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Iron Man Cheats for WII
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Iron Man WII Cheats

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Iron Man

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Suits 88%
Description: Unlock the following suits for Iron Man to use, complete the requirement listed.

ClassicComplete the challenge "One Man Army vs. Mercs"
Classic Mark IComplete the challenge "One Man Army vs. AIM"
Classic Mark IIComplete the challenge "One Man Army vs. Ten Rings"
Classic Mark IIIAutomatically unlocked
ExtremisComplete the challenge "One Man Army vs. Maggia"
HulkbusterComplete the challenge "One Man Army vs. AIM-X"
UltimateComplete Story Mode in its entirety
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Restore 1 of 3 Bars 36%
To restore 1 out of 3 to fully online, you press the button that is the right on the screen - example : To restore Armour to fully online, you press up on the directional pad(the Armour bar points UP on the screen so you press uo on the directional pad.) and keep pressing A on the wii remote. This may not work every time, but I did it trying to perfect the sonic bit on flying. The reason I put in "1 of 3" in the title, is that if you do it on another one when you've already done it on one - just one, the original one you did will just go back the way it was before. The bar won't be invincible, it'll just be very strong indeed.
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All wepons 34%
At pause menu:B,C,Z,A
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On mission 1 when you practise Dont use your unibeam more than once or you will regret it later like I did. And HAVE FUN
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Invincibility 24%
Type: X 3 times 2,1,- b.
Type this cheat during the mission flight back
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Bet level 4 bos 22%
Just repetdly punch him that's it!
By: clone231(7)
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Bet level 3 bos 20%
Frst destroy all the wepins on it then fly up to the thing on the top emiting the elekhcik polses then punhc it repetedly that's it
By: clone231(7)
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Iron Man 385295How do you keep the missles from hitting the reactors on save penny level Answers: 2
Iron Man 530121How do you get past level 4, the weapon truck keeps on getting damaged Answers: 1
Iron Man 487801In level 1 how do you stop the train car from blowing up? Answers: 2
Iron Man 504317How do you beat the level "Island Meltdown" on the game Iron Man wii Answers: 1
Iron Man 508698How can I stop all the men from shooting at pepper fast. Answers: 1
Iron Man 540618How do I defeat titanium man please help me I tried to do it but it wont work. Answers: 2
Iron Man 595009How do I beat titanium man Answers: 2
Iron Man 624640How do you open the door in level one Answers: 1
Iron Man 981786I complete the wepon testing ,then I saw the c4 charges .how to play in this level,please help me Answers: 0
Iron Man 340165How to make ironman walk instead of dashing? Answers: 2
Iron Man 557846How get to the laboratory Answers: 0
Iron Man 557850Save pepper Answers: 0
Iron Man 541667How do you beat wepons transport pleze hlp thanx Answers: 1
Iron Man 707529How do you beat the level ''Save Pepper'' thanxs guys please answer :) Answers: 0
Iron Man 729792What is one man army and what do I do Answers: 0
Iron Man 808723How do you get past stage 2 (Russia). I kill all the bad guys and all I have left are the hostages. They just wave their hands. I go up to them and they don't do anything. One of them is surrounded by fire, so I can't get to him. How do I get past this stage? Is there a hidden computer or passage? Answers: 0
Iron Man 814640How do I get past level 2 Answers: 1
Iron Man 832868How many rounds are there when you try to save pepper Answers: 1
Iron Man 929979How do you save pepper? Answers: 0
Iron Man 961263How to dismantle the train bomb Answers: 0
Iron Man 975152Punch Answers: 0
Iron Man 976104Hoe do I get out of the garage on level 3? I'm stuck in the there! Answers: 0
Iron Man 977601What do you need to do to find pepper? Answers: 0
Iron Man 1000933How do I shoot? Answers: 0
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