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Transformers: Autobots Cheats for NDS
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Transformers: Autobots NDS Cheats

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Transformers: Autobots Cheats

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Transformers: Autobots

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Helicopter Before The Arctic 88%
I learned this a long time ago but I felt the need to share with you guys!
If you want to have a helicopter before you get one in the Arctic, you need to do these things.

1) Level yourself up enough *I think it's level five* so you can climb walls.
2) Go to the Casino location and start by the Fountain
3) Find the building BEHIND the actual fountain and climb to the tallest part on that building *hard to explain here, sorry*
4) The tallest part should look like a strip when you are standing on top of it, it's like one line not a rectangle. Anyways behind that should be a pool!
5) Go down to the pool and look around, there you will find a helicopter

** Things you can do with the helicopter
1 - fly =O
2 - in Tranquility you can go across the bay by FLYING instead of by the bridge and it won't send you back so you are free to scan some other vehicles there that you normally wouldn't get right away (such as the one in the junkyard in the circle of crates or several that are parked that you wouldn't find for a bit on the streets)

Hope you enjoy this hint~!

By: KKCopper(23)
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Health Regeneration 85%
After any character reaches level 20, that character will begin to automatically regenerate his health when needed.
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Megatron Battle 84%
In the last level where you defeat megatron hit him on the back then when he drops the allspark pick it up and hit him with it.
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Characters 76%
Beat Story Mode to unlock all the Autobots in Freeplay mode including Optimus Prime, Jazz, Wratchet, Ironide, and Bumblebee.
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Extreme drifting 68%
To make this glitch work you will need to be at least at level 9. At tranquility hold boost (R) And press A and B at the same time while turning. This will cause your vehicle to spin wildly.
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New cool truck 64%
To get the safari truck go to where you fight brawl on free play and just keep going forward not into the hangar but foward down the trail and then you'll see 3 trees 2 tents and in between those you'll see the safari truck hope you like it (I realy do!)
By: dude24246(132)
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Some Hidden Vehicles 63%
- News Helicopter *start by fountain, climb the building behind it. Keep going. It is near the pool*

- Raider *in the junk yard, you'll find a circle of metal crates, inside is the car*
- Police Chopper *once you are of a certain level (not sure which, sorry) raise the Threat Level to about three and Police Choppers will show up. You can scan these*

Hoover Dam:
- Peace Van *up on the cliff nearest the dam (right side) is a van you can scan*
- Safari Truck *you know the cliff where I told you the van was? Instead of going up the cliff, go left and just keep going. You'll find the truck by some foliage*
- Chopper *before the Safari Truck location is an opening, go in there and scan the helicopter (no, the jets are not available xD)

That's all I can think of for now~ Hope you like these!
By: KKCopper(23)
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How to hover anywhere!!! 59%
First go to your vehicle selection the got to a top of a roof but stay a get as close down to the roof as transform and land on the roof without moving or making a press a until you got of the roof.YAY NOW YOUR HOVERING!

PS: to change direction use the scaner and point it in the direction you want to go

PPS:DO NOT use the control pad to move or you will fall

PPPS:DO NOT jump or you will fall

PPPPS:DO NOT transform or you will fall

PPPPPS:if you want to fall to the ground softly go to the vehicle select sreen then go back and now your falling softyl!
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Ok so after you beat the game (autobots or decepticons) you will unlock a cheat called armagedon its realy cool it makes every thing you destroy EXPLODE even trees!and other stuff!
By: Razor33(242)
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Easy way 58%
When in tranquility the 2 time when you are jazz and you have to bring stuff to optimus prime set the object down and shoot or what ever you want to do to the cops then pick it back up and run
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Blackout battle 58%
In the encounter with blackout in the arctic, just run around him in circles and shoot, and he should be dead in no time
By: jackjack569(254)
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Transformation 56%
When you are stealth choppter jump then transformer ans you will flip.
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Glitch in the River 53%
If you go to the Casino strip while in a car form, not a helicopter or jet, chose to go to the fountain. then if you go left until you reach the river-like area with bridges and go to the last area by the wall. Go into the water and back up against the bridge until you can see the wall and not the water. Then shoot at the wall. Next, you should drive up to the wall and hold L. Finnaly, you will eventually fall into blackness and your in the glitch. This works in Decepticons, too.

P.S. to get out keep walking until you get to a wall and climb.

By: UmbreonFan21(148)
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Health comeback.. 52%
After your player reaches level 20 ,[the maximum of levels in this game]you regenerate health very slowly
By: fireballLuigi42(378)
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Safari truck 52%
Its in the hoover dam level where you find the bridge before that go offroad and keep on driving don't go into the hole thingy just keep going and then you'll find the safari truck.
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How to play as jazz or bumblebee 50%
select know thy enemy then instead of getting the car it askes for you can drive around but only in (tranquility or the new town) police bruality (the mission) but instead of going to baricade you can drive around (only in tranquility and the new town)

this is a in game cheat/glich made by me and

i can play as a main charicter!
only jazz or bumblebee thanx for reading
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Walking throuth in thin air 49%
First land on a building but without crack or else glitch will not effect and dont move so land without crack again then only attack press a rapidly to float
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Fun glitch 48%
Hey I found a neat glitch ok after you beat story mode go to free play and be any of the transformers like bubmblebee then exit and go to replay mission go to information high way then you will be bumblebee or jazz or who ever you chose
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Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Just hint 44%
Try hit and run tacticts in hot battles
By: shooter513(21)
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Get attack and stealth copter 43%
Go to hoover dam to get one othem get four autobot sighns and then tanks and copters will come and scan the copter.The other one start at the hoover dam in the NW Strip then follow the road down until you see a square gap in the mountain then go into it you should see another copter and a few jets scan the copter. Note: If you try to scan the jet it wont work.
By: sk8r(29)
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Maintenence truck 41%
After you beat the game for the first time you can play as the maintenence truck,I LOVE IT![you may not].
By: fireballLuigi42(378)
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How to get megatron/optimus prime 40%
Look behind the surbs and fly to the baseball pitch then destroy 5 cars and 10 autobots/decepticons then go back to surbs and you will see megatron/optimus in veihcal mode scan them and you can play as optimus.megatron in free play megatron for decepticons optimus for autobots
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Stuck! 38%
If you go on a bridge in tranquility at the end you will see two big round chimneys and with a helicopter go to the top of one and then transform and you will be floating! to get out you have to quit or turn your ds off
By: jetdoom(16)
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Special car!! 33%
After you enter the allspark wars the first time you get a special vehicle:[I'm going to not be a spoiler,sry]
By: fireballLuigi42(378)
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All cheats unlocked 33%
All Cheats Unlocked 12172e48 000007f0
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Beside nuclear plant in tranquility : glitch 32%
Drive between the metal barrier and stone barrier (the one's really close to each other) and reverse into stone barrier your car should bunny hop try it
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Beat the whole game 25%
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All the transformers vechicle were unlock 22%
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Keep life 22%
Try and find the wi fi on the games you have tokens
By: jonathans1(31)
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Bub 22%
How to be megatron on autobots up down left x
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Floating car 22%
Ok, first you go to tranquility then use a helicopter fly up until you are stuck then go to vehicle form and change into a car then exit then transform then walla your car is floating in midair
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Unlock all vehicle forms 19%
When your DS is on play the game transformers autobots choose one of your profiles and when you have done that there will be a main menu when your on the menu put in A,A,L,L,R,B,B,Y and you should have all vehicle forms if it dose not work then it as been patched
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Code's 16%
Bumbel been up.left.down.up.up.up.up.up.x.f.s.r.
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