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UEFA EURO 2008 Cheats for PS2
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UEFA EURO 2008 PS2 Cheats

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How to save a penalty 63%
When your in penalty's or have got given one against your player you can put your goalkeeper at the far side.the opposite team will shoot for the biggist opening so you can know where there going to shoot.
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How to score goal at a distant position ? 57%
Shoot the ball and then move your analog . The ball will move by your analog movement will follow your ball movement .
By: CC14000(71)
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How to win Be A Pro easily? 50%
When your teammate is passing, be in the best position (biggest space in the pitch), if you cannot do that, pass the ball back to your teammate and search for the best position. With this, chances to score goals are plenty and can win the game easily.
By: CC14000(71)
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Super score 50%
While got defenders on you, take the ball back to your own side pass 3 times in a row and then press and hold circle, and you should score
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Backflips And Chip 50%
To Do A Back Flip Cross It In Then Then Hold On To L1 And Press O To Chip Hold L2 And Press O
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How to go and retreve the ball 50%
Wen you have the ball pass it to the front then run and if the enemy has the ball slide tackle him
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How to make excellent passes ? 47%
Press L1 and triangle to make an excellent and beautiful passes everytime you are passing .
By: CC14000(71)
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How to score if the keeper is going out from the penalty box ? 45%
Press L1 and Square but make sure the keeper is in front of you .
By: CC14000(71)
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Campaign 42%
During the campaign you will come across some penalty shoot-outs the best way to score a penalty is to direct the analog towards one of the corners and then hold the kick stick not to the top but just underneath it and to save a penalty before the striker takes the run-up move your keeper the right and when the striker begins his run-up you move across to the left and then dive to the left and then you should save it.
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Score every free kick 40%
Use the flick stick and curl it round the wall. make sure its not to high or it will fly over the bar. if done correctly it will blast into corner of net and you will have a goAL!
By: Thegoldenboy(66)
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How to win 38%
Begin match and go with your player (the player most have the bal)go down on your screen with the player and dribbel to the end of the stadium and push square then the player lob the bal all over the defenders and you just most shoot (circle)it work onli by amateur normal and ervaren not by worldclasse
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Free kick goal 38%
When you have a free kick turn the camera to your own teammate and click
X and(if your in PLAY NOW mode you will be cotroling the person with the ball)
and shoot and if you miss you shot too hard
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Make 1-2 Pass 35%
Press L1 and X while you and your team mate are in the penalty box . Make sure after you press L1 and X , you press X again .
By: CC14000(71)
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Best Scoring Position 27%
If you wish to score many goals, go down the right wing (with the ball), dribble to the right hand side of the goal and shoot. most of the time the ball goes in the left side of the goal.
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How to saves a penalty 14%
First you have to see the kicker is a right foot or left foot and you posisioning your GK.Now,you can make him left or right,it's whatever you want and your mind.
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