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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Cheats for WII Page 2
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Super Smash Bros. Brawl WII Cheats

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Cheats

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Rating: 4.7/5 VOTE

Unlock the Flipper item from Super Smash Bros. Melee 58%
Go to Training Mode and get at least a 3 combo with the Bumper. Then play a VS. Mode match with only Bumpers with one stock and KO the computer with the Bumper. You can choose any character for the VS. Mode match.
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Get Sonic Without completing adventure mode 58%
To unlock sonic you need to beat classic mode on easy with The ice climbers and sonic with come up as a " challanger Approaching". I figured this out by completing levels of classic mode with random players.
By: jamescowan11(32)
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Snakes' Mortar Launcher (from helicopter) 58%
When the power ball thing (the multi-coloured one) is on screen, use your missile launcher to blow it up. Press (1) on the Wii remote. You will end up on a helicopter with a mortar launcher. Blow up the opposing team!
By: LordDominico(1480)
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How to unlock falco 58%
Have falco join your team on the adventure mode, (a.k.a.) subspace emissacry. then save your progress and qiut and it should tell you that you unlocked him. but play with him first when they ask you
By: Hbk22dx(195)
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How to unlock Ridly 57%
Beat Tabuu on any difficulty with samus 1st on your lineup without dieing 3 times in a row.
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Crazy Hand 56%
To fight Crazy Hand in Classic, you must reach the Master Hand in under nine minutes and without using any continues. Also, it must be completed on Hard mode or higher. If these conditions are met, Crazy Hand will appear alongside Master Hand at the start of the match.
By: PikaComet(1333)
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How 2 get 100% of SSE 56%
U aint done yet if you just beat tabuu. do these following things. you need wolf, toon link, and jigglypuff to join yur teem. wolf is in the ruins after the slowly falling platform. than there is a door near the big bytans. go in it and you will get to fight wolf. beet him to joyn yur team. toon link is in the forest. cleer the first battleseene and there is a door near the 1st puppit. go in it and you will fight toon link. make him join yur teem. jigglypuff is in the swamp. beet big diddy kong and there is a door in the battlescene with 2 guardrails. clear that battle seen and find a door. go in it and jigglypuff will be there. make er joyn yur teem. now yur 88% clear. now get crowns on all levels. including all 4 great mazes. 2 get crowns you need to do well on the level. you also need 2 find all of the golden blocks. and defeet enuff enemies. if you did all of the above you will get colors.
By: knucklesfan731(332)
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Final smashes 55%
Mario:mario finale it shoots hoops of fire at your opponents
peach: peach blossom it cuase opponts to fall asleep while you eat peach for your smash
bowser:giga bowser turn you in to giga bowser
yoshi:super dragon lets you fly and shoot fire balls
wario:wario man lets wario become untouchable and much stronger and lets him fly with midair attacks
donkey kong:konga beatlets donkey kong to play the bongos to hit opponets by pressing a as a fast as you can
diddy kong:rocketbarrle barrage lets diddy kong fly aroud and shot his peanut popgun
link:triforce slash traps the opponent in a triangle and attacks rapidly then hits him with a kill slash
pit:palutena's army calls apon an army of creature to attack his opponents
zelda/sheik:light arrow a light arrow is shot at your opponents it break thoure shields
kirby:kirby's cook out cook your opponents and itemsand burn them of the stage
king dedede:waddle dee army:calls apon an army of waddle dees doos and gordos and attacks his opponents
meta knight:galaxia darknessturns the screan black and hit every one
samus:zero laser turn samus to zero suit samus and shoot a super laser
fox:landmaster fox enters the landmaster/a huge tank and run over people and shoot them with a mega laser
lucas:pk starstorm star fall from the sky and hit anything
ike:great aether a mega combo depending on the first hit
pikachu:volt tackle pikachu's movement incresses greatly and you can make as your coverd in electricity
pokemon trainer:triple finish a triattack of all 3 pokemon
ice climbers:iceberg makes the stage in a huge iceberg opponents take damage while near it
pikmin & olimar:end of the day olimar get in a rocket and monsters come and kill his opponents
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Flying fox 53%
Here one for fox fans while foxyou can double jump and use your reflector rapidly
like b down b down b down b down in air and it will slow down your fall helpful for geting
back to the stage
By: slyguy(631)
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Unlock shadow the hedgehog 52%
To unlock shadow you need: everything. now put 3 shadow stickers on sonics trophy. then
select sonic for p1 mario for p2 ike for p3 and wario for p4 then go to delfino plaza when
you reach the three cliffs above the sea make sure sonic has a smash ball then attack
the middle one. after that curtains will rip and you will fall then a challenger aproach will
appear and it is shadow beat him and there you have it!
By: evilgirly10181(159)
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Talks 50%
Tap the D-pad down while using the following characters in the appropriate stages to trigger mid-battle conversations:
Fox/Falco: Lylat Cruise, Corneria (Melee stage)
Wolf: Lylat Cruise
Snake: Shadow Moses Island
By: Boba Fett(760)
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Golden hammer in the challages 50%
If you cant beat a challenge just use a golden hammer
By: slyguy(631)
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Tips for home run contest 50%
I will tell you 2 and a half tips on the Home Run contest!

1. First, open the Super Smash Bros. Brawl menu and select solo. Press stadium and Home Run Contest to enter the contest! Now, choose any character. Start the game! Grab the bat and start wacking away! When the timer is at about 2 seconds, get by the Sandbag and do a smash attack. The Sandbag should soar very far. You are most likely to get brought to the Challenges screen and a new block will open.

2. For more details, go to!
2 1/2. For less information, go to the replay menu in the vault, and select the first video. (A free sample.)
By: CheattopiaBen(631)
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All newcomer characters,veteran fighters and secret characters! 50%
Newcomers:Pit,Wario,Zero Suit Samus,Ike,Pokemon Trainer,Diddy Kong,Meta Knight,Snake,Lucas,Sonic,King Dedede,Olimar.

Veteran Fighters
Mario,Link,Kirby,Pikachu,Fox,Samus,Zelda/Sheik,Bowser,Donkey Kong,Yoshi,Peach,Ice Climbers.

Secret Fighters:Ness,Marth,Luigi,Falco,Captain Falcon,Lucario,R.O.B.,Mr.Game & Watch,Ganondorf,Jigglypuff,Toon Link,Wolf.

That's all.
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Character Unlock-able 50%
Toon Link 400 Brawl Matches OR Fight him in Forest stage in SSE after completing it OR After beating SSE, finish the Classic mode
By: Boba Fett(760)
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Unlock extra stage builder parts 50%
Create 15 different stages on stage builder
By: noah159(200)
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Unlock jiggly puff. 50%
After you beat subspace missionary go to the swamp, go through till you beat giant Didy. K
then keep going till you see cannons, shoot through till you go past a door. if you can miss the cannon before the door and jump in, if not swim back onto the platform and go in. be prepared.
By: noah159(200)
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Ike's Final Smash Failure 50%
This requires these rules: 1. 2 people(more will lessen the chance of this happening) 2. One computer if you want(it can be 2 humans, but one humman must be Ike) 3. The only items are Pokeballs and Smashball.

Play around until the smashball comes. Then let Ike get it, and after he stores it, let him throw all the Pokeballs. Keep throwing until you(Ike) get a Latios or a Latias. When you do, make sure you use your Final Smash on the other person as the pokemon starts to exit the screen. While Ike is using his Final Smash, the Latios(Latias) will push the other person away from it, so he wont get any damage.
By: Pokeman2000(761)
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Unlock wolf 50%
Go to the ruins and when you get to the spikes and you go through it ,when you are under the hole thing there will be a door to the right or the first door you see after you pass the spikes, once you go in the door go back out emediatly and fall down to the left you will see a door in the air,go in it ,and you will find wolf, O and makeshure you beat subspace missionary first the whole thing(*__*)

By: noah159(200)
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2D=...I dunno... 50%
Have you ever noticed any stages that makes characters 2D? There are 2/41: Flatzone 2 (unlocked by unlocking Mr Game and Watch), and Hanenbow (from the Electroplankton game, and is unlocked by clearing event 28).
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Zero Suit Samus Cheat Part 2 50%
For the Wii Remote+Nunchuck 1 2 and 1+2 do different taunts and I think A plus Down Any side and up do different taunts
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Easter egg:run bom-omb run 50%
Ok for this easter egg you will need a bom-omb and great timeing you can do this with any fighter and if you pick up the bom-omb right when it starts to run and it will run in your had with the fuse lit but it will expolde like it was on the ground
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Unlock boss battle and allstar modes 50%
All you have to do is beat adventure mode
By: slyguy(631)
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100+ hit combo in practice mode 50%
Select any character from your roster then select the sample stage bath in custom stages. Get semi-near your dummy and select superspicy curry stand on the edge of the ramp furthest away from the drop pad and hit and hold down.
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Changing Pokemon 50%
If you want to change pokemon while in battle, you can either die or, my favourite, just hold down and press " B ".

P.S:This always works!
By: GameGirl16(114)
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Character Unlock-able 50%
Wolf 450 Brawl Matches OR Fight him in Ruins stage in SSE after completing it OR Complete Boss Mode with Fox or Falco
By: Boba Fett(760)
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Jigglpuff's Suicide Move 50%
It's not really a move, but it can kill (but only the user). When Jigglypuff's shield breaks (as in it's guard bubble absorbs too much damage and shatters or it just shatters over time) it will automatically fly up in the air and die due to going off the screen no matter how high the damage percentage is. HOWEVER, if there is an obstruction like a ceiling blocking the way, Jigglypuff will just slam into it and come back down.
By: AnimeFever218(17)
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Lucario 50%
To get Lucario known as the Aura pokemon you must play on Subspace emisery and go up the snow mountain with Metaknight and Ice Climbers and you will see Lucario meditating,and you have to pick Lucario (that is how I got him )and and if you beat him,the next time you turn on Supersmash brothers brawl,it will say "Lucario joined the BRAWL!"
By: Absol500(3)
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Fox master 50%
Remember when your friends always throw stuff at you well no more if an object is thrown press down and b as fox to hurt your friends
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How to ddge kirbys final 50%
First if kiry has his finals smash use your shield and roll away and dont stop then his smash wont hurt you when he is done you can stop rolling
By: scrappycoco(20)
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Going up 50%
Lets say your fox you have your final smash then you activate your smash and now you have your landmaster.well let me give you tip that will get you all the kills .okay sometmes one of my friends wil jump on the land master to be protected to kill your enemy fly him all the way off the screeni prefer just go staight up
By: scrappycoco(20)
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Quack Noise 50%
(Rumble must be on) Create a costum stage with spikes. Hop into the spikes and put your Wii Remote on the closest table to your wii. The Wii Remote will sound like it's making a quacking noise!
By: CheattopiaBen(631)
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Sonic{SSE} 50%
Beat all people in dark doors,then enter Tabuu's room, The middle door shuld be fully open.Go in the middle door,then beat tabuu.After credits have gone,press a when it says THE END.Save data,then prees b.It will say sonic joined your team!
By: vkinasz(570)
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Sudden Death Wins!!! 50%
In sudden death to never lose be Lucario and use aura sphere. Or go to special brawl change it to were you both have 300% damage and finish it with aura sphere!
By: lucario zero(487)
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How to make lucario charge his ball move. 50%
Well start your wii put in ssbb and go on any other level and hold b then move to the left then just wait for someone to get close to you and blast them!
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How to get character trophys 50%
Its really easy all you have to do is complete classic with the character you want be on any difficulty.

by matt03
By: matty03(790)
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The Fiery Falcon 50%
If you are in a battle with Captain Falcon, pause during the most fiery part of the punch, and you will see the fire from the punch, but it will be in the shape of a falcon.
By: robogun(14)
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More trophies, stickers and songs in SSE(adventure) Tip 50%
Finish it in :Hard, Very And Intense mode so more tophies and songs also stickers will appear from the transparent boxes you destroy that have SSMB's logo
By: Wilson1023(119)
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ROB laser aim 50%
When you use ROB's standard B (laser) tilt up or down right after you press it. you can aim it, but not that much.
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Jungle japes 50%
To unlock jungle japes braw on mele stages ten times
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How to unlock Marth 50%
Have marth join your team in the subspace emissary and save n quit.
By: Hbk22dx(195)
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Spear Pillar 50%
If you clear the event "The aura is with me" you can unlock spear pillar. At spear pillar, you can see the following pokemon:
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Subspace 50%
Before you go in the great maze, in the subspace, you don't have 2 get every character! The ones you get r the ones that can join the great maze! Only 4 can go in the great maze. When you're in the great maze pause everytime you want 2 see the map just pause the game
By: jamespongebob(136)
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By: ugotpwned(73)
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Giant Jigglypuff 50%
In the stage bridge of elden be jigglypuff and break a smash ball then wait untill the bridge breaks and jump into the crack then use your finisher and get big you will get hurt and stay that size
By: zachattack20079(3)
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A "messy" brawl 50%
Go into special brawl and mega size only than have 1 person be bowser and the other be DK (because its more fun) than you will have a "messy" brawl
By: knucklesfan731(332)
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Wring out! 50%
For this next cheat all you need to do is battle at the bridge of Eldin. Then go near the end next grab your opponent and toss him the remaning way to finish the job!
By: lucario zero(487)
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More prizes on challenges Tip 50%
Complete some of the events on Hard mode for unlicking more prizes of the challenges.
By: Wilson1023(119)
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Tabuus Impossible to doge attack is now possible to doge 50%
Press the shield button and wen you press down you are invincible for a second do that 3 times at the correct moment and get no harm
PS: usefull for intense difficulty
By: Boba Fett(760)
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R.O.B Diffusion beam glitch 50%
Go to Bridge of Eldin with rob.get the smash ball and when the bridge starts repairing use it and jump into the bridge, you will be stuck with the beam! Try it! =D
By: ROCKER360(200)
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Undieable 50%
With link, marth,or ike kneel down and get in your shield and wait 3-5 sec and get up. so if you get hit it has no effect to you!:)
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Ganondorf 50%
Complete subspace emisary and ganondorf joins the team or clear classic on intense with link
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How to win sudden death's[only with two players] 50%
You can always win on sudden death's by choosing ike or captain falcon using the b and sideways move you will always strike first because they're faster than any one with that move.
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All Star mode 50%
To gain access to all-star mode unlock all characters. Then you should see a message reading All-Star mode now available.
By: lucario zero(487)
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Dodge Tabuu's Sonic Blast Thing 50%
As falco, (Cause he best, or almost best,) Dodger, if you are using the gc remote, hit The R Button as it comes at you. You should dodge it, and the last few booms will pass right through. (At least for me). Any more help on this? use any of the lightning-quick dude for best results upon dodge. (I used either meta knight, or falco)
By: Squirtle900(48)
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How to doge jigglepuff``s fianl 50%
You don`nt have to do this if its a big stage. first be kirby and when she does it start IMEAIDALE fly of.
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Zero sut samus 50%
You can become Zero Soot Samus only by using gamecube controlors.......what you do is hold down L and R when you pick Samus.Then,hold L and R while picking color and stage.Finally,when you start the match let go of L and R and you will be Zero Soot Samus!

By: yaboy362017(10)
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Getting sonic 50%
To get sonic you have to finish the maze
By: delove(3)
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Zero Suit Samus 50%
When you're selecting the character for a brawl, hold down - and click on Samus. Keep holding down - and start the brawl. Pick a stage, but keep holding down -. When the brawl begins, you should be Zero Suit Samus. She moves faster, so its easier.
By: PikaComet(1333)
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Unlock snake 50%
Just keep playing on shadow moses island alot
By: ATG47(4)
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Multiplayer wins 50%
This cheat is personally my favorite cuase it always works. On multiplayer at least three people need to play. While their fighting go hide then theyll forget your even playing! Now just watch the fireworks.
By: lucario zero(487)
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Reflect to protect 50%
If you are a huge fox fan then take my advice well lets say someone throws a pokeball at you quickly press down and b on the gamecube controller and it bounces off the reflector and the pokemon is now yours ps.does work on other items
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Sonic runs in air 50%
Make a stage with a ramp platform and a fyu flat platforms in front of it. then select sonic in that stage and go 2 the bottom that ramp then use his secondary spin dash. if dun rite he will keep going in the air. but place the ramp wisely because if you do it 2 close to the end you will commit suicide (unless if the ramp is in the middle and you hold back you wont die at all)
By: knucklesfan731(332)
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A glich for jiggly puff 50%
You use your special at the bridge place then you wait till the bridge blows up then when it is coming back you use your special wall it is coming back then you will get stuck then stay big as jiggly puff till you die
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Simple strategy with peach 50%
Here is a simple strategy with peach. when you want to attack your opponent with peach, just use the B + left/right attack. when your opponent attacks or throws something, do the b attack. it's simple and it can work on people, trust me :). if you against pros, forget bout it :).
By: Jay Da Knight(7)
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Wall jump 50%
You can wall jump alot of people dont know this and yes so to wall jump find a wall then
move to it even when your touching it then jump. both sides you can do to down and up you cant.
By: gordonst4(63)
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Sticker/ CD drops 50%
First, acquire Stage Builder Parts Set B (Make 5 custom stages). Make a level where there are conveyor belts running into a wall, and a platform somewhere in the level that a player can stand on and stay there.
Plug in a second controller. Go into options, and set every item EXCEPT Sandbag off. Set items to high. Go into your conveyor-belt-level in a regular Brawl and have the second character jump and stay on the platform, so it's not in the way.
Now, when the Sandbags fall, they'll stay at the wall. Use your character (Kirby's basic A attack, repeatedly, recommended or another character that can hit many times quickly.) to hit the Sandbags over and over. Since all other items are turned off, only stickers and CDs will appear. This is the easiest way to get a lot of CDs/Stickers quickly.
By: Boba Fett(760)
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Random Stage 50%
To unlock random stage switch under the rules option, you need to unlock all the stages with additional rules enabled.
By: PikaComet(1333)
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Peach is a winner 50%
To unlock a old game to play use Peach to win 5 regular brawls
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Cool hints 50%
R.O.B.'s lasers can bounce off of floors by pressing down while he readies his eye-laser.

R.O.B.'s fuel is recharged instantly after you land from his up special, which is good for reaching distant floors.

The trainer's pokemon will wilt to tell you when it's time to switch.

The darkness + on some stickers refers to Ganondorf's dark punch and his wizard's foot.

Wario will be flashing red a little when his fart is maxed out.

If Kirby has an ability and taunts, he loses his abilty.

Angle Pit's shot with these hints: Aim up when Pit is charging Paulatuena's bow. When Pit shoots, you can angle the shot with up and down.

Turn Luigi's jump punch into a FIRE jump punch by hitting from under the person.

Start as Zero Suit by selecting Samus, then hold the shield button of your controller as you advance the next screen.
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Brawls fast & easy 50%
If you want to do Brawls real quick, here is the way. You can do 1000 Brawls in about 50 min.- 1 hour. Just go to group then select rules and put the course selection on random. Go to Special Brawl and do a Stanima Flower FAST Brawl. Select a character and simutaniously( that means over and over again)press start. But the only time not to press it is DURING the Brawl.
By: Toon Link(22)
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Unlock Modes 50%
All-Star Mode Unlock all the hidden characters
Boss Battle Mode Complete the Subspace Emissary and Classic Mode
By: Boba Fett(760)
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Sonic and Mario easter egg 50%
Go to training mode play as sonic and have Mario for the cpu then play on shadow moses island this will not always work
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Bonus movies 50%
The World returns-Clear subspace emissary
Toon Link appears- Get Toon Link from the forest's secret door.
Jigglypuff appears-Get Jigglypuff from the swamp's secret door.
Wolf appears- Get Wolf from the Ruin's secret door.

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SUPER dodge! 50%
First let jigglypuff break her shield by the edge of a ceiling. (she will stick to it.) Then have a teamate push you off physically off the ceiling and you'll zoom offscreen but won't die and would be up there for a maximum of eight seconds if done quickly. Or you can break jigglypuff's shield underneath the clock in pictochat and the windmill in pokémon stadium that will push you up gradually into the air. (You can do this without a teamate's help.) From Local Legend.
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How 2 doge ALL uv tabuu's moovz 50%
Golden cayj: dubl jump and sidestep in air

wip: same as ubuv

dragin lazr: dubl jump then up b

teleport flaymz: stay down (kirby or mr. game & watch make it eezyr)

hand slap: get away frum him

swoop sword: dubl jump

ninja star: same as ubuv

wing atak: 1: meta knight jump then keep presing z. 2: pokemon trainr down b. 3: side push

shok bals: stay away
By: knucklesfan731(332)
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Bowser mega bodyslam!!!!!! 50%
This move can only be done wid bowser final smash(giga bowser) you are way heavier tan opponent and you will leave them shocked now beware this dosnt do more damage (good for annoying friends etc.)
By: dragoge(1159)
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What are those? 50%
Wonder what those hammers are on that unlockables screen you see them to get awards you cant get!
By: zombie101(137)
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KK Slider Concert 50%
If you play any kind of Brawl on the "Smashville" Animal Crossing stage when your Wii's internal clock is set to a Saturday between the hours of 8:00 PM and midnight, K.K. "Totakeke" Slider will appear in the background of the stage and serenade your brawl.
By: Boba Fett(760)
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Virtual Console Games 50%
Donkey Kong Exceed 10 hours of play time
F-zero Beat SSE having used captain Falcon
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Use Toon Link over 10 times
Super Mario USA Win in VS mode with Peach over 5 times
Super Mario World Play yoshi's Island (melee) over 3 times
By: Boba Fett(760)
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Great maze 50%
To compleat the great maze just circle the map one, the look at the map, you will see bowser faces, now you have to go to them and beat the character/boss ,one all of these are done, there is a room that collected trophies of everyone you won ,go to this room and in the middle press up ,you will walk as if you went into a door,this will unlock sonic and you will now have to fight tabuu. good luck.
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Hint 4 bowsers final smash (+ easy no damage) 50%
Wen bowser is giga bowser, that doesn't mean he is invincible. keep hittin him and his damij prsentij wil rise. then 4 a sneak atak, keep hittin him til the efekt wars out. then use 1 uv your strong moovs. he wil die if prsentij is rite enuf.

2 take no damage b sonic (or som1 hoo is reely fast) and keep running around da stage and jump over him. but yooz your up b if you want a betr advantij. like I sed, it duznt hav 2 b sonic but I rekimend it. note: you may tayk damij, but its very rare
By: knucklesfan731(332)
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How to get ITEMS in sudden death! 50%
When peach tries to uproot a turnip she might uproot mr. saturn! (common.)

When king Dedede tries to throw a waddle dee, waddle doo or gordo he might grab a capsule that explodes, (common.) or contains a fire flower, (common.) ray gun, (uncommon.) or a invincible star! (almost never.) try it out! From LOCAL LEGEND.
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Easy Stickers 50%
First, acquire Stage Builder Parts Set B (Make 5 custom stages). Make a level where there are conveyor belts running into a wall, and a platform somewhere in the level that a player can stand on and stay there.

Plug in a second controller. Go into options, and set every item EXCEPT Sandbag off. Set items to high. Go into your conveyor-belt-level in a regular Brawl and have the second character jump and stay on the platform, so it's not in the way.

Now, when the Sandbags fall, they'll stay at the wall. Use your character (Kirby's basic A attack, repeatedly, recommended or another character that can hit many times quickly.) to hit the Sandbags over and over. Since all other items are turned off, only stickers and CDs will appear. This is the easiest way to get a lot of CDs/Stickers quickly.
By: PikaComet(1333)
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More Rules 50%
Get 200 KOs In Standard Brawl
By: Boba Fett(760)
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Easier chance of getting boss trophy 50%
Know how you can get bosses as trophies? Is it too hard? Try a harder level and more trophy stands fall down. When the bosses health is low enough, throw the trophy! You should get the boss!

Notice: In order to get ALL bosses, you must clear the game.
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Funny snake moves 50%
Ok. If you know snake's down weapon, which is a landmine, run right in front of the enemy. Then, use the landmine. What's funny is that the landmine sticks on the enemy's face!
This can be done in the training and with an enemy that isn't moving.
By: the game freak(316)
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Unlock Music 50%
2 (Zero Two) Boss Theme (Kirby 64) Have a total of 5000 coins collected in vs. coin matches
100-Man Melee 1 Clear 100-Man Brawl under 4 minutes
3D Hot Rally Title Clear Target Level 5 With Anyone
Ai no Uta (French Version) Hit 37,500ft. combnd with all fighters' Home-Run Contest records.
Bob-Omb Battlefield (Super Mario 64) Have a total of 50 hours of vs. gameplay
Clu Clu Land Hit 1,200 feet or more in Home-Run Contest with any character
Dragon Roost Island Unlock Toon Link
Dream Chaser Play 10 vs. matches on Port Town
Echoes (Metroid Prime 2) Brawl on the Frigate Orpheon stage 10 times
Ending (Metroid) Play 10 vs. matches on Norfair
Excite Truck Complete Target Test Lv.2 under 19 seconds with any character
Fire Field Complete Event #24
Frozen Hillside Play on the Halberd stage 10 times in VS mode
Goruda Play 10 vs. matches on Halberd
Great Temple Complete Event #33 on Difficult
HIS WORLD Play on "Green Hill Zone" 10 times
Ice Climbers (Melee) Clear Classic Mode on Easy with any character
Icicle Mountain (Melee) Clear Classic on Normal Difficulty with any character
Ike's Theme Find Ike in the Subspace Emissary
King Dedede's Theme Complete Event #15
Kuru Kuru Land Get a distance of 400m in Home-Run Contest with one character
Legendary Air Rider Machine Complete Event #13
Love Song (commercial version) Get a combined distance of 12500m in Home-Run Contest
Mach Rider (melee version) Defeat 50 alloys in Endless Multi-Man Brawl
Menu 2 Unlock All 35 Characters
Metroid Prime 2: Multi-Play Play 10 vs. matches on Frigate Orpheon
Molgera Battle Unlock Toon Link
Mountain and Forest Complete Event #18 on Difficult
Peach Castle (Melee) Unlock all Melee stages
Pokémon Center Collect 200 stickers
Powerhungry Fool Play 10 vs. matches on Castle Siege
Road to Tokiwa Complete Event #8
Snake Eater Play 15 vs. matches on Shadow Moses Island
Song of Storms Complete Event #37
Staff Credits Music Clear Classic Mode on Difficult
Star Wolf (Star Fox: Assault) Complete Event #38 on Difficult
Taru Taru Heights Clear All-Star Mode on Easy
The Great Sea Unlock Toon Link
Title from 3D Hot Rally Clear Target Smash Level 5
Underwater BGM (Super Mario Bros) Play 10 vs. matches on Mushroomy Kingdom
By: Boba Fett(760)
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A trick up king dedede's sleeve. 50%
If you use king dedede's waddle dee throw, instead of throwing a waddle dee, waddle doo, or gordo there's a slim chance you might throw a capsule that contains a item or it explodes. Items you can't get are dragoon parts. You can still use this on matches with no items and sudden death. (I got a smash ball on sudden death using this technique.) You can't use this on SSE, training mode, and the online practice stage.
The one of a kind item: The MEWTWO PASS! Use King Dedede's waddle dee throw on WI-FI and HOPE you get it. It looks like a black sticker. (I FAILED to beat him.) I hope we get Mewtwo someday, from LOCAL LEGEND.
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Blak hole w/ lucario 50%
1st hav 2 people on da same teem as lucario and another b any1 you want on a difrent teem (in da video it shows lucarios r blue while dee other iz green). then have both lucarios go bak 2 bak then both hit b. then wait a while then other persin go in shadowballs. then guess what, if don rite, da non-lucario wil b instantly kild.

note: it isnt litraly a blak hole, it just sorta looks like it
Super Smash Bros. Brawl cheat video Cheat Video
By: knucklesfan731(332)
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Builder Parts 50%
Edit Parts A Play 10 vs. matches on Stage Builder Stages
Edit Parts B Create 5 Stages in Stage Builder
Edit Parts C Create 15 Stages in Stage Builder
By: Boba Fett(760)
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How to take advantage of tingle's effects! 50%
When tingle starts dancing before any effects, use taunts when he starts dancing for an effect of your choice. Use the up-taunt for the camera to close up on you. Try using the other taunts for other different effects. From LOCAL LEGEND.
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Hints and tips on how to control GIANT jigglypuff! 50%
There is a glitch when using jigglypuff's puff-up in the bridge of elden, when it the hole repairs the bridge. But what it didn't tell you was that you can change the size of jigglypuff depending on how sooner or later you use puff-up when the bridge starts repairing itself.
pros: Items you can use to your advantage are, stars, metal box, bunny hoods, timers, lightning, beam swords, home-run bats, fans, lip's sticks, star rods, super scopes, ray guns, fire flowers, franklin badges's screw attack, and smash balls. (Use it to go back to regular size.) You can use the down smash attack to affect a wide ranged of the stage, use pound on airborne enemies use rollout for enemies across from you, and sing affects a lot of the stage. (You have to be close to maximum size to do this.) You can throw enemies off the stage by throwing them up even at 0% damage!
cons: You run slower, jump slower and are easier to hit. Don't run and press A or you'll go off screen. If your close to maximum size don't dodge left or right or you'll go off screen. Hope this helps, LOCAL LEGEND.
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Target Tests 50%
Level 2 (Medium) Beat Target Test in Classic Mode twice on Easy or once on Medium
Level 3 (Hard) Beat Target Test in Classic Mode twice on Medium or once on Hard
Level 4 (Very Hard) Beat Target Test in Classic Mode twice on Hard or once on Very Hard
Level 5 (Intense) Beat Target Test in Classic Mode twice on Very Hard or once on Intense
By: Boba Fett(760)
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How 2 doje __________'s final smashes 50%
Link's: just sidestep or get away/behind im

zelda's: jump at da rite time or stay away

peach's: just stay in dee air as long as you can and you wont get ufektid

pikachu's: just rapidly sidestep and you shud get no damij

fox's, falco's or wolf's: just stay away

diddy's: same as pikachu's

luigi's: same as fox's falco's and wolf's

mario's: just dojerol bhind him

lucario's: just stay away

pokemon trainer's: same as abuv

rob's: same as abuv

wario's: just keep runin away

DK's: just simply avoid him

olimar's: just get blow him or far away frum him (ull b luky if der iz no platform and you find a way 2 get blow him wifout dying)

hope dis helps:
knucklesfan731 :)
By: knucklesfan731(332)
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The real way to obtain the Mewtwo pass 50%
Follow L.L.'s explanation. (a trick up king Dedede's sleeve.) use king Dedede's waddle dee throw and try to get a pokeball that contains mew. (U must have all the CD's or it won't work.) Then mew will drop a black sticker, instead of a CD or a normal sticker. After the match is over there'll be a screen that says "a new foe has appeared!" WARNING, mewtwo is really hard to beat ... even I haven't beat him yet.
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How to identify the shiny pokemon. 50%
First of all Jigglypuff's shiny form is with green eyes, (with the tan hat.) Pikachu's is orange, (with the red hat.) Lucario is yellow with black stripes, instead of blue with black stripes. (You need to texture hack lucario.) From LOCAL LEGEND. (who caught them already in pearl.)
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Losing stafy 50%
Remembr in melee wen you cud kil chansy in 1 hit wel dat iz da same w/ stafy. my frend told me stafy wuz a distraction dat ataks u. dis time you eedr nok im off or hit im a few times den he wil disapeer erlir. it iz TOTALY FUN!
By: knucklesfan731(332)
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Final smash gliches 50%
Camera L-cancel: go in the brij uv eldin as fox, falco, or wolf and yooz the smash ball wen the brij iz rebilding and the camera will focus on whoever did so.

scream extensionz: if your sonic yooz the smash ball and sonic will still do his final smash chant.

throo the brij: b dk and yooz it and instead uv reacting, he will just go rite throo the brij.
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Buncha gliches pt. 1 50%
Bowser's infinite jump: just jump, hit side b, jump again, then keep yoozing your side b and
keep jumping. if dis wont wrk then dont blame me, your timing iz probubly rong.

explosion glich: have sum1 b snake and hav sum1 else b king ddd. hav snake yooz hiz down smash (motion sensing c4) and king ddd yooz his b moov NOT TOUCHING DA BOM!

dk hold's nothing: b snake and hav sum1 else b dk. let snake go in hiz box and hav dk pik it up. and if snake tries to take it back, it will let u, even tho dk still holdz it. dk mite not have da box anymoar but hiz akshuns uv carrying a box will still b there until you throw nothing. EPIC LOL!

random flyin: go in2 training mode. have p1 b peach and go in da temple. go 2 da lower level on da LEFT. have peach go near the ej-NOT AT BUT NEAR THE EJ-then have the oponent (i frgot 2 say have da cpu b about lucas' size or kirby's size) then have them b face 2 face and set da cpu damij b at 999% then have peach dubl slap da cpu and he wil go up and bounce off da pilr abov da circle floor thing and look like da cpu iz flying.

pt. 2 coming soon,
By: knucklesfan731(332)
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Buncha gliches pt. 1 50%
Bowser's infinite jump: just jump, hit side b, jump again, then keep yoozing your side b and
keep jumping. if dis wont wrk then dont blame me, your timing iz probubly rong.

explosion glich: have sum1 b snake and hav sum1 else b king ddd. hav snake yooz hiz down smash (motion sensing c4) and king ddd yooz his b moov NOT TOUCHING DA BOM!

dk hold's nothing: b snake and hav sum1 else b dk. let snake go in hiz box and hav dk pik it up. and if snake tries to take it back, it will let u, even tho dk still holdz it. dk mite not have da box anymoar but hiz akshuns uv carrying a box will still b there until you throw nothing. EPIC LOL!

random flyin: go in2 training mode. have p1 b peach and go in da temple. go 2 da lower level on da LEFT. have peach go near the ej-NOT AT BUT NEAR THE EJ-then have the oponent (i frgot 2 say have da cpu b about lucas' size or kirby's size) then have them b face 2 face and set da cpu damij b at 999% then have peach dubl slap da cpu and he wil go up and bounce off da pilr abov da circle floor thing and look like da cpu iz flying.

pt. 2 coming soon,
By: knucklesfan731(332)
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Aerial atak L-cancel 50%
If you r toonlink, sonic, yoshi, or any1 w/ an aerial atak, yooz your aerial atak rite aftr you drop throo a flat platform and you will go bak 2 the top of the platform
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Landmaster cheat 50%
U now fox,folco&wolfs final smash the landmaster. heres a cheat for it. get your oponents on top of it then fiy up 2 the top of d screen and hey presto! your oponents wil blast off .
By: zoshi69(131)
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To defeat tabu 50%
Use ness,lucas,sonic,snake,link and toonlink
By: tony hawk shred(46)
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Jiggly puff over size;) 50%
Go 2 elis bridge pick jiggly puff then get smashball and wait for tower to blow up and uz final smash and walla!1 ps if it doesnt work 2 bad
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Flying motor cycle!!!!! 50%
Be wario go 2 meele stage on the left find a round thing go 2 the left of it face it make a bike then it will go flying you will fall off get back on it you will go flying with the motorcycle !
By: agenb511(10)
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Link Flying Upward Glitch 50%
To do this Glitch you have to go to training mode(You have to play with 2 players to do this), then 1st or 2nd player has to be Link (NOT TOON LINK, IT WILL NOT WORK WITH HIM!, believe me i've tried). The Player that is NOT playing as Link can be anyone else in the character selection, choose any place that is outside (The Temple for example) and go to it. Now when training starts go to assist trophies and select an assist trophy, make sure that the player that ISN'T Link picks up the assist trophy. The player that IS NOT Link must keep grabbing the assist trophies until the Alien from Metroid Prime (which is from the Samus games) comes out, now when the alien attaches to Link's head keep pressing UP B if your using the Wii Romote and Nunchuck or the Gamecube controller, now you will see Link keep flying upward and you will eventually see him go off screen(Don't worry you will not die).This glitch can be done with any controller you decide to use all you have to do is press up special move.
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Super Fast Sonic 50%
If you play on the Big Blue as Sonic, you can have some fun on it. Here's how it works:

Make sure you're playing special brawl. The effects have to be bunny, curry, and fast. Now just start a brawl at big blue. All three of those effects add speed besides fire breathing and enhanced jumping. The three together make Sonic so fast, he can go faster then the cars on the track. Just make sure you don't go too far to the right.
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Glitches 50%
Bridge of Eldin: MUST USE JIGGLYPUFF AND YOSHI. Start a brawl. Player 1 plays as Jigglypuff, and player 2 plays as Yoshi. Jigglypuff must get the smash ball. Wait for the portal to appear for bridge repairs. Hop into the space that is being repaired and activate Puff Up. If done correctly, Jigglypuff will be huge and stay huge! Then Yoshi must swallow Jigglypuff. The expanded Jigglypuff will double in size every time. Jigglypuff will also walk and run slower. You can attack if you want, but just make sure you don't move too far.

Also, if you use this in training and you get big enough, change the camera option from normal to zoom and you should see the entire town of Hyrule!

Pictochat: This one won't work every time. Play as Kirby. Go to the edge of the field, and use your down special. An earthquake will appear, and anyone that comes near the blast will take damage! It also makes an annoying noise.
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How to play for an unlimeted amout of time 50%
There are 2 ways to do this 1: go on brawl and simply just put the time to unlimited. 2: go on vault then go on stage builder and build a box with a hole 1 square away from the top left corner make a line 1 space away from the top and put a hole on the opposite end (you can put anything in the box)
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Become sheik 50%
First choose zelda and Sheila is in the backround second, point at sheik then press 2(without nunchuck)
By: hunter55003(5)
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How to get a lot of items out of kirby's special 50%
Go to trainning be kirby choose anny opponent and place as many sand bags as possible thenn hit them until a smash ball comes out smash the smash ball then use kirbies special make sure you are on a location like final destination or this wont work
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How to dodge master hands main attacks 50%
Okay so on classic there is the master hand at the end make sure you are kirby and when he attacks you turn into a rock or something and you will not be hurt
By: anonomous11(33)
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Map Descriptions 50%
There are many maps in Brawl, customs exempt. Every one of them is different, so newcomers don't know what to expect. I'll make a little guide of all of the maps:

SSBB STAGES (non-unlockable)

Battlefield: battlefield is basically 3 airborne platforms, and a large, single floating floor. There's nothing else to that, except that the sky changes as the match proceeds, which is cool. A nice place for practicing or screwing around.

Final Destination: This series classic is just a single, huge platform flying through space. Scenery changes once again as you progress through the match, but this time it's much more drastic. This is where a good percentage of online games take place, and have lots of action to give. You fight the Hands on this map.

Delfino plaza: The Plaza, based off of Super Mario Sunshine, is a rather fun map. There's the main battle grounds, a series of platforms that traverse through Delfino Island, making frequent stops to change up the playing fields. A lot of water is around, so try not to drown. It could be tough to kill from the side, so aerial combat is recommended here. After every stop, the small platforms change once they pick you up.

Mushroomy Kingdom: Mushroomy Kingdom has two versions: The 1-1 version, and the 1-2 version. I'll go through both of these (note that each has it's own music.

1-1: World 1-1 is basically... 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. The screen scrolls, so keep up the pace or you'll die. The item boxes contain other items, so collect those, as they'll give you massive advantages. Meteor Smashes are cool to do over the gaps.

1-2: This is basically World 1-2. Much more gaps, and very tight quarters throughout. It's good to kill the opponents from below, as a person on the roof of the level is just asking to go airborne.

Yoshi's Island: Yoshi's Island is a small map with a large platform in the middle with a medium-sized tilting platform over that. Occasionally, a white monster pops up, and you can use it's head as a platform. Hectic matches, as the map is quite small.

Lylat Cruise: Lylat Cruise is a match on top of a ship speeding through the Lylat System from the Star Fox games. Scenery changes as the cruiser flies around, and it'll slightly tilt sometimes, allowing barrels and rolling crates to cause mayhem. Small aerial platforms make for good aerial attacks. You can also talk to your team if you use the correct taunt whilst using two of the three: Fox, Falco, or Wolf.

Bridge of Eldin: Bridge of Eldin is a gigantic bridge which seems to do nothing at first. However, King Bulbin runs around occasionally and might run into people, and he usually drops a bomb which destroys the center of the bridge, which splits up the map. A portal will appear soon after that and repair it. Whilst it's repairing, you can cause a glitch by performing a final smash in the area where the bridge is regenerating at the time, like making Jigglypuff huge.

Smashville: Distinctively named, Smashville is an Animal Crossing map. People from around town gather here to watch you guys. Smashville is basically a large, single platform which sometimes gets a medium-small sized moving platform. Not too much of a map. It does get the feature of changing the scenery by the time set on your Wii (if it was 12:00 PM right now on Smashville, there'd be clear skies). And on Saturday nights between 6 and 8 PM, K.K Rider appears to play music and spectate.

Rumble Falls: A DK stage, Rumble Falls scrolls up, so you have to keep jumping to not lose a bunch of lives. There's a lot of craziness and aerial combat due to the scrolling. It also sometimes doubles the speed of the scrolling, so move quick. Meteor Smashes can be quite annoying here.

Skyworld: Pit's Home in heaven, Skyworld gives several platforms where action traverses the track quickly. A small platform floats beneath the map occasionally for small getaways. The floor can be broken so that you can strike from above, which is a brutal pain to players.

Castle Siege: A castle under attack. This map has three main parts:

1st: The exterior. The exterior is basically one of the lookout points of the castle. Meteor smashes are devastating on the sides, and the close proximity makes the beginning crazy.

2nd part: The Interior. A hallway with various statues holding platforms. this part is pretty spread out, and you can break the statues if you want. The top corners have some 1-on-1 spots that usually end in a quick kill.

3rd Part: Underground. Below the ground, you'll fight on a large, tilting rock. Probably the least hectic spot. You can spam your side-to-side moves here.

WarioWare, Inc.: Get stuck inside Wario's critical success of a game. The initial landscape consists on a medium sized platform and 4 smaller airborne ones, so aerial combat is fairly common. You normally get tested by minigames, where you can either do the challenge for a reward, or just proceed to kill the others.

Pokemon Stadium 2: An upgraded version of the old one, THIS Pokemon Stadium has the same landscape as the old one. There are many parts to this map:

1st part: The flying stage. You're lighter in air, making aerial combat much easier.

2nd part: Ground stage. A hill and a couple of platforms. Pretty simple.

3rd part: Ice stage. You slide on the floor, so you must proceed with caution, or you'll become cannon fodder.

4th part: Electric stage. Two treadmills which try to take you off the stage. Take advantage and toss the competitors to the sides.

Halberd: Climb aboard Meta Knight's fleet. It just starts out as a cooler version of Yoshi's Island (without the monster), until you board the Halberd. You fight against the cannon and arm, which'll interfere with your game by attacking you with bombs, beams, and the claw. Try to toss your enemies into the middle of danger for a big payoff.

Shadow Moses Island: Fight in front of a garage on Shadow Moses Island. The pillars prevent kills from the sides, so characters like Samus MUST break the pillars to get their share of points. Tight proximity and multi-level terrain make for a hectic match. You also get a surprise visit from one of the Metal Gears for the last 30 seconds. You can also use Snake's side taunt to talk to a friend of his about certain fighters.

New Pork City: The most gigantic map in the game, New Pork City provides tight battles. You have several platforms for aerial combat, a small, breakable wood plank to send people dying through, and you also get a nice visit from a dog-shaped demon, who's bite shall OHKO the average player.

Pictochat: Climb into a Player's DS and Brawl with others in there. You have the large platform, and a person from the outside draws pictures which change the terrain. A fun map.

Summit: This ain't Everest, but this looks crazy. You have a little icicle which falls and gives you annoying damage, you have a fish who eats players, and you have the gravity flux, all in ONE map. The icy floor can screw players slipping, and no edge grabbing makes recovery EXTREMELY important here.

Norfair: Fall into Nintendo's depiction of Hell, without the Demons. You have several small platforms which from a large V, so players are destined to go after each other. The games are often changed by on-map lava, which can cause bad damage. Take advantage of the hello's from the lava by throwing people into the burners. There's also occasional lava floods, which creates a WAR for a safety capsule.

Mario Circuit: Fight other drunkies at the tracks by duking it out at the meeting point of the 8. You have Shy Guys which'll occasionally pass by and hit unsuspecting players (try to trap them into the traffic jam). Very controlled matches.

Frigate Orpheon: Fall into the lab where the Parasite Queen is held. The platforms change quite a bit, and about 1:30 into it, the terrain flips from underneath you, so make sure you don't die then. Very small quarters make for big fights.

Distant Planet: Go into other Worlds on the Distant Planet. You have pallets to throw at people, and you also have the floods, which create the hills hazardous (throw them on there!). You can also get a bulborb to spectate, but he'll eat you if you're too close to him.

Port Town Aero Dive: Get a VIP tour of the track. You have a single platform which flies around the track and makes frequent stops. Beware that you don't become roadkill. This map is quite similar to Delfino Plaza.

MELEE STAGES (non-unlockable)

Temple: Fight in the Holy Temple. This is where 70% of online games are played, and it's where 95% of trollers troll. It's HUGE, so pursuit is required to do well. Just try not go get teamed up on.

Yoshi's Island: Fight on Yoshi's old turf. You have two slopes where barrels and rolling crates wreak havoc, and you also have the blocks which can cause a suicide if you're not wary. A meteor smash into the hole in the middle will be a good kill.

Corneria: Fight atop the Great Fox whilst in a visit to Corneria. You have a large landscape. You also have Arwings which'll shoot at airborne players, and you have the ship's gun, which can painfully shoot people falling to a nasty grave. You can camp on top of the Great Fox Gun, but if you hit it too much, it'll blow up, rendering it unusable.

Onnett: Play recklessly in the peaceful neighborhood. You have crazy proximity, and you have passing cars which can sideswipe unsuspecting players. You also have multiple levels which gives aerial combat.

Brinstar: Play around in the Sea of Acid known as Brinstar. You have a bizarre landscape, most can be broken apart. The stage also sinks into the acid, so meteor smash them into the drink, please!

Rainbow Cruise: No, this ain't no vacation getaway. Fight atop a beautiful flying ship, and then walk around killing people in the sky. Aerial combat makes up a lot of the fighting here due to the scrolling.


Mario Bros.: Jump into one of Mario's Smash hits. Aerial kills are next to impossible, and you need to rely on the sides and the minions. People like Samus however do very well on this map due to their sidesweeping action.

Green Hill Zone: Play in a whole new era... In the world of SEGA! You get to play on a big hill. You can use the checkpoints to slap other players. The ground also falls away after it takes enough damage. it's a cool and basic map.

Luigi's Mansion: What more bizarre place to brawl in.. then Luigi's own house? The solid floors make for tight proximity in the bottom, so try to be at the top a bit more. You can also break down the house by breaking the pillars that support this estate. After all of it is gone, it comes back to repair itself, eventually.

Spear Pillar: Fight atop the legendary mountain where legends thrive. You have two solid floors and your main spectator, which can be:

Dialga: Dialga will occasionally jump on the map and create a force field causing heavy damage. He can also slow down time, and alter the map at will. Dialga also randomly fires laser beams.

Palkia: Palkia will alter the dimensions. He can make you lighter in air, and he can also reverse the directions, and turn the map upside down! Palkia also randomly fires laser beams.

Cresselia: The spatial swan will spectate as well. She'll often attack you with boomerangs or slash flashes.

75m: If this and Donkey Kong didn't exist, I wouldn't be here right now. 75m has a lot of mayhem with it's size, fire, and the falling springs. there's also a nasty abyss, so try to avoid that always.

Flat Zone: Want to live like Mr Game and Watch? Play here. You're trapped inside of a Game and Watch, where stages switch about every 20 seconds. you can get:

Fire: The scene of a building which has caught fire. Battle atop the floors of the balconies and also abuse the trampoline for fun aerial combat.

Oil Panic: A riot at a gas station. You have the residents, which'll retaliate to attacks, and you have the rooftop to play on.

Lion: The cage of the lion. The tamers will do heavy damage if you keep ricocheting off of them. Multiple levels allow more aerial combat.

Chef: Walk into a crazy kitchen. The steaks can cause minor damage to you, and you'll most likely fight on the floor.

Pirate Ship: Battle the stowaways atop of your ship. A medium-long platform and three small others allow for good times. You also have slopes, so watch out for barrels and rolling crates. You have many features to this:

The catapult: A catapult sometimes pops up. If you're on top of it, it'll fling you to literal death. You can also hilariously fling objects.

King of Red Lions:The King of Red Lions, a small, red ship, sometimes appears in the bottom right hand corner. Great for hardcore 1-on-1s.

Attack: Watchtowers sometimes shoot at you whilst you pass by. The bombs cause pretty considerable damage, so beware.

Abandon Ship: The Ship will crash into a rock. You must fight on top of the small island after that. This point gets crazy due to close proximity.

Twister: A rampaging twister comes along, which sends you soaring into the sky. Whilst at that point, you get a short gravity flux, which makes aerial combat very popular.

Hanenbow: Fight with no music on a bunch of petals. You have many places to fight. You have the flower to the right, with 6 leaves, an airborne plant with four, and a little 1-on-1 spot in the bottom left. You CANNOT swim here, you'll just fall to your death.

MELEE STAGES (unlockable)

Jungle Japes: Duke it out near Cranky Kong's shack. You have two medium-small platforms for all-player battles, and you have the small platforms to the side for 1-on-1s. try not to fall, as the stream sweeps you rapidly to the left, which can kill you in the end.

Green Greens: Fight in front of the Wispy Woods. You have three small to medium sized platforms to battle it out, and Wispy can interfere by blowing to the left or right. He also drops projectile apples on occasion. You have the blocks which bind the platforms. Some of them are bombs, so don't attack them, unless you try to make your opponents receive mild damage.

Pokemon Stadium 1: The original battleground returns. Fight atop 1 large platform and 2 other small, airborne ones. You have 4 stages:

Fire Stage: A destroyed village. Fight for control of a tree and a hut with a stable roof.

Water Stage. A couple of platforms with a windmill. Players can camp at the top.

Rock Stage: A lot of rocky terrain makes for interesting fights, not to mention the close proximity you get.

Grass Stage: A calm forest. Just a couple of airborne platforms here.

Big Blue: Fight the other drunkies on the race track. First, you have the Falcon Flyer, a large plane that allows for nice battles. Once it leaves, you fight atop other cars. You also have occasional platforms for an escape. Don't stand on the road, as you'll rapidly go off the track (unless you do the fun Sonic glitch where he actually goes faster).

So that's all there is to it! Take these notes and use them to give you an edge!
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New stage builder parts 50%
Unlock new elements to build cooler stages:

Parts A: Play on custom stages 10 times.
Parts B: Build 5 stages.
Parts C: Build 15 stages.
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Samus cheat 50%
Hold r on gamecube remot on samus when picking character and stage then let go
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Unlock a super secret character 47%
To unlock this character, beat subspace emissary 100%, then go to the lake. Instead of fighting rayquaza, you wii fight a demon. Beating the demon unlocks his victim, the character
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Easy character unlocking 46%
Choose regular brawl and make it stock with one life only have you and 1 computur just keep jumping off and will unlock characters fast
By: galin(286)
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Unlocking Tabuu 45%
I have 2 ways to unlock Tabuu:

1: Defeat 500 or more enemys on ONE round of Endless Brawl.
2: Play 1000 Brawls and beat Tabuu to unlock him.
By: Toon Link(22)
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Meta night's flying tornado 45%
When meta night you can use the tornado ability and rapidly press b and the tornado will go upward
By: slyguy(631)
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Unlock shadow the hedgehog for an assist trophy 44%
Unlock sonic
By: noah159(200)
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Unlock Master Hand as a playable character 43%
Beat Classic with every character on Intense
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To get final smash trophies 43%
You have to beat the fighters allstar mode
By: slyguy(631)
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Fake characters that can be hacked by real sharacters 43%
Shadow, silver: hack on sonic

darkrai, knuckles, mewtwo: hack on lucario

waluigi: hack on luigi

tails: hack on fox

jet: hack on falco

sandbag: hack on kirby

daisy: hack on peach

dr. mario: hack on mario

dark samus, master chief: hack on samus

roy: hack on marth

to hack, get a USB disc 2 get wi-fi and the home brewer channel
By: knucklesfan731(332)
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Turn samus to zero suit samu WICKED fast!! 43%
Once you select samus you hold z and wait until battle starts
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UNLOCK Boss Battle Mode 43%
Description: Battle all bosses from the Subspace Emissary in a random order, you get breaks and 3 hearts after every kill.
How to unlock: Complete The Subspace Emissary and something else(beating the subspace emissary alone won't unlock it), try clearing classic mode and all-star with any character.
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How 2 doge raqueza's moovz 43%
Hyprbeam: 1: dubl jump. 2: fox, falco, wolf, or pit down b.

exploding site: stay away

undrgrownd rise: keep running bak and forth

twirl charge: side push in da opuzit drekshun

tail wip: sidestep rapidly

thundr spirel: yooz your shield if fuly charged

undrgrownd dive: same as undrgrownd rise, but w/ side push at da end

hope dis helps :)
By: knucklesfan731(332)
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How to get ridley 41%
You must beat sse with 100% finished then fight ridley on intense mode on his level then once you beat him his trophy and on the screen back at the map it say that he joined the team.when you leave he can be played as!
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Fast easy way to unlock all characters 41%
Go to special brawl rules set it on stamina then battle choose anybody put computer on one HP then brawl
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Unlock Young Link 40%
Beat Classic Mode on Intense with Link. Then do the same for Allstar Mode.
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How to unlock mewtwo and Geno 40%
First when you get to title screen hit 1,B, and A. Next go to rules and take out all items. Next you go to special brawl and put in stamina as 1 for computer and 1 or higher as you .Then you must play at Bridge of Eldin to to do the rest. Finally you have to play 305 matches. IF you do all this correctly you can unlock mewtwo and Geno
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How to get more charechtes 40%
When a charecter joins the team on subspace if it sn't already unlocked you will unlock him.i have done this with falco and marh .
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How to get wolf 40%
Beat suibspace emesary hes in a hidden door in the ruins.hint:done riding down crystal elevader two or three one eyed ball monsters in front of the door.
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How to get R.O.B 40%
One way to get R.O.B is to let him join your team in adventure mode
the second way to get him is by getting 250 trophies and the thrid way to get him is doing 160 vs maches
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1 hit KO 40%
Okay this time you may have to be the ice climbers. Use the ice climbers grab your opponent then press up. Suddenly your opponent will be defeated.
By: lucario zero(487)
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Alex 100000 40%
To win wolf do boss battle with fox or falco
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Over 400 m on Jigglypuff! ((needs 2 players)Must have unlocked Gandorf) 40%
Go on 'home run contest'. Really simple, be Jigglypuff, AND, player 2 needs to be Gandorf. Let gandorf pumble the poop out of the Sandbag, and let Jigglypuff smack 'im!
I got 415.6 with this! Happy pumbling, and smacking, and stuff...
By: Saltpot(1120)
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Ike's final Smash failure 40%
Play as Ike against anyone(your opponent doesn't matter, but make sure 1 of you is Ike). Put only Pokeballs and the Smashball on the items. Make Ike get the Smashball. Save the final smash. Make sure Ike only gets the Pokeballs, too. When Ike throws the Pokeball, make sure it's a Kyogre or Latios(Latias). Right before the Pokemon attacks(When Latios(latias exits the screen when showing up), Ue your final smash. During your final, the person you are hitting with it will be hit by the Latios and float away from the final smash, making Ike hit the air. You should make it 2 characters so the Latios doesn't hit whoevers not caught in the final smash.
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Stages 40%
Luigi's mansion-use luigi 3 times to get this stage
big blue (melee)-use captain falcon 10 times for this stage
pirate ship-unlock toon link to get this stage
mario bros.-clear the wario bros. event for this stage
green greens (melee)-use kirby 20 times for this stage
pokemon stadium (melee)-play on the pokemon stadium 2 10 times for this stage
flat zone 2-unlock & watch for this stage
jungle japes (melee)-play on melee stages 10 times for this stage
hanenbow-clear the flower blooms in the echoos event for this stage
green hill zone-unlock sonic for this stage
spear pillar-clear the aura is with me event
By: slyguy(631)
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All-star mode hint 40%
On the New Pork City level through Ness/Lucas into the ultimate cimera for an esay ko
By: shiek528(32)
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Escape a smart bomb 40%
It is very simple. just rapidly move yourself and when you r lying down instead of flying in the air, you did it ps it is kinda hard but I got used to it.
By: knucklesfan731(332)
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Unlock Sonic 40%
Play brawls for ten hours [tip: set time limit for 1min. hope that helps.]
By: SuperSonicFan(75)
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Turn bosses in2 trophies 40%
If there iz a trophy coin and you r vs a boss, grab da coin and throw it. it haz 2 be on very low prsentij or it wont wrk. I hav porky (hoo is mor likly 2 hav a trophie coin vs him FYI) and I almost got meta ridly and tabu (not da wings 1 dee other 1).
By: knucklesfan731(332)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Fake charecters and real characters 39%
Pichu, young link, dexyos, mew2, mew, shadow, dr. mario, waliwigi, tails, bomer man,igglybuff ,tingle, and richu. are cheats to watch out for, they just want you to wast time on nothing.

real characters: lucario, worio, mario, luigi, snake, sonic, R.O.B, picachu, toon link, jigglypuff, pokemon trainer, fox, wolf, falco,link, bowser, marth, yoshi, ganandorf,olimar, king dedede, samus/0-suit samus,metanight,ness, lucas,thats about it there are I think a few more tho but that shows ya im not copying from anybdy,
from your favorite ssbb/ssbm player
By: noah159(200)
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Get all characters 39%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How to unlock sonic 38%
Beat the final boss in adventure mode
By: Hbk22dx(195)
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How to complete the whole game 38%
First you must play as Falco, Pikachu, Captain Falcon, Ike, Wolf, Mario, and luigi in classic on normal, hard, and very hard mode.Next you have to go to special brawl and use flower, giant mode, and reflect. Play at Brige of Eldin for 10 min. 160 times. If you do this you should beat the whole game.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How to unlock lugies manshon 38%
First unlock lugie the play a stage with 3 lugies then you unlock lugie manshon

lol XD
By: coile71(52)
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Unlock Krystal 36%
To unlock Krystal, beat Classic Mode and Allstar Mode on Intense with 1 life and no continues with Fox. Then beat Krystal and she's yours!
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