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The Sims 2: Castaway Cheats for PS2
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The Sims 2: Castaway PS2 Cheats

Rating: 4.1/5 VOTE
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The Sims 2: Castaway

Rating: 4.1/5 VOTE

More Chicken 100%
This Just a damn cheat for you. First catch a Chicken With a chicken trap then after that use this cheat

Cheat gnome - R1 L1 Down Square R2
Then use this cheat
Max current inventory - Left Right Square R2 Square

now you get more chicken!
By: daryl 45(51)
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Tank Top & Vest 88%
How to unlock: Pause your game and enter the "Fashion and Grooming" menu. Now, enter the following button combination to unlock the Vest and Tank Top: Square, R2, R2, Triangle, Down.
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Everything 82%
The sims 2 castaway Recipes
Brazed meat - Lemon, Clam meat, Alien food

Meat Curry - Grapefruit, Alien food, Chili pepper

Fish wrap - Chicken Grunt (fish), Banana, Corn

Fruit Cobbler - Corn, Banana, Peach

Trail Mix - Corn, Lime

Roast Fish and Veggies - Toehead shark, Yam

Group meal

Blackened Fish Sticks - Chicken Grunt (fish), Chili pepper, Banana

Special recipies

If you really want a breakfast like the one back home, then cook only one nut or grain. This is also group meal. When you're done you will have some nice cereal.

To make even better cereal (only meal), then you will need - Corn, Wheat, Rice. Description - There's something about this food that just looks perfect. Each piece is perfectly placed, every aspect of it expertly prepared. Merely being in its presence makes you feel better about yourself.

Veggie poppers - Carrot, Soybean, Ginger

The sims 2 castaway Cheats

Cheat gnome - R1 L1 Down Square R2

Fill all motives - R2 Up X Square L1

Max current inventory - Left Right Square R2 Square

Max Relationships - L1 Up R2 Left Triangle

All resources - Square Triangle Down X Left

All plans - X Triangle L2 Square R1

Set skills - Triangle L1 L1 Left Triangle

Alien food cheat - To get alien food go to crystal island. You will find on the very end of the island a big hole where there used to be a map piece. Put down the radio (which you find in Airplane Jungle) Then click on Repair transmitter (which is in the South River Jungle) Then right in the hole, send an SOS message. After you send it, an alien flying saucer must take you. You go up to their saucer but you wont see how it looks. When you come back, your sim will automatically run to a fine sand deposit and throw up. When you go to your inventory,go to the meat section and you will find alien food in a can that shows an alien on top.
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Cheat List 81%
Description: You must enter the "Cheat Gnome" code during gameplay (without pausing): R1, L1, Down, Square, R2. Now, insert the cheats below for the specified result:

Acquire All Plans - X, Triangle, L2, Square, R1
Fill All Motives - R2, Up, X, Square, L1
Give All Resources - Square, Triangle, Down, X, Left
Max Out Inventory - Left, Right, Square, R2, Square
Max Out Relationships - L1, Up, R2, Left, Triangle
Set Skills - Triangle, L1, L1, Left, Triangle
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Good Food Hint ( 135 hunger !) 79%
There is a really good recipe for 135Hunger , 26Energy, -20 Bladder.It makes you pee but its really good. Go in order by ,
Clam meat, Long Beans, and Wheat. In that way you will get a food called Meat Pie. Use this recipe with the Cabin Stove and Ta-Da a wonderful way of filling hunger. Hope you enjoy.
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The Llama Crown AND fourth island 78%
The Llama crown is at the third island (Llama island).If you go past the glaiyers and to the Volcano overlook you will find some stairs.Take those stairs up to the lama temple and find the enterance to the llama temple.In the llama temple there will be a thorn and behind the rock where the thorn is theres the crown (THERES THE LLAMA CROWN!)And also if you find the FORGE lift its stone head up and you will discover the fourth island (Crystal Island by the first island by Pier Beach).
-Maybe next time you can help me discover how to open the doors in the inside on the temple and on each they will say *inspect*.Ihelped you please help me!
Fan of Castaway,
Isabella the character in Sims 2Castaway
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Getting thruogh te door in gyiser plains! 77%
First find all the hyroglific pieces and then use a crafting bench go to liesure items and craf the hyroglific piece then go up to the door hit inspect and the sim will put it in the door,and your in the lama peoples temple .from their you can go to the volcano and forage glass!
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Hints: Save Resources For New Castaways 77%
You may think this is obvious, but some people really don't know how to save resources in quite the simplest way.

As well as gaining resources like vines and hardwood, you have to make clothes to keep your Sim decent. I have a tip or two for you new castaways.

1. Men And Women some clothes are made for men AND women, therefore, you don't need to make two of the item. The two Sims can wear the 'same' item at the same time.

2. When making general clothes, remember to check if your Sim CAN wear the item. You don't want to waste 20 banana leaves on a girls blouse if you have a tribe of muscle-mad men, now do you?

3. When making tools like spears, you don't need one for each of your sims. If you're lucky enough to be able to make the banana leaf umbrella, you need to make one and then all your sims use it.

Hope I've been helpful, and good luck getting to your bill filled home!
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Secret lagoon walk through 75%
The door in the cave when it says inspect but it doesn't let you through well all you have to do is reach the last island then get to the temple and go in. once in go behind the thrones and you'll see a crown pick it up and  then return to the cave.go to the door again and inspect it again (wait a few seconds) you will take the crown and open the door enter it and you are in secret lagoon! (it does not matter if you go to the door wearing the crown or not trust me iv'e tried both ways)
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Cheat Codes 75%
CHEAT Effect

R1,L1,Dpad Down,Square,R2 Unlock Cheat Gnome

R2,Dpad Up,X,Square,L1 Fill All Motives

Dpad Left,Dpad Right,Square,R2,Square Max Current Inventory

L1,Dpad Up,R2,Dpad Left,Triangle Max All Relationships

Square,Triangle,Dpad Down,X,Dpad Left Give All Resources

X,Triangle,L2,Square,R1 Give All Plans

Triangle,L1,L1,Dpad Left,Triangle Set Skills
(Must Be In Wardrobe To Unlock)
Square,R2,R2,Triangle,Dpad Down Unlock The Vest And Tank Top
By: Sarah22722(142)
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Recipies 75%
Brazed meat - Lemon, Clam meat, Alien food

Meat Curry - Grapefruit, Alien food, Chili pepper

Fish wrap - Chicken Grunt (fish), Banana, Corn

Fruit Cobbler - Corn, Banana, Peach

Trail Mix - Corn, Lime

Roast Fish and Veggies - Toehead shark, Yam

Blackened Fish Sticks - Chicken Grunt (fish), Chili pepper, Banana

Spicy Protein Shake - Yellowfin Tuna, Clam meat, Honeycomb

Cereal - Any grain or nut

Breath Freshener - Coffee Bean, Cocoa, Ginger (special recipie!)

Summer Salad - Cantaloupe, Yam, Raspberry

Appetizers - Channel Catfish, Ham, Starfruit

Sandwich - Egg, Wheat, Banana (special recipie!)

Braised Crunchy Fish - Wahoo, Corn, Snowberry

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Get through the locked door in the dark cave [airplane island] 71%
You have to find the crown behind the thrown in the lama temple and put it in the door which should open the door
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Tank top or vest 70%
How to unlock: Pause your game and enter the "Fashion and Grooming" menu.Enter the following combination to unlock: Square, R2, R2, Triangle, Down.
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Crates 66%
Back home,a crate might have held old magazines or maybe a tumble of vegetables,but it wouldn't have held your attention long.On the islands,it's a different story.Crates are little reminders of home,and often offer up modern recources you can't find anywhere else.items found in crates:
scuba helmut
garden gnome
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How to oren the ancient door in the dark cave 63%
First get the crown then go back to the dark cave on airplane island and go up to the door and select inspect and the door will open!
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Food hint 144 hunger!!! 63%
There's a brilliant recipe that gives you 144 hunger, it's called meat pie the same as another recipe but one of the ingrediants is different.You have to select clam meat, wheat and cucumber.It might take-away a lot of bladder from your sim but it boosts your hunger up alot! You have to get the cabin stove first though or the stove above it.
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Fill 152 hunger 63%
Put yellow fin tuna clam meat and honey comb
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Some cheats 62%
Cheat Effect
R1, L1, Dpad Down, Square, R2 Unlock Cheat Gnome

R2, Dpad Up, X, Square, L1 Fill All Motives

Dpad Left, Dpad Right, Square, R2, Square Max Current Inventory

L1, Dpad Up, R2, Dpad Left, Triangle Max Relationships

Square, Triangle, Dpad Down, X, Dpad Left Give All Resources

X, Triangle, L2, Square, R1 Give All Plans

Triangle, L1, L1, Dpad Left, Triangle Set Skills
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How to Easely Make A tribe! 62%
First find island 2 there youl find a crewmate.after that you wait until he goes to your house the build a wall to circle him/her and you make jokes (or other things but joking is very fast) then delete the wall simple No!
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Tolite paper glitch (lets go cut some vines) LOL 61%
This is how you cut vines with toilet paper. I discovered this when I was going out to get some vines and had to go to the bathroom! =P

It might sound weird but yes, you can cut vines with toilet paper. First you tell your person to cut some vines. Before the Sim starts cutting and you already told them to cut the vines, click "O" on the controller and pick the toilet paper. Your Sim will take out the toilet paper and do the other command. They stop cutting the vines with toilet paper fast but it is really funny to see them try. LOL

Please try this. You will laugh. =P

Hope you enjoy
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Find cheat gnome 60%
I was on second island and went in dark cave and seen a little pirate looking thing and it said gimme and max press it then pick wich one
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Get a pirates 56%
On air plane jungule a bolder is covring a door in a small grassy place move it then a ship has a tresher chest with a costum
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Everything free 56%
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Have babies 55%
Get a bed(comfortable double bed)then get you and your lover to lie on the bed then it will say woowhoo or somethin then select it and you will be asked if you want a baby!it worked for me!
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Infinit everything 52%
Square triangle circle circle X L1 R1
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Fill your motivess :) 50%
You can fill your ENERGY MOTIVE by roasting coffee beans and creating coffee

it gives you a chance to collect the items you need because it stays up for ages

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Unlock vest + tank top 50%
Begin game and when it starts pause, go into fashion and grooming and enter this combination: square, R2, R2, triangle, down.
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Sharks - Tasty 50%
I'm no stranger to The Sims 2: Castaway, as I've owned the game for two years. But, jeez! It IS hard to catch a shark.
They're tasty.

I, myself, caught three sharks on the Second Island on the East Beach (The last beach on the island).
They filled hunger quite easily, I must say.

By: Rumishika(13)
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Unlock the vest and tank top 50%
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You dont feel hungry 43%
Up down left right circle square square
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Catching a shark 39%
When you cast your pole let it go down once and on the second time reel it in.
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To get easy resorces 39%
Make as many people as posible in the begaining and find them dont make anything and get the raft then leave all the people alone and keep switching people and get resorces as soon as posible
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How to max up your friends 38%
Hold R1 R2 then square x hold for 2 minutes
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Locations Unlocked 34%
L1, R1, R3, L3
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Have Babies 33%
Get a comfortable bed, get your lover and if it said woohoo it will ask you if you want to have babies select and it will work
By: cheatmanduff13(34)
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Chose your iland 33%
X x o x right left x o
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Get Everything of inventory to make things 33%
Press R2, L1, R2, L2 (Pausing and without Pausing)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

8th iland 33%
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Walk 33%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Sim safety 30%
when a motive hits orange,address it right don't want to hit the red danger sign.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Have an upstairs 30%
Press R1 L1 X X O
By: cheatmanduff13(34)
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Infinite supplies 27%
During game press: left,right,X,O,X,left,right,down,up,triangle
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Die 22%
X o x down up r1 l1
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Yum yum food 16%
Witch one do you vote for?:
crunchy fruit cup
dusted fruit cup
trail mix
fruit tart
put a ' on the one you vote.and put a '' on the one you DO NOT like.
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Superfun stuff for bored people 13%
Go to www.andkon and scroll down to endless and try to find these awsome gamez!:line rider,line rider 2,line flyer,line rider 3.also want to build your own rollercoaster?when you firs go to andkon arcade you will find a bunch of games in front of you.then find a rollar coaster game that says ''build a rollar coaster but make sure the riders stay on!''.also line rider beta 2 iz next to it.have fun!
By: papayahelper101(287)
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