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Dracula: Origin Cheats for PC
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Dracula: Origin PC Cheats

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Dracula: Origin

Rating: 4.1/5 VOTE

Arsenal Combination Lock in Dracula's Castle 100%
The answer is 80099 but V.H. will say he's missing information until you've actually collected all the information required to solve the lock. You must have looked at the names and numbers on the caskets and V.H. must have recorded them. You have to look at the paintings on the walls of the women in the next room and V.H. must record that they are the women. Then you will meet Jada and she will tell you her number. So you have Illona, blonde, 8954 Moana, red, 12176 and Jada, black, 5777. Also, the painting of the lady with something scratched out had a rose in her hand. I do not know if this is a requirement for the lock but you click the glasses on her wrist until he figures it out. That is something you have to solve. You've talked to Igor once and before you trapped him you should have grabbed a jar of "heart jelly". You must go back to him and request more information. Give him the jelly and he will tell you a riddle: 3x the white moon, 2x the red moon and 5x times the black. So Illona, 3x8954=16862 Moana, 2x1217=24352 and Jada, 5x5777=28885. Added together is 80099. :)
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Cheat for the sinners 100%
The number of years is 1,825 years
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The eye of the serpent puzzle 100%
Click all the eyes of the mentioned animals but not 2 wolves who are not looking dangerous::their mouth are shut
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Pious andPure (Dracula Origin) 100%
Push the head buttons of the ones who are not praying
By: nuzjam1(15)
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Snake 98%
Use the herb and but it in the fire pot to get past the snake in the turks house!
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Heroglyphics 95%
Weapon - with - magical powers - within - seker - head.cursed - blood - hidden - under - north - altar.before - enter - darkness - destroy - guard - cursed be on you for ever.
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Chemistry/Piano painting puzzle. 79%
Piano painting are keys C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B, C2.

The notes from the Duchess' song are C, G, D#, F, D, A#, C2.

The colors this equals are (in order) yellow, blue, green, black, red, orange and white.

The code will equal 2, 6, 8, 12, 14, 15, 18.
By: stuves(78)
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Dracula origin 69%
Combine the measure with the spoon to measure the holes of the door bhind the torch then get back to the vice and make a key!
By: dravula(37)
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Gold measurement 64%
After you place the sword and gold in one side.....the counter wts on the other......when even, take the gold and place in the bowl that appears to the right
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DRACULA Origin 60%
Use the herb and but it in the fire pot to get past the snake in the turks house
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Pelor Shield Puzzle 53%
In the middle shield, turn the two moons by clicking on them until they are crossed and facing each other. Then the outside ring turn once. The middle ring turn by clicking until it solves itself. The answer is in the documents. The moons are most important. You can eventually solve the outer rings by clicking or reading the document about the arrows.
By: stuves(78)
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The safe in Godalming manor 47%
You have to go to the second floor and enter the door on VH left, your right. Get the writing paper. Go to the picture and it will punch the holes. Hold it up to the latin text and it will show you directions (N, SE, E...etc) BE SURE TO HIT THE LEFT MOUSE BUTTON so VH can record the directions. Go back down to the first floor and do the same. Enter the 1st floor results, then the second floor results. This will give you the key to unlock the large door that was hidden through the entry in the hall.
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Dracula origins 31%
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Dracula Origin 30%
The Demon is everywhere in the Eye of the spider,the serpent,the toad,and the wolves
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Dracula: Origin 277519Once, I've gone in the shed in cemetery what else do I need to do? Seems I need to get into the mausoleum, but not sure. Answers: 2
Dracula: Origin 310591Where do you make the key after you have measured the 4 holes? Answers: 2
Dracula: Origin 297496Can't seem to get shadows to appear for my piramids puzzle can anyone just give me the answer to this Answers: 4
Dracula: Origin 423576Now I dont know what to do. I made it into the empty tomb, picked up everything I can, but how do I get past the freak eating bugs? Answers: 1
Dracula: Origin 313573How do you cut the cane to make the key? I have the saw but not working Answers: 2
Dracula: Origin 340847How we can solve the problem with the book which is protected by a demonic aura,in which order we put the diamonds? Answers: 3
Dracula: Origin 404368I just found the key n im looking for the secret door to measure holes where is the secret door? Answers: 2
Dracula: Origin 279262I can't match the words with characters in musium.I mean characters of turk's letter.could you please help me? Answers: 4
Dracula: Origin 328015Angel and demon locations in library Answers: 1
Dracula: Origin 364865How to get out of the back door in the inn where abraham is there?. there is a key hang near the door but I cant take it.(Inn is in the village). can any one help me? Answers: 1
Dracula: Origin 280335I brake the grill and pass the lantern through with combination and when I see at the angle then what to do ? Answers: 2
Dracula: Origin 288460Where do u get the water , i got water but i try using it but that does not work from the camels water Answers: 3
Dracula: Origin 295511I need help with the scale and the gold measurements . I have the spoon the counterweight , copper debin, copper debin weight benchmark,scibe's stylus and I know 13.6 and all that. What am I supposed to do here? Answers: 1
Dracula: Origin 297845I have all the items for the scale I just don't know how to do it, I got 27.30 and half of that is 13.6 but what do you do when you get it? Answers: 1
Dracula: Origin 318821I am trapped in the tomb where the blood rocks are, how do I get out Answers: 4
Dracula: Origin 365377I am in the Turks house. I knocked over a vase and out came a cobra. How do I get rid of it to check the room behind it? Answers: 3
Dracula: Origin 367531I am stuck trying to trap Igor in Dracula's castle. Please help. I've attached the rope to the rat but I don't know where to go from there. Help me! Answers: 4
Dracula: Origin 385358Im stuck in the part where I have to make a key to put it in the 4 holes of the wall after I make what do I do next? Answers: 1
Dracula: Origin 272585What eyes I have to push at the statue at the cemetery? Answers: 2
Dracula: Origin 277266How open the mausoleum please helpme Answers: 1
Dracula: Origin 280525VH touches Jada's door and then says he needs something so I highlight the bowl of blood and try to put it on the floor but she comes out again and VH says he didn't do it right, this keeps happening and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. PLEASE HELP! Answers: 3
Dracula: Origin 282581In the goldaming manor I found a key in a picture, but dont know where uses, please somebody can help me Answers: 1
Dracula: Origin 283283How do you get past the four angels in the mousilum? Answers: 2
Dracula: Origin 284435What shall I do after opening the room what shall I do with the two statues plz help Answers: 1
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