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Jumper: Griffin's Story Cheats for PS2
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Jumper: Griffin's Story PS2 Cheats

Rating: 3/5 VOTE
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Jumper: Griffin's Story

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

All Chapters 86%
Description: Unlock the ability to replay any chapter in the game
How to unlock: Win the game once through in its entirety.
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All Cutscenes 85%
Description: Unlock all cutscenes in the game to be viewed at any time
How to unlock: Win the game once through in its entirety.
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Health 48%
When you have time,press L1,circle,R2,R1,L1,X,X,X,square
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Stages unlock 44%
X, o, r1,l1,triangle,x
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Defeat the boss of level 1 43%
When you get to the boss,teleport to him and he wont move
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All weopon 40%
Up down right left X X X down
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Infinite health 32%
At the start of the game run down the pit 4 times on the 5 go to griffins lair and the n destroy all the chars (knoking them over) go back to the level go across the pit and you should have infinite health.
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Jumper: Griffin's Story 319039Does anyone know how to beat the Battle between Griffin and that women in the lab? Answers: 3
Jumper: Griffin's Story 345138Where do you get the flame thrower Answers: 2
Jumper: Griffin's Story 730551How do I put the cheats in Answers: 1
Jumper: Griffin's Story 468339Can you use david in this game Answers: 2
Jumper: Griffin's Story 640473After the zappy water were do you go? Answers: 1
Jumper: Griffin's Story 695839Why doesnt the cheatcodes work Answers: 2
Jumper: Griffin's Story 899625How to get past the level where i'm in the lab and after defeating some enemies a door opens and there is a turret like thing Answers: 1
Jumper: Griffin's Story 303082I can't beat the battle seen between Griffin and Roland in Napal.Anyone know how to beat it? Answers: 2
Jumper: Griffin's Story 562704How do I get passed the level where he's like in a parking lot an the two 18 wheelers? thanks.   Answers: 1
Jumper: Griffin's Story 308346The question is the ps2 version have the feature where you take an enemie to a place and kill them in a horrific way Answers: 2
Jumper: Griffin's Story 266186I just got the Jumper: Griffins Story game for PS2 and I am stuck at the first big battle with that huge gladiator guy. How do you beat him? He knocks Jumper down every time I attempt any sort of attack Answers: 8
Jumper: Griffin's Story 650649Where's the pit Answers: 1
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