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Grand Theft Auto IV Cheats for PS3
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Grand Theft Auto IV PS3 Cheats

Rating: 4.2/5 VOTE
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Grand Theft Auto IV

Rating: 4.2/5 VOTE

Hidden Sultan RS Car 91%
Behind the mansion in West Dyke in Alderney, there is a bush behind the garage. By this bush is a Sultan vehicle that is customized.
By: Horror Spooky(284)
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Hidden Weapons Locations 86%
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GTA3 Outfit 85%
At one point in the game, you are given an option to kill Dwayne or Playboy X, and you must choose one or the other. If you kill Playboy X, you can use his loft and change clothes there. Amongst your change of clothes will be the costume/outfit from GTA3 -- a tight black jacket and green cargo pants.
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Pigeon Locations 84%
Description: The 2 maps below represent the location of all of the pigeons in GTA 4.

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Access Cheats Again 84%
When you enter a cheat into your cell phone, you can usually access it again from the phone's MAIN MENU ("Cheats"). You do not have to enter these phone number cheats again.
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Weapon Batch 1 84%
Description: unlock a baseball bat, grenades, M4, MP5, pistol, RPG and sniper rifle
How to unlock: Insert the following number into your cell phone: (486)-555-0100.
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Statue of Happiness Shirt 84%
How to unlock: Get your self over to the Statue of Happiness and climb up as far as you can go. Go around the left side of the statue from where you entered. Tthe game will pause and load a new shirt that your character will be wearing!
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GTA IV Cheats - PS3

Dial all cheats into Niko's cell phone:



Weapons #1
(Baseball Bat, Handgun, Shotgun, MP5, M4, Sniper Rifle, RPG, Grenades.)

Weapons #2
(Knife, Molotovs, Handgun, Shotgun, Uzi, AK47, Sniper Rifle, RPG)

Remove Wanted Level
(Blocks achievement "Walked free")

Raise Wanted Level

Change Weather/Brightness

Spawn Annihilator

Spawn Jetmax

Spawn NRG-900

Spawn Sanchez

Spawn FIB Buffalo

Spawn Comet

Spawn Turismo

Spawn Cognoscenti

Spawn SuperGT


Please *** Using these numbers may affect your ability to unlock certain achievements.
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Sick Freaks Locations 83%
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GTA 4 Lead Characters 83%
Niko Bellic : The main character of GTA 4. You control Niko around Liberty City. Niko is described by Rockstar Games as "tough." Niko's home was in Eastern Europe but his cousin named Roman encouraged him to come to Liberty City by promising riches & women.

Roman Bellic : Niko's cousin. Roman lives in Liberty City and operates a cab stand in Broker. Roman persuades Niko to America (Liberty City) promising riches & women.

Elizabeta : Known as a successful long time drug dealer in Bohan. She is dangerously paranoid and delusional because of the idea of a possible crackdown on her business.

Manny : Manny wants to clean up the neighborhood, kids & the streets plus has made that well known. Manny is having a documentary made to record his struggle and what he faces.

Vlad : Vlad lives in the Hove beach neighborhood of Broker. Vlad is a supremely powerful gangster wannabe that talks the talk, but is actually trying to gain favor with the powerful criminals while he runs minor protection rackets.

Little Jacob : Supplier of Liberty City's criminals of weapons. Niko can call him to get Weapons delivered.

Brucie : Brucie is a serious fitness nut, car enthusiast and a self-appointed VIP. Brucie thinks he can rap and talks about how much money he has. Brucie can honestly say that he's got the finest women, cars, lifestyle accessories & anabolic steroids.

Dwayne Forge : Associate of Playboy X. Dwayne is an old school African-American gangster who was locked up for crack distribution charges in the early 1990s. He has been recently released from prison, but is disturbed by the world of bling and excess he has found in an underworld that was all about straight business when he left it before prison.

Playboy X : Playboy X owns a mansion in the North Algonquin area and is introduced to Niko by Elizabeta. Playboy X is an African-American gangster. Playboy X used to do business with Dwayne Forge, but now has since moved on without him since Dwayne went to prison. Playboy X can be identified by his multi-colored hoodie.

Mikhail Faustin : Major figure in Liberty City's Bratva. He is a violent drunk and has wide mood swings.

Phil Bell : Half-Irish, half-Italian front operator for one of the 5 Cosa Nostra families. The character has a resemblance to Tony Soprano.

Derrick McReary : Member of McReary family and rumored to have a heroin addiction.

Francis McReary : Works for the Liberty City Police Department. Francis is a corrupt cop that has dirt on Niko and makes Niko to do tasks or else.

Patrick "Packie" McReary : An Irish thug who is the heir to the declining Irish Mob of Liberty City. Those who know him refer to him as "Packie." Packie is the youngest of the McReary family and is related to corrupt police detective Francis McReary, Derrick McReary, Kate McReary and incarcerated ex-IRA member Gerry McReary. Packie lives with his mother and sister. Katie McReary, his sister, shows an "interest" in Niko, but he warns him away from her. Packie a close friend of Elizabeta. Packie is in the end of the 3rd trailer with 2 other Irish-looking gangsters who force Niko to join their gang. Known to take orders from Gerry who is in prison for the Liberty City Irish Mob.

Kate McReary : Packie McReary's sister and shows a great deal of interest in Niko.

Gerry McReary : Ex-IRA member who is now incarcerated. Gerry is the brother of Packie and Kate McReary. Known to give orders from prison through his brother Packie to the Liberty City Irish Mob.
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Hidden Armor Locations 83%
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Adjust Your Wanted Level 83%
Description: Get rid of Niko's wanted level
How to: Insert the following number into your handy dandy cell phone: (267)-555-0100.

To add stars to Niko's wanted level, insert this number instead: (267)-555-0150.
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Free Taxi Rides 83%
Description: Get a free taxi fare.

How to: Hail a taxi, get inside, and go to your destination. Right before you get to your destination, bust out the back window and point your gun out of the window (using the specified controls). Doing so will freak the taxi driver out. He will stop the car and run away, leaving you near your destination without forcing you to pay for the ride.
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Health Packs Locations 83%
Description: The map below represent the location of all of the health Packs in GTA 4.

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Stund Jumps Locations 83%
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Easy One Man Army Trophy 83%
The one man army trophy requires you to get a six star wanted level and survive for 5 mins without getting busted or killed. Sounds hard, but an easy way to get this is availiable from the start of the game. Use the cheat for weapons and armor a few times till you max out your ammo, save, quit and reload(this will reactivate the trophy) and stand outside romans apartment, fire a few shots to get a 1 star level, attract police and blast a few to get to about a 3. Now go into the apartment block and up to the apartment and use the refridgerator as cover and just blind fire with either a shotgun or M4 as the cops run in. Just keep this up till you get your six star and continue for 5 mins and the trophy will unlock. Do not use ammo or health cheats while doing this or you will disable the trophy!
By: scott7705(215)
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Phone number cheats Part 1 82%
Video for phone numbers for Health and Weapons, Weapons, Advanced Weapons, Health, Wanted Level Down, Wanted Level Up, Climate Change.
Grand Theft Auto IV cheat video Cheat Video
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GTA IV (4) Weapons 82%
FistsPretty self explanatory
GlockStandard Issue police firearm
Switchbladeknife self explanatory
GrenadeHandheld throwing Explosive
Desert EagleHigher caliber pistol than the Glock
Mirco UziA submachine gun with an extremly high rate of fire
MP5 N(A3)A submachine gun with a large clip than the Micro Uzi
SW MP-10Updated version of the MP-5
M-4 CarbineA lightweight rifle. Updated version of the M16, lighter with a higher firing rate
Ak-47Same capacity as the M-4 with a higher caliber
G3SG/1A Sniper Rifle
SPAS-12Automatic Shotgun. Used by the Liberty City Swat Teams
Winchester DefenderClassic version of the shotgun
RPG-7An Anti-Tank rocket propelled grenade launcher
Molotov CocktailRag in Alcohol you throw like a grenade
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Restart A Dead Car 82%
If your car gets extremely damaged and stalls or refuses to start, just call 911 on your cell phone. When they pick up, hang up your phone, and your car should start once more!
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Fun with friends Locations 82%
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Phone number cheats video Part 2 82%
Video for phone numbers for spawning cars.
Grand Theft Auto IV cheat video Cheat Video
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Long-Lasting Fire Truck 82%
Fire trucks are awesome vehicles to cause complete and utter destruction in Liberty City. However, even these vehicles can be damaged. Oddly, if the fire truck catches on fire and is about to explode, you can actually utilize the fire truck's very own water source to put its own fire out.
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Weapon Batch 2 82%
Description: unlock an AK-47, knife, Molotov Cocktails, pistol, RPG, sniper rifle and Uzi
How to unlock: Insert the following number into your cell phone: (486)-555-0150.
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Spawn Car Codes 82%
Description: You have to be outside but then just get out your handy dandy cell phone and insert the following phone numbers to unlock the vehicles listed.
Annihilator (Helicopter) - (359)-555-0100
Cognoscenti (Car) - (227)-555-0142
Comet (Car) - (227)-555-0175
FIB Buffalo (Car) - (227)-555-0100
Jetmax (Boat) - (938)-555-0100
NRG-900 (Motorcycle) - (625)-555-0100
Sanchez (Car) - (625)-555-0150
Super GT (Car) - (227)-555-0168
Turismo (Car) - (227)-555-0147
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Heart of Liberty City 82%
Description: Heart of Liberty City
How To:Get yourself a helicopter and fly out to the Statue of Happiness. Once there jump onto the base of the statue and search until you find a door with a sign that reads "No Hidden Content Here". The sign lies, if you walk through the door (literally) you will find an empty room with a ladder. Climb up the ladder to the top, you will find the beating heart of Liberty.
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Fire Truck FUN[Easter Egg] 82%
First get yourself a fire truck then press the fire button while driving around. This will allow you to shoot the super-powerful water cannon at anyone around you. Watching people react to getting shot with high-speed water is hilarious.
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Gun and Combat Tips 82%
Here are some gun and combat tips in Grand Theft Auto IV
Grand Theft Auto IV cheat video Cheat Video
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Text Message Cars Locations 82%
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Change Weather & Time of Day 82%
Description: Randomly change the weather and time of day
How to unlock: Get out your handy dandy cell phone your cell phone and insert the following number: (468)-555-0100.
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More tips and tricks 82%
Here are some more tips and tricks for GTA IV
Grand Theft Auto IV cheat video Cheat Video
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Losing the Cops 82%
No matter the extent of your wanted level, if you can make it back to one of your safe houses and go to your bed to save, the cops will be automatically be called off. You do not even have to actually save – you can just access the save menu and then cancel out. As long as you reach this menu.
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Friendship Perks 82%
Description: Unlock the perks of friendship with any given person below, reach the friendship level listed.

BrucieBrucie likes to bowl, drink, eat, go to strip clubs, shows, helirides and boating. If you get his friendship level up to 70%, you can call Brucie and he will dispatch a helicopter to you, allowing you to utilize it as you'd like.
DwayneDwayne likes to go to strip clubs, eat, drink, go to shows and bowl. If you get his friendship level up to 60%, you can call Dwayne and he will send you a car full of gang members that will follow you and help you out as you need them.
Little JacobLittle Jacob likes to play darts, go to shows, play billiards, drink, eat, and go to strip clubs. If you get his friendship level up to 60%, you can call Little Jacob and he'll drive a car to your location full of guns that you can purchase from him.
PackiePackie likes to go to strip clubs and shows, play darts, drink, bowl and play billiards. If you get his friendship level up to 75%, you can call Packie and he'll make you a potent car bomb that you can use as you need it.
RomanRoman likes to go bowling, play darts, go drinking, eat, play billiards, go to shows and to strip clubs. If you get his friendship level up to 60%, you can call Roman and he will send you a free cab to use anywhere in the city.
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Refill Health, Armor & Ammo 82%
Description: Refill Niko's health and to give him some fresh armor
How to unlock: Insert the following number into your cell phone: (362)-555-0100.

Give Niko health, fresh armor and refill all ammunition, insert this number instead: (482)-555-0100.
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Fun References 82%
Description:Jizz Reference
Where to Find:There is a detergent inside the laundromat which is being used and displayed above the back washing machine is Jizz! Big Washing Power. Some sick humor !

Description:Spider Man Reference
Where to Find:Occasionally pedestrians passing by you will say "Look it is your friendly neighbor.. oh, no never mind"

Description:Brown Note Reference
Where to Find:Around Faustin's house there is a reference to a great legendary musical note. When you are in that area go to dead end about a block away towards the water. Now hop over the fence which is on your left while you are facing the water, there should be a man sitting on a beach reading a book with title "The Brown Note". Musician's joke that this is a note that when played causes lower intestinal distress by the person playing it.

Description:Two bits!
Where to Find:Get any type of car and go to a large traffic jam. Use the horn to do the "Shave and a haircut" and stop, one of the many other cars should do the "two bits".
*** You must listen carefully because it might be done by a pedestrian instead!
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Unbelievable Crashes, Falls 82%
Here is a video from Grand Theft Auto 4 featuring some amzing wrecks, crashes, and falls.
Grand Theft Auto IV cheat video Cheat Video
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Grand Theft Auto 4 PS3 Cheats (Video) 81%
Cellphone Cheats Video
Grand Theft Auto IV cheat video Cheat Video
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Identify Songs 81%
If a song is playing on your radio and you want to identify the artist and song title, insert (948)-555-0100 in your phone. You will receive a text message with the information.
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Grand Theft Auto IV Assassin Missions and "Friends" Guide 81%
Description: We'll walk you through the Assassin's and "Friends" missions of GTA IV

Read the Guide --> Grand Theft Auto IV Assassin Missions and "Friends" [Guide]
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100% Completion 81%
Description: List on how to reach 100% completion and what everything in the game is worth (% percentage).

Ninety Story/Procedural Missions68%
Acquire each friend's special ability and do their activities10%
Win at each activity and mini-game5%
Find all random characters and complete their missions5%
Kill all thirty wanted persons2.5%
Complete all twenty vigilante crimes2.5%
Complete all fifty stunt jumps2.5%
Eliminate all two-hundred pigeons2.5%
Complete all thirty car thefts2%
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Easy Cash- GTA 4 80%
Description: Easy Cash
How To:Find an ATM machine then you have to create a traffic jam in that area. Then look for some one cashing out at ATM and kill Them. Block nearby roads so that ambulance cannot find and approach them for aid, take the money which victims drop on ground and then run a short distance and then come back to pick more money from same place, you can do this as many times as you want.
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Full health and armor 80%
Dial 3625550100
By: kendog24(942)
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GTA 4 Article 79%
Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA 4)
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Easy money 78%
Gruppe security vans can be destroyed for $2,000.
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GTA IV (4) Vehicles 78%
Grand Theft Auto III (GTA 3) : about 50 Vehicles
Grand Theft Auto (GTA): Vice City : about 100 Vehicles
Grand Theft Auto (GTA): San Andreas : about 200 Vehicles

Grand Theft Auto IV(4) has an even greater amount of vehicles! Plus the physics with these are greater than any other in the GTA series.

GTA 4 Vehicle features
1) Some cars have different navigation systems then others
2) Some cars (more expensive) include GPS which talks the player through to their destination.
3) You are now required in GTA 4 to break the window of a vehicle to shoot while driving. Plus the shooting while driving mechanic has improved. You can now shoot in any direction around the vehicle using both analog sticks.
4) Police vehicles now include an extensive GPS and database system. You can enter the name of a criminal to find out their whereabouts and the game will guide you to them.
5) There is an in-car view added, meaning that vehicle models now have detailed interiors. WOW! Almost as nice as CM's new design!

Car types:
2-Door Compact
4-Door Luxury
Civil Service & Transportation
Government & Emergency Services
Heavy Trucks & Utility
Light Trucks & Vans
Muscle Cars
RC Vehicles
Street Racers
Sports Utility Vehicles
Special or rare vehicles
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Easy cash no lie! 78%
If you are to lazy to do the missions just
1 find a atm bank
2 wait for some one to take out cash
3 killl them
By: josephptrs2(1301)
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Choose The Last Mission 77%
Towards the end of the game, you have the choice to either kill Dimitri or do a deal with him. What you choose determins the last mission.
If you kill Dimitri,Kate gets killed by Jimmy P at Roman's wedding and you, Little Jacob and Roman go after Jimmy P.
If you do the deal will Dimitri, Roman gets killed at his wedding and you and Little Jacob go after Dimitri.

The last missions are pretty alike except for the fact if you kill Dimitri, you chase Dimitri's hellicopter in a boat after you kill his minions or if you do the deal with Dimitri you chase Jimmy P's boat on a motorbike on the coastline after you kill his minions. In both missions, Little Jacob leaves you to deal with the minions while he plans and escape plan. The escape plan is you driving under a hellicopter and the chase continues.

No matter what you choose, both Jimmy P and Dimitri die. Personaly, I chose to kill Dimitri coz it's a real crap ending if Roman dies.

Hope that helps! =D
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Easy mission for derrick 77%
On the mission where you have to chase a truck in a cop car when you get to the guys place just stay in your car and call 911 and call the cops until they are done killing them all and then make a run for it easy right yeah
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GTA 4 Minor Characters 77%
Tom Goldberg : Tom Goldberg is a lawyer working for a law firm Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster that is based in Liberty City. There are several rumors circulating that the character 'Tom Goldberg' was inspired by the Florida lawyer Jack Thompson who has opposed Rockstar Games many times.

Karen : Receptionist at Goldberg, Ligner and Shyster. Karen directs Niko to Tom Goldberg's office.

Kenny Petrovic : South Broker based mob boss. Appears in the Multiplayer missions Mafya Work and Team Mafya Work.

Thomas Stubs III : Corrupt congressman of Liberty City State currently facing allegations surrounding pork barrel spending. He has been criticized by Liberty City's media on his attempts to get a major Tsunami protection plan and avalanche warning system in place for the city.

Raymond Alberga : AKA: "Ray", appears in the Truck Hustle mission in GTA IV. His accent is heavily Italian-American and he is believed to be a major figure in the Liberty City Cosa Nostra.

Yusuf Abid : Wealthy Arab whom Playboy X is trying to impress. Found in the mission "Deconstruction for Beginners".

Dimitri Rascalov : Mikhail Faustin's right-hand man and longtime friend.

Mallorie Bardas : Currently dating Roman Bellic and is a friend of Michelle/Karen.

Lola : Lola is a prostitute that works near the docks.

Mr. Gravelli : Well connected old school Mob boss based in Lower Algonquin.

Bryce Dawkins : The Deputy Mayor of Liberty City.

Kostya Grozny : Former mercenary from Chechenya working as an henchman for the South Broker Bratva.

Isaac Roth : Isaac Roth is an Hasidic Jew with a special interest in diamonds.
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Prank Calls - GTA 4 77%
Through out the game you will see phone numbers written on walls and buildings. Use these numbers to make prank calls. It's just a bit of fun.
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Unlockable Ammo 77%
Description:Remove Ammo Limit
How To:Get 100% completion
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Get different weapons cheat 77%
Get different weapons cheat 486-555-0150
By: zekrom(1730)
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Spawn super gt 77%
Dial 2275550168
By: kendog24(942)
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Grand theft auto IV 76%
Heres some cheats
Machine Coffee: 555-0110
Express Car Service: 555-2222
Express Car Service: 555-3333
Fire Proof Doors: 555-5700
Hero Shop: 555-8575
LCPD Recruitment: 555-RECRUIT
Liberty Construction: 555-1274-73
No Problemo Bail Bonds: 555-945-733-92
Storage: 555-221-3877
Superb Deli: 555-4674
The Serrated Edge: 1-800-555-5555
Used Auto Parts: 555-7300
Vinewood Laundromat: 555-5123
Annihilator Helicopter
-Kill all 200 Flying Rats

Rastah Color Huntley SUV
-Complete 10 Package Delivery Missions

If you get board in the game (Grand Theft Auto IV), rob a police car, or enter this cheat into the phone for an FBI Car: (2275550100). Then get into it.

Access the police computer when stopped by pressing L1. Look at the Most Wanted List. Mesmerize a name. Go back and then go into . Click search by name. Tye the name into it. When the computer finds him, it should tell you his name, location and what he is wanted for. Down the bottom of the screen it should say locate. Click it. Then go out of the computer. On the radar their should be a red dot. That is the person you should go after. Chase him and catch him. Then you should get a reward off the police department. It will be money. Of you keep on doing it you will eventually be asked to join the LCPD. If you do join you will be asked to turn on everyone. On Elizabetha's second misson where you get chased by the policefor drug dealing with Playboy, you will be one of the undercover cops their. If you join the LCPD befor that part, you will still be on the good side off them up until then.
Health And Weapons Call GTA-555-0100
Weapons Call GUN-555-0150
Advanced Weapons Call GUN-555-0100
Health Call DOC-555-0100
Wanted Level Down Call COP-555-0100
Wanted Level Up Call COP-555-0150
Climate Change Call HOT-555-0100
Spawn Cognoscenti (Mafia Car) Call CAR-555-0142
Spawn Sanchez (Dirt Bike) Call MBK-555-0150
Spawn FBI Buffalo Call CAR-555-0100
Spawn Turismo Call CAR-555-0147
Spawn NRG900 Call MBK-555-0100
Spawn Comet Call CAR-555-0175
Spawn SuperGT Call CAR-555-0168
Spawn Police Chopper Call FLY-555-0100
Spawn Jetmax(Boat) Call WET-555-0100
Go to playboys mansion, go to the wardrobe and browse through the outfits.

You will notice that you can get the glothes your guy wears in gta 3.

You can't getb these in any other safehouse, however.
If you go to the old mansion at the very north tip of the third Island. Look behind the garages beside the house it's in the bushes. Its a street racing car, it's very fast and very cool
If you're wanted by a ladder or if someone is just climbing a ladder towards you, while they climb the ladder, if you move the joystick down and press X, you will slide down and anyone holding on will be pushed right off, often ending in their demise from impact of the ground.
In the fictional computer, go to

It's a police monitored website used to track down perverts.

Once you look it it you will hear a police radio message and once you exit the computer you will have a 5 star wanted level.
Enter an ambulance to get a small health increase.
Drive through any toll booth with any emergency vehicle with the sirens on. The booth attendant will open the gate, and you will save $5.

While in a vehicle or on a motorcycle, drive up to the toll booth. Stay on the far side of the booth. Niko will stick his arm out but not put money in the basket, and the gate will still open.

Drive a motorbike to the side of the pay toll wall. You will not pay a toll if you can drive through the small gap on the sides.

Likes: Bowling, drinking, eating, strip clubs, shows, helirides, boating

Special ability: Unlocked at 70%. Call Brucie and he will fly his chopper to you, allowing you to fast travel to various portions of the city.


Likes: Strip clubs, eating, drinking, shows, bowling

Special ability: Unlocked at 60%. Call Dwayne for a car full of gang members that will follow you.


Likes: Strip clubs, shows, darts, drinking, bowling, pool

Special ability: Unlocked at 75%. Call Packie and he will make you a car bomb.

Little Jacob

Likes: Darts, shows, pool, drinking, eating, strip clubs

Special ability: Unlocked at 60%. Call Little Jacob and he will drive out a car full of guns for you to buy.


Likes: Bowling, darts, drinking, eating, pool, shows, strip club

Special ability: Unlocked at 60%. Call Roman and he will send a cab for no charge.
Successfully complete 10 Package Delivery missions to unlock the Rastah Color Huntley SUV
By: ninetailfox(135)
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Super gt car call 76%
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10 tips for GTA IV 76%
Here are 10 cool things for GTA IV
Grand Theft Auto IV cheat video Cheat Video
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Awesome Clothes glitch ever! 75%
Alright, you when you buy a suit and you have to have a certain colour pants that you cannot change? Well think again, you can!

Select any suit from your wardrobe that you want to change the pants of.

When you find the suit you want, press X.

Then all you have to do is select the wardrobe again. then you can make the suit have any pants you want. even jeans.

Reminder: if you select the wardrobe again, you can't change the tops or else it will make the pants unchangable again.
By: denzy1(312)
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Ps2 75%
Patrick "Packie" McReary : An Irish thug who is the heir to the declining Irish Mob of Liberty City. Those who know him refer to him as "Packie." Packie is the youngest of the McReary family and is related to corrupt police detective Francis McReary, Derrick McReary, Kate McReary and incarcerated ex-IRA member Gerry McReary. Packie lives with his mother and sister. Katie McReary, his sister, shows an "interest" in Niko, but he warns him away from her. Packie a close friend of Elizabeta. Packie is in the end of the 3rd trailer with 2 other Irish-looking gangsters who force Niko to join their gang. Known to take orders from Gerry who is in prison for the Liberty City Irish Mob.
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Change weather and brightness 75%
Dial 468 555 0100
By: kendog24(942)
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Cheats 75%
Cheat Health & Weapons
Give Niko health and weapons. 482-555-0100
Cheat Health & Armour
Give Niko health and armour. Blocks the achievement "Finish Him." 362-555-0100
Cheat Weapons (Advanced)
Baseball Bat, Grenades, Combat Pistol, Combat Shotgun, SMG, Carbine Rifle, Combat Sniper, RPG. 486-555-0100
Cheat Weapons (Poor)
Knife, Molotovs, Pistol, Pump Shotgun, Micro SMG, Assault Rifle, Combat Sniper, RPG. 486-555-0150
Cheat Remove Wanted Level
Remove any police wanted level. Blocks the achievement "Walked free." 267-555-0100
Cheat Raise Wanted Level
Add one star to Niko's wanted level. 267-555-0150
Cheat Change Weather
Select from eight different weather types. 468-555-0100
Cheat Spawn Annihilator
Spawn an Annihilator helicopter in front of Niko. 359-555-0100
Cheat Spawn Jetmax
Spawn a Jetmax boat in front of Niko. 938-555-0100
Cheat Spawn NRG-900
Spawn an NRG-900 bike in front of Niko. 625-555-0100
Cheat Spawn Sanchez
Spawn a Sanchez bike in front of Niko. 625-555-0150
Cheat Spawn FIB Buffalo
Spawn an FIB Buffalo in front of Niko. 227-555-0100
Cheat Spawn Comet
Spawn a Comet in front of Niko. 227-555-0175
Cheat Spawn Turismo
Spawn a Turismo in front of Niko. 227-555-0147
Cheat Spawn Cognoscenti
Spawn a Cognoscenti in front of Niko. 227-555-0142
Cheat Spawn Super GT
Spawn a Super GT in front of Niko.
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How to get weapons , health & armor from begining without cheats 75%
Knife :

in bleed out , you could disarm dardan to get knife instanly

baseball bat :

Hove Beach, Broker - Can be found across the street from the Broker Safehouse on Mohawk Ave, behind the wooden fence near the hot dog vendor and resting in an alcove against a building


Schottler - Can be found on an air-conditioning ductwork in an alley between Boone St and Dillon St. This pickup isn't so tricky to get to: walk the alley opposite Jacob's home just to the dead end, jump to the left edge. you can't pull onto the roof near the roof windows so move along this edge left then pull up

Francis International Airport - Can be found on the top level of the parking garage to the southwest of the airport subway station

Micro-smg :

Beechwood City, Broker - Can be found in the alley behind the Homebrew Café on Dillon St

Francis International Airport, Dukes - Can be found under the Broker-Dukes Expressway, coming from Beechwood City

Combat shotgun :
Its simple , you just need steal police patrol / cruiser , once you enter one .
you'll get 5 shells each cars ( works for police stinge , police buffalo & enforcer )
this also useful in multiplayer to fills any kinds of shotguns (
including assault shotgun & explosive shotgun )

Call 911 > 1 . gets to passenger seats of police cruiser / patrol to steal &
run away from cop . exit the vehicle to get 5 shells

bohan - inside strip club & staff room . next to the CCTV camera monitors

pump shotgun :
you can kill badman in his random encounter

combat pistol :
in tbogt , Luis aready have 50 rounds of combat pistol

you need a baseball bat to kill clerk in back alley weapon store , kill him with
bath before he trigger the gun ( if a shots triggered by someone inside shop ,
his armed buddies will show up )

pistol :

its simple , you need find a Fat security guard & lure him to pull a gun (
be carefully )
Firefly Island - Can be found to the right of the "Liberty Go-Karts" wall mural to the right of Wappinger Ave.
Hove Beach - Can be found atop the Perestroika club, on a walkway on the roof.
Rotterdam Hill - Can be found across the street from Michelle's house in a gated lot, behind some dumpsters.
East Hook - Can be found on the first-floor ledge of a cylindrical silo-type structure off Mohanet Ave. The player can easily reach it with an SUV/MPV or other tall vehicle like a Cavalcade or Ambulance.
certain gang members carry this guns
getting a pistol from a cop is diffcult . you need lure someone who had their
firearm , then call 911 . cops will show off and they might be dead

Assault rifle :

After russian revolution , sometimes a russian will armed this . you need shotgun /
SMG / micro-smg to take him down and steal his rifle ( the reason why these
weapon recommended , their friend will notice you attacking them and they
will pull shotgun / pistol )

carbine rifle :

this one is hard . you need to find a cop in subway ( the fit one always carries carbine
, fat one never) , kill him with a knife / lure someone until they pulls their firearms
to make cop with carbine attack them . if cop die , steal his carbine

health :

some subways have first aid

saving games by sleeping restore players HP ( player cannot do this in multiplayers )

all hospital have first aid hinged somewhere in walls ( or even inside interior )

you could steal ambulance , its restore 25% HP

you can use your cash to call ambulance by 911 > 2 . wait and approach the
paramedic as he will heal you , if you don't want to . scare him ( < here )

so you don't want my suggestion in above ( ^ up there ) because its expensive ?
. well steal the ambulance once you call 911 > 2 to heal 25% HP

are you need cheaper one ? well okay , restaurant / vendors / soda machine
cost you $1 - $5

so you are low health while playing bowling . search in alley , there will be
a cafe sells burgers

Armor :

Enforcer gives you armor ( might be 100% / 25% . this is useful for
' Hangman noose ' )
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Unique Stunt Jumps 74%
All of the stunt jumps can be completed with a car except 2, which are completed with a boat.
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Maps & Hidden Information - GTA 4 74%
Description: Reveal all weapons, health, armor, vehicles, pigeons, entertainment and ramp or stunt locations
How to: Enter in the "in game" computers to see maps.
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Grand Theft Auto IV Cheats 73%
482-555-0100 Restore health, armor, and ammo
362-555-0100 Restore armour
486-555-0100 Get a selection of weapons
486-555-0150 Get a different selection of weapons
267-555-0100 Remove wanted level
267-555-0150 Raise wanted level
468-555-0100 Change weather
359-555-0100 Spawn an Annihiliator
938-555-0100 Spawn a Jetmax
625-555-0100 Spawn an NRG-900
625-555-0150 Spawn a Sanchez
227-555-0100 Spawn an FIB Buffalo
227-555-0175 Spawn a Comet
227-555-0147 Spawn a Turismo
227-555-0142 Spawn a Cognoscenti
227-555-0168 Spawn a SuperGT
948-555-0100 Song information
By: Ryo(106)
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Your Simple dating guide to Grand Theft Auto 4 73%
Here you will see the following:

Girls you can date, their likes, and their hatreds.
(this will not include kate... she's worthless. >:P)


girl 1: Kiki (love meet online website)

Likes: by the words in her bio, she want's a man she can "Take care of" and by that she means someone who doesn't buy themselves nice clothes or nice cars or anything. so if you take her on a date, you must dress like a bum. (only clothing from russian shop) it's a bummer but so be it.

Dislikes: when you shop from modo or perseus. she says like "Oh niko, lemme buy you clothes next time." she treats you like a baby.

If you reach a good rank with her, she'll drop your wanted level from just one call.

Girl 2: Carmen.... Aka. one piece of work. (love meet)
okay, her high pitch never ending voice may give you a headache which may lead to a Migraine, no literately she talks like this only in a high pitched voice. "You know carmen luvs those men who be dressin' nice for me nikooo.... I don't need you givn' me no hawd time or nun you here me?

likes: she loves people who shop nicely... i'd stick with perseus if I were you. and she just be luvn' them nice cars nikooo.... ugh...

dislikes: anything low class...... but who cares you'll probably get her killed anyway.

If you have enough Asprin to reach a good rank with carmen, one call away and she'll heal you... I always wondered how she did that over the phone...

Girl 3: Alex, the easter egg lover from in the women searching men section... I posted the cheats on how to get her. she'll be great at first but then after awhile it get's alittle weird.

likes: just like carmen nikooo... she loves her high class stuff. like clothes n cars.

dislikes: anything low class... she'll complain all day about it. so take her to a show, club, or the superstars cafe.

If your rich enough to reach a good rank with Alex, one call away and she'll give you a 24 hour clothes store discount! and since it's GTA... an hour is a minute.

thx for viewing.
By: denzy1(312)
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Sultan Rs 72%
To get the Sultan Rs go to the third island (the big one on the left.)Then if you look at the top on your map you will see three lines (they are near the beach.)If you want put a waypoint to the top of the middle line and go there.Once you go there you will see a broken house.Look to your right and you will see a garage.Go behind the garage and you will see a car hiding in the bushes which is the Sultan Rs.You may save it to use it again or cruise around with it. Its a really fast car!
By: dirtytig11(345)
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How to make your online person talk 72%
To make your online person talk you have to be in a game. Press L1 ans he/she will say something.
By: dirtytig11(345)
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Change weather cheat 70%
Change weather cheat 468-555-0100
By: zekrom(1730)
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Free turismo 70%
Alderney has a Turismo dealership. You can steal a Turismo there with little chance of getting found by the cops.
By: admp123(56)
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Tourismo 70%
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Spawn Turismo 70%
Dial 227 555 0147
By: kendog24(942)
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Used Auto Parts 70%
To call the used auto parts store, dial this number with Niko's phone:

555 7300
By: kendog24(942)
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Vehicle Cheats 70%
Bullet GT:227-555-9666
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Go to tolls without paying 69%
To do this you will need an emergancy vehicle (any cop car, fire truck, or ambulance.)Then when you go to a toll booth put your sirens on and go through the toll booth. You now saved 5$.
By: dirtytig11(345)
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Remove nikos wanted level 69%
Dial 2675550100
By: kendog24(942)
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ZIT! 69%
Go To Your Phone and type in 9845550100 or 9485550100. When You call him put on a song and he will text information about it.
By: CheatMan150(102)
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See Niko have sex with hooker 68%
Follow these steps to watch Niko and the hooker you've picked up have sex:

1.Find or steal a convertible with its top down.

2.Break all of the windows in the car.

3.Break off all of the doors in the car.

4. Pick up a hooker and drive somewhere secluded.
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Never die in a car 68%
If you are willing to use the health cheat code, you can just get in a vehicle and constantly reuse the health code while in a car to basically be invincible in a vehicle. The reason for this is that if you use the health regeneration cheat, the car will regenerate.
By: thebest809(411)
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Get stevens messages quicker. 67%
After you have delivered a car to Stevens car shop go to your house an save then when you wake up you will have a text
By: reecel97(171)
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Access police database 67%
To access the police database, first steal a police car. Then come to a stop and press L1. You will then be able to check current crimes, criminal records, and even call for backup from the police.
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Liquidize The Assets 67%
Toward the end of the opening cut-scene, the camera pulls back to reaveal a sneakier way into the compound. Take this route to avoid being spotted. climb from rooftop to rooftop. When you reach the last one, youll see a guy perched with a sniper rifle.
(he's on the opposite side in the corner with his back turned toward you.) Approach him
and try to push him off the roof instead of shooting him, as this will alert the others to youir presence. Now simply plant yourself where the guard was standing and whip out your own sniper rifle and start shooting the remaining guards. Watch out for the guy who comes up behind you from where you climbed the ladder to reach the roof! *NOTE* The
targets do NOT appear as blips on the radar or map-you'll have to find them yourself.
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Annoy the cabbies 67%
To irritate the taxi drivers, just constantly choose the same location to drive to over and over and never get out of the taxi cab.
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Spawn police helicopter 67%

By: kendog24(942)
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Spawn Cognoscent sports car 67%
Dial 227 555 0142
By: kendog24(942)
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Spawn Comet Car 67%
Dial 227 555 0175
By: kendog24(942)
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Spawn Sanchez 67%

By: kendog24(942)
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Spawn Slamvan 67%
Dial 826 555 0100
By: kendog24(942)
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Call the cops 67%
You can call the cops in GTA IV. Simply dial 9-1-1.
By: kendog24(942)
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Zit Song Identifier 67%
To use the Zit song identifier, dial this number:

948 555 0100
By: kendog24(942)
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How to get on top of happy island statue 67%
You can get on top of the Happy Island statue using a helicopter.
By: typeoples7(35)
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Blue Hell and swing set glitch 67%
Blue hell - Go to the hospital in schottler and bring grenades. Go right in the hospital. Go right again and you'll be in a hallway. A gurney will block you. Use the grenade. Throw it by the window. (Run off or you'll blow up) Smash the window if needed. Jump over the window and the citizens will be invisible and you can float in mid air. Go too far and you'll be on the streets.

Swing set glitch - Use a car or bike (Cabby and voodoo cars work) Hanging on to the swings are alright. Go to the park with two pairs of swing sets in Firefly Project in Hove Beach. Use the car/bike/yourself to back slam into the swings. Your car may flip. Known places it lands are on top of roofs or exploding into the ground. (another blue hell) If your car sets on fire in the park, get out and run far away. The car MAY glitch and fling at Niko. So be careful. Niko may die as well. (Especially if you're on a bike or you hang on)

These two are funny.
By: DaveyNorton1(148)
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The BEST *Secret!* girl you can date! 66%
Of course, your first impressions are that you'd meet this *secret!* girl on love meet right? well congratulations, your wrong!

instead of going on love meet, go to! you will see a section that says Women Looking For Men... obviously, click on it! look through the sentences the single ladies post and when/if you come across one that says something to do with NSA in the sentence, click on that! a picture of a beautiful blond girl smiling at the camera.

on the bottom of the picture it should say [Contact] so click on that! this girl is also on Blogsnobs which most people are tricked into thinking that Blognsobs is the way to contact her, but no! its craplist!
her name is liberatedwoman if you decide to look for her on blogsnobs, her profile picture should be a mouth licking a red lolli-pop!

so when you contact with her, I recommend you just sleep abunch of nights and keep checking your computer messages because this chick takes along time to reply to your request!

so pick her up when it's time to go out on a date with her, and the more dates you do with her and the more times you get lucky with her, she'll put it on her block! which is kinda like, creepy!

-so enjoy your new girlfriend!

Reminder: I recommend this girl because she is so nice and positive yet she loves nice clothes, because lawchick is nice,but she loves it when you dress like a hobo, and sobohoe is very rude and party girl and she loves rich clothes, so Liberatedwoman/ Alex is both girls put togeather! and the after aphew successful and enjoyable dates, she will offer you 24 hour store discounts! that is better than losing police by lawchick or regenerating health by sobohoe, because thats what cheats are for right?

By: denzy1(312)
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Grenade trick to get away from cops 66%
When you're on foot, it is sometimes hard to get away from cops or even get into a vehicle to help get away from the cops faster. What you need to do is walk away from the cops and drop grenades on the ground. The cops will all dive behind cover, which gives you plenty of time to escape.
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Play billiards in your house 66%
First you need to choose to kill Playboy. Playboy's mansion is the safehouse in the game that has a pool table. If you go back to Playboy's mansion while on a date or hanging out with one of your friends, you can get the option to play billiards.
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The Death Swing! 66%
Ok,there is this glitch on a swing that launches your car.It doesn't always work and sometimes doesn't launch you very far.The swing is at firefly projects on the first island,about 2 blocks to the right of the pay & spray.You go to either swing,(I recommend using the Turismo car with the glitch as it is the best car to be used with it)run into the the thing you sit on that is only attached at 1 end(there is one on each swing)and ride up the thing that hold up the swing.If you do it right,some debris will come off the ground and you will be launched.I hope this works for you.
By: hehenoob(24)
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Niko doesnt know where he is 65%
If you call 911 while flying over the ocean, Niko will tell the 911 operator that he doesn't know where he is located.
By: dirtytig11(345)
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The Lost Shirt on Happiness Island 65%
Go to Happiness Island home of the statue of liberty there you will go into the so called Star "statue of Liberty" go through the first set of stairs and take a left to another set of stairs once there you will go up to the door of which you will no be able to open and there you will find an orange object on the ground in front of the door run and pick it up then you will be able to quickly change into the clothes.
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Make bowling pins disappear 65%
If you go to a bowling alley and shoot the pins with a sniper rifle, all of the pins will disappear.
By: dudeyea(32)
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Easy cash from criminals 65%
Check out the criminals in the police database. You can access the police database by stealing a cop car. Use the database to track down the criminals. Kill them and take their money as the criminals will have a lot more money than civilians.
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Chain reaction trophy help 65%
First you need to get the second island ones you have him take from the middle of the island "the triangle" a bus [the green one] and just block a very very busy road and then when the road is full of veichels and just throw a grenade or just shoot a rocket launcher and you will expload something like 20 veichels and if you dont want to die or something like that just climbe on the bus and throw a GRENADE and the just jump off the bus and you will be have a safe time to run from the explosion
By: shalomblast(18)
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Easy health 65%
If you date Carmen (meet her on the Love Meat website). After you date her and become her boyfriend (this will take a couple of dates), you can call her up whenever you need health.
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65 Trophies
Grand Theft Auto IV - Off The Boat Off The Boat
Complete the first mission.
Grand Theft Auto IV - One Hundred And Eighty One Hundred And Eighty
In a darts game score 180 with 3 darts.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Pool Shark Pool Shark
Beat a friend at pool.
Grand Theft Auto IV - King of QUB3D King of QUB3D
Beat the High Score in QUB3D.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Finish Him Finish Him
Complete 10 melee counters in 4 minutes.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Genetically Superior Genetically Superior
Come first in 20 singleplayer street races.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Wheelie Rider Wheelie Rider
Do a wheelie lasting at least 500 feet on a motorbike.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Gobble Gobble Gobble Gobble
Score 3 strikes in a row, a turkey, in 10-pin bowling.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Driving Mr. Bellic Driving Mr. Bellic
Unlock the special ability of taxi.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Rolled Over Rolled Over
Do 5 car rolls in a row from one crash.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Walk Free Walk Free
Lose a 4 star wanted rating by outrunning the cops.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Courier Service Courier Service
Complete all 10 package delivery jobs.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Retail Therapy Retail Therapy
Unlock the special ability of buying guns from a friend.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Chain Reaction Chain Reaction
You must blow up 10 vehicles in 10 seconds.
Grand Theft Auto IV - One Man Army One Man Army
Survive 5 minutes on 6 star wanted level.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Lowest Point Lowest Point
Complete mission "Roman's Sorrow".
Grand Theft Auto IV - Order Fulfilled Order Fulfilled
Complete all 10 Exotic Export orders.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Manhunt Manhunt
Complete the most wanted side missions from the police computer.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Cleaned The Mean Streets Cleaned The Mean Streets
Capture 20 criminals through the police computer.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Fed The Fish Fed The Fish
Complete the mission "Uncle Vlad".
Grand Theft Auto IV - It'll Cost Ya It'll Cost Ya
Complete a taxi ride without skipping from one island to another.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Sightseer Sightseer
Fly on all helicopter tours of Liberty City.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Warm Coffee Warm Coffee
Successfully date a girl to be invited into her house.
Grand Theft Auto IV - That's How We Roll! That's How We Roll!
Unlock the special ability of helicopter.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Half Million Half Million
Reach a balance of $500,000.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Impossible Trinity Impossible Trinity
Complete mission "Museum Piece".
Grand Theft Auto IV - Full Exploration Full Exploration
Unlock all the islands.
Grand Theft Auto IV - You Got The Message You Got The Message
Deliver all 30 cars ordered through text message.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Dare Devil Dare Devil
Complete 100% of the unique stunt jumps.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Assassin's Greed Assassin's Greed
Complete all 9 assassin missions.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Endangered Species Endangered Species
Collect every hidden package in the game.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Under The Radar Under The Radar
Fly underneath the main bridges in the game that cross water with a helicopter.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Dial B For Bomb Dial B For Bomb
Unlock the special ability of phoning for a bomb to be placed.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Gracefully Taken Gracefully Taken
Complete mission "I'll Take Her".
Grand Theft Auto IV - Liberty City (5) Liberty City (5)
After meeting all possible friends, the ones left alive all like you above 90%.
Grand Theft Auto IV - No More Strangers No More Strangers
Meet all random characters.
Grand Theft Auto IV - That Special Someone That Special Someone
Complete mission "That Special Someone".
Grand Theft Auto IV - You Won! You Won!
Complete the final mission.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Liberty City Minute Liberty City Minute
Complete the story missions in less than 30 hours.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Key To The City Key To The City
Achieve 100% in "Game progress" statistic.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Teamplayer Teamplayer
Kill 5 players who are not in your team, in any ranked multiplayer team game.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Cut Your Teeth Cut Your Teeth
Earn a personal rank promotion in multiplayer.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Join The Midnight Club Join The Midnight Club
Win a ranked multiplayer race without damaging your vehicle too much and with damage enabled.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Fly The Co-op Fly The Co-op
Beat our time in ranked versions of "Deal Breaker", "Hangman's NOOSE" and "Bomb da Base II".
Grand Theft Auto IV - Taking It For The Team Taking It For The Team
Be on the winning team in all ranked multiplayer team games.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Top Of The Food Chain Top Of The Food Chain
Kill 20 players with a pistol in a ranked multiplayer deathmatch.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Top The Midnight Club Top The Midnight Club
Come first in 20 different ranked standard multiplayer races.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Wanted Wanted
Achieve the highest personal rank in multiplayer.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic
Win all ranked multiplayer variations, all races and "Cops 'n Crooks", as both sides.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie
Kill a Rockstar developer in a ranked multiplayer match.
Grand Theft Auto IV - TLAD: One Percenter TLAD: One Percenter
Help Billy get his bike back. (The Lost and Damned)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TLAD: The Lost Boy TLAD: The Lost Boy
Become leader of The Lost. (The Lost and Damned)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TLAD: Easy Rider TLAD: Easy Rider
Finish the story. (The Lost and Damned)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TLAD: Get Good Wood TLAD: Get Good Wood
In the bike races, whack off 69 bikers with a bat. (The Lost and Damned)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TLAD: Full Chat TLAD: Full Chat
Build Terry and Clay's toughness to 100%. (The Lost and Damned)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TBoGT: Gone Down TBoGT: Gone Down
Complete all base jumps. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TBoGT: Diamonds Forever TBoGT: Diamonds Forever
Complete the Trinity. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TBoGT: Four Play TBoGT: Four Play
Hit a flag with a golf ball four times. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TBoGT: Bear Fight TBoGT: Bear Fight
Win the L.C. Cage Fighters championship. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TBoGT: Catch the Bus TBoGT: Catch the Bus
Dance perfectly in both Tony's nightclubs. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TBoGT: Snow Queen TBoGT: Snow Queen
Complete 25 drug wars. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TBoGT: Adrenaline Junkie TBoGT: Adrenaline Junkie
Freefall for the longest possible time. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TBoGT: Maestro TBoGT: Maestro
Finish the Ballad. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TBoGT: Past the Velvet Rope TBoGT: Past the Velvet Rope
Score 80% or above in all missions. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)
Grand Theft Auto IV - TBoGT: Gold Star TBoGT: Gold Star
Score 100% in all missions. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

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Grand Theft Auto IV 386631Can I Play this game in slow motion like a cheat that let you play it in slow motion Answers: 10
Grand Theft Auto IV 342854How can you get 18 wheelers on gta 4 Answers: 7
Grand Theft Auto IV 368249At some point, everytime I enter the car, the camera goes in the car, how do I change it back to while im driving, it's follows me behind Answers: 5
Grand Theft Auto IV 390041How do you get a parachute Answers: 5
Grand Theft Auto IV 409852I chose to do the deal with Dmitri and Roman was killed. if I chose Revenge does the wedding still happen, and what happens if you choose revenge? Answers: 4
Grand Theft Auto IV 410158How do you make your car bullet proof and explosion proof? Answers: 4
Grand Theft Auto IV 411356How do you put on your blinkers? Answers: 5
Grand Theft Auto IV 412141I have found the map showing the pigeons in the internet but is there a way of viewing this information when not on in the net in the cyber cafe? Answers: 4
Grand Theft Auto IV 418676How do you suvive a fall off a tall buiding? Answers: 6
Grand Theft Auto IV 425706How do you lose the cops in the stockade in the mission tunnel of death? Answers: 6
Grand Theft Auto IV 427525What name I have to dail in the police car in brucis mission Answers: 2
Grand Theft Auto IV 430171I am unable to complet mission Escuela of the Streets as iam reaching destination with manny but the stop point or destiny point is not appearing for this mission I think its a error in the game plz let me know Answers: 5
Grand Theft Auto IV 437415Whi that gta4 has hidden things Answers: 2
Grand Theft Auto IV 441718How to steal a cop car Answers: 5
Grand Theft Auto IV 469975Are there any sharks in the water Answers: 6
Grand Theft Auto IV 491485I have cheat codes for gta on the ps3 how do I enter them into the phone Answers: 3
Grand Theft Auto IV 520650When I play multiplayer on bomb da base II how come when the timer reaches 5:00 it ends the game and returns me to Niko in my house and it doesn't show scores or stats any one else facing this problem I need help please Answers: 3
Grand Theft Auto IV 334369Where do you get the black and white jacket with the design on the back? Answers: 5
Grand Theft Auto IV 339270How do I rent a room in the majestic in star junction Answers: 2
Grand Theft Auto IV 341784Is there a map of helicopter locations? I got the game a few weeks ago and I have been wandering around the city but so far I have found no helicopters apart from the ones used in the storyline missions. :S Answers: 7
Grand Theft Auto IV 343899Where do you find the in-game computers? Answers: 6
Grand Theft Auto IV 354468Nobody will phone me for a mission.why? Answers: 3
Grand Theft Auto IV 354988Does spawning cars mess anything up? Answers: 4
Grand Theft Auto IV 367084I got about 8 trophies I think and they are fresh off the boat,you won,liberty city mineuet,itll cost ya,assaian greed,cut your teeth, and let sleeping rockstars die and I think theres more but idk how I got the rockstar oneall I did was kill a guy for my first time in multiplayer and I got it wat are they? Answers: 6
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