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The Dog Island Cheats for PS2
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The Dog Island PS2 Cheats

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The Dog Island

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE

How to find the gold dog statue in kunka Ruins 100%
Well first go down go down to 2F keep going till you see a statue walk up to it and the Anc will say something about a hidden door, This is when you back up and go toward the statue it will say search click the X button (If its wii the A button) And you'll get the ancient fish smell, The pond is right outside Kunka Ruins in the Rune Canyon's near the entrance and fish there, Once you get the ancient fish go to level 2F again and click The X button near the statue (If its wii the A button) and you'll put don the fish then the secret door will open, Go in the secret door and go to Level 1F,Go up and you'll see a fire torch thing and look left you'll see a snake so sneek or try to scare it and go throgh the door (Go to the one closest to the entrance to level 2F) and you''ll see a snake dont mind that snake and go right (Scare or sneek past the snake it might poisen you if you are not carefull) then follow the path go straight to the end of the path there will be a un opened door sniff till the meter is all blue then dig, Then go back to the torch thing and go left again but straight left this time and There will be a room watch out for the snake behind the door he will bite then sniff the button is near the right corner wall dig there and then the un opened door will open go to the door and enter it, Sniff around the room (The blue meter is the gold dog statue sent) And finaly you'll find it (Its in special items in inventory) and that's all for the gold dog statue Hope I helped. - Cocolily1001
By: cocolily1001(21)
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If you do not want to get attacked by bats,vultures or wake up sleeping animals. 94%
If you do not want to get attacked by bats,vultures or wake up sleeping animals and you need to go past them use the d-pad(the 4 directional arrows on the left of your controller)it worked for me and I havent been attacked since then.
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How to find blue rose (for peter, cuz he broke the blue rose bush) 74%
So first you have to get the key (alice has it) for chiro caves. Then you go to Gola Highlands, to the right of Grand Master Tao's place there is a bridge... (if you haven't already) you have to go up this hill and there is a rock on top of it, go up to it and there will be an option to push it, it will hit the rock that is blocking the path to Chiro Village and you will be able to pass. When you get there, go straight to Chiro Caves... Go inside... after you cross the bridge go straight, keep on going until you can see the snake... DON'T turn right. All that does is brings you really close to the rose but rocks are blocking your way, and you can't get it... so go past the snake and go down the tunnel. you're now in chiro caves B1, after you pass the snake there is an opening (on the right side) go down that and there is an opening at the end... go into that and sniff around... you'll find the blue rose... after this talk to alice and blah blah blah... The sun is yellow, like my cat ^-^
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Defeat enemies! 71%
Snakes: Go right behind them and howl. To howl, hold down X until your dog howls.

Cobra Snakes: You will find that the cobras move in circles. When you see the right chance, go next to the snake where they can't see you. Start howling when you're still next to the snake. They will move the other way, making you be behind them. This is why you should start howling before the snake moves, because howling takes a few seconds. You howl, and the snake gets knocked out.
BTW, Cobras paralyze you, making you slow down for a few seconds.

Bright Poison Snakes: Some poison snakes move in circles, or they stay still. Use the above facts to defeat these guys. You should have at least three Obaba's Antidote before defeating these snakes, but only if you aren't skilled at defeating enemies.

Bats/Vultures: You cannot defeat these animals, but to be safe from them, walk instead of running.

Brown Bears: Just sneak up behind them and howl.

Polar Bears: Sniff walk to them, and get right next to them. Then howl. You can do this while they are sleeping, or when walking.

Bulls: I do not know how to defeat bulls, sorry.

Crocodiles/ Alligators: These animals don't need to be defeated if you are at Zoomy Lake. Just swim fast or avoid them. However, in Chiro Caves, the Gator/ Croc is in shallow water. It will spin in circles, and do what I told you to do when getting cobras.

Warthogs: These little guys can be very annoying, and one killed me once. I was and still am an expert at defeating enemies. Walk to them when they are sleeping. Run away if you see them getting up. While behind them with success in not being hurt, howl at them.

Enjoy killing everything in sight!

-Sierra Roberts, The Dog lover
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Bonus Items 70%
Whenever you see a snake, hold down your barking button so your dog will bark 2 times.You may receive an exclusive accessory, or food.
Also, when you are in the " Chiro Caves", near the exit you will see a crocodile swimming in a pool of water. Get as close to it as possible, and bark at it 1 time. You will get an exclusive prize. Then try barking at it 2 times, and 3 times. Each time you will get a rare item. (Remember to bark in the order I gave you!)

-The Dog Lover
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Where to find flowers 70%
If you have missed some flowers and cant find them if you can enter the magic garden place every flower in the game will be there and so will lots of fish and bugs. you will have to be patient and have some time though because it takes a while to get all the things in the garden. I know because I have finished this game 12 times and my bff has finished it 5 times.                  

                     ! THE DOG ISLAND RULES!
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How to get into chiro cave 67%
******i beat this game********
ok well 2 get into chitro cave theres a huge boulder blocking a bridge to lead to it. Petasi will say that it looks fragile and you could probably break it. if you turn around theres a hill with another boulder on it. Go up the hill and the option at the bottom of the screen will say push.Push the boulder down and it will move the other boulder and they will both fall off the cliff.(dont worry it wont hit anybody:))
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Scaring Enemies 66%
You can get closer to enemies by "sniff walking" up to them.
It works with enemies such as snakes or bears.
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Get easy silver 66%
Sniff around in princess kristina's room in noble's house. It should be next to the fish dude.
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Grand sniff master 62%
Maybe some of you guys only get 7 life's and wondering where are the 3 more..... well I got ten..... before you go to the anc world visit tao, then he will give you a reward and you will be known as the GRAND SNIFF MASTER!
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Super Items 56%
Collect all of the foods, flowers, fish, and bugs to unlock Super Items! Just give all your stuff to the Collectors!
- The Dog Lover
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Easy level up 53%
All you need to do is sniff every place till there are no more mistery smells, but do all of this as soon as you start the game to get a head start on your health you need to do this when you are on your first trainer.
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Scaring Animals 52%
I find that if I need to , or want to scare an animal, its easiest if I hide in some tall grass. Then slowly, I advance. if you keep the X down for long enough, the dog will give a Big bark and the animal who you are trying to scare will stay unconscious for longer.
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Getting Attacked. 49%
If you run by something that could hurt you really fast they will for sure hurt you if you are close enough. But if you walk by you will not get hurt but this doesnt mean just go right next to them still keep your space.
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Go here. 46%
Go to north sandy desret and sniff.I found a romatic drop!
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How To Get Free Clothes 35%
First go to sower there is bears/snakes/porcupines and all those dangerous animals .
Don't go too close to the animal you will lose half a heart ,just slowly go to its back and
wait until you bark really loud .But sometimes the gift box dosen't come out.
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Crab 35%
I found it by bill in treely meadows just in the sand! nd my dog was a golden retreiver and its name was lulu
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The legendary flower 33%
You will find ''the legendery flower'' in the the ''treely woods''.
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The Dog Island 423621My Dog Is @ North Sandy Desert (Where There's NO WATER That I Can Find) She Is Looking 4 A Rod Of Some Sort.I Can't Remember What It's Called.It Is 2 Stop Quick Sand. Where Is It? The Game Is SUPER Fun.But Getting A Tad 2 Long.How Far Am I From The End Of The Game? She Is A "Sniffing Expert" How Much Longer Till' I Beat The Game? Answers: 7
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The Dog Island 505203My dog is on the mission where you have to find the circus uniform where the buffalo roam. I have searched in the Rune Canyon and checked every buffalo except the bird. I cant proceed unless I get it. Please Please Help! Answers: 2
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