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We Ski

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Bigfoot Canyon 87%
Description: If you are a serious orienteer or are looking for a secret course, here it is. Ride the lift to the elephant course and TURN LEFT (DO NOT GO DOWN ELEPHANT STAGE) and you will eventually see a dead tree on your new left. right before the tree, there is a path:. sort of. follow that, but stick to the right as there is a snow boulder on the left. You go through the fence and begin. This path is very narrow. The final orienteer is found here.

Hope this helped!
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Animal Locations 84%
This is the definitive answer to the animals challenges, I know this having just completed them all myself.

First thing, you have to meet the animal lover each time before you can see the next animal. He is always found at one of the lift stations, and is listed by the monkey symbol.

You do not get points for this but photos are added for each animal you meet, with the option of returning for more photos. I found all the animals during the day skiing element.

Foxes: After the cut at the top of Wolf Hill, keep to the left side until you reach the log cabin with wood stacked in the snow near the run. The Foxes are on the level area right beside the house. N.B. Ignore the bit about the mogul run, its Camelhump, and you exit it above Station 1, the start for Wolf Hill.

Deer: On the Deer Step run. After the left hand turn with the padding-wrapped tree in the middle of the run, they are on the ledge beside the last house on the right, just before the sharp right hand turn.

Monkeys: Easy, go to the Lions Peak station, rather than entering the run go left behind the station to a lookout platform with a bell in the middle of it, at the end of a short path. The monkey is walking on the wall.

Bear: Either ski down from station 8 along the unmarked piste with the ice tunnel along one side and follow the left hand wall when you can see the station 4 area, or walk uphill from station 4. Above the cave in the wall at the top of that area lurks the bear.

Yeti: Between stations 5 and 6 theres a bare tree and small yellow sign on left side from station 5. This marks the start of the torturous yeti run. Through the fence and down the hill, pinball through to the blue ice cave and take the right hand trail. Lookout on the right hand side for the yeti's living room. Yes, Living Room. He's in there wandering about. Careful to stop in plenty of time due to the ice.

Remember to see the animal lover at one of the stations before looking for the animals, otherwise they will not be there. To successfully take a photo, get as close to the animal as you can until the 'TALK' button can be used. Happy Hunting!

We Ski Cheats
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Get good scores on Shark Skin 84%
Keep kneeing down so that you go fast, and when you get to the jump do the Rodeo 1080 2 times successfully and keep kneeing down until the the and but don't crash or fall of balance. If you don't know how to do Rodeo 1080 go to Wolf course and keep going until you see two people and a log cabin behind them. Go talk to them and they tell you how to do Rodeo 1080.
By Phillippe 99
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1. rabbit road) Start by doing wedeln for a bit and then go into the crouch as you go down the runway towards the jump. When you get to the jump you have to do either a 1 corkscrew or a rodeo and kosak combo. Crouch to the end.

2. Dolphin park) Either do a Rodeo 1080 or a corkscrew and a rodeo for every jump.

3. Wolf hill) Crouch all the way to the first cabin then do welden the rest of the way.

4. Sharkskin) Crouch all the way down it and don't leave crouch position AT ALL. When you get to the jump you have to complete a Rodeo 1080 2 times and land perfectly. Go streight back into crouch when you land.

5. snake pass) Do an equal amount of crouch and welden. You decide where and when.

6. Fox way) Do crouch ll the way down then do wedeln near the end.

7. Eaglesight) DO NOT do the slalom. Just do wedeln all the way down and do a Rodeo 1080 at every jump.

8. Elephant Stage) Do wedeln up until you get to the first obsticle. Crouch past that then do wedeln again. at the jump do a rodeo 1080

9. deerstep) You gotta do crouch and welden for half the way and be super careful at the skinny bits. At the jump do a rodeo 1080

10. owl's nest) Crouch and Wedeln, decide when and where.

11. Camelhump) Welden all the way down, not just over the moguls. Do a rodeo 1080 at every jump.

12. Bear claw) Crouch all the way, dont bump into anyone and don't come up from cruch position.

13. Lion peak) I don't have S+ yet, ANY TIPS?

14. Bigfootcanyon) Snow plough down the first icy bit and stop at every corner without at the first icy bit. crouch past the trees up until the ice cave. In the ice cave go down the path with no icicles and do wedeln through the end until the end of the course.
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Secret bigfoot path 79%
First start at the elephant stage lift and ski down towards deer step
Second stay on the left side wall and you will encounter a hole in a fence through a secret passageway.
You will also see a yellow sign that has a yeti-like image on it , then ski straight ahead
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Mystery course 75%
Well this is Bigfoot canyon. It has no sign so be careful! Technically, it's off limits, but ignore that. How to get there is simple, ski up to elephant stage and just before owl nest, there is a dead tree. Beside it will be a mii sized gap in the gate. Go through, and your officially off limits, or in Bigfoot canyon. It's an exteamly dangerous corse, but it's where the final control point is and the home of the yeti.

Hope this helped!
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Bigfoot canyon 69%
Step 1:Go near elephant stage and take a left.
Step 2:You will find a dead tree, right before that there is a path.
Step 3: Go down the path and through a fence, there is BIGFOOT CANYON!
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Orienteering 68%
Orienteering's last Control Point (10) is at Bigfoot Canyon on the left side at the entrance. The one before that (9) is at the exit of Bigfoot Canyon you don't really have to sidestep all the way up on the Deer Step trail.
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Hidden Canyon Run 68%
To reach the hidden canyon on the backside of the mountain, ski down the trail that goes by the tops of lifts 5 and 6. Past the top of lift 5 you will see a lodge on the left, and a small pathway marked by a dead tree on the left. Ski through the hole in the fence and down into the canyon!
By: tonygal(217)
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Wedeln mastery 67%
Do your average wedeln on camel hump or lion peak better.
press and hold B+Z but instead of tilting the remotes really fast, you hold the remotes almost flat and slightly twist your hips back and forth, taking the wii remotes with them. (do not twist your hips too much or you will not turn as fast,
I got a S+ on lion peak and I am working on my S+ for camel hump. I had gotten D's before this cheat.
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Extra corse 66%
Start at the elefant slope but don't go down it. turn left and you will see da dead tree turn towards it and there will be a beware of yetty sign ski in between them and you are on a secret run. the last orienteering guy is here to.
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Rodeo 1080 63%
Well they show you this but this is for newbies. You do a rodeo but also press c.Trust me this works I got a s+ on dolphin park doing this a few times.
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Ring The Bell 58%
Go to the top of lion peak, then go backwards of the course entrance. Go as close to the bell as you can and it will ring.
By: SkinowboarderX(167)
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Camel hump 58%
When I first stared we ski I hated camel hump it kept giving me d's for turning but now I now how to not get them.

Keep on holding down Z and B before and after each mogul.

Now I have a S+. I really need a cheat for lion peak.
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Orienteering control points (NOT ALL OF THEM) 56%
If you are doing the orienteering challenge and you are told something about the king of the forest and the king of the sky but can't figure it out, the king of the forest is the lion(Lions Peak) and the king of the sky is the eagle(Eagle's Sight). So look between thoose two hills and you will find the control point. If you are looking for the guy on deer step, he is up a narrow path JUST past the ramp to the right. You will have to side-step up the hill to get to him. If you are looking for Jim at the last control point, witch I BELIEVE is control point 10, he says he is somewhere where the ice freezes time, the entrance is by a tree past its prime. A tree past it's prime is a tree thats VERY old. To get to the entrance, go to "Elephant Stage", then take a left turn as if you are going to "Owl's Nest" or "Deer Step" but when you are heading down that path, stick to the left and you will find a tree with no leaves on it. THATS the tree past its prime. go up to it and take aother left and you will go under a broken gate. Keep going and you will go off an edge with trees to the right. Follow the path until you go into a cave, stick to the left becuase there are two paths, Jim is down the left, so take the left path and you will find him. Thank you for being a great reader and reading all my instructions. Trust me, you will come to find them Very useful, I hope you enjoyed this information and complete the orienteering challenge because of it. Once again, Thank you!
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Where to find the Bear animal lover 52%
He is located at the bottom of Camelhump!
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How to master the humps 52%
If you have been having trouble balancing yourself on the slopes or humps or whatever you wanna call it, then hold down "C" on the "Nunchuck". Your person will spread his/her legs apart and it will be easier to ride on th slopes(humps).
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Cool jumps 49%
If you want to learn how to do cool jumps, you have to go to ski school. Ski school will teach you tricks, jumps, and possibly more!
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Same lift 44%
When playing with more than one player and you wish to go on the same lift just go up to it and press A one after the other. Say 2 players are playing player 1 presses A then player 2 presses it right after.
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Jump 26%
Press a and b at the same time
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Secret passage 23%
Theres a special pasage at bigfootcanyon
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Wii ski 19%
If you go down the snake path right at the end you will see a guy turn right there
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Here a hint how to find the CEO 16%
Heres a hint to find the CEO he will I think next to a holtel or something
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How to get a S on fox way and a B on rabbit road 16%
Rabbit Road: ski like someone thats level 2 in real life halfway down, then, crouch the other half.
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Deerstep 9%
Some pepole climb up deerstep
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