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Army of Two Cheats for PS3
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Army of Two PS3 Cheats

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Army of Two

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Briefcase Locations 90%
Listed below are the locations of all 14 intel briefcases . They can only be collected one time, so if you've collected a briefcase, it will not appear again on a subsequent playthrough. On the flipside, if you didn't collect them on your 1st playthrough, they'll be there on subsequent playthroughs until you do.
1) Take a look behind the initial M-11 missile you encounter. There's a small path going uphill near it. That is where this intel briefcase is.
2) Kill the 1st heavy armor guard you encounter (there will be a cutscene), and search the platform area nearby. The briefcase is on top of a short set of stairs at the back end of the platform.
3) In the area adjacent to Brian Hick's cell, you will find this briefcase.
1) Right before climbing up the ladder in order to take out Ali Youseff's Helicopter, grab the briefcase at the bottom of the ladder.
2) After calling in the air-strike on a nearby bunker, seek out a large tent near the dividing wall. The briefcase should be against the wall near the tent.
3) Right before you meet Ali Youseff, there are some metal platforms with armed guards on it. Kill all of the enemies, and then climb up the steps to the platform's 2nd level. Climb another ladder to a 3rd level, where the briefcase is located.
Aircraft Carrier
1) After landing on the ship's main deck, run to the right of the control tower. The briefcase is nearby.
2) When you enter the hangar to use one of the parked planes to blow through a door, seek out some missiles. Look behind them, as they obscure the location of this briefcase.
3) After setting the missiles to blow up the ship in the final hangar, look around to find a sort of makeshift basketball court. Behind the farthest basket is this briefcase.
1) After arriving at the dam, head towards the 1st control tower. Across the dam is a similar control tower, where the briefcase is located.
2) After you arrive at the village and co-op snipe some enemies, choose to take the rightmost path. When you come across the 1st house you can enter, do so, climbing to the 2nd floor to find this briefcase.
3) When you arrive at the factory, do not enter it immediately. Instead, search around and behind the factory to find this briefcase.
1) Once you've opened the gates to the luggage area, you will need to head to the control room. There's a smaller office near the control room where this briefcase is located.
2) When you are on the 3rd floor of the SSC Tower and must operate a lift, ignore the lift and run to the far end of the 3rd floor, where the final of the fourteen briefcases is located.
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Panda Express (Money Farming) 88%
Description: Cash in the early stages
How to: Do a new campaign in China. The 1st objective pays $30,000 and can be cycled in about 3 minutes with co-op snipe. The checkpoint is back down the hill next to the hovercraft. Once you get the checkpoint (saves your money), quit and restart the stage. Tedious but effective.
*** To skip the pre-rendered opening stage movie, press SQUARE (or TRIANGLE).
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Surviving a Fall 88%
If you skip a ladder and leap far to the ground, press Y to roll and you will not take damage.
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Weapons 86%
Description: Unlock access to Weapons
***Unlocked weapons are only available at their base (no upgrade) version.
Secondary & Special Weapons : Beating the campaign on professional difficulty
Primary Weapons ( shotguns, assault rifles, etc.) : Beating the game on any other lesser difficulty.
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Heavy-Armored Guards Cheat 85%
Heavy-Armored Guards are hard to kill since they need to be shot from behind to damage them. However, the powerful fifty caliber sniper rifle can knock back and knock down these guards. When they are on the ground, they are prone to any attack.
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Refill Your Ammo 83%
Low on ammunition (or have run out completely) on any of your currently-equipped weapons? Then wait until Mid-Mission Shopping, which is an option multiple times on almost every stage in the game. Change your weapons when this option comes up, and the new gun or guns selected will be fully stocked with ammunition.
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Difficulty 82%
Description: Unlock professional difficulty
How to unlock: Win the game's campaign on either recruit or contractor difficulty.
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Fallout costume 35%
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Hit a heavy armord gaurd 30%
Knock heavy armord gaurd down then when he twisteis run and attac!
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All special weapons for free 28%
During game play.
triangle, triangle, triangle, square, square, square, x, x, x, circle, circle, circle
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All secondary weapons for free 26%
During game play
. square, triangle, triangle, down, up, left, left, circle
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All masks 24%
During game play.
x, x, x, triangle, square
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Get The Unlockables 23%
Pause the game and enter L1, L1, Circle, Square.
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Unlimited Cash 21%
Pause the game and press L1, Up, Down, Up, Left.
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Two million dollars for free 21%
During game play.
triangle, x, square, x
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Play as smiley 17%
Triangle, square, x, circle
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Be a woman 15%
At the main manu enter :r1 and li and a menu will say enter cheat
enter mehavetits
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Infinate Life And Ammo 13%
Pause the game
during game play and press Triangle(2), X, X, L2, R2, R1, R2, Circle, Square.
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How to kill dalton without the video 11%
Before you see the part when rios kills dalton run all the way out of the building and keep shooting up. when you see an explosion dalton comes flying at you (dead). if it doesn't work... try it again.
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47 Trophies
Army of Two - Elite PMC Elite PMC
Complete all missions as a Professional.
Army of Two - My Virtual Friend My Virtual Friend
Complete all missions with the Partner AI.
Army of Two - Say Hello to my Little Friends Say Hello to my Little Friends
Purchase the MP7, M134, DAO-X Protecta, MGL MK-X, and the M107 Light Fifty.
Army of Two - Man of Many Masks Man of Many Masks
Purchase every mask variant.
Army of Two - If I Were a Rich Man If I Were a Rich Man
Earn one million dollars in total over the course of campaign mode.
Army of Two - Fear is The Mind Killer Fear is The Mind Killer
Spend 1 minute straight at full Aggro.
Army of Two - Starting a Riot Starting a Riot
Kill 50 enemies total in Co-op Riot Shield.
Army of Two - Two Eyes are Better Than One Two Eyes are Better Than One
Kill 5 enemies total using Co-op Snipe.
Army of Two - Seven-six-two Millimeter Seven-six-two Millimeter
Kill 250 enemies total using Assault Rifles.
Army of Two - This is my Boom Stick! This is my Boom Stick!
Kill 250 enemies total using Shotguns.
Army of Two - Spray and Pray Spray and Pray
Kill 250 enemies total using Machine Guns.
Army of Two - Dead Man's Hand Dead Man's Hand
Kill 150 enemies total using Handguns.
Army of Two - Alright, Who Wants Some? Alright, Who Wants Some?
Kill 250 enemies total using SMGs.
Army of Two - One Shot. One Kill. One Shot. One Kill.
Kill 100 enemies total using Sniper Rifles.
Army of Two - Big Boom! Big Bada Boom! Big Boom! Big Bada Boom!
Kill 25 enemies total using RPGs.
Army of Two - Flip You. Flip You For Real Flip You. Flip You For Real
Kill 50 enemies total using the Melee Attack.
Army of Two - Fission Mailed Fission Mailed
Kill 25 Martyrs by shooting the Bomb Packs on their chests.
Army of Two - If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It
Kill 25 Heavy Armor enemies.
Army of Two - Field Medic Field Medic
Drag and heal your partner 25 times.
Army of Two - Boots on the Ground Boots on the Ground
Finish playing a versus ranked match.
Army of Two - The Devil's in the Details The Devil's in the Details
Complete 20 minor objectives in a ranked match.
Army of Two - Surviving The Game Surviving The Game
Complete a ranked match without ever needing to be revived.
Army of Two - Retirement Savings Plan Retirement Savings Plan
Earn one billion dollars in total in ranked matches.
Army of Two - Out of Debt Out of Debt
Heal your partner for the first time. Training does not count.
Army of Two - One Gun is Enough One Gun is Enough
Win a ranked match without purchasing any additional weapons.
Army of Two - Beast with Two Fronts Beast with Two Fronts
Kill 50 enemies total in Back-to-Back.
Army of Two - Running Man Running Man
Kill 75 enemies while in the stealth mode of Overkill.
Army of Two - L'Abattoir L'Abattoir
Kill 100 enemies while in the power mode of Overkill.
Army of Two - Weapon Specialist Weapon Specialist
Purchase 3 weapons.
Army of Two - Stonewall Stonewall
Kill 30 enemies using the Riot Shield melee attack
Army of Two - My Kind of Case! My Kind of Case!
Collect all of the information cases in the entire game.
Army of Two - That's right. Who's laughing now That's right. Who's laughing now
Buy the 'pack 8' gun pack in a multiplayer ranked match
Army of Two - Arnold Braunschweiger Arnold Braunschweiger
Destroy 300 destructible objects in Mission 7,8
Army of Two - I promise to kill you last I promise to kill you last
Kill Dalton in less than 40 seconds
Army of Two - I wanna be a cleaner I wanna be a cleaner
Final blow to Dalton is a headshot with a pimped .44 MODEL 29 handgun
Army of Two - True SSC Challenger True SSC Challenger
Win every stage of a ranked three round SSC Challenge match
Army of Two - Barrel SSC Challenger Barrel SSC Challenger
Destroy 500 barrels in ranked SSC Challenge matches
Army of Two - SSC Challenge Win SSC Challenge Win
Win a ranked SSC Challenge match
Army of Two - SSC Challenge Marksman SSC Challenge Marksman
Achieve 75% accuracy at the conclusion of a ranked three round SSC Challenge match
Army of Two - Mission 1 Complete Mission 1 Complete
Completed Mission 1 as Contractor or higher.
Army of Two - Mission 2 Complete Mission 2 Complete
Completed Mission 2 as Contractor or higher.
Army of Two - Mission 3 Complete Mission 3 Complete
Completed Mission 3 as Contractor or higher.
Army of Two - Mission 4 Complete Mission 4 Complete
Completed Mission 4 as Contractor or higher.
Army of Two - Mission 5 Complete Mission 5 Complete
Completed Mission 5 as Contractor or higher.
Army of Two - Mission 6 Complete Mission 6 Complete
Completed Mission 6 as Contractor or higher.
Army of Two - Mission 7 Complete Mission 7 Complete
Completed Mission 7 as Professional.
Army of Two - Mission 8 Complete Mission 8 Complete
Completed Mission 8 as Professional.

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Army of Two 558080How do I open the second door on training and how do I use the gps Answers: 1
Army of Two 745159How do we exchange ammo in part 1 Answers: 1
Army of Two 811007How do you destroy the helicopter on the dam in china? Answers: 1
Army of Two 876671What I Do When Im Entering The Cheat in Objects, It Wont Work Answers: 0
Army of Two 940501In army of two after on a jet do you get out of there once you have beaten all of the enemies? Answers: 0
Army of Two 994746How do I open the stage 1 door on the game? Answers: 0
Army of Two 413506Is there a cheat for more money Answers: 4
Army of Two 395021How do you use the parachute Answers: 1
Army of Two 236674How do you get to the co op snipe in the training mode? Answers: 2
Army of Two 385674How do I get more grenades? Answers: 1
Army of Two 666127To how it may concern I em answer in the Q'S bellow no there is not a cheat coda for money, IDK about parachute, fallow instruction's use the select button , fallow GPS, yes it saves wate till you get to the guns, red bad ,blue OK, green good, how to co op snipe hold R1 then press right , see ammo bags on ground pick up,there r no cheats, look in game guide, more info contact me at Answers: 0
Army of Two 666560How do i make it go into co op mode Answers: 0
Army of Two 311075How do you use the parachute? Answers: 2
Army of Two 382984For the cheat code infinite life and ammo does it work or not Answers: 8
Army of Two 662967How to drive a car Answers: 2
Army of Two 565520Why, wont the game save at a check point. Answers: 1
Army of Two 591344When buying weapons, what do the different colors (red, blue & green) mean when you look at the characteristics of the weapon (damage, spread, ammo & aggro)? Answers: 1
Army of Two 660728In miami... after you shut off the live wire, how do you complete the next objective? Answers: 1
Army of Two 672042How do I control the parachute? Answers: 1
Army of Two 794822Could you use your weapons from campaign in verus online? Answers: 0
Army of Two 805674How to enter cheat codes while game is paused is hard if x is called for.... Answers: 0
Army of Two 831269How do we get through gate three on training level Answers: 0
Army of Two 678943How to enter a code, while the game is paused correctly Answers: 0
Army of Two 429472How do you enter the cheats Answers: 4
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