount of minutes. Pummel the sandbags. They will also produce stickers and CDs!

2: same as last one except use Poke Balls instead of sandbags. After a certain amount of throws, you'll see Mew, Celebi, or Jirachi. The Pokemon will drop either a CD or a trophy. You'll also get a message saying, "You met [insert Pokemon here] for the first time! [Insert random line here]."
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How to get stuck and get 999 damage 80%
To get stuck and get 999 damage make a level with spikes and down tings.get stuck in the spikes and the down tings and get 999 damage.
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Easter egg:Ike's sword 79%
With this easter egg you will need ike and a smart bomb Next ike needs to use ether (up B) on the smart bomb Ike sword will be frozen in air when Ike is being attacked but after the boom ike will not be flown across the stage but Ike will jump up to his sword and resume his attack known as ether this is also good for dogdeing a flight across the stage from a smart bomb or any other expolisive but this need exicilint timing
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Be Zerosuit Samus at the beginning of a match 78%
To be Zerosuit Samus, hold Z with the nunchuk and wiimote comination. I dunno what it is with other controllers...
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Ganondorf Punch Glitch 78%
Go to special brawl and have two people, (not CPU's) be Ganondorf. Set the brawl so it is in slow motion, and set it to 300% damage, and start it. Both go towards each other and press B at the EXACT same time, if you are just slightly off it wont work. If done correctly, both of you will fly back and die, and no matter what, (I dont know why,) the crowd will start cheering for Ganondorf, but which one?
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Specials 78%
Only use Luigi's special when all the enemies r near. During Peach's special only attack an enemy wen your done collecting berries. Captain Falco's special only hit's the people in front of him. Some characters like Link, Zelda, Ike and Metal Knight hits the people exactly in front of them. Kirby's special mostly hits the people on the same floor except the people behind items. Sonic,Yoshi, fox, falco and wolf's specials you can controll them. don't keep going out of field or you'll turn back to normal. Mario and Samus' specials mostly hit the things in front of them the same floor. Ness and Lucas almost os only dodgable by moving.
By: jamespongebob(136)
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More coins in credits 78%
During the credits shooting part (after classic or all-star) hit the picture and not the names. the pictures give 2 coins, names give 1.
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Start off as shiek 78%
Ok at fighter select pick zelda/shiek now go to the bottemthen click on shiek and a flash will aprear and it will say shiek and know you start of as her
By: slyguy(631)
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Bowsers Chain Grab 77%
This video shows Bowsers Chain Grab
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Unlock all characters 77%
1. Go to special brawl in group.
2. Do stamia, then a flower on your head.
3. Choose any characters.
4. Change the cpu's HP to 1.
5. Start on any stage.
6. The CPU will die instantly.
7. Do this 500 times. It will take about an hour when done correctly
By: the game freak(316)
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Flying golden hammer 75%
When you jump with the golden hammer if you hit the a button rapidly on a gamecube controller you will stay in mid-air for awhile
By: slyguy(631)
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Glitches 75%
One puffed up jigglypuff

pick jigglypuff and any other people in a brawl. go to bridge of eldin. when there wait for a smash ball and break it. then later a guy is on some animal will come and he will most likely drop a bomb. pray he does. YOU HERE ME!? PRAY HE DROPS A BOMB! then the brige will explode. then later a dark potal or something will appear and some ship or watever come out. when the ship appears wait till it shoot black stuff at the point it come out and jumpin the middle of the broken bridge and go in thye broken piece. the use final smash warning dont go below the broken piece. then jigglypuff will puff up. JIGGLYPUFF! then the bridge wont be broken and jigglypuff will get hit not taking damage and go on the bridge still big. then you play as jigglypuff big. when you die you will be small again when big you run slow.

a stone master makes an earthquake in a nintendo invention

be kirby. go to pictochat stage. go near the edge when kirby looks like he is about to fall. use down 1 (if wii remote) or down a (if gamecube controller) and kirby will be stone kirby. YAY! then a earthquake will happen. EARTHQUAKE! OH NO! dont worry this glitch is just an illusion for I dont know why.

Homing attacks are life savers! well in a battlefield.

be sonic. go to battlefield. jump off the edge. go to the middle in the bottom quickly. then use the 1 (if wii controller) or a (if gamecube controller) then sonic will use his attack to go to the middle. then move to the left or right still using the same attack and sonic will still hit the bottom of the battlefield. then when in the open air, use (wii) up 1 or (gamecube) up a and sonic will use the spring thing. then when in air try to land on the land. that is a tip to save you from any ko's in the game in battlefield as sonic. a glitch is a lifesaver!
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Protect yourself from final smash 75%
While playing as kirby, you know you can become a rock, rigkt? Well, when someone uses a final smash, become a rock, and you won't take damage! WARNING: Does not work for some final smashes such as Kirby's, falco and fox's, and some others.
By: mediumaster(1053)
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Losing Munchlax 75%
Are you tired of anoying little Munchlaxes stealing items from you? Well now you can get rid of it. According to my guide if you stand next to an item then munchlax is barley an inch away take the item! this will make Munchlax melt away.
By: lucario zero(487)
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How to unlock Toon link in the subspace emisary! 75%
Once you have unlocked To on Link in vs mode. Go to the Subspace Emissary the stage is The Forest and enter the first door. You will watch a short movie called To on Link appears. hint Sonic,Kirby, and Captain Falcon work best  
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Hint for Peach's Super smash 75%
Okay if you're jigglypuff or Kirby and you see Peach has her Final smash ready, start floating around by reapeadetly jumping and her Final smash will do nothing to you
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Level 1 target smash 75%
Here is a tip for level 1 target smash before breaking the 3rd target grab the gunray above it to shoot #5
By: lucario zero(487)
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Unlock Events 75%
Co-op Event 21 Complete all 20 Co-op Events
Co-op Events 14-20 Complete 10 Co-Op Events and unlock all hidden characters
Co-op Events 9-13 Complete the Subspace stage in Adventure Mode
Event 41 Complete all 40 evnts
Events 11-20 Complete 7 events
Events 21-28 Complete the Subspace stage in Adventure Mode
Events 29-40 Unlock all hidden characters
By: Boba Fett(760)
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100-man brawl made easy. 75%
Select donkey kong and just keep pressing down and one so he repeatedly hits the ground.
By: Craig87(157)
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Super Snake combo 75%
Use C4 on an enemy. DON"T DETONATE. Then use your hand bombs. Throw two. When these steps are done, DETONATE C4 when the hand bombs explode! 117% damage, instant ko!

NOTICE: Doesn't work that ko part if low hit ratio (how far enemies fly on impact.)
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Stickers 75%
Boo [Mario Tennis] Hit over 900 ft. in the Home-Run Contest
Liquid Snake [Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes] Defeat 10 Alloys in Cruel Brawl
Phyllis [Animal Crossing: Wild World] Clear All-Star mode on Normal difficulty with any character
Running Chibi-Robo [Chibi-Robo] Clear Classic mode on Easy difficulty with any character
Ryuta Ippongi [Duendan 2] Clear 100-Man Brawl in under 3 minutes, 30 seconds
By: Boba Fett(760)
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Hints and tips on wi-fi and a wi-fi SECRET 75%
Hints and tips: when you go on wi-fi, don't have one battle then drop out and come back in, you'll probably go back to the group you droped out of so it's pointless to drop out and try again, also if you do it multiple times YOU and OTHER PEOPLE will lose connection. Don't leave with your player still in the group, just exit out when fighting for important things, or wait till the fight ends and exit out of character selection screen, if you don't you'll create a dead character that takes 56 seconds for one fight to load on the selection screens.
SECRET: If someone exits out when it says "brawling..." it will still say brawling and team brawl will turn into regular brawl, or when there's three people there'll be three teams, red, blue, and finally GREEN.
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How to get boss battles 75%
I got boss battles by completing subspace emissary but I had to complete classic mode right after to completely get.
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How to unlock 2 achievements the easy wat 75%
First, go to vault(the green icon that has a box.) then click on challenge. You will see 2 golden hammers on the bottom of the screen. Click on it, then click on any blue(unachieved) boxes. It will ask you if you want to break open the box. Click yes, and then any thing in the box(ie. trophies, stages, songs,etc.)will be unlockED!
By: the game freak(316)
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How to be bigger than jigglypuff's puff-up! 75%
First get a smash ball, let the bridge blow up, when the bridge to repairs itself use puff-up and you will be big. (can only be done on the bridge of Elden.) Then let yoshi turn jigglypuff into an egg and jigglypuff will grow bigger than what she was before.(can be used multiple times.) From Local Legend
By: abdulibrahim(15)
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Using your opponents projectiles 75%
When your opponent uses a projectile (like Samus' charge shot or Snake's Nikita), your character can give them a taste of their own medicine or use it for their benefit. These are the characters that can:

Mario: Use the cape to reflect the projectile.

Link: If Link's shield is in front of him, he can reflect projectiles as well. Same for Toon Link.

Zelda: Zelda is tough. Her reflector is Naryuu's Love (standard special), but the shield doesn't last very long.

Pit: Pit can either use his side special or his shield to reflect projectiles.

R.O.B.: R.O.B.'s side special can reflect projectiles as well.

Fox, Falco, and Wolf: Use their reflector to reflect projectiles.

Lucas/Ness: The PK user can activate the PSI magnet to absorb the projectile, and heal their own damage according to how powerful the projectile(s) is/are.

Mr. Game and Watch: He can use his Oil Panic to absorb up to 3 projectiles. Once his bucket is filled, he can use it for a VERY strong attack. This empties his bucket and can be reused for another oil panic.
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Easy dodge for the lava norfair 75%
First be kirby then select the norfair stage and play it when the safety capsul comes up everyone will fight to get to it but you can just use your down b move and the lava might not hurt you if it does you still will not get launched!
By: anonomous11(33)
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How to: Unlocking All Secret Characters / Stages 74%
Part I - Characters

There are several ways to unlock the characters in SSBB, most of which can be unlocked via SSE (Sub-Space Emissary) or brawling, but here are all of the ways that the characters can be unlocked.

SSE= Sub-Space Emissary

Description: Jigglypuff
How to Unlock- Brawl 350 times, have hin join you in the Sub-Space Emissary, or after completing the SSE, fight him in the "Swamp" stage, or complete the SSE and then events 1-20.

Description: Robotic Operating Buddy (R.O.B.)
How to Unlock- Brawl 160 times, get 250 trophies, or have him join you in the SSE.

Description: Snake
How to Unlock- Brawl 120 times, play 15 matches on Shadow Moses Island, or have him join you in the SSE.

Description: Sonic
How to Unlock- Brawl 300 times, beat Classic mode with 10 characters, or have him join you in the SSE.

Description: Luigi
How to Unlock- Brawl 22 times, complete Classic mode without continuing, or have him join you in the SSE.

Description: Ness
How to Unlock- Brawl 5 times, reflect 10 projectiles, or have him join you in the SSE.

Description: Wolf
How to Unlock- Brawl 450 times, complete Boss Battle mode with Fox or Falco, or complete SSE and play the "Ruins" stage.

Description: Falco
How to Unlock- Brawl 50 times, complete 100 Man Brawl, or have him join you in the SSE.

Description: Mr. Game and Watch
How to Unlock- Brawl 250 times, have him join in the SSE, or clear Target Test on any level with 30+ characters.

Description: Toon Link
How to Unlock- Brawl 400 times, fight him in the "Forest" stage after completing the SSE, or after finishing the SSE, complete Classic Mode.

Description: Marth
How to Unlock- Brawl 10 times, have him join you in the SSE, or finish Classic mode on any difficulty.

Description: Lucario
How to Unlock- Brawl 100 times, have him join you in the SSE, or complete all five levels of Target Test with any character.

Description: Ganondorf
How to Unlock- Brawl 200 times, collect the Zelda and Link trophies in the SSE, or clear Classic mode on Hard with Link or Zelda.

Part II - Stages

A lot of stages have to be unlocked by doing certain tasks, so they are not as easy to unlock as characters, but here is the list.

Description: 75m
How to Unlock- Brawl as Donkey Kong 20 times

Description: Big Blue
How to Unlock- Brawl as Captain Falcon 10 times

Description: Flat Zone 2
How to Unlock- Unlock Mr. Game & Watch

Description: Great Sea
How to Unlock- Unlock Toon Link

Description: Green Greens
How to Unlock- Fight as Kirby in VS mode 20 times

Description: Green Hill Zone
How to Unlock- Unlock Sonic

Description: Hanenbow
How to Unlock- Complete Event #28

Description: Jungle Japes
How to Unlock- Play on any Melee stage 10 times in VS Mode

Description: Luigi's Mansion
How to Unlock- Use Luigi in brawl 3 times

Description: Mario Bros
How to Unlock- Beat Challenge #19

Description: Pokemon Stadium
How to Unlock- Play on Pokémon Stadium 2 10 times in VS Mode

Description: Spear Pillar
How to Unlock- Clear stage #25 in Event Mode

By: Lukario(1017)
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Defeat Tabuu with no hassle 73%
All you must do is choose the pokemon trainer and when the the three red rings shoot out time it right and switch pokemon and you will dodge, I also suggest the following battle roster:
Pokemon trainer#1 PS Good Dodge
Sonic#2 PS When Tabuu is teleporting use the homing attack and sonic will follow Tabuu.
Pikachu#3 PSThunder does good damage and air attacks are great(air attacks are standard attacks in the air).
Pit#4 PS Can reach Tabuu in high places
Captain Falcon #5 PS Quick and easy attacks
Lucario#6 PS Lucario is a last resort because of his awesome recovery and strong air attacks
By: Carlos11(12)
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Earthquake glitch 73%
First use Kirby and choose pictochat stage.then go to the right edge where the slope is and press down+b.there should be stars and smoke like can do this to porkey just go on him and press down+b.youu can also make a stage that lets you do earthquake.
By: Naruto1098(18)
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Easy Challenges! 73%
Are you stuck on the challenge of getting 1,000 and 5,000 coins in coin matches? This will help! Create a custom stage with spikes. Set the rules to coin match 9:00. Start and jump into the spikes. Leave the wii remote anywhere and forget about the game. Go on cheatmasters or whatever! When the game match is over, come back to the game and you should have unlocked the challenges!
By: CheattopiaBen(631)
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1 hit ko landmaster 73%
Use Fox, Falco, or Wolf's final final smash. Then, when your enemy's get on the cannon or the hood, go up! It will kill them due to the highness.

Notice: sometimes they jump off the landmaster to avoid kill, AND you will get about 2% damage for being off screen!
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Unlock shadow silver and knuckles 73%
To unlock shadow you must press z+c and to unlock sillver hold 1+2 to unlock knuckles hold -
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Reflecting Projectiles with Ness and Lucas 71%
You can reflect projectiles (I'm not sure if you can with all of them) thrown or just happening to be flying at you by using Ness or Lucas's side smash move (the baseball bat) at the right time.
By: AnimeFever218(17)
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Item from home run contest 67%
Hit 15,000 feet with all fighters you will get a bumper trophy
hit 24,000 feet with all fighters you will get a xananab trophy
hit 30,000 feet with all fighters you will get a shy guy trophy
hit 37,500 feet with all fighters you will get ai no uta (french version) music
hit 45,000 feet with all fighters you will get a golden hammer trophy
hit 900 feet with one fighter you will get a boo (mario tennis) sticker
hit 1,500 feet with one fighter you will get a home-run bat trophy
if you use all 35 fighters in home-run contest you will get sandbag trophy
By: slyguy(631)
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LUCARIO!!! 67%
To unlock Lucario is by doing 100 V.S mode brawls OR beat Target Smash on all difficulty levels OR get Lucario to join your party in the Subspace Emissary.
By: Pokezach(31)
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Safe stage (Create yourself!) 67%
To create a safe section on a stage, just build a section of spikes and a thick platform (such as a conveyor belt) right above them. When the stage starts, just jump into the spikes and you cannot get Ko'd without someone using a final smash!
By: mediumaster(1053)
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Easy 100 Man Brawl 67%
The easiest way to do 100 man brawl using a game cube control is use the c-stick(default) to smash the robots guys they'll just go flying.Using the wii remote and nun-chuck is to press A+left or right its is the same as using the c-stick to smash.
By: mzatt(634)
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Items fromm coin matches 67%
If you play 10 coin matches you get the smash coins trophy
if you get 1000 coins in total you will get a tom nook trophy
if you get 5000 or more coins in total you will get o2 battle music
By: slyguy(631)
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Zero suit samus 67%
To use Zero Suit Samus at the start of a match, select Samus on the character screen and hold the following button before the match starts with the corresponding controller that is being used:
Gamecube/Classic controller: Hold the R button
Wii Remote with Nunchuk: Hold the Z button
Wii Remote: Hold the Minus (-) button
Note that this also works with stages like Mushroomy Kingdom.
By: Boba Fett(760)
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Snake's roll and grab 67%
Ok with snake or any other fighter realy they can run to the item without stoping like you had to do in melee you can press A when runing and you will pick up the item and do your slide attack it very helpful then stoping and picking it up
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100 man brawl 67%
If you want to beat 100 man brawl be kirby and on the control stick go down and press b while in the air and keep on doing that and he will turn into a rock and all the enemys will end up dying if you keep on doing it.
By: darkraimaster(5)
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Snake's allternative grenade drop. 67%
If you have a item with snake and you have time to drop and use a grenade..... well you can you press b to preform his grenade special and he will drop his wepon and throw his grenade
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Glith with Jgglypuff 67%
1.Go to the bridge of eldin.
2.When king bolbin blows the bridge up go where the bridge was.
3.You most have your final smash to do this.
4.Before the bridge goes back use your final smash.
5.And then before you go back to your normal size you will trip and still be giant.
By: luxray(6)
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Fun with C4 (Snake's down special move) 67%
If you are close enough, you can stick C4 on an enemy by using your down special move (you may have seen a CPU do this before) and blow them up by using the down special move again. HOWEVER, it can be passed on to another person by touching them just like a gooey bomb so BE CAREFUL WHEN DETONATING IT SO YOU DON'T ACCIDENTALLY BECOME A SUICIDE BOMBER!
By: AnimeFever218(17)
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Easy CDs and statue 67%
If you make it so there is only poke balls for items that drop and put the meter thing for how many drop on high then make it so you play for unlimited time, because it does take a while... then play like you usually would, and throwing all the poke balls you can find. Once in about 400 throws a Celebi or Mew will come out. watch them carefully because they will drop CDs and Statues!

P.S: This always works! )
By: GameGirl16(114)
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Get sonic quick! 67%
How to get sonic quick complete classic mode in 10 diffirent characters. use your 10 best characters to get sonic quick have fun as sonic. sonics my name and speed is my game.
By: djjohnny09(81)
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How to steal your partners stock 67%
If you lost all of your stocks just press and hold 1,2,A and B when you did that already it should say share stock (note:this will only work on team stock, you must start with 2 or more stock and your partner must have 2 or more stocks also you must have none stock to do this
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Zero suit samus cheat 67%
In selection menu if you want to be zero suit samus hold z and let go when you press OK
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Teamwork moves 67%
Ganondorf and cf (captain falcon): have ganondorf grab som1 with his side special and have cf use his falcon punch be4 ganondorf drops fo

sonic and wolf: have sonic grab som1 and b4 sonic throws the fo have wolf use his up smash

toon link and cf: wen toon link is using his final smash have cf do his b move b4 tl duz ta finl blo and cf will do ta punch rite wen tl duz ta finl blo

ike and falco: wen ike grabs som1 make falco keep doing his a moov until ike finishes his down thro

snayk and samus: wen snayk grabs som1 mayk samus do her duk a moov b4 snayk thros ta fo

meta nite and link: mayk meta nite do hiz b moov on som1 and wen link is neer hav link do hiz up smash b4 meta nite is dun doin hiz b moov

ike and marth: wen ike is doin hiz finl smash and marth is on ikes teem hav marth get blow ikes slam down poynt and at ta rite timing hav marth do hiz b move and relees wen ike slams 2 ta grownd

i wil find mor wen I get a chanse but so far tis iz al I hav

frum yur beluved ssbb hint sender
By: knucklesfan731(332)
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Fox, Falco, and Wolf talking changes 67%
Below you will see how different conversations with Star Fox or Wolf can change.

Asteroid field: Panicked crew member (Peppy for Star Fox, Leon for Star Wolf)

Wolfens and arwings: Both teams (Star Fox members only!)

Skirmish: Unknown type of chat

Corneria: Amused members (Peppy, Fox, or Leon)

That's all!
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Homing atak failure 67%
B sonic and yooz yur b move just below a ceiling and you will stop just like that. note: it is kind uv anoying, so just dont try 2 hit a primid in a skinny part uv a halberd stage.
By: knucklesfan731(332)
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How to get wolf on ssbb 67%
On sse go to the ruins and find a falling platform (don't go throgh the first door) the second door and a video then you fight wolf
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How to get wolf on ssbb 67%
On sse go to the ruins and find a falling platform (don't go throgh the first door) the second door and a video then you fight wolf
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Easy characters 67%
To get characters easier do this:
1.On the main menu click group.
2.Inside group go to special brawl.
3.Inside special brawl turn on stamina and flower modes.
4.Click the bottom button.
5.Choose any character.
6.Set up 1 CPU.
7.Set the CPU to puny and put the stamina for the CPU to 1.
8.Start the brawl on any stage.
9.In like 2 secs the CPU will die with out attacking it!
10.Keep doing this many times.This will be boring but each counts as a real brawl.

Well there you go.Though it still takes a while but you don't have to do all the battles.
By: CheatmasterML(899)
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Easy dodge for meta ridley 67%
When you verse meta ridley on captain falcon's ship make sure you don't fall off the edge when you do this. when MR goes and shoots his multiple shots againts the ship hang of the back of the ship and you won't get hit
By: anonomous11(33)
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How to dodge the lady with the sword that comes out of the assist trophy 67%
Ok so when your opponent gets the assist trophy and the lady with the sword comes out and the screen goes sort of dark just keep moving around and dont stop moving and if you do get hit go to the jungle japes stage and move around the left side of the screen
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Download shadow, kid goku, master cheef and moar 64%
Bsidz txtyur haks yooz your SD card 2 download da following sites 4 karaktrz:

shadow over DK:

knuckles over pikachu:

cloud over ike:

darth vader over ganondorf:

kid goku over luigi:

galacta knight txtyur:

zero over link:

boo txtyur:

master chief over captain falcon:

shadow regulr:

waluigi over cf:

o you also need da homebrew channel and yooz da gecko thing every time.
enjoy yoozing these =)
yes yoshi764, dis iz reel. same 4 you slyguy
By: knucklesfan731(332)
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Toon link 63%
After you beat the subspace missionary go to the forest.
go in the first door you see and you will find toon link sailing on a ship.
be ready to fight(no 2plyr allowed) he's hard.
By: noah159(200)
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Flying luigi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 60%
What you do is hit down b and than rapidly press b. if done right, luigi will be in the air. this is a move that helps you get bak 2 the stage be4 you use up b.
By: knucklesfan731(332)
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Fast fighting 60%
When your trying to battle on stages when you need to battle like 10 times on it for a trophie you can put the damage ratio on 2.0 and put handycap on put your opponents or opponent and stock on one life and you can kill them super fast
By: slyguy(631)
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Unlockable S 60%
1.Shadow the Hedgehog-Assist Trophy-Unlock Sonic
2.Sonic-Character-Brawl for 10 hours or finish classic mode w/ 10 diffirent characters
3.Snake Eater-Music-Play 15 vs matches on shadow mosses island
4.Song of Storms-Music-Complete event match 37
5.Staff Credits-Music-Complete Classic Mode on Hard Difficulty
6.Star Wolf Assault Team-Music--Complete Event match 38 on Hard Difficulty
7.Star Wolf-Music-Complete event match 38
8.Super Mario 64 Theme-Music- Play Vs. Mode for 50 hours
9.Super Mario Underwater-Music-Play 10 vs matches on Mario Bros
10.Sandbag-Trophies-Use every character in home run mode
11.Shadow Bugs-Trophies-Clear boss battle mode on Normal Difficulty
12.Shy Guy-Trophies-Hit total 30,000ft in Home run contest mode
13.Silver-Trophies-Clear target smash level 3 w/ all characters
14.Smash Coins-Trophies-Play 10 coin matches
15.Stafy-Trophies- Clear target smash level 1 w/ 10 characters
16.Stickers-Trophies-Collect every sticker
17. Striker Mario-Trophies- Defeat Classic mode on very hard difficulty
18.Subspace Bomb-Trophies-Clear boss battle on Easy Difficulty
19.Subspace Gunship-Clear boss battle w/ 10 characters
20.Super Scope- Trophies -Clear Target smash level 1 w/ every charcter
21.Spear Pillar- Stages- Complete Event match 25
By: jamespongebob(136)
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Lucario 60%
Play on intense(you don't have to beet it)then go to target smash and beet all the levels.Lucario will battle you.
By: Chessman(4)
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Helpers of fox 60%
Be fox,falco,or wolf. then choose 1 of the fox places keepp on taunting dont move any character. their you go
By: zem1212(19)
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Sudden death mode 60%
There are three ways of doing this:
1-When both players are defeated at the same time (falling, by some trap of the level)this can also be of three players.

2-In special brawljust put 300% mode.

3-In brawl go to options and put on the damage of the characters.

Note:this can't be done in SSE, Classic and all solo modes.
Sudden death means your damage rate is large and just with a smash move you can be trown away. This is for a better game experience
By: Wilson1023(119)
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Smashville 60%
In the stage Smashville is small. It comes from the game "animal crossing". Just like in the animal crossing game, it you play it in the day, it is day, and at night it is night. Also just like in the game, if you play it on saturday around 8:00pm K.K Slider will play a concert in the background!
By: GameGirl16(114)
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Unlock target smashes 60%
To get level 1 target smash you must beat clasic mode on easy or normal
to get level 2 target smash you must beat clasic mode on easy or normal
to get level 3 target smash you must beat clasic mode on normal or hard
to get level 4 target smash you must beat clasic mode on hard or very hard
to get level 5 target smash you must beat clasic mode on very hard or intense
By: slyguy(631)
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Unlock sonic 60%
1. Do 300 vs. battles

2. Beat classic mode with 10 differant characters

3. Meet and Beat Sonic to unlock him
By: sonichog4(89)
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How to beat sonic 60%
Get 10 staues in clasic mode t0 unlock him
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Conversations 60%
Tap the D-pad down while using the following characters in the appropriate stages to trigger mid-battle conversations:

Fox/Falco: Lylat Cruise, Corneria (Melee stage)
Wolf: Lylat Cruise
Snake: Shadow Moses Island
By: PikaComet(1333)
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More KO's in Brawls 60%
Put a LV1 group character with 99 lives, Put them 300% of damage to each, now its a battle 1 VS 3 but it will be easy to defeat them and you will get at least 250 KO's
By: Wilson1023(119)
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Ivysaur's super combo 60%
Be the pokemon Ivysaur with the pokemon trainer. When the enemy's above you, start using your bullet seed! Then after the bullet seed, use your seed bomb smash attack! Does about 67% damage per use. max could be 100%, but only if you use bullet seed very long with a max charge seed bomb.
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Stuck on a award CD sticker etc read this 60%
When you are looking at your awards you see hammers on the bottom press one then press a thing you didn't get then you got it warning you only can use 5 hammers so choose wisely
By: zombie101(137)
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Wariside 60%
Be on a tall platform. WAIT A LONG TIME. Then, use Wario's down move! If done correctly, Wario will die upon usage!

Notice: When Wario's fart is ready to rip, Wario will be flashing orange.
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Toonlink slingshot 60%
If your toonlink build a custom stage w/ flat platformz then wen you yooz your final smash have d oponent b inside da flat platformz (they need 2 look like da stairz) and insted uv ataking your foe, toonlink wil eventualy go flying throo d air and die shortly. link cant do dis.
By: knucklesfan731(332)
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Eezy smash target levl 1 60%
If you r trying 2 unlok da palutenas bow trofy, this iz 4 u. wolf iz da guy you wanna yooz. da leader uv Star Wolf has abiliteez you need 2 do dis. wen you start, turn around, dubl jump, and then shoot dat 1 target dat iz very high. den go 2wards da rest uv da targets. yooz your dash atak on da 1st target. den yooz your front air on da next 1, and hit A on da 1 blow dat 1. den go left and yooz da fastest air moovz on de udr 1z. wen on da lowr ground, yooz your dash atak on da left 1, lightly jump then up air on da uppr midl 1, and dash atak on da rite 1. IF done rite, you shud clear it in 14 seconds or les.
By: knucklesfan731(332)
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Long lasting jigily puff glich 60%
First you go to practice then choose jigly puff and choose your partner anyone will do when it starts send in a smash ball and wait for the floor to disaper when it does wait for the space ship to come and jump in the hole and use the smash ball and grow big then you will be big kept that up and you could be bigger than the map
By: Ansem the wise(43)
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Where to find jiggly puff in smash bros brawl wii 60%
Jiggly puff is found on the level called swamp after you complete the supspace emissenary thingy
By: oliversait(4)
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Two Ways to Defeat your Opponent with Bowser and Kirby 60%
Bowser: For the stage I prefer a flat stage like Final Destination. Go to the end of the stage when the player comes grab them spin in the air and fall off platform. They are going to lose a life first. I suggest you have one more life they the player.

Kirby: Go to edge of stadium when player comes suck them off you can die with them with will mabey give you a point or spit them out under the stage. If you spit them out under the stage it won't work for Meta Knight, King DeDeDe, and Jigglypuff

by: Powsebastian1324
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Level Skip in Classic Mode. 59%
To use this you need to press and hold the A button when it says vs character if the you see a level skip scene.
By: minipicc95(14)
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Exploding luigi 58%
When you use luigi's B and tap it very quick at the same time and his head will explode and you will go flining, and if you hit a wall your head will get stuck in it. it is verry tricky so practice it and youll get better, it comes in handy when you need to get back to the stage
By: noah159(200)
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