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GRID Cheats for PS3
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GRID PS3 Cheats

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Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Liveries 96%
Description: unlock the liveries listed below, insert the cheat code cheat-password given into the in-game cheats menu:

Buchbinder 320siF93857372
Gamestation BMW 320siG29782655
Micromania Pagani Zonda RM38572343 Aston Martin DBR9P47203845
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Unlock Bonus Livery Cars (GRID PS3) 95%
Description: Unlock Bonus car PAGANI ZONDA Micromania Livery
How To:From the main GRID menu go to Options > Bonus Codes > Enter Code M38572343

Description: Unlock Bonus car Aston Martin DBR9 Livery
How To:From the main GRID menu go to Options > Bonus Codes > Enter Code P47203845

Description: Unlock Bonus car BMW 320si Buchbinder Livery
How To:From the main GRID menu go to Options > Bonus Codes > Enter Code F93857372

Description: Unlock Bonus car WTCC Spec BMW 320si Gamestation Livery
How To:From the main GRID menu go to Options > Bonus Codes > Enter Code G29782655
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All Muscle Cars 94%
Description: unlock all of the muscle cars in the game automatically

How to unlock: insert MUS59279 into the in-game cheats menu.
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All Drift Cars 94%
Description: unlock all of the drift cars in the game automatically

How to unlock: insert TUN58396 into the in-game cheats menu.
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Ninja Difficulty 87%
An elite difficulty level called Ninja is available for selection in the game once you have won every trophy and successfully completed each head-to-head race. Sounds easy huh? right!
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Global License 84%
Description: unlock the Global License

How to: You have to acquire each of the other regional licenses in the game. Now, earn a million Global Points to unlock the Global License. All other not yet acquired licenses will be automatically acquired when you do.
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All Cheats 83%
Although all of the cheats are listed here already, they can be unlocked for selection automatically when certain conditions are met in-game. First, you must achieve a 1st place finish in all of the global events, which will bring you to one last head-to-head race. After winning that race, all of the cheats will be unlocked in the same place where the cheats are otherwise inserted in the game.
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Free pagni zonda 75%
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New cars ! ! ! 61%
GameStation BMW 320si vinyl

Enter "G29782655" as a code to unlock the GameStation BMW 320si vinyl. Aston Martin DBR9 vinyl

Enter "P47203845" as a code to unlock the Aston Martin DBR9 vinyl.

Unknown vinyl

Enter "M38572343" as a code.
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Help 20%
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Grid (ps3) 17%
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Grid 14%
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All cars 13%
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54 Trophies
GRID - First Win! First Win!
Win your first race
GRID - Hot Lap Hot Lap
Beat the original lap record on any track
GRID - Car Wreck Car Wreck
Cause insane damage to your car
GRID - New Kid on the Block New Kid on the Block
Complete your first race
GRID - Road Block Road Block
Be involved in a 3 car pile-up
GRID - Spin & Win Spin & Win
Complete a 360ยบ spin and still win the race
GRID - Airborne Airborne
Get the car airborne for 1 second
GRID - Combo King Combo King
Get a x50 Drift Multiplayer
GRID - Gotta Drive 'Em All Gotta Drive 'Em All
Drive every car
GRID - Driver for Hire Driver for Hire
Race for a team from every region
GRID - When Will I Be Famous? When Will I Be Famous?
Get onto a Hall of Fame Leaderboard
GRID - Global License Global License
Unlock your Global License
GRID - First Wheels First Wheels
Buy your first car
GRID - Full Rep Full Rep
Earn the full reputation available on EXTREME difficulty
GRID - Corporate Power Corporate Power
Fill all your sponsor slots
GRID - Stick Shift Stick Shift
Win a race using manual transmission
GRID - Gentleman Driver Gentleman Driver
Win an entire GRID World Event without making contact with other cars
GRID - Hard Charger Hard Charger
Win a 12 car race starting from the back of the Grid
GRID - High Mileage High Mileage
Drive 750 miles in a single car
GRID - Short Haul Short Haul
Drive a total of 500 miles
GRID - Long Haul Long Haul
Drive a total of 1000 miles
GRID - Head 2 Head Head 2 Head
Win your first Head 2 Head race
GRID - Hire & Fire Hire & Fire
Hire a new teammate with a higher rank than your current one
GRID - Flashback & Win Flashback & Win
Use the Flashback feature and win the race
GRID - Keep Rolling Keep Rolling
Roll your car 20 times
GRID - Sunday Drivers Sunday Drivers
Finish a race at least one lap ahead of the rest of the field in GRID World or Race Day
GRID - You Again? You Again?
Lap an opponent in a 12 car GRID World race
GRID - Last Man Standing Last Man Standing
Be the last survivor of a single player Demolition Derby
GRID - Le Mans Rookie Le Mans Rookie
Complete your first Le Mans 24 hour race
GRID - Keep Drifting Keep Drifting
Drift your car for 5 seconds
GRID - Filthy Rich Filthy Rich
Earn enough to buy a brand new Lamborghini Murcielago GTR
GRID - Power Seller Power Seller
Sell a car for more than you paid for it
GRID - Globe Hopper Globe Hopper
Race at every location
GRID - Top of the Tree Top of the Tree
Top the Driver Leaderboard
GRID - Top of Team Leaderboard Top of Team Leaderboard
Top the Team Leaderboard
GRID - Record Breaker Record Breaker
Complete a lap of Okatama Grand Circuit in under 90 seconds
GRID - Seasoned Pro Seasoned Pro
Win all Event Trophies
GRID - City Slicker City Slicker
Race in every city
GRID - 1st and 2nd at Global 1st and 2nd at Global
Get a 2-1 at Global Level
GRID - Speed Demon Speed Demon
Reach 200mph in any car in a GRID World race
GRID - Touge King Touge King
Win a Touge Event on EXTREME difficulty
GRID - Back To Front Back To Front
Cross the finish line in first place in reverse
GRID - Winning Streak Winning Streak
Win all races in an Event
GRID - Le Mans Legend Le Mans Legend
Win a Le Mans 24 Hour race on Pro Mode.
GRID - Team Win Team Win
Take your team to win its first Event
GRID - Online Elite Online Elite
Obtain the 'Elite' rank in the Xbox LIVE game mode.
GRID - Online Legend Online Legend
Obtain the 'Legend' rank in the Xbox LIVE game mode.
GRID - Beat Codies Beat Codies
Beat the developer or anyone who has beaten the developer online
GRID - First Xbox LIVE Win First Xbox LIVE Win
Win your first ranked Xbox LIVE race
GRID - Five Xbox LIVE Wins Five Xbox LIVE Wins
Win 5 ranked Xbox LIVE races
GRID - Drift Master Drift Master
Get a 99x drift combo in an 8 Ball Pack car
GRID - Gas Guzzler Gas Guzzler
Clock up over 250 miles/400 km in your favourite 8 Ball Pack car
GRID - Clean Passing Clean Passing
Win a clean race in an 8 Ball Pack car from the back of the pack
GRID - Jack of All Trades Jack of All Trades
Win an Xbox LIVE race in each of the 8 Ball Pack cars

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GRID 588365How do make your car faster, how can I make my car repair itself, I am a keen ps3 player who has been online for about 2 years, the past few weeks everyone who I normally beat is beating me, I think they are using cheats how do I go about it, I have all the ones already on this web page Answers: 0
GRID 550107During online play, how do I get the best jump off the line? Answers: 0
GRID 611864Is there a ceat unlock everyting all at once? Answers: 0
GRID 691817How to get a quick start? Answers: 1
GRID 744401How to get a good start Answers: 0
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GRID 689821How can I connect and use my bluetooth headset (PS3) ? Answers: 1
GRID 890392How do I make instant money Answers: 0
GRID 962883How do I get bouns code for code on back of book (no damage,ai driver,speed boost,repulsor field ,all raceday event) I am having trouble moving the yellow bar down, to put in code. Answers: 0
GRID 978256How do I get to play with people on online mode Answers: 0
GRID 280350How to beat mckane Answers: 1
GRID 343302How do you beat grid without having to do any work, or is it not possible Answers: 1
GRID 337545How to reduce steering? It's very sensitive... Answers: 1
GRID 502749How many teamates can I have? Answers: 2
GRID 734111Get boost Answers: 0
GRID 419078What r some Cheats for the online part? Answers: 1
GRID 521036When a car is crashed many times does it run slower if so how to fix problem Answers: 2
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