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Grand Theft Auto IV Cheats for XBOX 360 Page 2
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Grand Theft Auto IV XBOX 360 Cheats

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE
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Grand Theft Auto IV

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Iron Man car 58%
There is a car in Liberty City that has a color scheme exactly like the Marvel superhero Iron Man.
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4825550100 57%
Enter the cheat or hints here!4825550100
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Make money 57%
Find a armored truck and blow it up money will spew out but you will get 2 star level but there is like 2gs
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Have fun and lose the cops 57%
On the web set up a date with LAWCHICK after you take her on a date or two you can call her to lose your wanted level. This works on missions and regardless of how close the cops are...
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Mini mission Walkthrough: Jeff 57%
Part 1
First, follow the yellow mark on the GPS and Jeff will ask you to follow his wife, when you follow her, she's with another man and they'll be in a vehicle, don't get too close to the car, or else is a mission fail, follow them to superstar cafe, inside, they'll be sitting next to each other, take a photo of them with cell phone and send it to jeff.

Part 2
Jeff is not happy with the video you send him, and plus his wife is dead, he'll ask you to dump her body and the vehicle, follow the blue mark on the GPS to make your way to the lake, don't try to stay away from the NOOSE, and safely dump the body.

Part 3
This part is nothing! Jeff will beg you to be his friend, but you fefuse, he ran to the street and been killed by a car, just take his cash and your mission for Jeff ends.
By: Mrclean214(891)
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After story bonuses 57%
Complete the main story to get these bonuses.U will get an email to the website that shows locations for cars,pigeons,weapons,health,and armor.Also,the Infernus becomes more frequent.The only real way to get this vehicle beforehand is to complete every mission for Bernie/Florian and he will call you saying you can have Bryce's car.Go to the Bernie blip to pick it up.If you wreck it,beat the story mode for more Infernuses to appear.
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$100,000,000 from girlfriends 56%
Got to the internet cafe and got out with all the girls from the dating site. Then get your fondness with them to over 85%. Dump one of them and then every day at 01:o5am you will get $7,000 from each girl. Continue dating them. When you fondness gets to 100% dump another and get $100,000,000 for each girl.
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Free toll booths 56%
Two ways to get past the toll booths are to go through with a cop car ambulance or firetruck with the sirens on or get on a sanchez or other motorbike and stay to the right of it drive right beside until you get through the toll booth its like hiding behind a car kind of
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Flying niko 55%
If you go to the ramp on the fourth island take the ramp and when you are in the are bail out and tap x 4 times and he will fly submitted by josh grimley
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How To Get A Free Taxi Ride 55%
Description: Get a free taxi fare.

How to: Hail a taxi, get inside, and go to your destination. Right before you get to your destination, bust out the back window and point your gun out of the window (using the specified controls). Doing so will freak the taxi driver out. He will stop the car and run away, leaving you near your destination without forcing you to pay for the ride.
By: DrewSin(77)
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Hint : Glitch On GTA IV ( Xbox 360 ) 55%
This Cheat, Works Very Well If You Have A 5 Or 6 Star Wanted Level.
Anyway Right Next To The Airport There Is A Sort Of Like A Bulding And It Has Ramp Like Things Coming Down From It. So I Know A Way Of Getting In The Bulding Where You Can Shoot Anything /Anyone But They Can Not Shoot You Or Come In. So The Ramp THings What You Gotta Do Is Run Up To Them At The Top Keep Making Niko Jump And Run At Like The Same Time And You Should Be In. This Always Works. It May Take A Few Minutes But Does Work!

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Cheat codes 55%
2275550168 bullet gt
By: domanatwe(18)
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Easy Helicopter 54%
Go to the helicopter tour pad then go to the front of the first helicopter and jump up and down 3 times then go to the drivers side and press Y to hijack it. This way you won't get a wanted level.
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Pimpin' Cavalcade 54%
Walk out of any of your safe houses after you have started or loaded a game and there will be a red cavalcade with gold rims that will drive by, you may have to way for a couple seconds, but it WILL come.
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FUN 54%
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Brain of the game 54%
Get a helicopter from the helicopter tours fly to the statue of liberty go to the second level and the there is a sign saying do no enter go inside theres a lader go up the lader and theres a balcony look up thers a brain
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How to get money gta4 fast 54%
First get into a car and drive arourd till you find a armoured car hijack the truck and get
the cops on you then blow it up and money will fly every where lol brice tank
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Internet Cafe Easter Egg 54%
Go into any Internet Cafe and equip your sniper rifle. Walk over to the printing/copying machine and zoom your sniper into the display. The message will read:

Error. Unleash ninja guru. lol.

Better call in the professional ninjas, then! )
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Easy one man army achievement 54%
Go to a safehouse and go inside get your phone out and type in (267)-555-0150. to add a star to your wanted level (do it 6 times!) then wait 5 mins and you will have the achievement!
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Hidden Sultan RS 53%
There is a hidden car in alderney. first youl find a hidden run dow giant house and next to it on the right is some sort of bog shed on the side. go behind the shed and yyou will find a Sultan RS. the hidden giant house is at the very toy right of aldnery. there is also a burger shot near the road to the hidden house.
By: jp3699(185)
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Never die in a car 52%
If you are willing to use the health cheat code, you can just get in a vehicle and constantly reuse the health code while in a car to basically be invincible in a vehicle. The reason for this is that if you use the health regeneration cheat, the car will regenerate.
By: thebest809(387)
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New cheats 52%
Flying cars,skateboards,new cars
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Lesbians in strip club 50%
When you enter a strip club wait to be approached by a striper, pay for a private dance then follow her to the back, when the first dance is over pay for another, this dance will be more erotic, once this dance is over pay again, but this time is better, another striper will enter and there you have it, LESBO ACTIOOOOOOON!
By: Danza93(23)
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Funnest way to kill your self 50%
The funnest way to kill your self is to shot a rocket launcher at your feet.
By: MANNING18(32)
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Shouting man! 50%
In the 2nd safehouse in bohan get out of the sfehouse and theres a ATM on the right, theres a man shouting, don't belive? me see for yourself.
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San andreas 50%
If you stop at a sidewalk you will hear someone say I want to go back to san andreas
By: shaunster360(138)
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A Relief!! 50%
You know about the siren and it will open the gate, so you dont need to pay, waste of time just push the car in front of you, so it brakes the tax pole so when the car passes and brakes the tax pole, you could go like you payed theres no cops, no promblems.
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Get easy money ( hard but alot money) 50%
1. walk up to people and bump into them.if they have a gun run and wait for the cops. hit the guy to the ground and the cops will kill him. steal the money
2.bump into someone and other people will kill him.
- from axel trax
By: jaimetrainer(110)
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Daz washing powder reference 50%
If you go to your safehouse in Alderney where the kitchen is near the sink you see a box that says FUD.Which is a reference to the British washing powder
By: dj bluenose(57)
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Good spot for One Man Army 50%
A good place to hide out while going for the One Man Army trophy is Happiness Island.
By: thebest809(387)
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Toll booth trick 50%
You can use a motorcycle to bypass the tolls. Just hug the side of the road to go beyond the barricade and the cops won't be alerted either.
By: zakariya(79)
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Easy Wheelie Rider Achievement 2 50%
While riding a bike, go to the broker bridge and do a wheelie at least halfway across the bridge. To earn the achievement, you'll need to land it without crashing into anything.
By: UnknownEvil(73)
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Get paid to use a cab 50%
This is not a lie
ok first get in a cab
then select you destination
when you get out and kill the driver and take his cash!
oh and shake of the cops lol
By: josephptrs2(1292)
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I knew it all along! 50%
First call Packie and ask him if he wants to hang out. Then pick him and try getting close to him in a corner or car and move the camera real close up and try to see inside his head. If you get it right you see just a box with a PICTURE of a brain on it. But you have to be Niko to meet Packie.
By: microsftgamer(32)
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Buzzard(heli) 50%
359-555-2899 spawn the helicopter you stole for yusuf infront of you
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To not die while falling off building 50%
Get a helicopter ,get on the roof.Now make sure there is a garbage bag in the alley.So jump on to the garbage bag and WALLAH! there you have it.
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A way to get realy realy realy easy wheele rider 50%
Get a moped and pop a wheele I did it when I was on a mishoon
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Business 50%
Bean machine coffee dial 555 0110

Emergency dial 911

Express car service dial 555 2222

Fire proof doors dial 5555700

Hero shop dial 555 8575

Icpd recruitment dial 555 recruit

Liberty construction dial 555 945 733 92

Storage dial 555 221 3877

No problemo bail bonds dial 555 945 733 92

Super deli 555 4674

The serrated edge dial 1 800 555 5555

Used auto parts dial 555 7300

Vinewood laundromat dial 555 5123

Zit song identifier dial 948 555 0100
By: kendog24(867)
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Add 1 star to nikos wanted level 50%
Dial 2675550150
By: kendog24(867)
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Explosive sniper shots 50%
486 555 2526
By: kendog24(867)
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Super punch 50%
Dial 276 555 2666
By: kendog24(867)
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Spawn APC Tank 50%
Dial 272 555 8265
By: kendog24(867)
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Spawn vader bike 50%
625 555 3273
By: kendog24(867)
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Spawn helecopter other cods 50%
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The polices is name NYPD 50%
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All peple is M 50%
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Opin big map 50%
Cell 358-555-1000
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Opin face book 50%
To Opin face book cell : 196-555-0154 Opin your phone you get face book
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Waepon tier 1 in gta SA to other code 50%

NOTE . This cheat will be activated
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How To Lose 6 Stars. 50%
This is for bogt. First go on the highest building of liberty city but you need a parachute. When your done jump of the building and open your parachute fast as you can. Keep trying to go up. (You can also do this with a helicopter.)
By: CheatMan150(100)
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More cars 50%
Dial 1554888254 and then hold x ( for xbox only)
By: shotter46(17)
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How to get weapons , health & armor from begining without cheats 50%
Knife :

in bleed out , you could disarm dardan to get knife instanly

baseball bat :

Hove Beach, Broker - Can be found across the street from the Broker Safehouse on Mohawk Ave, behind the wooden fence near the hot dog vendor and resting in an alcove against a building


Schottler - Can be found on an air-conditioning ductwork in an alley between Boone St and Dillon St. This pickup isn't so tricky to get to: walk the alley opposite Jacob's home just to the dead end, jump to the left edge. you can't pull onto the roof near the roof windows so move along this edge left then pull up

Francis International Airport - Can be found on the top level of the parking garage to the southwest of the airport subway station

Micro-smg :

Beechwood City, Broker - Can be found in the alley behind the Homebrew Caf on Dillon St

Francis International Airport, Dukes - Can be found under the Broker-Dukes Expressway, coming from Beechwood City

Combat shotgun :
Its simple , you just need steal police patrol / cruiser , once you enter one .
you'll get 5 shells each cars ( works for police stinge , police buffalo & enforcer )
this also useful in multiplayer to fills any kinds of shotguns (
including assault shotgun & explosive shotgun )

Call 911 > 1 . gets to passenger seats of police cruiser / patrol to steal &
run away from cop . exit the vehicle to get 5 shells

bohan - inside strip club & staff room . next to the CCTV camera monitors

pump shotgun :
you can kill badman in his random encounter

combat pistol :
in tbogt , Luis aready have 50 rounds of combat pistol

you need a baseball bat to kill clerk in back alley weapon store , kill him with
bath before he trigger the gun ( if a shots triggered by someone inside shop ,
his armed buddies will show up )

pistol :

its simple , you need find a Fat security guard & lure him to pull a gun (
be carefully )
Firefly Island - Can be found to the right of the "Liberty Go-Karts" wall mural to the right of Wappinger Ave.
Hove Beach - Can be found atop the Perestroika club, on a walkway on the roof.
Rotterdam Hill - Can be found across the street from Michelle's house in a gated lot, behind some dumpsters.
East Hook - Can be found on the first-floor ledge of a cylindrical silo-type structure off Mohanet Ave. The player can easily reach it with an SUV/MPV or other tall vehicle like a Cavalcade or Ambulance.
certain gang members carry this guns
getting a pistol from a cop is diffcult . you need lure someone who had their
firearm , then call 911 . cops will show off and they might be dead

Assault rifle :

After russian revolution , sometimes a russian will armed this . you need shotgun /
SMG / micro-smg to take him down and steal his rifle ( the reason why these
weapon recommended , their friend will notice you attacking them and they
will pull shotgun / pistol )

carbine rifle :

this one is hard . you need to find a cop in subway ( the fit one always carries carbine
, fat one never) , kill him with a knife / lure someone until they pulls their firearms
to make cop with carbine attack them . if cop die , steal his carbine

health :

some subways have first aid

saving games by sleeping restore players HP ( player cannot do this in multiplayers )

all hospital have first aid hinged somewhere in walls ( or even inside interior )

you could steal ambulance , its restore 25% HP

you can use your cash to call ambulance by 911 > 2 . wait and approach the
paramedic as he will heal you , if you don't want to . scare him ( < here )

so you don't want my suggestion in above ( ^ up there ) because its expensive ?
. well steal the ambulance once you call 911 > 2 to heal 25% HP

are you need cheaper one ? well okay , restaurant / vendors / soda machine
cost you $1 - $5

so you are low health while playing bowling . search in alley , there will be
a cafe sells burgers

Armor :

Enforcer gives you armor ( might be 100% / 25% . this is useful for
' Hangman noose ' )
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How to get on top of happy island statue 50%
You can get on top of the Happy Island statue using a helicopter.
By: typeoples7(34)
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Gta Goode 50%
227-555-0100 code gat 4
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Blue Hell and swing set glitch 50%
Blue hell - Go to the hospital in schottler and bring grenades. Go right in the hospital. Go right again and you'll be in a hallway. A gurney will block you. Use the grenade. Throw it by the window. (Run off or you'll blow up) Smash the window if needed. Jump over the window and the citizens will be invisible and you can float in mid air. Go too far and you'll be on the streets.

Swing set glitch - Use a car or bike (Cabby and voodoo cars work) Hanging on to the swings are alright. Go to the park with two pairs of swing sets in Firefly Project in Hove Beach. Use the car/bike/yourself to back slam into the swings. Your car may flip. Known places it lands are on top of roofs or exploding into the ground. (another blue hell) If your car sets on fire in the park, get out and run far away. The car MAY glitch and fling at Niko. So be careful. Niko may die as well. (Especially if you're on a bike or you hang on)

These two are funny.
By: DaveyNorton1(125)
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Free bombs! 50%
Make friends with Packie Mc. Reary (about 80 or 90 %) and click bomb when calling Packie. Pick the bomb up and attach it to a car and call him again to Desonate or set off the bomb.
By: DaveyNorton1(125)
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267-555 four 1's or three
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Spawn skate 50%
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Swamp skatse 50%
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Swamp skatse 50%
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Phone numbers! 48%
As you can see, the phone numbers in this game can be used for various purposes including cheats. But plz refer here for correct info.

Phone numbers:
The following locations and people can be called from your cellphone.

Bean Machine Coffee : 555-0110
Emergency Services : 911
Express Car Service : 555-2222
Express Car Service : 555-3333
Fire Proof Doors : 555-5700
Hero Shop : 555-8575
LCPD Recruitment : 555-RECRUIT
Liberty Construction : 555-1274-73
No Problemo Bail Bonds : 555-945-733-92
Storage : 555-221-3877
Superb Deli : 555-4674
The Serrated Edge : 1-800-555-5555
Used Auto Parts : 555-7300
Vinewood Laundromat : 555-5123
ZiT : 948-555-0100

Blackmailer from "Call And Collect" mission : 843-555-0124
Drug dealer from "Lure" mission : 545-555-1022
Roman Bellic : 718-926-7215
By: gamerstormz67(4921)
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2675550100 idk waht this is forgot lol 48%
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Getting away from police 47%
When running away from the cops, you will have a circular area in which they look for you. However, if you get out and another cop sees you, it changes. To use this to your advantage, barely get out of that circle, which you will see on your radar. Then, just sit there for about five seconds instead of flooring past it.
By: joejoey78(30)
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By: KevinTheCheatGM(83)
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Infernus 47%
227-555-0147 See the video: Cheat Video
Grand Theft Auto IV cheat video Cheat Video
By: gmcdonald(415)
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Super Punch 47%
By: gmcdonald(415)
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Ultimate risk 47%
My friend told me this cheat he used helicopter cheat and flew as high as you can and then spewn another helicopter below and it was floating he hover over it and jump out and caught the rale and press a button and climb in its very tricky but he did it and he isn't lien because he record it
By: zekrom(1671)
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Moon gravity 47%
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Cool Glitch 46%
When you are flying a helicopter spawn a motorbike in the air it its you prop and goes flying.
By: MANNING18(32)
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How to get the hardest acheviment EVER 46%
First get a helicopter or the cheat code then get in and fly over the two big cities then if you can last 5 minutes or more you get the acheivment then get rid of the cops
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Summon a cop car 46%
You can make the police show up in a cop car easily enough. Just dial 9-1-1.
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How to find jail 46%
If you know fredd mc geary or patties brother you use a heli to go over there where fredd mc geary is
By: KevinTheCheatGM(83)
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Polices is name : police 46%
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Make easy money from stealing cars. 45%
During the game you are asked to steal 30 listed cars and drive them back to the garage in BOHAN (INDUSTRIAL). [Complete, (Brucie "No 1") mission and (" Smackdown" Derick McReary) mission to unlock this task]
Soon after Stevie should inform you of the 1st car.
Each one is sent to you via a text message which includes item location and picture of the vehicle.
Once this task has been compleated (all 30) you have access to the same garage as many times as you like. you should have money by now anyhow but if you need more, then simply steal a high powerd car such as TURISMO, COMET, INFERNUS, SULTAN GT, SUPER GT, BANSHEE, COGNOSCENTI . Doing so and returning them to the garage each time providing there in a good state or perfect will net you between 7000 and 15000 for each vehicle.
Note: You can do this as many times as you like so potentialy you could become very very rich with some effort.

Enjoy....... The Judge.

Enjoy....... The Judge.
By: TheJudge(489)
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$10,000 quick 45%
Kill a striper in the strip club from the third island
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Another Easy Way To Get One Man Army Achievement 45%
Okay so your going 2 want to go to Franci International Airport but be aware as soo as you go near the runwayy you will get 4 stars wanted. So for this you will need full health, armor and ammo for the AK47 and or M4, also it helps 2 have RPG ammo but that's optional. So your going to steal the Annihilator (Helicopter) its on the North Western part of Francis International and when you reach that general area you should see 3 helipads and the Annhilator is on the far right helipad. So your going 2 sprint 2 the helicopter and steal it but do it fast because by this time you probably have 4 stars. So fly the helicopter and land on any building high but low enough 2 where you can still lock on 2 the cops (probably work best on skyscraper). Once your on top start locking on 2 the cops and shooting them then the bad helicopters start coming in twos and all you have 2 do 2 make them go away is shoot out the gunner on both sides or just use the RPG once they get close enough. Also you get the stars faster if you also blow up the squad cars/swat cars. Once you get 5 stars the Annihilators start coming you can take them down the same way. After a few minutes of this you will get your 6 stars and you simply get back in your helicopter and fly around Liberty City until you get the achievement. If you die or cant escape from the six stars simply load last saved game but dont worry you will still have the achievement.

Happy Hunting to you All!
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Helmet 45%
Get on any bikes in the game and Niko will automatically put a helmet on.
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How to get alot of money 45%
Blow up a truck that is green
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Super cool stunts 45%
Get a comet anialator our a nrg 900 go super fast (or high ) and push triangle (or Y) and go flying (warning you may die during the process) (when on the nrg 900 just hit a wall are something and you can fly and do better tricks:) )
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Spawn Double T bike 45%
Dial 555 0125
By: kendog24(867)
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RPGS 45%
That RPGs v __________________________|____________________>
/-/------------------------| < ammo RPGs

Call 333-231-778
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Get the cops off of you 44%
On your cell phone enter the number
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5875550180 44%
Complet the level that you are on
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A felony if you get caught 44%
Goto tha police station......get a grenade

put it between tha cars(1 grenade only) but you

have to have A backup car ready jump tha

fence get int o tha car drive off before tha

cops cum ! thatz gansta!
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Reminds me of Sims 44%
Here are some really cool stuff you can enjoy for the sandbox style of gameplay this game offers, enjoy!

You can date people from the in-game Internet. When looking at their profile click
"Date". You then have to wait a few in-game days for a negative or positive reply
via email. If your date accepts, reply to their email and meet them.

Police database:
Use a computer at a TW@ Internet Cafe to go to the Liberty City Police Department
site at "". Click the "Database" tab at the bottom of the
home page to get information on all characters, including Roman and Niko.

Police database II:
Go to the Liberty Tree website's main page. Click the link to the LCPD website.
There are a few interesting things, like the Threat Level, but aside from that it
appears bare. However when you go to the bottom and look at the copyright information,
the word "Database" is a small hidden link to a large profile list of criminals. Of
special importance are Lola Del Rio, the hooker featured on the box art, Eddie Low
(the No-Name Killer), and Niko Bellic, among others.

Free Internet access:
Some of your safehouses have a computer in them that will not charge the $1 fee. The
Algonquin safehouse has a laptop in it, and is somewhat far away from some of the
Internet cafes.

If you killed Playboy in the "The Holland Play" mission and Dwayne gave you his
apartment as a safehouse, go to it. When you walk in the front door there is a guard
behind the desk. Jump over the desk and you can use his computer to access the Internet
for free. The guard will not attack you.

Bumping into an officer:
When you see a cop on the sidewalk while out in the city, you can push past him like
any other pedestrian while walking. However, if you continue to push and pester a
cop, even if you do not have a weapon or throw a punch, he will attempt to arrest you.

Losing wanted levels:
Use any of the following techniques to get rid of your wanted level.

-To lose your wanted level, simply enter a safehouse and save your progress. When
you wake up your wanted level will be gone.
-Enter a marker for any mission.
-Enter a police vehicle, then quickly activate a vigilante or most wanted mission.
-Get outside of the active radar zone and call a friend. If you reach someone and
not their voicemail you will get rid of your wanted level as the police are.

Current music information:
Dial ZIT-555-0100 on your cellphone to get a text message listing the title and
artist of the music currently playing.

Getting tossed by friend:
Invite a friend to hang out with you. Gently nudge him with your car, enough to
knock him over but not enough to hurt him. After a few times, he will open the car
door and throw you out.
By: gamerstormz67(4921)
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Wanted level 44%
Description: Get rid of Niko's wanted level
How to: Insert the following number into your handy dandy cell phone: (267)-555-0100.

Description: Add stars to Niko's wanted level
How to: Insert this number instead: (267)-555-0150.

*** This will disable your ability to acquire some achievements.
By: abdi911(7)
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Change Voice to Packie 44%
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How to not pay at a toll 44%
Drive across the bridge in a car or motorcycle and while moving press Y to dive out/jump off of your vehicle niko will lose a small amount of health.dont do this with a small amout of health.
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Hint and funny for xbox live! 44%
Hi if you go to liberty city on xboxlive for 360 go near the high way theres this once street has this rail near 3 houses try getting on the rail while geting hit by a meber of your party then you will drive on that wall and if your weels are burning say this on xboxlive
(hot weels BEAT THAT!xD
By: mido112(5)
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Survive fall off of Empire State Building 44%
You can survive falling off of the Empire State Building. Just skim the side of the building and Niko should survive the fall.
By: zekrom(1671)
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Spawn Burrito 44%
Dial 555 0150
By: kendog24(867)
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Spawn Akuma Bike 44%
Dial 625 555 0200
By: kendog24(867)
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Spawn Bullet GT 44%
Dial 227 555 9666
By: kendog24(867)
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Spawn Hexer Bike 43%
Dial 555 0150
By: kendog24(867)
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Drowning people 42%
You can drown NPCs if you trick them into chasing you into water. After they hit the water, they will dip below the surface. At that point, swim on "top" of them and they will end up getting drowned as a result.
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List of GTA IV Cheats 40%
While playing the game, press Up to display Niko's cell phone. Press Up again to access the keypad. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Once a code has been entered correctly, a new "Cheats" menu option will be available on your phone, below "Options", where you can access the cheats without having to enter the phone number again. Note: Do not save the game after enabling a code to avoid unforeseen problems. Enabling some cheats will prevent the indicated achievement(s) from being earned. You can usually only spawn one vehicle at a time. Any previously spawned vehicles will disappear. However, if you spawn a vehicle, save the game, and load again, you can spawn another one and your original will not disappear. You must have it in your parking space in front of a safehouse or it will be gone before you have a chance to spawn another.

Full health and armor
Dial "3625550100" on the cell phone. If you enter this code while in a vehicle, it will also repair it. Note: This phone number translates to "DOC-555-0100". This code prevents the "Cleaned The Mean Streets", "Finish Him", "One Man Army", and "Walk Free" achievements from being earned.

Full health, armor, and ammunition
Dial "4825550100" on the cell phone. If you enter this code while in a vehicle, it will also repair it. Note: This phone number translates to "GTA-555-0100". This code prevents the "Cleaned The Mean Streets" achievement from being earned.

Weapons tier 1
Dial "4865550100" on the cell phone. This will unlock the baseball bat, handgun, shotgun, MP5, M4, sniper rifle, RPG, and grenades. Note: This phone number translates to "GUN-555-0150". This code prevents the "Cleaned The Mean Streets" achievement from being earned.

Weapons tier 2
Dial "4865550150" on the cell phone. This will unlock the knife, Molotov cocktails, handgun, shotgun, Uzi, AK47, sniper rifle, and RPG. Note: This phone number translates to "GUN-555-0100". This code prevents the "Cleaned The Mean Streets" achievement from being earned.

Remove Niko's wanted level
Dial "2675550100" on the cell phone. Note: This phone number translates to "COP-555-0100". This code prevents the "One Man Army" and "Walk Free" achievements from being earned.

Add one star to Niko's wanted level
Dial "2675550150" on the cell phone. Note: This phone number translates to "COP-555-0150".

Spawn Annihilator police helicopter
Dial "3595550100" on the cell phone. The Annihilator is armed with rockets. Note: This phone number translates to "FLY-555-0100". This code prevents the "One Man Army" and "Walk Free" achievements from being earned.

Spawn Cognoscenti
Dial "2275550142" on the cell phone. Note: This phone number translates to "CAR-555-0142".

Spawn Comet
Dial "2275550175" on the cell phone. Note: This phone number translates to "CAR-555-0175".

Spawn FBI Buffalo
Dial "2275550100" on the cell phone. Note: This phone number translates to "CAR-555-0100".

Spawn Jetmax
Dial "9385550100" on the cell phone. Note: This phone number translates to "WET-555-0100".

Spawn NRG-900
Dial "6255550100" on the cell phone. Note: This phone number translates to "MBK-555-0100".

Spawn Sanchez
Dial "6255550150" on the cell phone. Note: This phone number translates to "MBK-555-0150".

Spawn SuperGT
Dial "2275550168" on the cell phone. Note: This phone number translates to "CAR-555-0168".

Spawn Turismo
Dial "2275550147" on the cell phone. Note: This phone number translates to "CAR-555-0147".

Change weather and brightness
Dial "4685550100" on the cell phone. Note: This phone number translates to "HOT-555-0100".

Happy cheating...
By: gamerstormz67(4921)
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Spawn floater boat 40%
Dial 938 555 0150
By: kendog24(867)
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Spawn Hakuchou bike (The Lost and the Damned) 38%
To spawn this bike, dial the following:

245 555 0199
By: kendog24(867)
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Spawn parachute (Ballad of Gay Tony) 38%
To spawn a parachute, dial this number:

359 555 7272
By: kendog24(867)
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Jill Von Crastonburg's house 36%
Jill Von Crastonburg's house is on Silicon Street in the top right corner.
By: dj bluenose(57)
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Break toll booth gate and don't pay money 36%
Speed up when you are approaching a toll booth, then jump out at the last second. Doing this will cause the car to break through the gate. The cops won't come after you and you won't have to pay the toll either.
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How to get a Happiness Island t-shirt 36%
To get a free Happiness Island t-shirt, go to Happiness Island. On the second floor, go through the door and Niko will walk out with a free t-shirt.
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Full health and armor 36%
To completely regenerate your health and get full armor, dial this number into Niko's phone:

362 555 0100
By: razor5003(7)
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World of Warcraft reference 33%
Go to a computer and type in this web address:

This will take you to a parody site of World of Warcraft.
By: dj bluenose(57)
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No paying at a toll 33%
Use any type of police vehicles that has sirens. Flip on the sirens and then the toll booths will open automatically for you and you won't have to pay the toll.
By: therookies(67)
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Fly in a car 33%
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Qub3d location 31%
To find the Qub3d arcade machine, just go to the cabaret club and go to the downstairs office. You will find it in the corner of the office down here.
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Keep motorcycle helmet 27%
You can keep the motorcycle helmets. First, get on a motorcycle so that Niko puts on a helmet (don't move for a couple of seconds after getting on the bike).

Then drive into the water. Niko will get off of the bike, but he will still have on the bike helmet.
By: cheat hogger(13)
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Jet 22%
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65 Achievements
Grand Theft Auto IV - Off The Boat Off The Boat
Complete the first mission.
Grand Theft Auto IV - One Hundred And Eighty One Hundred And Eighty
In a darts game score 180 with 3 darts.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Pool Shark Pool Shark
Beat a friend at pool.
Grand Theft Auto IV - King of QUB3D King of QUB3D
Beat the High Score in QUB3D.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Finish Him Finish Him
Complete 10 melee counters in 4 minutes.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Genetically Superior Genetically Superior
Come first in 20 singleplayer street races.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Wheelie Rider Wheelie Rider
Do a wheelie lasting at least 500 feet on a motorbike.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Gobble Gobble Gobble Gobble
Score 3 strikes in a row, a turkey, in 10-pin bowling.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Driving Mr. Bellic Driving Mr. Bellic
Unlock the special ability of taxi.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Rolled Over Rolled Over
Do 5 car rolls in a row from one crash.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Walk Free Walk Free
Lose a 4 star wanted rating by outrunning the cops.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Courier Service Courier Service
Complete all 10 package delivery jobs.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Retail Therapy Retail Therapy
Unlock the special ability of buying guns from a friend.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Chain Reaction Chain Reaction
You must blow up 10 vehicles in 10 seconds.
Grand Theft Auto IV - One Man Army One Man Army
Survive 5 minutes on 6 star wanted level.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Lowest Point Lowest Point
Complete mission "Roman's Sorrow".
Grand Theft Auto IV - Order Fulfilled Order Fulfilled
Complete all 10 Exotic Export orders.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Manhunt Manhunt
Complete the most wanted side missions from the police computer.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Cleaned The Mean Streets Cleaned The Mean Streets
Capture 20 criminals through the police computer.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Fed The Fish Fed The Fish
Complete the mission "Uncle Vlad".
Grand Theft Auto IV - It'll Cost Ya It'll Cost Ya
Complete a taxi ride without skipping from one island to another.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Sightseer Sightseer
Fly on all helicopter tours of Liberty City.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Warm Coffee Warm Coffee
Successfully date a girl to be invited into her house.
Grand Theft Auto IV - That's How We Roll! That's How We Roll!
Unlock the special ability of helicopter.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Half Million Half Million
Reach a balance of $500,000.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Impossible Trinity Impossible Trinity
Complete mission "Museum Piece".
Grand Theft Auto IV - Full Exploration Full Exploration
Unlock all the islands.
Grand Theft Auto IV - You Got The Message You Got The Message
Deliver all 30 cars ordered through text message.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Dare Devil Dare Devil
Complete 100% of the unique stunt jumps.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Assassin's Greed Assassin's Greed
Complete all 9 assassin missions.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Endangered Species Endangered Species
Collect every hidden package in the game.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Under The Radar Under The Radar
Fly underneath the main bridges in the game that cross water with a helicopter.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Dial B For Bomb Dial B For Bomb
Unlock the special ability of phoning for a bomb to be placed.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Gracefully Taken Gracefully Taken
Complete mission "I'll Take Her".
Grand Theft Auto IV - Liberty City (5) Liberty City (5)
After meeting all possible friends, the ones left alive all like you above 90%.
Grand Theft Auto IV - No More Strangers No More Strangers
Meet all random characters.
Grand Theft Auto IV - That Special Someone That Special Someone
Complete mission "That Special Someone".
Grand Theft Auto IV - You Won! You Won!
Complete the final mission.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Liberty City Minute Liberty City Minute
Complete the story missions in less than 30 hours.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Key To The City Key To The City
Achieve 100% in "Game progress" statistic.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Teamplayer Teamplayer
Kill 5 players who are not in your team, in any ranked multiplayer team game.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Cut Your Teeth Cut Your Teeth
Earn a personal rank promotion in multiplayer.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Join The Midnight Club Join The Midnight Club
Win a ranked multiplayer race without damaging your vehicle too much and with damage enabled.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Fly The Co-op Fly The Co-op
Beat our time in ranked versions of "Deal Breaker", "Hangman's NOOSE" and "Bomb da Base II".
Grand Theft Auto IV - Taking It For The Team Taking It For The Team
Be on the winning team in all ranked multiplayer team games.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Top Of The Food Chain Top Of The Food Chain
Kill 20 players with a pistol in a ranked multiplayer deathmatch.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Top The Midnight Club Top The Midnight Club
Come first in 20 different ranked standard multiplayer races.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Wanted Wanted
Achieve the highest personal rank in multiplayer.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic
Win all ranked multiplayer variations, all races and "Cops 'n Crooks", as both sides.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie
Kill a Rockstar developer in a ranked multiplayer match.
Grand Theft Auto IV - TLAD: One Percenter TLAD: One Percenter
Help Billy get his bike back. (The Lost and Damned)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TLAD: The Lost Boy TLAD: The Lost Boy
Become leader of The Lost. (The Lost and Damned)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TLAD: Easy Rider TLAD: Easy Rider
Finish the story. (The Lost and Damned)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TLAD: Get Good Wood TLAD: Get Good Wood
In the bike races, whack off 69 bikers with a bat. (The Lost and Damned)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TLAD: Full Chat TLAD: Full Chat
Build Terry and Clay's toughness to 100%. (The Lost and Damned)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TBoGT: Gone Down TBoGT: Gone Down
Complete all base jumps. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TBoGT: Diamonds Forever TBoGT: Diamonds Forever
Complete the Trinity. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TBoGT: Four Play TBoGT: Four Play
Hit a flag with a golf ball four times. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TBoGT: Bear Fight TBoGT: Bear Fight
Win the L.C. Cage Fighters championship. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TBoGT: Catch the Bus TBoGT: Catch the Bus
Dance perfectly in both Tony's nightclubs. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TBoGT: Snow Queen TBoGT: Snow Queen
Complete 25 drug wars. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TBoGT: Adrenaline Junkie TBoGT: Adrenaline Junkie
Freefall for the longest possible time. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TBoGT: Maestro TBoGT: Maestro
Finish the Ballad. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TBoGT: Past the Velvet Rope TBoGT: Past the Velvet Rope
Score 80% or above in all missions. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TBoGT: Gold Star TBoGT: Gold Star
Score 100% in all missions. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

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