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Fate (WildTangent) Cheats for PC
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Fate (WildTangent) PC Cheats

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Fate (WildTangent) Cheats

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Fate (WildTangent)

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Spawn Free Gear (and more) 90%
Press CTRL, Alt and the tilde (~) key and a question mark will pop up. Select the question mark and insert the gear names below to spawn that gear. Some of it, such as the Ancestral Footsteps, can be sold back for massive amounts of money if needed.
Elite Gear
Elite Argonath
Elite Bix (Helmet Defense 40)
Elite Blasted Garb (Body Armor Defense 240)
Elite Bloodgleam (Belt Defense 78)
Elite Bonegrasp (Gloves Defense 26)
Elite Brittlesleeves (Body Armor Defense 56)
Elite Burslem's Divine Equalizer (Bow 40-74 Damage Fast)
Elite Dreamdrinker (Bow 24-66 Fast)
Elite Fisherman's Friend
Elite Frostsheen
Elite Glastcleaver
Elite Gloryclad
Elite Heartshorn (Bow 46=120 Normal)
Elite Hidestripe (Body Armor Defense 49)
Elite King's Fisticuffs (Gloves Defense 148)
Elite Longshot (Helmet Defense 37)
Elite Lorel's Curse (Bow 34-100 Fast)
Elite Mage's Bane (Shield Defense 209)
Elite Rattlespur
Elite Terminal Calculation (Spear 56 - 224 Fast)
Elite Telengard's Girdle (Belt Defense 32)
Elite Terrifying Visage
Elite The Vanguard (Sword 56-204 Normal)
Elite Tovor's Brainbucket (Helmet)
Elite Usher Of Styx
Elite Vicious Interlock (Body Armor Defense 120)
Legendary Gear
Legendary Amilia's Boots Of Walking (Boots Defense 87)
Legendary Ancestral Footsteps (Boots Defense 390)
Legendary Barrow Bite (Sword 68-256 Fast)
Legendary Blackhearted (Belt)
Legendary Blackspine (Bow 56-168 Fast)
Legendary Colossus Boots (Boots Defense 317)
Legendary Companion Of The Studious (Helmet "Magic" Defense 54)
Legendary Cunning Lance Of Mim (Spear 68-304 Normal)
Legendary Deathbite (Bow 112-260 Fast)
Legendary Dragonplate (Belt Defense 96)
Legendary Festy's Rope-A-Dope (Belt Defense 68)
Legendary Frostrind (Shield Defense 346)
Legendary Furious Knuckles (Gloves Defense 174)
Legendary Gleaming Rictus (Bow Damage 132-300 Normal)
Legendary Gul's Mitts (Gloves Defense 239)
Legendary Hiram's Grip (Gloves Defense 33)
Legendary Horu's Dexterous Fingers (Gloves Defense)
Legendary Hunter's Twin (Bow Damage 96-224 Normal)
Legendary Insidious Carbon (Helmet Defense 257)
Legendary Ironmight (Shield Defense 126)
Legendary King's Fisticuffs (Gloves Defense 307)
Legendary Mage's Bane (Shield Defense 448)
Legendary Minamoto's Shinobi Blade (Sword)
Legendary Mindtrap (Axe 40-72 Fast)
Legendary Moon Of Glory
Legendary Omega Zephyr (Spear 96-408 Normal)
Legendary Razorwing
Legendary Rasten's Vanguard
Legendary Ribsticker
Legendary Runic Cap (Helmet Defense 37)
Legendary Shadowmorning
Legendary Starfire Girdle (Belt Defense 34)
Legendary Terminal Calculation
Legendary The Gorer
Legendary Vicious Canticle (Hammer 240-344 Slow)
Legendary Vicious Interlock
Legendary Zen's Vengeance (Damage 38-76 Fast)
Legendary Zivian
Band Of The Warlock (Ring)
Back Breaker (Ring)
Goblinsbane (Neckless)
Adamantine Bauble
Andrew Swift's Turquoise Eye
Angel Heart
Avaricious Pearl
Dwarf's Delight
Empire Stone
Eye Of The Serpent
Fist Of Samson
Gem Of Ages
Hadrian's Crystal
Phisolopher's Stone
Salt Of The Earth
Secret Of The Master
Star Sapphire Of Ages
The Covetous Heart
Trickster's Bauble
Watcher Of The Stars
Wicked Edge
Winter's Moon
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Cheat List 89%
Description: Bring up a cheat console (which is, in fact, an on-screen question mark), press CTRL, Shift, and Tilde (~) at the same time. Now, click on the question mark that appears and insert the codes [listed below in table] for the desired result.

ascend #Go up to a level, # representing the level number
descend #Go down to a level, # representing the level number
experienceGives you some experience automatically
fameGives you some fame automatically
godLevels you up 10 levels automatically
goldGives you 500,000 GP automatically
healHeals you automatically
(name of monster)Put in a name of a monster to summon that monster nearby
(name of weapon)Put in a name of a weapon to equip that weapon on you
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Big Ticket Item 87%
Description: Socket both Gems of Ages into the King's Fistcuffs and it will sell for almost 9 million GP.
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Most Valuable Weapon and best weapon 80%
Type Legendary Foe Cannibal...sales in a huge price
Type Legendary Terminal's a great weapon
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Fate cheats 61%
Push ~(shift and CTRL and press tilde) to type cheats
ascend # go up anywhere if youre not strong enogh to fight
descend # go down however far to get to missions or just fight
fame 5000 fame experiance
gold 500,000$
heals you (if you are far in level it may not heal you completley)
name of anything you see makes a copy of whatever you type (must be spelled exact)
type elite to get the elite version of a weapon (not all have elite)
type legendary to get legendary version of weapon (not all have legendary either)
By: sharpedo180(120)
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How to get ANY fate item. 59%
Press control, shift, and ~. A question mark will appear. Type in any item and you will get it. Also:
Code Effect
God Levels you up 10 times and your pet 8 times
Levelup Levels you up 1 time.
Heal Heals you.
(monster name)Spawns any creature
(item name)Spawns any item
etc, etc, etc.......
By: SuperCheater007(38)
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Less time wen your pet go to town to sell articles 35%
Wen you are in dangeon send you pet to tawn and is kwon a delay about 2 min ok at the time lef dangeon get a town portal and go to tonw at the same time so it sell faster the ting it have and retur to the same level white the pet.......... i hobe you like
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Best Cheat in the world 28%
Step 1:click on whatever item you want(your mouse should turn into it)
Step 2:press esc button (DO NOT HOLD THE ESC BUTTON!)
Step 3put it in your pet's inventory an it's yours
By: Coded867(250)
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Bazooka 22%
Type in gas dog
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Fate (WildTangent) 704826I put ctrl+shift+the think below esc and typed gold and enter.why doesn't it work? Answers: 1
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Fate (WildTangent) 518259I think these are the best items (Best Weapon: Legendary Terminal Calculation Best Boots: Legendary Ancestral Footsteps Best Belt: Legendary Ironband Best Body Armor: Legendary Enduring Victory Best Head: Legendary Terrifying Visage ) Are there any better? Answers: 1
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