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Petz Bunnyz Cheats for NDS
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Petz Bunnyz NDS Cheats

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Petz Bunnyz Cheats

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Petz Bunnyz

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Minigame Appear Whenever you Want 92%
If you want to play a minigame whenever you want to instead of waiting for your bunny to say play with me, hold the select and b button and with the touch screen touch toys then touch back then let go of the select and b button, the minigame icon will appear,
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Unlimited Mini games 91%
How to:
1) Go to the MENU.
2) Hold down the SELECT and B button.
3) Keep them held down while you tap TOYS.
4) Then press BACK.
5) Let of the SELECT and B buttons, the minigame sign should appear.
6) Activate the sign to play infinite minigmaes.
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Changing Time cheat 86%
Want to change the game time? All you do is change the time on your DS unit itself. The time change on the DS will be reflected on your game, which is helpful if you are trying to reach a certain date or time for a specific reason.
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How to make your bunny happy!!! 80%
It will only work if you have a barrel. but what you do is you go into toys click on barrel and make your bunny hop in it. its whole body should be in. then click on the barrel with your stylist and your bunny will hop out! then they get happier!
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English angora bunny unlock 79%
When your in the game with your first bunny press select and the B button to unlock the new rabbit enjoy
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Easy Win In Easter Egg Game 76%
If you don't exactly know where an egg is, pull the bush down fast and if theres a color other than green that flashes up sometimes then theres an egg behind it
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Tips: Get More Prizes That Aren't From Mini-Games. 57%
When you get prizes and other things like that, they don't always have to come from the mini-games. Read the steps to find out what I mean.

Step 1: Go to the main menu and there you will see outing in the bottom right corner.

Step 2: Click on the bottom right corner where it says "Outing"

Step 3: You will be entered into a new menu where you have 5 options. (Connect, Open Cage, Change, Owner Info, And Credits)
Click on "Open Cage".

Step 4: A Question "Get it out of cage for a walk around room" will appear. Use you stylus and choose YES.

Step 5: Your Rabbit will appear in a different room. Sometimes you may see little gift boxes if you do look back at your menu on the second screen and use your stylus to choose HOLD.

Step 6: Use your arrows to control where you want to drop your pet. Be sure to drop it on the gift box.

Step 7: As soon as you drop your rabbit on the gift box wait, your rabbit will run into it. If your rabbit doesn't go to the menu and click HOLD again.

Step 8: Use the arrows to control where you want your pet. Go back the same gift box and be sure your rabbit runs into it, if not keep repeating this.

*HINT*: There are sometimes more then 1 gift box so keep looking because you can find some AMAZING prizes like a NEW CAGE :D
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Monster game 44%
When you play that game called Monster and if you get to fight with the Imitating Mouse, touch the same mark on the Hero/Champion/President as you did when you hit the mouse or miss it for defending yourself
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Whe dong minigame racing.... 42%
Do not go fast then you wll go out of control.Pace yourself there.
By: 3hailey8(290)
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If you need help with anything 39%
Go to outing.....and help....there is any subject to choose from.
By: 3hailey8(290)
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Petz Bunnyz 788133Can someome tell me the diffrent cages Answers: 1
Petz Bunnyz 295473How do you make the bunnys seem happier? Answers: 6
Petz Bunnyz 517822If you already taught as many words there are in the Teach section, is there a way to get more words? Answers: 2
Petz Bunnyz 650337How do I wash my bunny Answers: 3
Petz Bunnyz 806973How do I change the language back to English Answers: 1
Petz Bunnyz 396113I need help!on petz bunnyz how many bunnies can you have at a time Answers: 1
Petz Bunnyz 803696How do you delete bunnies? Answers: 1
Petz Bunnyz 807536How do I farm my rabbits Answers: 0
Petz Bunnyz 942565Is there any girl rabbits Answers: 1
Petz Bunnyz 399001I have no idea how to do the 'Balance Help' mini game. Help! Answers: 3
Petz Bunnyz 412740How do you make your bunny play with you in the mini games Answers: 1
Petz Bunnyz 524522How many stuff can you get in toys and pattern? Answers: 2
Petz Bunnyz 535684Are there any other codes except select+b? Answers: 3
Petz Bunnyz 254876How do you go upstairs in the house? Answers: 4
Petz Bunnyz 399000Are there any cheats to get a bigger cage? I have various toys that I can't use because my cage is too small. I have already found the steel cage, and even that is too small. Answers: 3
Petz Bunnyz 666766Can someone please give me a list of all the different cages you can unlock. thanks :) Answers: 5
Petz Bunnyz 470451My two rabbits just won't get happy I brush em feed em play with em but nothin works Answers: 4
Petz Bunnyz 629931How do I get a bigger cage Answers: 1
Petz Bunnyz 704746How do I get a bigger cage on the ds game bunnyz? Answers: 1
Petz Bunnyz 408368Is there any way to have more than one bunny in your cage at one time? I know it says you can't but it shows it on the back of the box so... Answers: 5
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