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Boom Blox Cheats for WII
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Boom Blox WII Cheats

Rating: 3.4/5 VOTE
Boom Blox Cheats

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Boom Blox

Rating: 3.4/5 VOTE

Cheat List 96%
Description: To use the following conversion cheats, go to the game’s Title Screen and press

Up, Right, Down and Left on the D-Pad

This should bring up a cheats menu. Insert the cheats below for the desired result.

Blox Time Enables slow-mo in single player mode
Flower Power Converts explosion effects to flower explosions
Maestro Converts base blocks to jingle blocks
My Team Converts all cheerleaders to profile character
Tool Pool Unlocks all toys for your use

*** Game does not save your progress when using the above cheats.
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More Cheats 96%
Description: At the Boom Blox Title Screen, press Up, Right, Down, Left on the D-pad. Type in the codes below using the keyboard:

Pandoras BloxUnlocks all levels in the game
Nonstop Props Unlocks all the props in Create Mode
Critter LitterUnlocks all the characters in Create Mode

*** Cheats are case-sensitive
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Additional Challenges 96%
Description: unlock additional challenges

How to unlock: obtain silver and gold medals on currently-available challenges. By obtaining at least a silver medal on all challenges, you will unlock expert-level challenges, while attaining gold or higher will net you master-level challenges.
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Toys! 59%
Need toys? Then type in Tool Pool.
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Cheats 53%
Pandoras Blox- unlocks all levels
Nonstop Props- unlocks all requisites for create mode
Critter Litter- unlocksall characters for create mode
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Beet gold mine 48%
When you need to turn stuff in2 gold just make sure there is only 1 hole. in there is one at start, kill some cows. if there isnt, make 1 hole, and kill a cow.
By: pudding(510)
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A look at the next level 33%
First, you go to any locked level, put your pointer it, keep it there for 5 sec. and then point it any unlocked level. I think its a glitch, but im not sure

P.S. if your trying to see the forth level and you've only unlocked the third, you cannot look at it because the screen moves to the other side. you can also look at the ones below!
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Bee blox 30%
Enter bee
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Maestro, FLower Power
By: FL700(18)
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Uuuuuuuuuuu 18%
Try to make two green boxes touch then boom!1
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Beat all levels 9%
Pandoras Blocks

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You can try 8%
On the explore gem blox level boulder you can not get gold.sorry.
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Boom Blox 338349How do you beat weighty on boom blox? Answers: 3
Boom Blox 476132How do you pass the frighten kitten level limb to limb level Answers: 1
Boom Blox 493810How do you beat the cow cow level without cheats Answers: 1
Boom Blox 483292I'm the same person who asked question #5, I got gold on all the expert challenges, EVERY SINGLE ONE! and I didn't get the master challenges, STILL! I think my game is having a glitch. :( Answers: 2
Boom Blox 478761I got gold on all the expert challenges and did'nt get the master callenges what happend, why arent they unlocked. Answers: 1
Boom Blox 478763What are the normal challenges? explore mode? Answers: 1
Boom Blox 480773Why cant I save when I use cheats Answers: 2
Boom Blox 554667How do you beat mattresses on boom blox Answers: 1
Boom Blox 786750How do you beat new clear Answers: 0
Boom Blox 282222How do I get two controllers to work? Answers: 1
Boom Blox 266643I have also looked for the cheats but they do not show up on the page at all, so can you tell me where to look? Answers: 2
Boom Blox 343865I beat all expert levels on silver and gold but I didnt get silver or gold on launch point what happend I didnt get master challenge? Answers: 4
Boom Blox 495859How do you beat "Complex" in master challenge. Answers: 1
Boom Blox 607857I entered the cheat like I seen it but it still wont work Answers: 1
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