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Dr. Mario Online RX Cheats for WII
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Dr. Mario Online RX WII Cheats

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Dr. Mario Online RX Cheats

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Dr. Mario Online RX

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Combinations 91%
Combinations are integral to your success in this game, especially when playing with the many skilled players online.

To remove a virus from the board, you have to stack 3 like-colored blocks around it to form a straight line (whether horizontal or vertical). However, if you stack, say, 2 blocks on a virus and let it linger, and do the same to a virus right next to it, you are set up beautifully for a combination. Say you have a red and yellow virus adjacent to each other, both stacked 2 high on top of each virus. The next red-yellow pill that comes should go atop both of them to eliminate them at the same time. This is the most basic of combinations, and will send 2 random blocks onto your opponent’s board, disrupting his efforts.

Virus combinations get more complex and more complicated than this, but remember that combinations work even on regular block removals. So, if there’s only one yellow virus with 2 blocks stacked atop it and 3 regular red blocks next to it, a yellow-red block placed properly will still net you a combination. And remember, if you managed to eliminate three, four, or more lines (viruses or otherwise) in one turn, more and more blocks will rain on your opponent’s board!
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Dr. Mario Online RX 270451How do you drop the pills quicker while playing dr mario wii version via wifi Answers: 2
Dr. Mario Online RX 454083When I play wi fi dr mario rx, I have limited chat options, but I have seen others be able to say alot more. how do I get that option? Answers: 1
Dr. Mario Online RX 327581I get a yellow screen every so often and all my blocks fall real you know why? Is this a cheat? Answers: 0
Dr. Mario Online RX 442074How to make disappear 'ombrage' under the new pill? Answers: 0
Dr. Mario Online RX 472236How do I always get doubles on every drop Answers: 0
Dr. Mario Online RX 483234How do I change speed of game from low to medium,during online playing? Answers: 1
Dr. Mario Online RX 691349When I play online, the other players seem to be able to make the pill segments that I have sent over to them drop faster. How do I do that? I know that to send a pill down, you hit the up button, but how do I make the things they drop on me go faster? Answers: 1
Dr. Mario Online RX 884518When I play on dr.mario it seems when im up in the 5700-6000 and I look at the other persons screen it seems they know where EVERYTHING is going its like they dont have to think about it how do you do this? Answers: 1
Dr. Mario Online RX 885791I have a decent connection speed, but when I play Dr. Mario Wifi, I get terrible lag? Any idea why? Thx! Answers: 0
Dr. Mario Online RX 956359Why do the pills sometimes drop really with out warning Answers: 0
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