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Cruis'n USA Cheats for WII
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Cruis'n USA WII Cheats

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Cruis'n USA

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Bonus Cars 100%
Description: At the vehicle selection screen, highlight any car except the Ferrari. Now, press up-C + left-C + down-C. The automobile will become a jeep, police car or school bus!
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Nitro Boost 100%
To activate a cheat, get a high score on any race. Now, after entering your initials at the "Hot Times" screen, scroll to the bottom of the High Scores list and hold the d-pad diagonal (DOWN-LEFT). A conveyer belt will move; and after about 30 seconds a head will scroll by saying, "I love this job!" During the game, following each checkpoint, press: Brake[ 3 times ], Gas, Brake, and Gas.
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Thwart Race Leader 100%
After the 1st 2 turns in Chicago, you will see a car along the right side of the road. Hit it and it will fall right in front of the 1st place driver!
Grand Canyon

Scattered along the roadside in Grand Canyon are boulders from rockslides. Hit them and they will roll in front of the 1st place driver!
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Easy Upgrades 100%
Description: Faster way to update cars in a two-player game.

How to: Start a 2 player game and race until you reach Washington D.C. When the DC race begins, press Start and quit the game.
Now have player #1 return to Washington D.C. and upgrade his car. After player #1 has finished, player #2 should do the same thing.
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Shortcuts 100%
Grand CanyonAfter the 1st checkpoint in the Grand Canyon, straddle the shoulder on the right side of the road until you see a dirt ramp. Leaving the road, take the ramp and cross the bridge.

Washington DC
In DC, there is a construction wall on the left side of the road. Squeeze through the partition to quickly reach the next checkpoint.
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Lost Wheels 100%
After a two-player challenge game, the losing player's right front wheel will fall off if you continuously rotate the analog joystick clockwise. This should happen after the car rotates 3-4 times. Talk about driving till the wheels fall off!
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Iowa Hitchhiker 100%
In Iowa, after passing the 2nd field of corn you will see a lone pine tree on the left side of the road and a hitchhiker standing beside it. Slowly ram the pine. The woman standing next to it will now be holding a sign.
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Emergency Vehicle Mode 100%
Description: activate flashing lights and sirens:

Get a high score on any race. Now, after entering your initials at the "Hot Times" screen, scroll to the bottom of the High Scores list and hold the d-pad diagonal (DOWN-LEFT). A conveyer belt will move; and after 30 seconds a head will scroll by saying, "I love this job!"
Release the buttons and return to the vehicle selection screen. Choose either the patrol car or school bus by highlighting an automobile - not the Ferrari - and pressing: up-C + left-C + down-C.
To activate lights and siren, press: BRAKE[ twice ] and then hold GAS while driving.

(*** While this cheat only works with the patrol car and school bus, it will enable brake lights on other cars.)
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Color Change 2 100%
After beating the game using the police car, the blue stripe turns to green, to change it back to blue, 1st go to car selection, then choose police car (the code to get the police car is already on here) then while selecting the police car press DOWN on the control stick. To race car with green, then while holding DOWN press start. you can also change it back to green again by pressing UP on the control stick and start.
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Bugs Splattering Against the Windshield 100%
Description: See flies splatter against the windshield (and an occasional bird dropping)
How to: Drive through Iowa or Indiana in cockpit view!
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Color Change 100%
After you have earned new cars, press C-Up on the Car Selection screen to change your vehicle's color.
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Bonus Tracks 100%
Description: unlock a hidden track, highlight the specified track before entering the code.

Circuit Highlight Code
Golden Gate Park US 101 LEFT + left-C + down-C
Indiana Beverly Hills LEFT + right-C + up-C
San Francisco Grand Canyon LEFT + right-C + down-C
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