Friday, 5 February 2016
Summon Night: Twin Age Cheats for NDS
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Summon Night: Twin Age NDS Cheats

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Summon Night: Twin Age

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Action Replay 100%
MAX skill points 022F436C 270F270F

1 kill lvl up 99 first player 022F435C 05F5E0FF

1 kill lvl up 99 second player 022F4360 05F5E0FF
By: Garugnor(44)
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Special Battle Hint 80%
The best way to win any boss battle is this:

While you have the guy hack and slash at the boss and using his most powerful techniques, set the girl up to heal and replenish her SP. As long as you are preparing for a technique, your opponent can't hurt you. Keep this up even after the guy dies. He will regenerate over time, so you need to stay alive till then. And make sure you upgrade your healing spells each chance you get. They will be a savior later on in the game.
By: Jinn(387)
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Action replay 67%
022F4370 000F423F
max money
By: Garugnor(44)
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