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The Dog Island Cheats for WII
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The Dog Island WII Cheats

Rating: 4.7/5 VOTE
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The Dog Island

Rating: 4.7/5 VOTE

How to get the best route on dog island wii beach course 100%
Run forwards, follow the track down to the other end of the place with sand. Run across the wooden planks and collect flag one, then turn around and run on the sand and then go on the grass, then collect flag two, ammedietly turn around and jump on the sand, run forward don't go in a circle with the planks. Just run across one plank and then keep running. Cut diagonally across onto the other side of the beach and onto the last piece of wood, now just run to the finish line! Hope it works.:)
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How to get the best route on the dog island Snow Course 100%
First run to the first block, keep on jumping but then go right, run upwards up the hill and jump up the steps to get flag one. Then run inside the Artic Landscape, cut between trees to get flag two. Run on the ice to get flag three. Follow the arrow out of the artic and return outside. Collect flag four but turn around. Jump down all the blocks then run to the finish line! Its better than even Boris's course! Hope it works.:)
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Enemies 100%
When you have no life this is helpful
Bear Atacks you from a long way and drains half of your life.
Snake only atacks if you are close and is not very agressive
Cobra Is very scary in some places and is a very big one and can get your going down and are everywhere.
Polar bear Simply never falls asleep and is same as bear just takes more of your life and is one of the many problems.
Bull is a very silly thing that can atacck you from a fare distace
Big Bird is a very bad thing that can swoop and take half of your life

Hope this helps ._.
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The Dino/ Cart Ride/Good Bye 92%
If you want the dino of your tail, run around in a circle and he will fall and think your not there. so use your chance at this wisely sniff out the right buttons then when cut scene come get ready to do the trick again if the trick dose not work run to the middle {you need to do that anyway} and dig then there will be a cut scene and dino will falll apart then you need to run to the gated part of the room its not blocked anymore. now you get the stone at the front of the little temple thing. now you need to do the cart excape. jerk the controler the way you wan it to go. go towrds the fruit and do it quick! {also save before dino fight so you can do it all over again} now you have to say goodbye. but if you saved like I told you to you can do it all over again!
By: DogIslandGirl(19)
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Wrong Gorilla 88%
Description: When you have been asked to get an axe handle (i think for goliath) you need to find a gorilla. Bark at it from behind. If this doesn't work then there is another gorilla. Try that one. Good Luck!
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Loose Tiles 77%
When you are in the Anc Road you will get to a one of those path where if you step on the wrong tile then it will fall out. For this you need to:

walk forwards for 8 tiles,
turn right and walk along for 3 tiles,
walk down for 4 tiles,
turn left and walk along for 7 tiles,
turn left again and walk forwards for 3 tiles,
turn left AGAIN and walk forward for 2 tiles,
finally turn right and walk forwards to the end (2 tiles)

Hope this helped! E xxx
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How to get the best route on Dog Island wii lake course. 75%
Run backwards around the lake to get to flag one, then turn around and head towards flag 2, once you are near flag 3 run in between the trees, cross across the short fat part of the river by swimming and run to the finish line. Hope it works.:)
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How to get the best route on dog island wii forest course 75%
First run through the trees to flag one, do the same with two and three, cross the bridge and run through both groups of trees, at the moment run straight out on track and dash into first! Hope it works.:)
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How to be a Grand Sniff Master!!! 74%
Everyone knows how to be a sniff master but then you didn't get all the HP heart So I asked Tao and he said he still have things to learn me and then when you found more smells and talk to him he says tell me about your adventure and then he will make you to a Grand Sniff Master and now you have all the hearts and are ready to go aand fight Ancient Monster! Good luck! //GrandSniffMasterGirl
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Mine cart driving 67%
When you drive the mine cart out of the ruins, make sure the little paw print thingis on the screen,or you will be sent right all the time and loose.
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Get Some Fun + Gifts! 67%
If you wanna have a incredibly good time, run in and out of the snakes. also you can scare them alot and get tons of stuff. also when you get to the dog island when you are ablle to go to green medows go scare the bear when hes sleeping he gave me a little hat and a braclet :) you can get many diffrent things from diffrent animals.
By: DogIslandGirl(19)
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The Animals Guide 67%
A basic Guide To Each enemy of the game.
Bear: One of the first enemies you encounter in the game, their speed is 1 and their sensitivity is 0 what means unless you run in front of them they won't attack you. This is also the animal Yi Lu uses to demonstrate with.
Snake: Snakes are dangerous, but only if you interact with them! Just stay away from them and if you bark it will be fine. Their sensitivity is 2 and speed is 3 so don't worry, their not very fierce.
Boar: Boars are the quickest early enemies in the game, they attack from quite a far distance and sensitivity is 4. They roam around Green Meadows and Hoya Plains and often live where there are snakes and bears. They are quick on their feet and have speed 3 and a half.
Gorillas: Gorillas aren't dangerous, unless you wake them up when they are sleeping they barely touch you. They often live in places where there are a number of other animals, and sleep a lot. They are not very sensitive, their sensitivity is 1 and speed is 3. They also attack you quite easily so once you have got them angry, they often stay in a bad mood. However, you can still run faster than them and get away safely.
Crocidiles: These are the most dangerous animals you meet yet! They are quite slow in water but on land they are fairly fast. They attack you quite fiercly and they like water. It is not easy to bark at them unless they are walking on land. The most easy one to handle is the one in Chiro Caves what I secretly called Iggy. Their sensitivity is 4 and their speed is 2.
Posion Snakes- South Sandy Desert. These creatures are not sensitive, so much so you can run in front of their face! They live in hot places and dislike being disterbubed. They are quite slow but still extremly successful with attacking. They do posion you, luckily this can be cured, what means these creatures aren't terribly dangerous. Their sensitivity is 1 and their speed is 3.
Paralize Snakes- North Sandy Desert. These are fierce and fast, they attack right behind your backs. They are very fast when behind you but extremly slow if they have only just noticed you. They will finish turning around in a circle before they go in for the chase. They often live in big groups, what I called Contarers. They often attack all at once, but they are too busy so running past them is not a problem. Their sensitivity is 4 and speed is 2 and a half.
Gola Highland Snakes- There are only two of these type of snakes in the game, one I called Kelly and the other Leah. They look like they hold posion but they are surprisingly gentle and slow. Unlike their older sisters, they are quick witted and have a good mind about them. Once they have decided what to do, they stick to it. They are quite shy and endangered so they only live in certain busy places where fiercer creatures are more likely to hurt bears or gorillas than the small, humid snakes. They have sensitivity 3 and speed 0.
Posion Snakes- Chiro Caves. These snakes are slow, and often can't make their minds up about what to do. This means you can run past them quickly and even if they notice you they may not move. They rotate looking for prey every second. They eat almost anything. Theres only one down point with these friendly creatures, they posion you, if you are nearby, even if the dangerous snake has its back turned it may posion you. Their senstivity is 5 and speed is 2 and a half.
Bats: They are the least dangerous later game creatures, despite being warned many times they are quick, they are slow, but still flexible. They like to flap their wings as a daily exerise and like to chase you around. Their sensitivity is 6 and speed is 2.
Polar Bears: These fellas are extremly safe and only live around chilly fields. They are quick at attacking but still not too dangerous but fierce. They are quick on their feet and sensitivity is 5 and speed is 5.
Buffalos: These creatures are known to be dangerous but actully they are safe. They still attack and need to be approched in a certain way to be safe. They do sleep often and like to roam around. There aren't many of them in the game but their population is high in certain places. They use their horns as an barging techinque and do not reasponed to barks. They will not attack you if they stay still or run up behind them. They can easily be barked at but if you attempt to howl they may attack you.
More coming soon!
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Anc Road | Tiles 63%
To get to Anc Rode you have to become a sniff master (7 or 10 hearts).

Press A (sniff) and it'll show you a path of where Ancs cross, just follow the smell of the Ancs! Here's what the path looks like without blocks around it:
The Dog Island cheat video Cheat Video
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How to get across the north sandy dessert 62%
I spent most of my time trying to go across the north sandy dessert but each time I got sucked down a sand hole finally I gave up STOP don't wast your time you just keep helping people until one person needs your help so they can cross to go to dry valley.
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How to get extra woofs 61%
To get extra woofs go to tao when theres nothing to do and he will give you 80 woofs.....At least for me.
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Chiro Caves Blue Rose. 60%
To find the blue rose, basicly just run past the first snake, turn left at the right one and then enter ANOTHER room! There just dig and run away and you will get the blue flower.
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Easy Woofs 58%
If you need alot of woof's get alot of smells and then go to Master Tao, once I got like 60 woofs
By: Dogisland freak(65)
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Dogs 58%
When your going to help petasis somach ache go to alex the dog who lives under the book and he'll tell you to go to Obaba she lives undr the arch in the house so don't bother going to potan. Can anybody help me on finding 4 heavy rocks plz?
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First woofs el doro's ship 56%
When you first get a fishing rod go fishing straight away and cach as mainy fish as possible for
you to before getting bord then when you give the fish to bernard DO NOT TALK TO HIM
STRAIGHT AFTER GETTING THE FISH NEEDED! he will give you tons of woofs(you may have to ask him a couple of times I havnt played on it for ages also I dont know wether theres a limit to the amout of fish but it worked for me and I gave him seven
try it!from claudia (my dog is called super ron)
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Does anyone know where the silver dog statue in the kunka ruins is? I keep s 55%
You find the silver dog statue in a room on your left in that vine place with the cobra
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Omg dino 53%
Hi thanks for choosing my hints!
well im exited I beat the dog island!:)
i had a papillion named sugar.(because thats my dog)
my favorite part of the game was the end where my sister maria got better and my dad came back home and I met up with petasi again.:):):):):):):)
ok well my cheat :
with the dino that you have to beat toward the end ive tried so many times at this but sorry 2 give it away but the seceret switch is in the middle.
oh ya and the key to finding the stone of the heavens (or atleast where its located) is to FOLLOW THE MAP! (located at the bottom of the screen )oh ya AND FOLLOW YOUR NOSE AS PETASI SAYS!
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A helpfull tip 52%
If you want to become a sniff master, you need to sniff around a lot! And somtimes you might ACCIDENTILY find something you need! This is helpfull. Trust me.
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To the Gola Highlands 52%
To get to the gola highlands you need to finish Peter's first love and then Petasi will make you come to the Anc tree, you can then talk to henry beside the bridge in the green meadows. Finish the quest and you will be able to walk across
By: Dogisland freak(65)
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How to get from place to place without having to walk 50%
Go to a dalmation named ?...not quite sure...then tell him where you would like to go....but you will have to pay one woof to go where you want. he is always in a town you just have to find him
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Cobra glitch 50%
So I was looking for the dog statues in Kunka Ruins. I tried to sneak up on a sleeping cobra, and it acted like it wasn't sleeping at all! There is no way to activate the glitches on purpose, so you need to watch out for them.
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Woofs 50%
It's useful if you go to Tao to get extra woofs because there are parts when you have like no lives so it's quite useful if you buy stuff to get your heath to normal and also when your want to buy other stuff it's also fun and you will also get like 100 woofs so you don't really need to worry after the game.
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Other Animals 49%
If you go to close to other animals such as snakes, boars, bears, gorillas, and bats, you will be attacked! Your life will go down ( top left of screen ). But you can knock them out by holding the "-" sign on your wii remote to bark... but make sure your close enough to them... but not too close! Sometimes they will drop stuff, even if it is not a task.
By: GameGirl16(114)
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All the questions you all asked. 48%
Ok first do not help Bill to catch crabs!Second if the dog asked you to look for his hat in rune caverns bark at the black cobra.Third...Open the stone wall in chiro caves go into the tunnel then you will see a snake then there will be 2 tunnels...go through the right tunneel enter it then sniff the flower.Forth...on the anc road...first press the green button on your anolog stick at the upper right stone then the upper left then the lower right then the lower left.fifth you are in kunka ruins.First you have to complete that stage then fish for ancient fish the put it at the statue the a door will open then go there then there is a mailbox!
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Item cheat 48%
Press A B + at the same time. Then a menu will come up saying "what item do you want" Choose an item then press '' SELECT'' You will recive the item. In the next game day. Or go to bed early and the next the game day. You'll recive it. And there you have it. The item cheat! Buuuut, you have to discard all your items. But dont worry! The item YOU chose and your other items you discarded will come back. The next game day :) 3:) 0:) PLZZZZZ SOME ADMIN REVIEW ME

My user name was puppyprincesss but I forgot to log in. Just when I was half way through this. I remembered
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Some food locations 42%
If you're wondering, the WATERMELON is on an island in zoomy lake, on the right. But not the exact right, just mostly to the right. The POMEGRANATE is in the place I forget what it's called, but it's in one of the rune places, the one that leads to Kunka ruins. It's on the left (from leaving rune village) right beside the rock wall.
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Free stuff 40%
If you want some free stuff easy, all you have to do is sniff! when you walk into a house, or are just taking a stroll outside, just sniff by holding A and walking around.
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Items for Missions futher on. 39%
Sometimes, if you sniff around lots of places, you MIGHT find some items for futher missions. So, don't bother doing it for the mission! xD
By: DogIslandMaster(80)
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Hint 36%
All you gotta do is sniff by pressing A if you find it hard just don't give up I did that but then I got on with it and now I have completed the game so just keep on going it is possible just go for it :-)
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Missing Animals 33%
You have to run really fast, and if you get hurt by an animal, use Anc Water, Herbal thing(I haven't played it for a long time!). You can't see bats well, be wise! The snakes are sneaky as well.
By: DogIslandMaster(80)
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Silver dog statue 33%
The silver dog statue is to the left of wher it goes once you as far as you go down intel you in the middle of the hall way (wher the fire is ) than go down the hall way with the polls once you get to wher the snake is goup a little than turn left than sniff aroun in the secret you tha you have it!
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Where To Find Deflugi!!!! 33%
If you cant find the ingreediants used to smell deflugi, its on a little pach of grass by the snake on the OTHER SIDE OF THE BRIDGE!
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Easy Cheat 32%
When you r on the dog islan go to treely wood an get berries and exchange it for rings so you dont have to find them change it with alex
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******I BEAT THE GAME******
k my friends were having trouble finding the FLOWER VASE that RODE hid
ok well RODE lives in ZOOMY VILLAGE heres how to get there.................. you go from PUPSVILLE to GREEN MEADOWS then toZOOMY LAKE you can not jump so you have to find hippo food and place it on the tree stump the hippo will come over jump from platform to platform and go into zoomy village and rode will tell you he hid a vase that he wants you 2 find he gives you the smell go 2 hoya plains and you will have a scent trail follow it it will lead 2 a girrafe he says he lost his giraffes note you offer 2 help find it and he says the boar took it now you have to wait till the boar falls asleep and go behind and bark at it and you have the giraffe note take it to him and he will say you can keep it then ask him 2 move you and continue following the scent path when you find the vase take it to rode:):):):)
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Fishermans arm 18%
The fishermans arm can be fownd in the house of the milk boy but to get in his house you need to finish the game 5 times.
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Toa's 2 18%
After you've become a snif master talk to Toa again and he will rasie you to the highest level! : D
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The Dog Island 278217Where do you find the ring master's outfit? I can't find "the place where the buffalos roam!" Answers: 10
The Dog Island 279468I need to find glue for Noble, but I forgot what it smells like! Wasn't it a mixture of two smells? Anyway, I can't find it. Answers: 10
The Dog Island 295242Where is the Ancient Fish? Answers: 9
The Dog Island 300972I have the scent fot the outfit that is "where buffalo roam" and just can't seem to get past the buffalo. Help. Also, how do I get over where the vulture is without getting caught? Answers: 10
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The Dog Island 438681Where do I find the lily flower decorations for my sister? Answers: 4
The Dog Island 443937I caught a yellowtail kingfish, but when I try to send it to my sister, the postman says I have nothing to send. why? Answers: 4
The Dog Island 276845Where do you exactly (or near) go in Treely Woods to get the Delfungi after you find out that all of the villagers are sick with a virus? Answers: 11
The Dog Island 293523When rode raises my level and says you are in the middle of helping someone who do I help in zoomy village!? Answers: 7
The Dog Island 293554Where is the food collector in this game? I've nearly sniffed 100 scents but can't find the food collector. Help! Answers: 10
The Dog Island 296031How do you get the blue rose? Is it on floor 1? Also, how do get past the bats... do you just have to run really fast past them? Answers: 10
The Dog Island 304497How do you get to the zoomy village to find rode? help im stuck! Answers: 7
The Dog Island 311772I am escaping the kunka ruins in the mine cart but I keep bumping in to bats!help! do you have to hit the wii remote hard to turn or somthin? Answers: 7
The Dog Island 332899How do you get a yellowtail kingfish for your mom? pleeeeeeeeeeease help me! Answers: 8
The Dog Island 425096Where do I go to catch the swordfish for mum? Answers: 9
The Dog Island 421723I'm looking for help in what spot in the Ancient Grove I can expect to find the Morpho Butterfly and if anyone knows how often it tends to show up. Answers: 6
The Dog Island 504691I'm Stuck at the part where you fight the skeleton Dinosaur and you have to have the special code...what is the code combination to defeat him? Answers: 5
The Dog Island 289815What is with the sky whale? Answers: 6
The Dog Island 296469How do you get the blue rose in the cave Answers: 3
The Dog Island 297698Where can I find a lily? Answers: 5
The Dog Island 299300Where do you find water to drink? Answers: 6
The Dog Island 301715I just got the dog Island and I have no idea how to get into the dry valley from the north sandy desseret where the opening is to the dry valley, there is a hole you sink in and it blocks it how do you get passed? Answers: 10
The Dog Island 302740K. this isnt my kinda game, but im trying to beat it. im in the kunka ruins(the second time) when the stupid, ugly anc queen sent me there, and im waaaayyy stuck, please someone help me! Answers: 2
The Dog Island 304944I heard someone mention marlin bait... I need a marlin, but to catch one do I need the bait? Answers: 5
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