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Okami Cheats for WII
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Okami WII Cheats

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Unlockables List 100%
100th Stray BeadWin the game
ArtworkWin the game
InvincibilityCollect all Stray Beads
Karmic ReturnerWin the game
Karmic Transformer 1Win the game
Karmic Transformer 2Win the game
Karmic Transformer 3Earn S-Rank for Deaths
Karmic Transformer 4Earn S-Rank for Enemies Defeated
Karmic Transformer 5Earn S-Rank for Money Gained
Karmic Transformer 6Earn S-Rank for Demon Fangs Found
Karmic Transformer 7Earn S-Rank for Praise Earned
Karmic Transformer 8Earn S-Rank for Praise Earned
Karmic Transformer 9Earn S-Rank for Praise Earned
Music TestWin the game
Secret TheaterAccumulate more than 31 hours of play
Video LogFinish the game
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Earn Demon Fangs 100%
Demon Fangs can be used as currency to purchase some of the best items in the game. Here are the methods by which you can collect them.
Finishing Moves: After defeating an enemy, it'll hurl upwards in a slow motion death throw. Execute the right brush technique on the enemy during this animation to earn a demon fang. For imps, perform a Power Slash. For bud ogres, perform Bloom.
Well-Timed Counter: When you are able to equip a reflector instrument as a secondary weapon, you can perform counters on enemies as they attack you. If your timing is perfect, you will earn a demon fang.
Golden Fury: Use the Golden Fury attack--learned from the sensei in Shinshu Field--to knock out one demon fang from each enemy you fight.
Load Screens: During load screens, press X to earn fangs. On screens with paw prints along the bottom, tap X in time with the paws that appear (making them larger). On screens with prints in the center, mash X rapidly to fill the screen with 50 prints to earn a demon fang.
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Blockhead Points 100%
Here is some vital info to avoid hours of frustration on Blockheads:
Hit the points in order (i.e., in the order they appear). You can use a dry erase marker to number the spots, or you can imagine a 4 by 4 grid on the painting screen:
| 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 |
| 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |
| 8 | 9 | A | B |
| C | D | E | F |
also each of the brush points are in one of those cells, so if you dot the center of that imaginary grid cell, you successfully "hit" that point.
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Instant Kill Parry Attack 98%
When you 1st get the Devout Beads divine instrument, set them as your primary weapon and move your reflector to your secondary weapon. You can then perform a parry move by pressing TRIANGLE during combat. Time the parry just before an enemy attack hits you and you will counter with a pile driver that kills many enemies instantly.
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Money & Fangs 98%
You have to have the Golden Fury for max demon fangs. When you are in the room with the bell but before you find all of the ingredients for Orochi's appetizer you can headbutt the bell and a blue demon carpet will appear.
Enter it and face one black imp and 2 red imps. Power slash the black imp's skulls, hit him once, use Golden Fury for the 1st demon fang then dispatch him and use power slash when he is in his dying animation for 3 more fangs. Repeat on the red imps for 2 more demon fangs a piece. You can quickly rack up 8 fangs plus anywhere from 2000 to 3000 gold each time (or until you are bored).
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Pee on Your Enemies 96%
Purchase the Golden Fury attack from the sensei at Shinshu Field. The move costs 100,000 Yen, but it is well worth it--Golden Fury lets you pee on your opponents for damage.
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Bypassing the Blockhead on Oni Island 96%
Description: Head to the room that leads to the outside path towards the Blockhead. If you look up you can see on a ledge a place where you can use a cherry bomb. Do so, step back a little and move your brush around until it has green smoke. Draw it towards yourself. The Vine will jerk you to the platform. Now turn around so you are facing the platform where Tobi sits. Look to your left and you will see a ledge lined with pots. Use powerslash to destroy the pots and walk across the ledge to Tobi. Nine-tails awaits you!
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Susano & Kushui Aftermath 96%
Ever wonder where Susano and Kushi got to during the festival? Well if you find them, Susano will praise you and call you his buddy or brother. Heres how you find the couple:
1) It has to be during the festival, after you defeat Orochi.
2) Go to the sacred tree in Kamiki Village. Go inside there and find where you got your cut technique. The cave where a giant statue of Susano's ancestor is. Where you had to in the sword.
3) The couple will be standing in front of the statue. There may be hearts coming from their head. If you chat to them they will begin to mummble in embarrasment.
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Jukebox 96%
Finish the game.
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Okami Art Gallery 96%
You must win the game once.
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How yo get dragon orb 50%
When you see the dragon orb there is a room to the so all red goo you so a moving object on the ceiling. use your water power and use it at the object 3 times and it will burst. summon up a lily pad or swim. use the goo to loosen the orb to get it out.
By: inuyasha9870(5)
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Killing/Stunning Demon Scrolls 40%
I found this out when practicing the hidden Thunderstorm brush in the field. If you zap a scroll by drawing a thunderbolt you can actually kill the scroll. You'll know you killed it when it shows black scorching and flails a little before floating to the ground and gradually disappearing. The hidden Inferno brush does the same thing.
Also, you can escape scrolls by Power Slashing them. PS won't kill a scroll like Thunderstorm. Instead the scroll with fall to the ground, stunned for a couple of seconds. The hidden brush Deluge has he same effect. You can use this to get away from scrolls at night that attempt to follow you.

Inferno/Thunderstorm: Kills Demon Scrolls in the field
Power Slash/Deluge: Stuns Demon Scrolls in the field
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Okami 970444I've lost my canine tracker and only have one dog left to fight. How do I get it back so I can complete this part of the game? Answers: 0
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